Learn How To Switch To Yahoo Web Browser

For most web browsers, the standard search results page is Google. You might not be able to see other search engines on your browser, mostly, unless they are installed onto your browser while installing other applications on your computer.

Some users prefer a different search engine, like Yahoo! or Bing, rather than the default one. This article is for those who prefer using the Yahoo search engine on their preferred internet browser and the different ways they can implement it to insert it on their websites. 

Two Methods To Use The Yahoo! Search Engine

If you are simply looking to use the Yahoo! Search engine, you have one set of Yahoo tools and another set of methods to make Yahoo the default search engine on your browser. 

  1. Yahoo Search Engine tools
    1. Yahoo! search bar
    2. Yahoo! search website
    3. Yahoo! Homepage
    4. Yahoo! Axis
  2. Setting the Yahoo search engine as the browser’s default

We have provided the steps for making the Yahoo! Search the default on browsers like – 

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge

Yahoo! Search Engine Tools

There are four utilities offered by Yahoo! To help users search for content through the internet. They are –

The Yahoo! Search bar is a browser attachment that has a miniature search space on it. This is located below the address bar or bookmarks bar on your browser. There have been no recent updates for this toolbar and it can no longer be downloaded from the official site.

This is generally installed onto your computer, along with the installation of another third-party application. Though this is quite useful, it can sneak in viruses or other malware into your computer.

The Yahoo! Search website

The Yahoo! Search site is the simplest way to navigate through the World Wide Web (WWW). You just need an open web browser on your desktop to access this website and look for everything you need. 

Yahoo Website homepage

Yahoo! Homepage

Yahoo! Homepage is the downloadable Yahoo! homepage that allows users to browse the internet after installing it on to your browser. It is available for a lot of platforms and Operating Systems (OS). As the name suggests, you will be taken to the Yahoo! Homepage when you click on it. 

Yahoo Homepage extension for Chrome

You can also install the Yahoo! Search application onto your android or iOS device and use them on your mobile devices. 

Yahoo! Axis extension/browser

Yahoo! also has a more recent browser extension, which is not the same as the Yahoo toolbar. The Yahoo! Axis is added to your browser extensions bar and can be accessed from the bottom of your screen. When you enter your terms, the search results will pop up from the bottom. This tool also has the ability to give you instant notifications when you receive mail and other features. 

Methods to manually switch to the Yahoo Homepage for PC on different web browsers

If you are not interested in adding extensions to your browsers to use the Yahoo search, here are the methods to run your search process through the Yahoo engine on Safari and other browsers, from now. 

Switching to Yahoo! in the Safari browser

The Safari browser has a default Yahoo bookmark along with many other links on its bookmark bar. If you wish to use the Yahoo homepage in the Safari browser, use these steps. 

  1. Launch the Safari browser and open the Settings menu, by clicking on the gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen. 
  2. Click on the Preferences option in this menu.
Preferences option in the Safari settings

Also, you can press the Ctrl + , keys together to open the Preferences menu. 

  1. Bring the Default search engine drop-down menu and choose the Yahoo option. 
Default search engine option in the Safari General tab
  1. Close the Safari browser and launch it again. The browser will now show search results through Yahoo.

If the search engine keeps changing on your Safari browser, you will have to clear the search history to get rid of personal data, For more information about this issue, go to the Manage Settings option. You might have to reset the browser, which can be done in the Advanced Settings tab. 

Switching to Yahoo! in the Google Chrome browser

  1. Open the Chrome settings on your browser. There are three methods to open the Chrome Settings tab on your computer – 
    1. Draw the menu icon on the top-right part of the window and select Settings.
Settings option in the Chrome menu
  1. Press Alt and F together, and then press the S key on your computer keyboard
  2. Type in the chrome://settings link in the address bar and run it. 
  1. Navigate to the Search engine category and click on the drop-down menu under it. 
  2. Choose Yahoo from the list of options. 
Search engine section in the Chrome settings

This is all you need to do to start using Yahoo search. 

Switching to Yahoo! in the Firefox browser

  1. Run the Firefox browser and open the Settings
  2. Click on the Search tab and drop the Default Search Engine option down. 
  3. Choose Yahoo from the list and relaunch the browser. 
Search section in the Firefox settings

You can also switch search engines in the address bar by pressing Alt and the Up/Down arrows, after typing in the query.

Switching to Yahoo! in the Opera browser

  1. Open the Easy Setup menu in the Opera browser and go into the Go to full browser settings on your computer. 
Go to full browser settings link in the Opera Easy seup menu
  1. Click on the Basic tab on the left panel and locate the Search engine section.
Search engine section in the Opera Settings
  1. Here, expand the drop-down menu and select the Yahoo option.

Switching to Yahoo! in the Internet Explorer

  1. Launch the Internet Explorer and bring down the menu, using the gear icon on the upper right part of the screen.
  2. Select the Internet options option and it will open the Internet Options window. 
  3. In the Home page section, you’ll see a small text space with the URL of your home page link in it. 
Internet options window for Internet Explorer
  1. Delete it and replace it with that of Yahoo
  2. Select Apply and Ok to save these changes and close the window.

Switching to Yahoo! in the Microsoft Edge browser

  1. Open the Settings window in the Edge browser and go into the Start, home, and new tab option on the left panel. 
  2. In the When edge starts section, select the Open a specific page or pages radio button. 
When Edge starts section in the Edge settings
  1. Then, click on the Add a new page button. 
  2. In the Enter a URL space, type in the Yahoo URL and select Add
Add a new page dialog box in the Edge browser
  1. Restart your Edge browser and your homepage will be the Yahoo search windows.

The above are the procedures to change the default search engine on popular web browsers. These methods are fail-proof but some changes in the configurations can change the search engines to a different one. Happy Browsing! 


What browser does Yahoo use?

The Yahoo search engine can be used in any browser, irrespective of the platform or OS. If you are a big fan of this engine, Each browser has a unique procedure to make it their default search engine or homepage. 

Is Yahoo not a web browser?

Yahoo is an email service and a search engine, which has browser extensions. The Yahoo Axis is a browser that was designed by Yahoo, with their search engines and key features pre-dominantly consisting of the Yahoo engine and mail. 

Is Yahoo web browser safe?

Yes, the Yahoo Axis browser is very safe to use. However, the Yahoo browser toolbar can bring viruses onto your computer, when it is being installed in your computer, along with an application. 

Can I use Yahoo as a search engine?

Yes, the Yahoo search engine is quite reliable and you will see similar search results as that of other search tools. However, the only setback is that it is not as popular as the other search engines like Google.