12 Fixes For Your Network Settings Are Blocking Party Chat

One of the most exciting features of online multiplayer gaming is speaking with your friends, which is one of the reasons why the pre-installed Xbox software exists on your Windows PC.


What Is “Network Settings Are Blocking Party Chat”?

One of the most common features for online gaming players is “party” chat. It is pretty essential. Its importance originates from the point that it plays a crucial part in strategy-based games.

Voice party chat is vital to playing a multiplayer game. Players may experience difficulties sending messages with their teammates.

The notification “Your Network Settings Are Blocking Party Chat 0x89231806” appears. Unless and until the issue is resolved, the gamers will be cut off from one another.

Methods To Fix Xbox App Your Network Settings Are Blocking Party Chat

  1. Restart Your Modem And Router
  2. Re-Connect Your Xbox One Console
  3. Move Your Xbox One To A Different Region
  4. Check Privacy Settings And Clear Persistent Storage
  5. Perform A Hard Reset
  6. Check The NAT Type On Xbox One
  7. Turning On Energy Saving Mode
  8. Deactivate Any Third-Party Firewall
  9. Switch To An Alternate IPv6 Server
  10. Add Your Friend To Your Allowed List
  11. Activate “Teredo Tunneling Interface”
  12. Change Your Router’s MTU Settings

1. Restart Your Modem And Router

Restarting your modem or router will solve the “network settings are blocking party chat 0x89231806.”

  • If you don’t have access to a router, simply reboot your modem.
  • To turn off your modem and router, press the power button.
image 1
  • Wait 30 seconds or more after your modem and router have turned off.
  • To switch your modem and router back on, press the power buttons once again.
  • Check to see if you can create or join a party on your Xbox One.

2. Re-Connect Your Xbox One Console

All temporary files are saved in the cache of your Xbox One console. If those files get corrupted, the 0x89231806 error will occur. It may be possible to resolve the issue by clearing its cache. It could be accomplished by connecting your console:

  • Keep pressing and holding the Xbox button on your console until it turns off.
  • Unplug the power cable when it has turned off.
  • Disconnect the cable for at least 1 minute.
  • Reconnect the power cable. Then, on your console, press and hold the Xbox button until it turns on.
  • Check to see if you can create or join a party chat feature on your Xbox One.
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3. Change Xbox One To A Different Region

Many gamers have encountered the “network settings are blocking party chat” problem. They have found that shifting their location has helped them.

Changing your location has certain negative consequences. You won’t be able to use your Microsoft account again. I advise users to choose their place wisely and only after doing their research.

  • Swipe left on your Xbox ONE’s main screen to access the guide menu.
  • Now, take the following path.
    • Select the System section, then Language & location from Settings and then “All Settings.” Select the System section then Language & location.
image 2
image 3
  • Choose a place and then press the ‘Restart now’ button.
  • Check if the problem still exists after the console has been restarted.

4. Check Privacy Settings And Clear Persistent Storage

Files connected to your Blu-ray discs are stored in persistent storage. This file can cause an error message. Thus it must be removed. This option is only for Xbox One customers who have trouble with this issue, not Windows users. 

Clearing Persistent Storage:

  • Go to Settings, Disc & Blu-ray, and Clear Persistent Storage on your Xbox One.
image 4
  • Select Blu-ray from the drop-down menu.
image 5
  • Select Persistent storage and then Clear persistent storage from the drop-down menu. To entirely erase the persistent storage, you may need to repeat this process a few times.
image 6
  • Check if the blocking party chat error has been fixed.

Check Privacy Settings

The network settings can be affected by your privacy settings on the Xbox One. It may also prevent you from starting or joining a party conversation. Make the required adjustments to your privacy settings.

  • On your Xbox One controller, press the Xbox button.
  • Select Settings from the menu, then select “Privacy & Online safety” from the menu.
  • “View details” customize your Xbox Live privacy settings by clicking Xbox Live privacy.
  • There should be multiple columns there now. Make sure they’re all set to Everyone or Allow.

5. Perform A Hard Reset

You can simply resolve this problem by performing a hard reset. It could assist in quickly fixing the problem. This procedure is sometimes known as a power cycle or a cold restart.

  • Check to see whether you’ve left any games or downloads running in the background.
  • Attempt to shut down the console. For a minimum of 10 seconds, press and hold the power button. Keep it on until the console begins to shut down.
  • Press the power button one more when the gaming system has completely shut down. A green startup screen will appear.
  • Check to see whether the party chat issues have been repaired.
  • This procedure not only clears the cache but also restores the former status of several of the settings.

6. Check The NAT Type On Xbox One

The NAT (Network Address Translation)  isn’t set correctly. You can’t host or join a multiplayer game. With an open NAT type, you can start or join a party on Xbox One. Check if it solves the “your network settings are blocking party chat” error message.

