YouTube TV Not Working? 13 Best Fixes

youtube tv not working

YouTube TV is an application that allows you to live stream a huge number of TV stations via the Internet. Not the typical cable operators, but a new method to watch TV. It also contains all of the main television networks, including ESPN, Discovery, Fox, AMC, and others.

YouTube TV is a great alternative to cable television. It has popular TV network programs, movies, and news, among other things.

However, there will be instances when YouTube TV will not operate. This may be aggravating, especially when it’s one of your favorite pastimes.

However, there are various reasons why YouTube TV not working: the program cannot play the video, the playback quality is bad, the specific channel cannot be played, it experiences troubles with mirroring, or an error message such as Playback failed is displayed.

Thankfully, virtually every issue that might cause the YouTube TV app not to work can be resolved. In this post, you’ll discover a troubleshooting approach that will lead you from the most common and likely case to the less common and more challenging scenarios. YouTube TV should be functioning for you again after this article.

Cause for YouTube TV app not working issue

We came up with a list of factors for why this issue can arise on your device. All of them may not be applicable in your situation.

  • Bad internet connection: YouTube TV demands a good internet connection, which these days is above average. Because the feed is live, the need for more bandwidth and internet speed grows automatically.
  • YouTube TV server is down: YouTube TV is renowned for frequent outages. Because YouTube TV is more complicated and sophisticated than regular YouTube, there are times when the service is unavailable or under maintenance.
  • Update: YouTube TV recommends that you use the most recent version of the program. It will not stream if you do not have the most recent software.
  • TV is incompatible: The YouTube TV application is only compatible with newer smart TV models. If you’re using an earlier version, it might not be compatible or function properly.
  • An issue with a specific channel: There are a few instances where a specific channel does not operate. This is generally a backend problem, and it isn’t much you can do to get the streaming to function.
  • Corrupt configurations: There are times when the configurations themselves are corrupt or bad. The problem is generally solved by logging back into the program or resetting it.
  • Long recordings: Long recordings may take some time to playback on your television. This is because lengthier recordings are retrieved from an earlier streaming database. You won’t be able to see the recordings if it isn’t maintained up to date.
  • Examining your internet connection: Because YouTube TV is reliant on the internet to function, there may be times when it fails to stream due to a bad internet connection or a configuration issue.
  • Platform problem: The application may fail to operate on a platform due to a platform issue. This occurs frequently, and the platform generally issues an update to address the issue.

Before going on to the solutions, make sure you have a backup of your account information and your credentials handy if you need to re-login to the application.

How to fix YouTube TV Not Working Issue?

Here are the possible solutions to fix the YouTube TV app not working issue:

  1. Check the Internet Connection
  2. Check YouTube TV Status
  3. Update the YouTube TV App
  4. Power Cycle Your Device – TV/Chromecast/Computer
  5. Relog into Your Account
  6. Check Specific Model of TV/Chrome/Roku
  7. Wait for Long Recordings to Get Accessible
  8. Use an Alternative If a Specific Channel Is Not Working
  9. Update the YouTube TV Host Device
  10. Restart the YouTube TV app
  11. Restart your device
  12. Enable Location Permissions
  13. Adjust YouTube TV Video Quality

Now let us go through the solutions one by one:

Solution 1: Check the Internet Connection

Like any other streaming platform, YouTube TV requires a sufficient Internet connection that allows you to watch still videos on regular YouTube. When you have that kind of Internet connection, you’ll be able to stream without any issues, and you won’t run into the problem where YouTube TV keeps buffering repeatedly.

Make sure that your network connection matches the “fast” criteria. Check to see if your router is operational. If not, you’ll need to reset it using the instructions below.


  • Turn off the router as well as the television and computer.
  • Remove each device’s power cord. Now press and hold the power button on each gadget for around 4 seconds to drain all energy.
  • Wait a few minutes before reconnecting everything. Restart your computer and then launch the YouTube TV app. Examine the situation to see if the issue has been handled.

An Ethernet Connection

Ethernet Connection
  • Remove the Ethernet cable from your television or computer.
  • Disconnecting the Ethernet Cable. Reset the router if the Ethernet is connected to it.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes after turning off any device.
  • Reconnect everything and see whether the problem has been rectified.

Depending on your use, YouTube suggests the following internet speeds:

  • 3 Mbps: Enough for standard definition video streaming.
  • 7 Mbps: This allows you to stream a single high-definition (HD) movie at the moment. However, many devices streaming at the same time may cause problems.
  • 13 Mbps: Multiple devices can stream HD video at 13 Mbps.
  • 25 Mbps: You can stream 4K video or YouTube TV programming.

The first thing you should do is run a speed test to see how fast your internet connection is. The simplest method to accomplish this is to look for an “internet speed test” on Google.

To begin the test, select Run Speed Test. When the test is finished, you’ll be able to observe your network’s download and upload speeds.

