11 Best Fixes: Xbox One Mic Not Working

Are you frustrated because your friends can’t hear you on Xbox while you keep on shouting? If yes, then here are the top solutions to help you fix when Xbox one Mic not working.

xbox one mic not working

What happens when the Xbox One Mic doesn’t work?

When an Xbox One Mic fails to transfer clear-cut audio, your friends complain that they can’t hear you correctly or you have a distorted voice. Moreover, Cortana can’t understand you, and all your commands go wrong.

Xbox One microphone issues make the gameplay a frustrating experience. A faulty mic can put you in a situation where you have nothing coordinated with your friends. You keep complaining that you can’t hear them, saying they can’t hear anything from your side. In this hustle and bustle, everyone loses the game.

What do you do now? You don’t have to be annoyed. Get set as we will dive into what causes the issue and then fix your Mic once and for all.

Why isn’t my Xbox Mic not working?

There can be two causes of the Xbox One mic not working: a software glitch or malfunctioning hardware. Software issues for a faulty Xbox Mic are 

  • Incorrect settings of your Account
  • Slow internet connection
  • Server Issues
  • Software bugs

The most common causes of physical damage to the Xbox mic are:

  • Liquid damage 
  • Someone may have tossed the headset or console, leading to broken hardware
  • The headset cable may have been cut off

How to Fix Xbox One Mic Issues 

Before getting started, first, you should test your microphone to know whether a software glitch has occurred or the hardware has been damaged. Here are the steps to test your Xbox One mic:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Move to Parties and Chats, which is the third icon from the left
  • Now select Start a Party
  • Start talking into the microphone. You should see a ring around your game picture, which indicates that the console is hearing your voice. 

The appearance of the ring means that your software settings aren’t right. If the ring doesn’t appear, then there is a hardware problem. Here are some fixes you could try if your Xbox One Mic isn’t working:   

1. Make sure you’re Unmuted

Many gaming headphones have a Mute button that can be used to silence all the sound transmitted. The LED indicator near the Mute button shows that it is activated. Turn off the mute button.   

2. Set Up the Account with Your Controller

Establishing a connection between the console and controller is essential to transmitting audio from the headset. To link your controller to the console and enable voice chat, follow these instructions:

  • Press the controller’s Xbox button
  • Navigate to Profile & System
  • Open Settings
  • Go to Devices & connections
  • On the right panel, click on Accessories
  • Click three dots under the controller icon
  • There’s an Assigned To tab. Press this button to sync the Mic to your Xbox profile 
  • Finally, select your Account to sign in to your controller

3. Adjust your Audio Settings

To increase or decrease your volume on Xbox One, follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox controller button 
  • Now slide to the right to Party and Chats.
  • Click on Start a Party
  • Go to options and then Audio Settings
  • See on the top of your headset Mic if it is turned on.

There will be three audio settings: headset volume, headset chat mixer, and mic monitoring. Here’s what each one of them means and how to change it:

  • Headset Volume indicates the gameplay volume. If you are playing multiplayer, then set this volume to the lowest. In the case of single-player gameplay, hearing the volume of doors and enemy footsteps is important, so move the slider to its full.
  • Headset Chat mixer represents the voice of your friends. Set it to maximum if you want to talk to your friends.
  • Mic monitoring is the echo of your voice. Please set it to the lowest value.  
Adjust your Audio Settings

4. Check the Party Volume Settings

To fix the Party Volume settings, follow these instructions:

  • Press your controller’s Xbox button
  • Swipe right to Parties & chats
  • Select one party from the various choices  
  • Click to see the party’s rooster
  • Select each party member and verify their volume sliders
  • Move the volume sliders to maximize their volumes 
Check the Party Volume Settings

Moreover, you can also check if others have muted you or if you have muted others:

  • Once again, open Parties & Chats
  • Expand the party
  • Select a party member and click on Unmute option if available

5. Update Your Controller and Your Console

You may be experiencing audio lag because of software bugs. So keeping the controller up-to-date is essential for optimum game experience. To update your controller:

  • Initially, sign in to your Xbox Live account. Then, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Navigate to Profile & System
  • Open Settings
  • Click on Devices and accessories
  • Now choose your controller and click on Continue.
Update Your Controller and Your Console
  • If an update is available, a button with Update required will appear. Click this button.
  • Give the final confirmation by clicking on Continue and then wait for the process to finish. 

In the end, press close.

