8 Solutions For Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen

When you start your Xbox and the Xbox logo appears with a green screen followed by a long period of no change, preventing you from playing games. It is the Green Screen of death error and it indicates booting failure while running Xbox and Xbox Live. Often you are left with no choice but to close the Xbox console and forfeit gaming for the day.

What Causes Xbox One Green Screen Of Death?

Xbox ‘Stuck on Green Screen of Death’ with no way of getting past it is a frustrating issue. There are a lot of reasons for this issue to occur, ranging from software to hardware issues. In most cases, it is usually due to corrupt files, network issues, or hardware malfunction.

After looking through multiple Xbox one won’t start up stuck on green screen errors, we conclude and listed the possible reasons for this. Here are the reasons why Xbox one digital stuck on green screen:

  • Corrupt storage hard drive: The console loads files to run the Xbox from a hard drive, evidently if some files are corrupt or deleted from the hard drive, the Xbox will get stuck or fail to boot.
  • Hard drive read-write error: Read-write is often caused due to corrupt hard-drive storage. In a read-write error, the Xbox console is unable to access the storage, a reader writes on it causing the ‘Xbox one stuck on the green screen’ error.
  • Server connectivity error: Sometimes serve communication error between Xbox Device and Windows server lead to software malfunctions, further causing Xbox one stuck on black screen after green screen.
  • Unsuccessful update & interrupted install: If you accidentally shut down your Xbox console during an update, it may cause the Green screen of death error. Interrupting an update install mid-process causes desynchronization and may even corrupt files, or cause files missing on your Xbox console further causing to Xbox stuck on the green screen.
  • Security checks on Xbox one: After an abrupt shutdown as explained above the Xbox console does a system integrity check by default to check for any discrepancies in booting files. Adding to this, if your files go missing or the hard drive has read-write, the system will get stuck, take longer for integrity check while booting. further Causing to xbox one stuck on green screen after update

If Your Xbox Is Stuck On Green Screen, Try These Fixes To Resolve It.

So you have done the basic check and have confirmed that the above-listed problems may be the cause for your Xbox one stuck on the green screen. Before you follow the below-listed steps to try the fixes, note that some of these fixes may lead to data loss or in cases damage done wrong:

  1. Hard Reset Xbox One To Fix Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen
  2. Update System To Fix Xbox Stuck On Green Screen
  3. Bypass Xbox One Integrity Check
  4. Factory Reset Xbox One To Fix Xbox One Green Screen Issue
  5. Format Hard Drive Of Xbox One
  6. Servicing Your Xbox One
  7. Do-It-Yourself, Xbox One Green Screen Of Death -Fix
  8. Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen Reddit

Possible Ways To Fix Xbox One Stuck On Green Loading Screen

1. Hard Reset Xbox One To Fix Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen

hard reset is basically the technical name for the good old trick of switching it off and then on. The only difference is you’ll reboot the Xbox console completely. The hard reset is done manually through buttons but by pressing and holding the power button of your Xbox console for a few seconds.

The hard reset boots the Xbox console completely and does an automatic integrity check. In case of some minute glitch or a file loading problem which is further leading to the stuck on green screen problem. Doing a hard reset will fix these issues and the Xbox screen stuck on green screen will be resolved.

Xbox Power button

2. Update System To Fix Xbox Stuck On Green Screen

If you are facing the Xbox stuck on green screen issue, it may not be possible to update it through the interface. You can update Xbox one offline using USB and install the latest firmware.

To follow through with the update you require a standard 8Gb Pendrive. The updating process is lengthy but is guaranteed to fix the issues due to incomplete install or interrupted updates, eventually fixing the green screen of death issue. To fix the Xbox one stuck on black screen after green screen, follow these steps.

  1. One the file explorer and format the pen-drive which is to be used.
  2. to format the pen drive simply right-click on it, go down and click on format.
  3. In the pop-up window select “NTFS” Below the File system.
  4. Check the box in front of Quick format and click on start.
  5. A dialogue box will appear with a warning about data loss, asking confirmation for deleting everything on the drive, click ok to proceed.
  6. After format go to Xbox official site and then find the “Perform an offline system update” option
  7. On a new page, you’ll find the updated files, it’ll ask for your Xbox version, select accordingly.
  8. Go to downloaded files and extra the zip file.
  9. Go to where the download file is extracted and find $SystemUpdate.
  10. Copy &SystemUpdate and paste it into the USB Drive.
  11. Eject the pen drive after copying by right-clicking on it and clicking on eject.
  12. Plugin the USB in Xbox and Launch the Xbox One into the troubleshooting mode
  13. To launch troubleshooting mode press the sync button + eject button + power button until you hear 2 beeping sounds.
sync button + eject button + power button
  1. Go to the d-pad and navigate to Offline System update, and then press A.
  2. Wait for download and installation to complete, and run the Xbox again
  3. The green screen of death issue will be resolved.
Offline System update option

3. Bypass Xbox One Integrity Check

Xbox one is a really helpful process in detecting and recovering missing, corrupt files yet it can also cause Xbox one stuck on a green screen. This may sound absurd, but the security check is intended to see if all the system files are present and optimal. It may get stuck on a green screen because it cannot find some files or may take more time while doing the check.

