9 Fixes: Your PC Will Automatically Restart In One Minute

It often happens that when we are peacefully working on some project this message pops up, saying ‘Your PC will take a minute to restart or Windows encountered some problem and it needs to restart, please close and save your work.”  

Your pc will automatically restart in one minute

You should do as the message says, stop for a moment, and save your work. Sometimes, it reboots the computer on its own after a minute. It is like a defense mechanism of the computer.

But often it goes on in a loop of booting for a whole minute or more. Most of the time, the Windows defender is more than enough to solve any computer problems. Yet we download third-party antivirus for extra protection.

Are the Fixes for “Your PC Will Automatically Restart in One Minute” also applicable to “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”?

Yes, the pc restart problem fix for “Your PC Will Automatically Restart in One Minute” can also be applied to “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.” The troubleshooting steps for both issues are similar and often involve checking for system errors, updating drivers, and running diagnostic tests.

Solutions to fix “Your PC will automatically restart in one minute”

  1. Try uninstalling any third party Antivirus on your computer
  2. Remove all the files of the SoftwareDistributor folder
  3. Run a Startup or Automatic Repair
  4. Run System File Checker and DISM tool
  5. Let Windows Insider Program update
  6. Repair the Master Boot Record
  7. Restore your system
  8. Reset the windows or refresh it
  9. Utilize Repair Install for Windows 10

1. Try uninstalling any third party antivirus on your computer 

You should uninstall the Antivirus program for a while and see if that affects the error. Antivirus software often interferes with recent updates by hindering progress or not letting it finish.

There are frequent advertisements as well frequently, but that depends upon the Antivirus software. Sometimes Antivirus programs can be the cause of this error. To disable it, you need to follow these simple steps:

Right click over the Antivirus icon on the Notification bar and select on Disable.

confirm security change

Later on, you need to select the Time Period . You can manually select the time until you need the Antivirus to be inactive. You can set the duration to be about less than 1 hour.

Once you are done temporarily disabling the Antivirus program try to Restart the computer.

Now simultaneously press Windows key and R together. In the Run box type control and click Enter.

After you see the Control Panel click on System and Security.

system and security

Then click on Windows Firewall, after that on the left pane you see Turn your Windows on or off.

Select Turn off Windows Firewall, then restart the computer.

This should fix the ‘Your PC will automatically restart in one minute’ error but if it does not, then you can benefit from other solutions below.

2. Remove all the files of the SoftwareDistributor folder

The SoftwareDistribution folder is a crucial component for Windows Update, it stores the files that need updates in the future. Though the SoftwareDistribution folder is very important, it can cause some problems too. It is quite safe to clear the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder. Windows 10 will download all the important files again or remake the folder.

Press Windows Key and R together and Search for C:\\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Then when you see all the files press Ctrl and A together. Then right click to select Delete.

3. Run Startup or Automatic repair 

It is a built-in feature that is specially designed to fix the issues related to the booting of the computer running an Automatic repair can help. It scans the system files and data, registry settings, and configuration settings to fix the problem automatically. It will fix the issues that had the computer behaving abnormally. It will diagnose all the things below:

  1. Missing or incompatible Drivers
  2. Corrupt or missing system files
  3. Corrupt Disk metadata (Master boot record, partition table or boot sector)
  4. Problematic update installation.

Now you have to insert the Windows 10 bootable installation DVD, after that Restart the computer. Then you will see a message that says ‘press any key to boot from CD or DVD’ you can press any key to continue.

press any key to boot from CD or DVD

Then you can choose a language of your preference and then you click on Next.

You will see Repair on the bottom-left of your computer, click on it.

Then on Choose an option screen, click on Troubleshoot.


Under the Troubleshoot feature, you will see an Advance option, click on it.

Then you click on Automatic Repair or Startup Repair.

Kindly wait until the whole Windows Automatic/Startup Repairs is completed.

Now restart your computer, this should have completely solved the error.

Yet if you see the ‘Your PC will automatically restart in one minute’ error then it could be because you have a system that responded to the Automatic repair. As this utility is only meant to solve issues on a small scale. It fixes missing or damaged system files specifically used in the Operating System.

4. Run System File Checker and DISM tool

verify the scan

If that does not help the condition, then you need to run the system file checker(SFC) scan. It always comes in handy like an assistant.

Press the Windows key to select the Start menu.

Search for the Command prompt or cmd.

Then do a right click on Command prompt select Run as an administrator.

Enter your password. When it is done loading type: sfc/scannow and press Enter

Then you need to do DISM commands. They help to scan corrupt files and automatically repair any issue. To run DISM you need to follow the steps below:

Click on Start.

Then search for  the Command prompt and then press Enter.

