8 Best Fixes For YouTube Sound Not Working

If you are fond of watching videos and listening to songs, YouTube must be your go-to application. Although it’s the largest video-sharing network and a video-streaming website.

Still, it has some bugs. That is the reason you may encounter YouTube sound not working sometimes. But, do not worry, we have got many solutions for you in this blog. You will resolve the no sound on YouTube with these solutions.

YouTube sound not working muted sound on YouTube

YouTube is an online website and app. Thus, it needs a stable internet connection to run correctly. Make sure your internet connection is working fine. If yes, the next best solution is to restart the application to fix such temporary issues.

If these do not work, you can try the below-listed solutions to get rid of the no sound on YouTube problem.

Solutions To Fix YouTube Sound Not Working Issue

  1. Turn off the device’s Bluetooth and check for headphones
  2. Check the device’s volume settings
  3. Close other running programs
  4. Clear browser cache
  5. Update the browser
  6. Update the Flash Player
  7. Upgrade your Sound Card Driver
  8. Check if there is any security software interference

How To Fix No Sound On YouTube?

Let’s discuss the solutions in length. Make sure you follow the instructions correctly to get the problem resolved. Please note: you may need admin login credentials to try some of the solutions.

1. Turn Off The Device’s Bluetooth And Check For Headsets

Bluetooth options and settings in Windows 10

Bluetooth sound error is a pretty common issue that usually occurs. If you have paired your Bluetooth headset and there is no sound, it must be a Bluetooth issue.

  • You should turn off Bluetooth and reconnect the headset. Even if it does not help, remove the headset (unpair) and pair them again.
  • Go to the Settings>Devices>Bluetooth & other devices. There you will see your paired headset. Click on it, and Remove the Device.

Once removed, reconnect the headset. Again, go to the Settings>Bluetooth & other devices. Click on the Add Bluetooth or other device, pair your headset again. Check if they are working fine now.

If not, run another media and check whether the problem is with headsets or YouTube.

2. Check The Device’s Volume Settings

Volume settings for Realtek speakers in Windows 10

Another basic thing that we forget to check is the volume settings of the device. Make sure the speakers of the device are at the lowest volume or muted. 

Moreover, check the configuration settings of the device’s speakers. There could be a possibility that the Volume Mixer Slider is at the least possible setting. So, you will not be able to see the mute button or mute icon on the speaker in the taskbar.

  • To open the sound settings, right-click on the volume icon at the taskbar. 
  • Then, click on the Open Sound Settings option in the menu. 
  • Here you can slide to the right to increase the volume and to the left to decrease.

If you still face no sound problem in YouTube, it could be because of its in-built voice controller. To check YouTube’s in-built voice controller:

  • You need to hover on the video. It is available on the left bottom at the corner of the player next to the pause button. 
  • Ensure that it is not at the lowest volume or muted. Its controls are like the device volume settings. 
  • Slide right to increase volume and left to decrease.

3. Close Other Running Programs

Task Manager's list of programs to end task on Windows 10

The sound issues on YouTube could persist due to other multimedia that must be running on the device. There could be a possibility that those multimedia programs use the audio driver. So, YouTube cannot use it, and thus, no sound problem occurs.

Thus, close all running multimedia programs & applications. Now, check whether the problem persists or got resolved.

4. Clear Browsing Cache

Clear browsing data on Google Chrome

We use the internet and the web browser too much but forget to clear its caches and cookies. It could be one of the reasons for the malfunctioning of the web browser. 

But, there is the slightest possibility of it. Still, you can try deleting the browser cache and cookies. Also, you should delete temporary internet files stored on the device.

You can clear caches and cookies by deleting the history of the browser. But, to delete the temporary files, you will have to open the Disk Cleanup tool. Search for it on the device by tapping on the Start button.

Furthermore, check whether your problem got resolved or not.

