4 Fixes: “Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version”

There may be times when you have wanted to install a certain application on your phone, especially an Android. You may have received an error message “your device isn’t compatible with this version.” 

your device isn't compatible with this version

This error may occur even though your phone has enough space and does not allow you to install the application. However, there may be several ways to fix the issue. A majority of the time, there is an issue either with your software or the cache data of your Google Play Store

How To Fix This Error?

  1. Remove all the Latest Updates
  2. Clear Cache
  3. Root your device
  4. Change the number of your Phone Model

1. Remove all the Latest Updates

You can go through the latest updates from Google Play Store. After that, you can try and check whether you can install the application. You can follow these steps to remove all the latest updates from Google Play Store. 

  • Open Settings and select Apps. 
  • Navigate towards the Google Play Store option. 
  • Click on the three-dotted icon, which is in the upper right corner. 
  • Select Uninstall updates. 
Uninstall Updates

After you do this, all the latest updates that have been installed either manually or automatically will be removed. You can then try and install the application and check whether you receive the same error message or not. 

2. Clear Cache

Sometimes, due to excessive cache storage, there are minor glitches within the system or the application itself. Due to this reason, you can clear the data or cache, especially within the Play Store. 

You can follow these steps to clear the cache from Play Store. 

  • Open the Settings application. 
  • Click on Apps and Notifications. 
  • You can either search for Google Play Store or manually navigate. 
  • Click on Storage and cache. 
  • Select Clear storage and clear cache. 
clear cache

After you do this, you can try opening the Play Store and check whether you can download the application or not. 

3. Root Your Device

Most of the time, Android devices have several updates, allowing you to get updates. However, some outdated devices might not allow you to install new updates. If that is the case, you can root your device. 

You can also install custom ROMs and the most updated version of the Android operating system. However, you will also have to keep in mind that there are high chances of your device getting damaged if you root your device. 

4. Change the Number of your Phone Model

You can obtain a new number for your phone model and resolve the issue. However, this method is slightly long and time-consuming as well. You can google search any of the model numbers. 

  • Select the Model Number corresponding to the location in which you live and copy it. 
  • Install ES File Explorer from Play Store and open the tools menu. 
  • Enable the Root Explorer and select the file “System.” 
  • Locate the file named build.prop to xbuild.prop. 
  • Copy the file and paste it into sd storage. 
  • Open it with the help of ES Note Editor. 

Change the device, model, and product name to the new one you copied and after you save it, return it to the xbuild.prop. You can then paste the file into the SD storage. Once you open the file properties, you can change the permissions to 

  • Execute to No One
  • Write to Owner
  • Read to Group, Owner, and Other. 

You can restart your device as soon as you save these modifications. 


Coming across the error message “your device isn’t compatible with this version” is often seen on android phones, and most of the time, this happens due to the google play services or the app developer themselves. 

How To Fix “Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version”

However, other times, the android version is not compatible due to wi-fi issues or other security updates made through the google play store app. You can resolve this issue by clearing the google play store’s cache or checking the latest Android versions through a software update. 

Even though this issue of compatible error is relatively common, it can be fixed in various ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download an incompatible app from the Play Store?

The easiest way is to clear the google play store’s cache and clear data from the settings app. Once you fix this, the installation of apps is much easier. 

Can you download incompatible apps?

You can download apk files, but these are usually installed from unknown sources. You can try installing it with the help of third-party apps, which is generally available on all android os. 

What do I do if my device isn’t compatible with this version?

If your device isn’t compatible with this version, you probably use an older Android version. You can also check your phone’s firmware and storage space. Ensure that the cache is cleared and the google play store updates are also removed. Changing the phone manufacturer number and phone’s hardware might also help you resolve the problem.