You need to open it properly to see the multiple commands you need to type. Then type: 




Then press Enter.

DISM Check

Wait up for the DISM scan to run and finish properly.

If this does not fix your problem then you can try another command. You can type this in the new Command Prompt that appears:



Then you can update the Drivers in your device to the latest version. Along with that make sure to to install all the updates of the drivers.

5. Let Windows Insider Program update 

Usually Windows Insider is an open Software Testing Program by Microsoft itself. It permits only the users who have a legitimate license to any of the Windows 10 or server 2016.

The users can opt for pre-release builds of the Operating System that are rare and only accessed by Software Developers. And if you are on a Windows Insider build then you can check updates for a newer build.

Then update it to see if it fixes the issues. And if you don’t have windows insider, then you can always join the program by-

  1. Open Settings and then click on Update and security.
  2. Select the Windows Insider Program and click on Get Started option
  3. Then you will see an option to Link an account click on it
  4. Link your existing Microsoft account and select Continue.

Windows Insider Program will assist you in finding various types of commands, files, and apps while coordinating a default app.

Then from an open Command Prompt tab you need to type shutdown. It will turn off the device at once.

6. Repair the Master Boot Record

The master boot record is the memory of any hard disk or diskette. It locates the position of an operating system. And then, it can be used to boot it into the computer’s main storage or RAM. So MBR must work efficiently.

The Master Boot Record has a boot loader that has the operating system installed and also Drive’s logical partitions. The computer will behave abnormally if MBR is removed or corrupted.

It is the most important part of a computer’s startup system. It could also be the reason why you are repeatedly getting the ‘Your PC will automatically restart in one minute’ message. As Windows could not boot it, you need to repair your Master Boot Record. 

You don’t need to worry you can fix it on your own too, follow these steps:

  1. If you have the original installation DVD and all the recovery USBs, then you boot it through that.
  2. On the welcome page, you need to click on repair.
  3. Then select troubleshoot and later on the command prompt.
  4. After the command prompt is visible in detail, type:

bootrec/FixMbrbootrec/FixBoot bootrec/ScanOs bootrec /RebuilfBcd

And then click on Enter.

7. Restore your System

System restore is a very useful software program that has been made available in all versions of Windows 10 and Windows 8. Fantastically it is like a void, and it creates restore points.

Storage of all the system files and data settings on the computer at any particular point in time. You can also manually create your restore point.

Usually, Windows 10 automatically creates a restore point before any changes. Most activities can be restored before the manual system settings, installing, or installing a program the user did. It can be done within the operating system. Also, after booting the operating system in the safe mode in case the windows can’t boot properly itself. 

Press Windows key and then in the Run box type Restore.

Then click on Create a Restore point at the top of the screen

Then click on the System Protection option and when you see System Restore select it.

Then you select the Next and choose the system restore point of your convenience. Kindly remember not to make any mistakes regarding the time settings. 

Wait till all the procedures on the screen are completed, and system restore is done.

Once the reboot is done, check if you fixed the ‘Your PC will automatically restart in one minute’ error.

8. Reset the windows or refresh it

Also known as Factory Reset Windows system restore returns the computer to the original state when it arrived at your doorstep. It will remove all the files and programs that you have installed yourself. Also, the programs that you have created and deleted the Drivers. And then, it will return the settings to the default position.

It will ensure that you have a new and fresh system. All the issues that were caused by any software, system file corruption, setting, or malware infections will be fixed after resetting your PC.

Press the Window key and I together and open Settings.

Then select the Update and Security icon.

On the left side of the page, click on Recovery.

Then you will see the option Reset this PC, click on the Get Started option and begin.

remove everything

Here, you must be sure and select Keep my files; even if you have the backup, you must select it to be safer. 

In the next step, you will be asked to insert Windows 10 installation media, so keep it ready to avoid delay.

Now you need to select your edition of Windows and click on the first option, that is Only the drive where Windows is installed

And later, click on Remove my files. This will ensure smooth functioning as if it is new. After that, click on the Reset button.

Follow up on the screen if there is any permission to be granted or for any instructions.

9. Utilize Repair Install for Windows 10

It is a process where Windows 10 is installed over the existing installation on the computer’s hard disc. It is done by using an installation DVD or the ISO file. This is mostly used as a last resort. This process can repair broken operating system files while also not harming any of your data.

Then to keep your files, apps, and software safe, Windows will scan your C drive and transfer all of your files aside. Before you move ahead with Repair install windows 10, you need to make sure the following:

You need at least 9 GB free space in Windows drive (C:)

Your installation media(USB/ISO) should be ready on your side. Your Windows setup should be the same as the addition of the current installed Windows 10 version.

The Windows 10 setup language should remain similar to the Windows 10 already installed on your device.