  • On your Xbox One controller, press the Xbox button. 
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Make sure your NAT Type is set to Open on the open Network settings page by clicking “Network.”
  • If your NAT type is “Moderate” or “Strict,” proceed to the next step in the troubleshooting process.
  • Check to see if you can create or join a party on your Xbox One.
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7. Turning On Energy Saving Mode

Turning on the energy-saving mode will fix the Network settings that are obstructing party chat problems. By default, your Xbox One uses the Instant-on feature, which puts it in standby mode.

When you switch off your Xbox One, it will shut down entirely and use almost no electricity. 

  • On your Xbox One controller, press the Menu button.
  • Navigate to Settings, then to Power & Startup.
image 7
  • Select Power mode from the Power options area and click the A button on the controller.
image 8
image 9
  • Select the Energy-saving option now.

Using this function will cause your Xbox One to switch on a little slower than usual. The problem with the party chat feature should now be resolved.

8. Deactivate Any Third-Party Firewall

The solution may lie in the fact that your device is disabled by default. You may be using a separate set of headphones or anything similar. You can simply change these settings. Use the suitable machine to fix the “network settings are blocking party chat” error message.

  • Right-click on the volume/sound symbol on your taskbar and select Properties.
  • Select Playback Devices from the drop-down menu.
  • Open Control Panel and then Sound Settings as an alternative.
  • Check the Playback and Recording tabs to determine if your devices are enabled. If they’re disabled, right-click them and select the option to allow them.
  • By right-clicking on the device, you can change the default playback and recording devices. Choose Set as Default Communication Device from the drop-down menu.

9. Switch To An Alternate IPv6 Server

You can try switching to a new IPv6 server if the current one isn’t working. Check if it solves the “your network settings are blocking party chat” error message.

  • Remove the Xbox and all of its associated apps.
  • At the bottom left corner of the screen, click the Windows start button. When the bar appears on the screen, type ‘cmd’ to access the ‘Command Prompt.’ ‘Run as Administrator’ can be found by right-clicking on the latter option.
  • Make sure you’re using the elevated CMD to conduct all of the tasks. Input the command “netsh int ipv6 set teredo client teredo.trex.fi.” when the elevated command prompt appears on the screen.
  • Try joining a chat through the Xbox. It is an indication that the problem has been resolved if you can do so.

10. Add Your Friend To Your Allowed List

You still can’t get rid of the error Network Settings are Blocking Party Chat. Make sure your buddies are on the Allowed list.

  • Simply choose the icon of the friend with whom you’re having trouble communicating.
  • Give it a perfect score, give it a name, and then click Apply.
  • It should conform to the Xbox system that you have personally vetted this player. You’re permitting it to talk to you on the phone.
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11. Activate “Teredo Tunneling Interface.”

The issue could be caused by the lack of availability of the Teredo Tunneling Interface. Check if the “network settings are blocking party chat” error code resolves.

  • Press the Windows and R key at the same time, and the Run window will appear.
  • Now type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. The device manager will appear on the screen as a result of this action.
  • Expand the ‘Device Manager’ drop-down menu and seek the option ‘network adapters.’
  • Navigate to the ‘view’ ribbon when you see the choice. Look for the ‘Show hidden devices’ option under the ribbon. Select the option.
  • The option ‘Tunneling Pseudo-interface’ should appear. Select the option that reads “Enable” by right-clicking on it. If the driver is already running, turn it off and then back on.

12. Change Your Router’s MTU Settings

Fix Network settings are blocking the party chat error message. You may need to alter the settings on your router.

  • Simply go to the setup page of your router and look for MTU settings.
  • Change the MTU value to 1458 and save your adjustments.
  • After that, see if the issue has been resolved.

You are unable to come up with a viable solution. I strongly advise you to consider purchasing a new router.


“Network Settings Blocking Party Chat” problem. It is one of the most aggravating errors many Xbox One gamers encounter. After going through all the solutions mentioned above. You can fix this problem of “Network settings are blocking party chat” quickly.


Why Does My Xbox Say Party Chat Is Blocked?

Make sure your privacy settings allow you to communicate with anyone. To open the guide, press the Xbox button and go to Profile & system. Go to Settings, then “Account,” then Privacy & online safety > Xbox privacy. Ensure changes under View details & configure > Communication & multiplayer.

Why Is My Xbox Party Chat Not Working?

Remove the headphone cable from the Xbox controller’s bottom and firmly reconnect it. Allow communication with everyone in your privacy and network settings. Your conversation audio is a little choppy and not very clear. It could potentially be due to the controller update for your Xbox One.

Why Can’t I Join A Party On The Xbox App?

You can’t seem to get into an Xbox Live party. Someone in the group may be experiencing Network Address Translation (NAT) issues. Have everyone in the party test their Xbox Live connection to find out. Select System Settings from the settings menu by pressing the Guide button on your controller.

Why Does My Xbox Privacy Settings Prevent Chat?

To begin, go to Xbox.com and select Xbox Settings. Next, check your Privacy Settings to ensure that you may connect with anyone. Second, while this may sound foolish, make sure your pals haven’t muted or blocked you.