14 Fixes For YouTube Comments Not Loading in Chrome

Millions of videos and more are being added regularly. YouTube has become one of the most popular social sites. The viewer can quickly grasp the concept of the YouTube Channel by watching a video.

YouTube, among other things, has a YouTube Comments section below videos. Here you may get the spirit of a video without having to listen to or watch it.

Fix youtube comments not loading

Users all across the world have reported experiencing trouble loading comments on Youtube. The loading icon continues to spin. Some users claim that the comment section is empty. In case the video uploader has to disable comments, then you won’t see comments.

disable comments section

How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading

  • Reload The Youtube Video Page
  • Check Your Network Connection
  • Reinstalling The Youtube Application
  • Clear Browsing Data And Reset Chrome
  • Open Youtube In Incognito Mode 
  • Update Your Browser And App
  • Disable Any Ad-blockers
  • Check The Settings For Your Youtube Channel
  • Disable Misbehaving Browser Extensions
  • Check Your Proxy Connections
  • Sign Out And Sign In From Youtube
  • Change Youtube Layout
  • Reset Your Chrome Browser/ Clear Data Of Youtube
  • Change Your Browser

1. Reload The YouTube Video Page

It’s possible that Youtube comments disappear or don’t load properly. The causes may not be immediately apparent. The cure is simple- simply refresh the Youtube page.

reload youtube

The “Youtube comments not loading” error should be resolved by using the F5 key. Also, Select the Refresh button in your browser. The entire page will reload, and a broken Youtube comments area will be fixed.

The Youtube comments area would stop working if your connection or the page load itself was interrupted. This problem should be resolved by refreshing the page.

If reloading the page does not resolve the issue. Before attempting any other solutions, you must first close and restart your browser.

2. Check Your Network Connection

If you have a sluggish or sporadic internet connection, the “youtube comments not loading” error occurs. If you have a slow or broken internet connection, the Youtube channel’s comment area may not load properly. You can try resetting your router/modem to fix this.

reset router

Turn off your computer and router/modem. After that, wait 3 minutes before turning these devices back on.

You may be able to see the comments written by your visitors. Check your network connection and attempt one more time.

3. Reinstalling The Youtube App

You’re using Youtube on your phone. The “youtube comments not loading” occurs after you’ve updated it. Try reinstalling it. After you’ve uninstalled it, reboot your phone and reinstall the app. It may assist you in reloading the comments.

reinstall youtube app

4. Clear Browsing Data And Reset Chrome

It’s a good idea to clear browsing data to ensure that any pages you load are updated. Preferably than loading Youtube from a cached page history. It guarantees that your browser loads all of Youtube’s files from the beginning.

Youtube tries to load scripts that are no longer available. Also, it may have become corrupted in your cached images. It could break the Youtube comment section.

  • Select the three dots menu icon, then Settings, to delete your cache in Google Chrome.
  • Select Privacy and security, then Clear browsing data from the Settings menu.
Privacy and security
Clear browsing data
  • Make sure that “All time” is chosen in the Clear data menu. The Time range drop-down menu is selected, as are all of the available checkboxes.
Clear data menu
  • At this point, select Remove data to clear your browser’s cache, site data,  and history.
  • Reload Youtube and try to access the comments section after clearing your browser cache.
  • If the problem persists, you could try resetting your browser settings entirely. It can help with issues like misconfigured cache or proxy settings.
  • Select the three dots menu icon then Settings in Chrome to do so.
  • From the side menu, choose Advanced, then Reset settings.
Reset settings
  • Restore settings to their original defaults by selecting this option.
  • Confirm that your settings have been appropriately reset. It will remove all of your browser’s settings. It includes any installed extensions, as well as any custom startup pages.
Reset settings
  • Choose Reset settings.

You might also consider using a different browser. Because this will avoid any issues with the browser you’re using directly, use Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

5. Open YouTube In Incognito Mode 

After you installed an extension, the error “YouTube comments may not load” began to show. This extension is most likely the source of your device’s fault. To test this, open Youtube in incognito and see if comments appear.

Google Chrome Incognito

If you’re using Google Chrome, click the three-dot menu icon to open an Incognito window. 

Incognito window

Select “New Incognito Window” from the menu. Also, use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + shift + N.

Microsoft Edge is in incognito mode.

Open an InPrivate window in Microsoft Edge by clicking the three-dot menu symbol. Select ‘New InPrivate Window’ from the drop-down menu. Use the ctrl + shift + n shortcut as well.

Open Youtube and play a video in the Incognito window. Check to view whether the youtube comments issue is solved or not.

Incognito mode In the Youtube App

On your Android, use the Youtube app. Here’s how to enable incognito mode on your browser.

  • On the upper right, tap on your Google account picture. Then press the ‘Turn on Incognito’ button.
  • Now play a video and see if you can see any Youtube comments.
  • The issue with Youtube comments not loading was resolved by using Incognito mode. There’s a problem with your browser.

6. Update Your Browser And App

Some plugin features might be missing from the chrome browser. The best way to solve this issue is to update the Chrome web browser.

  • Click the three-dot menu symbol in the top-right corner of Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Select “About Google Chrome” from the “Help” menu.
About Google Chrome
  • Alternatively, type “chrome:/settings/help” and hit Enter in Chrome’s location box.
Google chrome update
  • The menu icon will transform into an up arrow, and its color will change.
  • Make sure that anything you’re working on in any open tabs is saved. After a relaunch, Chrome reopens the open tabs but does not store any data.
  • Click Relaunch to finish the updating procedure.
  • Suppose the update has completed its installation. Go to “chrome:/settings/help” and double-check your Chrome version. 
  • If you’ve already installed the latest updates, Chrome will declare, “Google Chrome is up to date.

