8 Fixes For Xbox One Disc Drive Not Working Issue

Xbox One has to be one of the most popular gaming consoles of all gaming history. Even after the launch of the more recent Xbox Series X and Series S, this has to be one of the best consoles with over 50 million users. One of the key features of this console is that it offers both a disc drive and digital game files for playing, like both the classic and latest consoles.

Xbox One Disc Drive not working - Xbox One

The only problem with the disc drives is that they may not function properly, resulting in frozen, choppy, or crashing gaming experiences for the Xbox gamer. If you are facing the Xbox One disc drive not working issue right now, you came to the right spot. We have the solutions you will need to continue gaming on your Microsoft-made console in no time.

Why do I experience the Xbox One Disc drive not working issue?

There are a handful of reasons why you could be facing issues while trying to play your game through a disc drive on your Xbox One console. They are as follows –

Damaged Disc

Compact Disc

The worst part of owning a hard version of your game is that it can get easily damaged if it is not maintained properly. There is a high chance of the polycarbonate plastic getting scratched or breaking when it is outside the safety hard case. Damages like cracks or scratches can ruin the data stored on the disk. There are myths about wiping the disk with deodorant or cleaning alcohol. You can just use a dry, clean and soft cloth to wipe the disc.

Damaged Disc slot

The hardware that accommodates the disc drive on your Xbox console could be damaged. This means that the disc drive may not be detected properly or entirely on your system. The only way to fix this would be to take your console to a professional and get it fixed.

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Firmware issues in the Xbox One

There can be software-related issues on your Xbox One console that prevents your CD from working. Unlike a PC, not much can be done to adjust the Xbox Operating System (OS). In this case, too, you will need help from a professional or you can try resetting the console to see if it helps.

Solutions for the Xbox One Disc drive not working issue

  1. Simple Workarounds
  2. Look for damages to the disc
  3. Check with a different game disc
  4. Power Cycle your Xbox One console
  5. Relocate the Xbox One
  6. Reset your Xbox OS
  7. Get a new copy of the Xbox game
  8. Take your Xbox to the Service center

Fixing the Xbox One Disc drive not working issue

Simple Workarounds

There are some simple workarounds that you will have to try or check before you get into the more complicated solutions to fix your Xbox disc drive. Try the following before proceeding to the next solutions –

  1. Try resetting your console and launching the game again.
  2. Check the storage settings to see if your external storage unit is configured as the default location for installing games.
  3. Unplugging and replugging is a popular solution.
  4. Xbox Live is where you can get the most recent Xbox updates.
  5. Check to see if you have the genuine Xbox hard drive, since certain games won’t run without it.
  6. Try playing the disc on a different console to discover if the problem is with the disc or with the console’s disc drive.
  7. Make sure that the Xbox Blu-ray player is installed correctly. It is important for the Blu-ray player to be registered in the same region as it is trying to be used in.

Look for damages to the disc

The disc can get damaged or scratched, easily, if it is being handled incorrectly. A scratched disc can lose all its data and becomes completely useless, except for making a DIY pen stand. This is exactly why it is important to be very careful with any form of optical discs.

To look for scratches, tilt hold the shiny part of the disc upwards and slightly tilt it so that you are able to see its surface.

Check with a different game disc

This step is very important and is the only way for determining where the source of the error originates. If the alternate discs run on your console without any error, this means that the specific disk is damaged or has lost data somehow. Even after trying a different disc, the Xbox may not be able to launch the game, this means that there are hardware or firmware issues from the Xbox side.

In this case, you may have to get some hardware replaced by a professional. Sometimes if the damage is serious, you might even have to get a new console.

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Power Cycle your Xbox One console

Power Cycling and adjusting the power modes for your Xbox one are some of the first things you will have to do, right after trying out the techniques above. This is a very simple process if you know how to perform a power cycle of your Xbox One correctly. Use the steps given below to do so –

Xbox controller with the backlit power button
  • Push the Xbox button on your controller. This is the round, white “X” button placed in the center of the controller.
  • Once the Xbox guide is open, take this path on your interface: System > Settings > Power & Startup > Power mode and startup > Power mode Energy saving.
  • Now, push the Xbox button and hold it for around 10 seconds. Now, push the restart button again.

Once this is done, reinsert the disk to see if it runs on your console. Once the disc has been read by the Xbox One, set it to Instant-On mode.

Relocate the Xbox One

The Xbox One is a horizontal console, which means that it has to be placed on its larger, flat surface. If you are still facing the disc issue after placing it, you could be facing some issues with the wiring behind the console, especially the one that connects it to the display, like the HDMI and audio cable.

Xbox One console on display

The odds of this happening and this solution working out accordingly, are extremely low, but it is worth a shot to try and move the device to a position where there will be no issues regarding the connectivity between hardware.

Check the surface underneath the console. Look for bits of dust or particles and wipe them. Place the console on a table and not on any other uneven or damaged surface.

Reset your Xbox OS

Resetting the OS for your Xbox is the last solution you can implement on your own without help from a professional. This could be your last solution and we hope you don’t have to spend more on your console. Here’s how you can reset the Xbox OS –

  • Launch the Xbox guide by pushing the X button in the middle of your controller.
  • Go to this location: System > Settings > Power & Startup > Power mode and startup > Power mode Energy saving.
  • When the Reset your console? window appears choose the Reset and keep my games & apps option.

Once the reset is complete, try running the disc after setting it up.

When you are resetting your device, there will be two options for you – keeping and uninstalling the contents of your console. You can make any choice here and there should be no differences in the configurations even if you remove or retain the applications. You might lose progress in the games you own because of this.

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Get a new copy of the Xbox game

You can always get a new copy of the game that you are no longer able to play on your Xbox One. You can always visit a nearby video game store or purchase the games through the Xbox online store. You will still be able to enjoy the game at a lower cost.

This is only applicable when your disc is damaged. If you suspect or see hardware damage, check the next solution out.

Take your Xbox to the Service center

The final solution you can do is to have a professional take a look at your Xbox One console. They should be able to check the Xbox all over. If they find damages, they can fix it and for any other issue, they should be able to find out what’s wrong with it. If you go to an official service unit, you might even be able to get the console replaced.

These are all the solutions that can help you fix the Xbox One disc drive now working for you. You can also talk to the Xbox customer support through the Microsoft site. Maybe this is your time to get an upgrade. Happy Gaming!


How Do I Clean The Dust Out Of My Xbox One?

You can use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to dust the outside shell of the Xbox One console. It is not generally recommended to open the console up on your own, without previous experience, and clean it. However, if you are used to it, be very gentle and careful. You can use a gentle blower to remove the layers of dust.

How Do I Open My Xbox One To Clean It?

Before you try to open the Xbox One console on your own without professional guidance, you need to know that it has eight 64 mm T9 Torx screws positioned over the metal shell of the Xbox One.

Why Is My Xbox Disc Reader Not Working?

The Xbox disc reader stops working when the disc is damaged or when the reader itself is broken. You can also experience such issues when there are firmware-related issues on your computer.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Xbox One Disc Reader?

It is not easy to determine the costs of fixing a part of an Xbox console. The price can vary from different service units and the amount of work that needs to be done on the console. You will have to ask this question to a service center to get a quotation on the price.