Run Speed Test

The Mbps download result is the one that has to be considered. Check that the speed result corresponds to your YouTube TV consumption from the table above.

Also, reset your data connection to confirm that your mobile internet connection is running properly. Open Settings on your Android device, click Connections and activate and disable Airplane mode. Open the Control Center and hit Airplane Mode to enable Airplane Mode on an Ios. Tap it once more to turn it off.

Solution 2: Check YouTube TV Status

You can run across a few distinct instances where YouTube TV has a poor day on the server-side. This is a relatively typical circumstance that frequently occurs (particularly on YouTube TV, which is difficult to monitor). The only option is to leave the platform for 10 to 25 minutes and return to check.

You may also look through other forums to see if anybody else has the same issue. If this is the case, it may indicate that there are no issues on your end and that you need to wait it out. You can wait a day or two to see if the YouTube TV problem is repaired, whether it’s only a minor issue. There are also regional differences.

Solution 3: Update the YouTube TV App

If you’re using a YouTube TV version of the app accessible on various platforms, it’s a good idea to upgrade it. YouTube TV occasionally malfunctions or becomes trapped in bugs.

To address these difficulties, YouTube engineers will release an upgrade. The issue you’re having may be widespread and might be resolved with a software update.

Take, for example, the YouTube app not operating on Samsung TV. This problem can be resolved by updating the YouTube app on your Samsung TV.

  • Go to Featured by pressing the Smart hub key.
  • Now look for the YouTube TV app. Hold down the Enter key until a submenu appears.
  • Click Update Apps when the submenu appears.
  • Then, on the right, click Select All.
  • Wait for your TV to update the applications after clicking Update all. Restart your TV once you’ve updated all of your applications, and try to start YouTube TV again. Check whether the issue with YouTube TV not working has been fixed.

Solution 4: Power Cycle Your Device – TV/Chromecast/Computer

There are numerous scenarios in which the device used to stream the data is in an incorrect condition. This is a common occurrence in the electronics industry. There’s no need to be concerned. These systems generate transitory data and use it to carry out their tasks.

You will have trouble getting the YouTube program to run if this data is damaged.

  • It would help if you properly shut down the gadget and then disconnect all wires in this scenario.
  • After that, correctly remove and detach the battery.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes before plugging everything back in after pressing the power button for 1 minute.

When you’re done, all of the device’s temporary data is deleted, and new data is produced with default settings and saved in the new place. If there are any setup issues, this will solve the problem.

Solution 5: Relog into Your Account

Another problem you can run into is account data corruption or inadequate user settings in the YouTube TV application’s input. This is a relatively frequent issue you could encounter in a regular YouTube app.

sign out of youtube
  • In the top right-hand corner, click your YouTube TV application icon.
  • A new drop-down menu will appear. Select Sign out now.
  • After you’ve signed out, follow the steps in Solution 4 above.
  • When you return to the YouTube TV app, a sign-in prompt will display. Check if the YouTube TV not functioning issue has been addressed by entering your credentials.

Solution 6: Check Specific Model of TV/Chromecast/Roku


Another reason YouTube TV isn’t working for you is if your TV or the device you’re attempting to watch on is out of date. YouTube TV offers a few essential rules for devices that enable it.

Because the application only transmits live TV via the Internet, several Google-developed modules are incompatible with previous versions of the devices. If you have an outdated device or television, you should consider replacing it.

Suppose you have the most recent TV or application; download and update all of them. Use Chromecast or Roku as an alternative to YouTube streaming if your TV is old. Continue only if you’re certain there’s nothing wrong with your device.

Solution 7: Wait for Long Recordings to Get Accessible

Long YouTube recordings take a long time to stream or see. This is due to YouTube’s requirement to process and preserve the recordings so you can view them later. In general, a recording of fewer than 4 hours is acceptable.

On the other hand, Longer recordings are prone to a variety of issues, including failure to play at all, partial playback, and outright refusal. You can prevent this issue by waiting for it to be resolved. After a day or two, the video should normally play again.

Solution 8: Use an Alternative If a Specific Channel Is Not Working

It’s possible that a certain channel will not broadcast on your YouTube TV. It’s a typical issue on large networks like ESPN. Through official channels, YouTube TV recognized the situation.

YouTube says they’re looking into the issue and have provided a solution, so you don’t miss your program. You may use your YouTube TV credentials to check in to a specific channel after downloading the app for that channel. After then, you’ll be able to view the show until it’s rectified backstage by YouTube TV experts.

Solution 9: Update the YouTube TV Host Device

Another issue that many users have is that their host devices, such as Chromecast, Roku, and others, cannot stream YouTube TV. If the issue has not been resolved, YouTube will make an official statement stating that the host device, such as Roku, is aware of it and is working to resolve it.