Press 'Close'

Your Xbox One or Xbox Series console may also have been outdated. Follow these steps to update your Xbox console:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Click on Profile & System
  • Now, select Settings
  • Go to System, then scroll down to Updates 
  • Select update console (if available) 

6. Increase Your Internet Connection speed

Internet Speed Lag may also disrupt your audio. Some general recommendations to increase internet speed are:

  • Get a new internet package.
  • LAN is much more stable than a Wi-Fi connection. So, get a new internet cable and connect your Xbox to your router.
  • Get your router inspected. For instance, activate the 5Ghz Wi-Fi band for faster speeds.

You can also coordinate settings between Xbox and router. First, you should know the internet speed your Xbox is receiving. To do that: 

  • Press the Xbox button from the main dashboard
  • Open Profile and System by swiping to the right
  • Go to Settings, then click on General
  • Navigate to Network settings and then Select Test network speed & statistics

Follow these steps to have optimum internet settings on your Xbox:

  • Now click Advanced Settings
  • Select DNS Settings
  • Under Manual in Primary IPV4 DNS, type in: 1, 0, 0, 1 (Google’s DNS Setting)
  • You could also search the internet for Top 10 Xbox Servers
  • Type the same address in  Secondary IPV4 DNS
  • Now select Alternate Mac Address and clear the address.
  • Please turn off your console and power it back
  • Select Alternate Port Selection and go to Manual
  • For the ethernet cord, click on the very last one (56713) 

7. Set Up Your Privacy Settings

Now let’s calibrate the privacy settings. To do that, follow these instructions:

  • Press the controller’s Xbox button
  • Swipe right to Profile & System
  • Navigate down to Settings
  • Select Account and then click on Privacy & Online safety
  • Now go to View details & Customize
  • Click on Communication & Multiplayer 
  • Please select the following settings according to their headers
CategoryOption to be selected
Communicate with voice and textFriends or Everybody
Others can communicate by voice, text, or invitesFriends or Everybody
You can communicate outside of Xbox Live with voice & textFriends or Everybody
Join multiplayer gamesAllow
Join games outside of Xbox LiveAllow
Everybody or Friends to communicate by voice, text, or inviteAllow
Everybody or Friends to communicate outside of Xbox Live with Voice & TextAllow

8. Rectify Parental Controls settings

Child Accounts cannot access the privacy settings. Ask your parent to log in using their parent account and adjust the privacy settings for you. 

9. Troubleshoot Your Kinect

Many gamers use Kinect gear to transmit audio. Perform the following steps to fix your Kinect gear:

  • Restart your Kinect
  • From the homepage, press the Xbox button.
  • Navigate to  Profile & System < Settings < Devices & Connections
  • Now, select Kinect and then check Kinect On
  • Click on Kinect doesn’t hear me
  • Follow the guide to recalibrate the gear
Devices & Connections

10. Check if the Xbox Servers are up

Things may have gotten wrong at the back end. Xbox servers may be down, which can cause issues with the microphone. You can check if the Xbox servers are working on this website

11. Restart your Console

Your Xbox may have run into random errors. Restarting the console can remove many of these bugs. To restart your Xbox console: 

  • Squeeze the Xbox button at the front of the console for 10 seconds. This will shut down the console completely
  • Now, unplug all the Xbox cables
  • Wait for 20 minutes until the console cools down
  • Connect back all the cables
  • Turn on the console, and test your Mic


What Are The Best Brands Of Gaming Mics That Work With The Xbox One?

The best gaming microphones for Xbox One are:
– Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox One
– SteelSeries Arctis 9X
– Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset
– Turtle Beach Recon 500

Why Aren’t Any Wired 3.5 Jack Headset Mics Working On My Xbox One?

Wired Headset mics are compatible with Xbox One. If there is an issue with your 3.5 mm wired headset, there is either a hardware defect, or you haven’t configured your software settings right. Refer to the article above to diagnose your headset mic.

Do Xbox One Mics Work On The Xbox Series X?

Xbox One mics are compatible with Xbox Series X. Moreover, controllers and storage drives will also work. But, Kinect will not work on Xbox Series X.

Why Isn’t My Mic Working On Fortnite Xbox One?

Mics mostly do not work on Fortnite Xbox One due to voice chat being disabled. Enable voice chat from party settings. Look at both physical damage that may have occurred and software settings that may have been altered.

Do Airpods Work With Xbox One Mic?

Airpods do not work with Microsoft’s Xbox One because Xbox does not have Bluetooth support. Therefore, you can’t pair Apple Airpods with your console. However, there is a workaround that allows you to use Airpods. Just download the Xbox application on iOS or Android, sign in to your Account, and start a party. You won’t be able to hear gameplay music, but you can communicate with your friends.