5. Update The Browser

Updating Google Chrome in About Google Chrome

Another reason for the sound issues in YouTube could be your web browser. More often, we forget to update our web browsers which leads to malfunctioning of it. To resolve this problem, you need to update your browser to the latest version.

Yet, first, try playing the same video in another browser to check if the problem is with the browser. If yes, follow the given instructions to update your web browser.

How to update the web browser?

If you are using Google Chrome:

  • Open Chrome, click on the More icon (the three dots at the top right corner)
  • Select Help> About Google Chrome
  • Select Update Google Chrome. If you cannot find this option, that means you are using the latest version.
  • Select Relaunch once Google Chrome asks you to restart the browser. 

Do not worry if there are any tabs open. Chrome saves all opened tabs and windows. Once you reopen Chrome, all tabs will get restored.

Steps to update Mozilla Firefox browser:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the Open menu button at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Click on Help select About Firefox. A new window will open
  • Click on Restart to Update Firefox to update the browser.
  • Once your web browser is updated, check if your no sound on YouTube is resolved or not.

If the problem persists, you should reinstall the respective web browser. 

6. Update The Flash Player

Flash Player Installer 10.3

Flash Player is software used to view and stream videos, audio(s), and multimedia. Also, it allows executing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on the devices. It plays an important role in viewing multimedia content on the device. It runs from a web browser as a plug-in.

Flash Player could be the reason why your YouTube is unable to provide sound. If your browser’s Flash Player is not up-to-date. So, you may face problems watching videos and listening to audio(s). Thus, if you feel this could be the reason behind YouTube no sound problem, update Flash Player

If you do not know how to update Flash Player, follow the below steps:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • In the URL bar, type chrome://components and hit enter
  • Scroll to the Adobe Flash Player
  • Select Check for Update

If this one seems complicated to you, we have another option to update your Flash Player.

  • Visit get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions
  • Select your OS from the dropdown
  • Click on PPAPI as a version
  • Now download the Flash Player
  • Go to your Downloads folder find Adobe Flash Player for Chrome

This way, you will be able to run the updated version of Flash Player. Thus, your sound issue on YouTube will get resolved.

7. Upgrade Your Sound Card Driver

Update Intel Smart Sound Technology Sound Driver In Windows 10

Sound Card Drivers are used to interact with computer sound hardware. It is a series of small programs which are essential for its chipset.

Moreover, if you do not have a driver’s disk, you can simply download it from the internet. All you need is to search the model number that you will find on the device’s motherboard.

Then, you will be able to install the Sound Card Driver for your computer. In the search results, you will get the original driver for your sound hardware.

On the other hand, if you have the sound card driver, it is not working correctly. There could be a possibility that it requires an update. If you have tried all the above solutions and nothing is working out, update your Sound Card Driver.

Follow the steps below as instructed to update your Sound Card Driver.

  • Go to the Control Panel and double-click System
  • Click Hardware> Device Manager
  • If the device asks for the password, type your admin password and click Continue.
  • Now, click sound, video, and game controllers, to further expand it. Then, double-click on the entry for your sound card.
  • Click the driver card.
  • Click Update Driver Software, and then follow the Update Driver Software Wizard.

Your Sound Card driver will get updated. Now, check if your YouTube sound problem got resolved or not.

8. Check If There Is Any Security Software Interference

Windows Security in Windows 10 built-in protection system

Security Software is there to ensure we work on the device peacefully. But sometimes, they create problems on the computer. You should try disabling security software and check if the problem persists. 

If that works, that means the software was creating the issue with audio output or sound driver. You can check with the support team or try finding the issue yourself.

Conclusion – Sound Not Working On Videos YouTube

YouTube is the most famous video streaming app and web program. Although there are quite a few bugs in YouTube.

 Still, if you face issues, you can try adjusting the speaker sound. Or reconnecting the Bluetooth device (if already connected). The problem could be an un-updated web browser, Flash Player, or Sound Card driver; update them. 

Your problem should be resolved. If not, check security software or if there is any browser history or cache issue.