In the above scenario bypassing the integrity check may solve the problem of the Xbox one stuck on the green screen after the update. Many gamers have vouched for this solution.

Bypassing the Xbox one integrity check may not work in one attempt and you’d have to try twice or thrice before moving on to any other fix. Here are the steps to bypass Xbox one security check:

  1. Power on your controller and then press the guide button which Xbox symbol on your controller.
  2. Then press the start button for about 2 seconds and remove the battery from your controller.
  3. Wait to see if the green screen problem is solved and the Xbox has booted successfully.

4. Factory Reset Xbox One To Fix Xbox One Green Screen Issue

If you have tried the above fixes and the ‘Xbox one is stuck on green screen then goes black’ problem persists. You can try factory resetting your Xbox one console. Now, Factory reset is not advisable before you have tried the rest of the fixes. Factory reset may lead to data loss factory reset will erase all your data and the console will switch to default settings.

Creating a backup on a drive is advised before proceeding with the factory reset. here are the steps to factory reset your Xbox One:

  1. First, turn off your Xbox console by pressing the Xbox key button on the right side by holding it for 10 seconds.
  2. After the Shutdown, Press and hold the synch button + eject button + power button until 2 beeps are heard.
  3. Release the button when you hear beeps, and a menu will appear on the screen.
  4. Now use the d-pad on your controller and select “Reset this Xbox” and press A
  5. Again Press A while on the “Remove everything button”
  6. The factory reset will be initiated.
Reset this Xbox option in the Xbox troubleshoot menu

5. Format Hard Drive Of Xbox One

Earlier in the reasons for What exactly causes the green screen of death, the read-write error was mentioned. The read-write error is caused by corrupt files or the corruption of the complete hard drive. Which in turn can lead to the Xbox console not being able to load the necessary runner files leading to Xbox one stuck on green screen.

Now there is hardly any other effective solution to the read-write error, than formatting the hard drive. Formatting the hard drive is rather an extreme step that will erase all your data, but it may fix the hard-drive and Green screen of death error eventually. Make sure you have created a backup of all your data if u decide to follow this method, you can also use data recovery tools like Ease US.

6. Servicing Your Xbox One

Once you have confirmed all the software options and solutions, nothing seems to work for you. The last option is to visit a hardware store or official store of Xbox one, or your buyer to get it fixed. Generally, you can fix the green screen of death error by doing minor software changes or factory resets.

Very rarely does it happen that you have some internal hardware issue from the read-write error or the integrity check failure. In such cases, it is advised to leave it to experts and get it checked from the inside at a trusted repair shop.

7. Do-It-Yourself, Xbox One Green Screen Of Death -Fix

By this time, you’ve confirmed that none of the above solutions are working for you, and the error can be due to hardware malfunction. You have thought it through and decided that you can fix it yourself. Do Keep in mind if you decide to disassemble your Xbox one, it’ll void you of any warranty you may have from the manufacturer or gamers repair.

While trying to fix your console yourself, check for ticking, clicking, or winding sounds coming from the Xbox One. It indicates that your hard drive is malfunctioning and is probably defective. The hard -drive can be replaced, but you need to have prior experience, and technical skills.

You can even watch youtube tutorial videos to change defective parts or to open your Xbox one. When dismantling your Xbox one, check for cables connecting to the hard drive. Check the cables, connectors, and ribbon cable; look if they are bent, folded sharply, torn, or have missing pins.

Also, check for a damaged NAND chip present on the motherboard. The chip is an integral part of the system, allowing the firmware to be installed and upgraded. If it is damaged, it is advisable to replace the complete motherboard. All these parts can be found on popular online stores like Amazon,eBay, etc., although assembling them would require precision, technical skill, and knowledge.

Computer Hard drive being ejected from the cabinet

8. Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen Reddit

The gaming industry is huge and accepting, there are players and hardcore gamers like you out here facing the same problems as you. You can look for Xbox one stuck on green screen Reddit to find these people. Being in contact with the community will let you know outgoing trends and all recent problems, the new patches, and the tried and tested fixes by other gamers.

You can Official Xbox one thread or windows thread. You’ll find gamers and even developers who constantly take questions, and give answers and solutions which work. You’ll often find a unique fix to problems like Xbox one stuck on a green screen.


Solve the agonizing problem of the Green screen of death and never again let it interrupt your gameplay or gaming sessions. Most of these fixes are simple to execute, nothing a gamer can’t do. Although where there is the possibility of data loss, or possible damage while operating, think before proceeding.

It is a common issue and can be fixed, just try these fixes, be informed through Reddit and official sites. Decide what works for you, and if nothing does, you can always go to repair shops knowing what you have to get fixed. Get it fixed, and keep gaming!