Xbox One Stuck On Black Screen: 7 Fixes

Xbox One stuck on Black screen

If you have installed the Xbox Insider update on your Xbox One recently, you might face an issue known as the Black Screen of Death. This glitch may have occurred due to recurrent power outages that do not allow the system to shut down properly. This can interfere with the device when you turn it back on. 

You might be able to solve the problem by restarting your Xbox One console. You can also try and tweak the resolution of your Xbox One to try and solve the problem. These fixes have usually worked out for people who experience this bug. You can also try to perform an offline system update to try and fix your system. 

Here’s how you can fix When Xbox One stuck on Black screen:

  1. The First Step
  2. BSoD, after returning home
  3. BSoD while watching Blue-Ray Disc
  4. Black Screen glitch after switching on the console
  5. How to use AVR in your setup to fix this issue
  6. Request a repair from Microsoft
  7. Hard reset your console
  1. What is the issue?

Since installing the Xbox Insider update, users have started facing the black screen of death upon restarting the device. The Xbox One, released in 2013, has become beloved among gaming console users. It provides gamers a Game Pass, allowing them to own several games on a subscription basis. 

It also provides a smooth and seamless experience for players. This recent Xbox Insider update lets users access the forthcoming console upgrades. This update has also, unfortunately, caused several systemic errors for them.

The black screen crash affects how the dashboard loads from the web. Restarting your console might not be enough to fix this glitch in your console. 

  1. Why does my Xbox Screen go black?
Xbox one error in white font and green background

This startup error does not allow the dashboard to load correctly, making the screen black. You might try to plug and unplug the device, but it would not be the most effective way to deal with it. 

When booting, the Xbox One verifies the hardware and software, but bugs, crashed updates, or even interrupting the startup could disrupt the loading of the dashboard, which might cause a black screen to appear. Numerous reasons might cause this error; therefore, the solutions are varied. 

  1. Follow these steps to rescue your stuck screen:

1. The First Step

These are the first few steps you should take to fix your Xbox One’s black screen of death:

An LED showing Xbox one error
  • Press RT + Y to start up your Xbox One console. Begin by restarting your Game Store and reloading your dashboard by pressing PSA-RT (right trigger) + LT + Y.
  • You can solve the glitch by avoiding loading the dashboard entirely, clicking on Home, and opening a different tab. 
  • You can also set your Xbox One to offline mode to avoid it by turning off Xbox Live. 
  • Eject any external hard drive and plug it back in afterward. 
  • Switch off the console, then press the bind button and eject button (the button beside the USB port) while switching it on, and you will receive an option to begin factory reset console.

2. BSoD after returning home:

Different buttons marked in an Xbox

To repair this, press and hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds to turn off your Xbox One. After that, press the Xbox button on your wireless controller or the Xbox button on the console to switch it on. 

3. BSoD while watching Blu-ray Disc:

  • On your Xbox One wireless controller, press the Xbox button to open the guide.
A user pressing the power and disk eject button of xbox
  • Open Profile and system and find the Settings menu.
Settings menu is selected.
  • Go to Display and Sound and select Video output.
Selecting video output.
  • Select Enable 24Hz to turn off this setting. 

4. Black screen glitch after switching on the console

  1. Change your TV input to HDMI, secure the connection to your console, and confirm that the HDMI cable is connected to the correct TV port. 
  2. You will do a cold boot and turn it back on by pressing the power button on your Xbox One for 10 seconds. 

Reset your Display setting in the following way:

  1. Remove any disc in your console because hardware issues might cause this.
  2. Hold the Xbox button and turn it off. 
  3. Turn on the console by pressing the Xbox button while also pressing the Eject button, and you will hear the console make a beep sound. You will hear a second beep in 10 seconds. This will boot your console in low-resolution (640 x 480)
  4. You can change this setting by opening Settings, Display, and sounds, pressing Video options, then clicking on TV Resolution. 
  5. You may also try the following if you find your Xbox One stuck:
  6. Choose a different HDMI port o your TV or use a different HDMI cable to connect to your TV. 
  7. You can also try connecting your console to a different TV.

5. How to use AVR in your setup to fix this issue:

  1. Restart your devices in the given sequence – Firstly, turn on your TV. Following this, when you see a display on your television, switch on AVR and then switch on your console. 
  2. Move the input source of the AVR away from the Xbox One to HDMI or HDMI 2, and then HDMI again with the Input button on your TV remote and reboot the AVR. 
  3. Now you have to set up your TV when it is connected to HDMI. 
  4. Press the Xbox (home button) to open the guide and press Setting, then press Display and sound. 
  5. Select Video output from the options and HDMI from the TV connection tab.

6. Request for repair from Microsoft:

1. On the internet, go to the Xbox support page and log in with your Microsoft account. Out of the options, find the Problem with a device option and click on it.

User has logged into their Microsoft account

2. You will be shown an option, For which device? Where you have to select the Xbox One option. Register your console on the Microsoft website if you have not done so already.

The webpage showing number of devices for user to choose from

3. You will be charged a fee if your console runs out of warranty. Therefore, you should check the warranty status for your Xbox One. 

4. Select Display Issue and click next. The next page will require you to elaborate on the glitch or issue you are facing in the Describe your problem box.

5. Place a service order for replacing or repairing your console. Click Next after this.

Selecting category and issue type

6. You will be provided with the steps to place your service order successfully.

Confirming the shipping address

7. Hard reset your console:

Performing a factory reset will remove your synced accounts, games, settings, and home Xbox associations. The games will have to be re-installed, and your saved game data will be reinstated for the installed games. 

1. Press the Xbox button to open the menu on your console.

White xbox is kept on a table

2. Open the Profile and system tab, then go to settings.

Settings panel opened in xbox

3. Select System and choose the Console Info option

A blue interface showing various system options

4. Choose the Reset Console option.

The user has selected the Reset console option.

An Xbox startup troubleshooter might also help you solve the black screen problem in case the Xbox is connected to your personal computer. 

Common Xbox mistakes that people make

There are several other glitches and bugs that Xbox One users have faced other than the black screen of death. One of the bugs displayed “Took too long to start,” which halted users from booting their games and applications. Search for the status of your Xbox Live service or restart your console. 

Another repetitive issue is the grating sound the console makes when you insert a disc, movie, or game into the optical drive. 

These issues can be resolved by the Microsoft support services mentioned above. 


The updates on the Xbox One seem to be one of the main causes of the issues. Clearing the system cache or checking to ensure a stable Internet connection might help install the updates without glitches. Sometimes the error also occurs with turning the system on or off. Checking your electricity stability might help solve the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have mentioned a few of the most commonly asked questions related to Xbox and the black screen of death issue:

Why Does My TV Display Nothing When My Xbox Is Turned On?

Ensure that the HDMI wire you have is plugged into the proper Xbox One port; it’s the one that outputs to the TV. Your unplugged Xbox’s main power supply might be the possible cause.

How Can You Tell When Your Xbox One Is About To Die?

A laggy gamepad, frequent glitches, or Black Screen of Death issues can signal that your Xbox needs to be fixed or replaced.

If My Xbox One’s Screen is Not Displaying Anything, How Do I Repair It?

You can try using a different Extension cable or a different TV port. You might also try a factory reset to see if it works, but you’ll lose all your configuration and files. We wish you the best of luck.

What Causes The Black Screen Of Death Issue?

The most probable cause is that someone’s television isn’t set up properly, which is just a user mistake rather than a sign of something more serious. But there are also other explanations.