7. Disable Any Ad-blockers

Ad blockers can sometimes cause issues with websites like Youtube. By removing ad-blocking software, some Youtube users were able to get Youtube comments operating again. Ad filters are infamous for breaking sites, especially on Chrome.

disable ad-blocker

If you’re having trouble loading Youtube comments in your browser. Turn off your ad-blocker or turn off the ad-blocker on Youtube. Hopefully, this will resolve the issues.

8. Check The Settings For Your Youtube Channel

Allow or disallow comments on your video is a setting on your Youtube channel. Check to see if you’ve accidentally disabled your channel’s comments. The comments on Youtube are not loaded.

To check the comment settings, click here.

  • Go to Youtube Studio and open your Youtube channel.
Youtube Studio
  • Go to the Community area by clicking on Settings in the left panel.
community option
  • Check the options under the ‘Comments on your channel’ section.

9. Disable Misbehaving Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions, mainly ad-blocking extensions, prevent you from leaving a comment. They also have an impact on how certain web pages load in your browser. You may be using an excessive ad-blocking extension. Specific underlying scripts on the Youtube website may be prevented from loading as a result of this.

It may prevent the Youtube comments area from loading correctly. You must disable the browser extension that is causing the issue.

  • You can instantly disable Chrome ad-blocking plugins in Chrome.
  • Select More Tools, then Extensions from the three-dot menu icon.
  • In the Extensions menu, you’ll see a list of installed extensions.
  • Disable any extensions you believe might be conflicting with Youtube.
Disable extensions
  • Select the extension’s slider button and move it to the Off setting.
  • If you’re not sure which extension is causing the issue, try disabling all of them and testing your browser.

10. Check Your Proxy Connections

When using a proxy network to access Youtube Video, you may encounter an error. As a result, if your device is equipped with a premium VPN service. The VPN’s proxy network could be the source of the Youtube problem.

Parts or the entire video page may not load on some websites. Typically, when a well-known VPN or proxy is used to block network attacks. A misconfigured or faulty connection, on the other hand, could be the cause. You may require to disengage from the VPN. To allow Youtube to load correctly, delete the proxy server settings as well.

It’s also useful to double-check that your connection is stable and working correctly. If your ISP’s DNS servers are down and certain pages aren’t loading correctly. You may need to switch DNS providers. Instead, use a public DNS server.

For the time being, you can disable all proxies and VPN programs and then reload the webpage. This time, the “Youtube comments not loading” properly issue will be solved.

11. Sign Out And Sign In from Youtube

It’s possible that “Youtube comments not loading” is only a momentary bug. You can try to remedy this by logging out and back into Youtube.

If you’re having trouble loading Youtube comments, make sure you’re logged in. Several people have reported the easiest solution. They sign in using their Google account and comments on Youtube load for them.

  • If you aren’t logged in, a Sign In button will appear in the top right corner. 
  • Simply join in using your Google account, and the comments on Youtube should begin to appear shortly.

12. Change YouTube Layout

Click your profile picture in the corner (upper right) of YouTube’s homepage. Then, from the pop-up window, choose YouTube Studio.

  • From the lower-left menu, choose Creator Studio Classic.
  • Select Home from the 3-line menu in the upper left corner. It should return you to YouTube’s previous layout. You’ll be able to see the video comments if this works for you.

13. Reset Your Chrome Browser/ Clear Data of Youtube App

If nothing else works, try resetting your browser to its default settings.

  • Reset Chrome.
  • Look for the word “reset” in “chrome:/settings.”
  • Select ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ‘Reset settings’ from the drop-down menu.

Clearing the app’s cache and data should resolve the issue.

  • Long touch the Youtube app and select “App Info” or the “i” button from the menu.
  • Select ‘Storage,’ then ‘Clear Storage.’
  • Now launch the Youtube app to see if the problem has been resolved.

14. Change Your Browser

If the “Youtube comments not loading” error still shows up, try using a different web browser. If all of your browsers are up to date, it could be a transient Youtube error. In this situation, switch to another browser until the problem is resolved.

The “Youtube comments not loading” error appears on the online version. Try switching to the Youtube mobile app. If you still can’t see comments in the app, try updating or changing your browser.

If you’re using the mobile app, try switching to the web version. If you can see the comments, consider updating or reinstalling your program.


Users frequently peruse the Youtube comments to learn more about a video. It can be frustrating if “Youtube video comments not loading” errors happen. Try all the solutions mentioned above and see which one solves your issue.


Why Can’t I See Youtube Comments?

Comments on Youtube aren’t showing up. It’s conceivable that your internet browser’s cache is preventing Youtube comments from appearing. Suppose the problem persists after restarting your browser. Delete your browser cache usually solves the issue.

Why Are My Youtube Comments Hidden?

When someone “Reports” a post, they are likely to take a look. It’s got to be the channel owner who’s keeping them hidden. The comment will be shadow-banned if the owner “Removes” it. It only relates to that specific comment. It does not, however, conceal all of your remarks.

How Do I Know If My Comments Are Hidden On Youtube?

To get to the comments area, you’ll have to scroll past the engagement buttons and recommended videos. The new test disables the comments section. Instead, a new icon would be used to access comments. It’s to the right of the thumbs-down icon, beneath the video.

Why Don’t My Youtube Comments Appear To Others But Only To Me?

You’ve likely been flagged as a spammer. It occurs when you comment on too many videos too quickly. If you simply copied and pasted your comment. Suppose you don’t have any decent links in your comment. The owner of the channel sees your message on a “probably spam list.” They have the option of publishing or not publishing your comment.