To correct the flaws, the host device normally releases a small update. The steps to update your Samsung TV through the Internet are outlined in the following section. You can follow these instructions according to their architecture if you have additional devices.

  • Select Software Update from the Support menu after clicking the Settings button.
  • When a new box appears, select Auto Update to install all updates as soon as they become available, or click Update Now.

After installing the update, restart your host device and go back to YouTube TV. Check to see whether the issue has been resolved.

If you have a Roku player, you may now upgrade your firmware by following these instructions.

  • Select Settings from the main menu.
  • Navigate to System and then to System update.
  • Click the Check Now button. Roku will then contact the update servers and assist you in downloading all of the updates.

You must restart your device after installing the update to access YouTube TV. Then see whether the problem goes gone.

Solution 10: Restart the YouTube TV app

Restarting your connection to YouTube TV is the quickest way to get it operating again. Shut it completely if you’re using a web browser to view YouTube TV. Open a new browser window and go to YouTube TV exclusively (and no other websites).

 Restart the YouTube TV app

If you’re watching YouTube TV on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to close and restart the app.

Slide up from the bottom of the main screen on Android, search for yt tv, and long-press the app icon. On the pop-up menu, select App details.

At the bottom of the App details box, select Force stop.

This is significantly simpler on the iPhone. To find the YouTube TV app, slide up from the bottom of the Home screen and right or left. To close the app, swipe up on the preview window. Slide up on the app in the App Switcher on your iPad.

If you’re using the desktop YouTube TV app on a Mac or Windows computer, shut it like any other software.

Reopen the browser or app after exiting YouTube TV to see whether it’s still working.

Solution 11: Restart your device

If you’ve gone this far and still can’t figure out what’s causing the problem with YouTube TV, try restarting the device you’re attempting to use. Turning it off and on again is tried-and-true troubleshooting advice. 

Here’s how to reset an iPhone if you need a reminder. Many Android devices may be turned off by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds or by dragging the control center down from the top of the screen and looking for the power icon. Unplug your smart TV or streaming media device for two minutes before plugging it in again.

Solution 12: Enable Location Permissions

YouTube actively monitors user location to guarantee that only certain homes use the account and that it is not shared with others in other locations. YouTube TV may not operate if you have turned off the location option on your mobile device.

YouTube allows you to go to other areas and utilize the location services for a brief period there, but you must have Location switched on for the feature to operate.

Enable Location Permissions

To check whether it fixes your difficulties with YouTube TV, enable the location on your device.

  • On Android: Go to Settings > Location and make sure the On toggle is turned on. Make sure Location is mentioned under Permissions in the YouTube TV app.
  • On iPhone or iPad: Select Privacy and Location Services from the Settings menu on your iPhone or iPad. Ensure that Location Services is turned on. Then, for the location permission, hit the YouTube TV app and choose While Using the App.

If you’re using Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer, you’ll need to change the Google location settings.

  • Select the three dots in the top right corner to access the menu, then Settings, Privacy and Security, and Site Settings from the left menu.
Site Settings
  • Select Location from the Permissions section on the following screen.
Select Location
  • To view your location, scroll down to Allowed in the next box. Select the right-hand arrow next to Make sure Location is set to Allow in the Permissions section of the following window.

Before trying to use YouTube TV, restart your browser.

Solution 13: Adjust YouTube TV Video Quality

You may modify certain settings in the YouTube TV app to make it run more effectively if you don’t have quite enough broadband speed for YouTube TV to work correctly.

  • When you launch a video, click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the player window.
  • Choose Quality from the list of options in the Settings menu.
  • From the Quality menu, select a lower video resolution.

Lower video quality requires less data, so you might be able to get away with a lesser internet connection speed.

In the same way, you may adjust video quality on the YouTube TV mobile app using the video settings menu within the YouTube TV mobile player.

This isn’t ideal because a lesser video quality would seem bad on larger displays.


After reading this article, I trust you now understand how to resolve the YouTube TV not functioning issue.


Does YouTube TV Have A Program Guide?

YouTube TV provides more than 70 live TV stations. However, they aren’t organized in any way. Fortunately, you can personalize the guide on YouTube’s website or mobile applications, and the changes will appear on Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.

How Long Is The YouTube TV Free Trial?

A YouTube TV free trial usually lasts seven days. This is quite normal for free live television trials. However, through January 15, new customers will receive a free two-week trial of YouTube.

How Do You Refresh YouTube On TV?

On a mobile device or in a web browser, update the current playback area:
– Open YouTube TV in your browser.
– Choose a photo for your profile.
– Select Area from the drop-down menu.
Select Update from the drop-down menu next to the Current playback area.

Can You Use YouTube TV At Two Different Locations?

The geographical criteria are the same if you share your YouTube TV membership with a family group. The family manager determines the home location, and all family members must reside primarily in the same household. All family members must use YouTube TV regularly at home to maintain access.