5 Fixes For Xbox One Controller Won’t Connect to PC

It is integral to note that whenever you are trying to purchase a controller or console, you will have to check its functionality and connectivity as well. Most of the time, buyers do not check the compatibility of the controller with the PC, which leads to several issues. 

Sometimes when the controller is not compatible with the PC, you can also use adapters. However, a majority of the time, adapters are not needed if you are easily able to connect the controller to your PC. 

Xbox One Controller Won't Connect to PC

Other issues of connectivity might surface especially after you have already paired your xbox series controller with the PC. This happens due to several reasons, and there are many ways that you can fix the same. 

Why isn’t Xbox One Controller Won’t Connect To PC ?

Since Microsoft developed and manufactures the new console for Xbox One Controller, there is a high possibility that there will not be any compatibility issues.

You can try connecting your Xbox One controller with the PC either through a USB cable or Bluetooth. In rare cases, you might have to use the adapter to connect the same. 

Some of the reasons why your controller is not able to connect with the PC might be because of a faulty or loose cable connector. This might seem like a relatively overlooked cause, but making sure that your cable wire is not damaged is very integral. 

An outdated driver or Windows could also be the reason why there is an incompatibility between your PC and controller. Additionally, updating the system or the Xbox, when needed is also important as there might be bugs or other glitches in the controller’s firmware that are interfering with the connection. 

However, even if both the devices are compatible with each other, you might be unable to connect them, and running a hardware troubleshooter is also helpful. So here are some ways that you can connect them if an issue arises. 

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Solutions For Xbox Won’t Connect to PC

  1. Disconnect all Cables
  2. Use a Different USB Cable
  3. Update Xbox Drivers
  4. Update Windows
  5. Resync the Controller

1. Disconnect all Cables

There may be cases wherein several other networks or connections are interfering with the controller and PC connection. If there are too many routers, and signals that are being used at the same place, it will block the wireless connection’s signal. 

Disconnect all Cables

Those signals could include anything, other computer systems, router, PC accessories, and many more. When you are trying to connect your controller with the system, the network traffic might make it difficult to do the same. 

So one way of fixing this issue is by disconnecting all the cables that could possibly interfere with the connection. You can disconnect all the cables and only reconnect the ones that are integral. 

You can check external hard drives, mouses, tablets, microwaves, or even keyboards, and disconnect them for a while. If their usage is necessary, you can reconnect them after a while, however, you will have to make sure that there aren’t a lot of connected devices and cables. 

The headset and other wireless devices should also be checked which can lead to interference.

After you do this, you can try and restart your controller and connect it with your PC again. A majority of the time, as soon as you are able to disconnect cables that are interfering with the connection, your issue will be fixed. 

2. Use a Different USB Cable

As mentioned earlier, the issue with the USB cable is often overlooked. Hence, before you move on to other solutions, you can check whether there is an issue with the USB cable or not. 

Some USB cables are only used for transferring files or charging, so you can switch your current cable and see if you can connect your controller and PC. If it works then it is probably either due to the functionality of the cable or it has been damaged. 

3. Update Drivers through Device Manager

A firmware update might also help you fix the controller issues. Updating your Xbox One controller driver time and again is integral. Sometimes the system can get corrupted or have bugs, which will interfere with the connection as well. You can try and update your Xbox One controller driver by following these steps

  • Open Device Manager menu by pressing Win+R and type devmgmt.msc.
update driver from device manager
  • Navigate to the option named Microsoft Xbox One Controller from the list of device drivers.
  • Right-click on that option and then click on Update Driver Software. 
update driver from device manager
  • Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”. 
update driver from device manager
  • If you want to update the driver manually then click on “Browser my computer for driver software.”
update driver from device manager

After you complete this process, you will be notified with regard to the download and updates. You can then restart your PC and Xbox console as well. After that, you can check whether you are able to connect your controller with the PC or not. 

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4. Update Windows

Similar to the solution mentioned above, outdated software and drive might be the causes of connection problems. Most of the time when there is an issue with the PC itself, you might also get the error message “USB device not recognized.” 

Installing or updating Windows might help you resolve the issue of connecting both the controller and your PC. Here are some steps that you can follow to update your software. 

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Select the “Update and Security” option. 
  • Click on “Check for updates” under the Update status.
Update Windows

If there are any new updates, then as soon as you click on Install, the new version will start getting downloaded and installed. The installation process is automatic and as soon as it is completed you can restart your system and check if the issue has been resolved. 

5. Resync the Controller

You can reset the controller and try syncing it again when the system. Sometimes controllers get disconnected automatically which might lead to the problem of connecting it back again. Due to this reason, you can try resyncing the console through the Xbox button. 

You can follow these steps to reset and connect it again. 

  • Turn on the Xbox One and the controller 
  • First press the sync button on your Xbox 
  • After that, press and hold the sync button on the controller, which will start blinking
  • You will have to keep pressing the button until the flashing light goes off 

If this method does not work for you then you can try and get a new controller as there might be issues with the hardware itself. 

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Due to hardware issues, sometimes Xbox controllers do not connect with the PC, and it is important to check the USB cables and the console itself as well. However, this issue might arise even when the system is outdated or has a bug. 

There are several solutions to this issue and you can try fixing them either by resetting the controller, changing the USB cable, or updating the driver and system itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Xbox Controller Pair With My PC?

There may be issues either with the connection in general or the hardware. You will have to check your USB cable and the controller. If all these seem fine, you can try pairing it with your PC after you update Windows or your controller driver. Press the pairing button and look for the Bluetooth device from your PC, which will help you connect again.

How Do I Get My Computer To Recognize My Xbox One Controller?

You can restart your controller by pressing the power button and then connect it to your PC either through the Xbox wireless adapter or the micro USB cable. Resetting or resyncing it will help your controller to be recognized and connected to your computer. 

Why Isn’t My Xbox Controller Connecting To My PC Wired?

The Xbox controller will not connect with the PC if its driver is either corrupted or outdated. In order to fix this issue, you will have to update the Xbox driver through the Device Manager on your PC itself. You can install the update either automatically or manually. 

How Do I Connect My Wired Controller To My PC?

You will have to first plug the USB cable into the controller and then onto your computer through the USB port.  After you do this, Windows will install the driver that is necessary and as soon as that is done, the Xbox guide button will also light up.