11 Fixes For Xbox One Black Screen Of Death

So, you’re facing the most annoying error of all: the black screen on death on Xbox One. You have no idea what prompted it. Now, you’re wondering if there’s an apt fix for it. You’ve come to the right place to find all your solutions.

Xbox Black Screen Of Death is quite a notorious issue. This ultimate guide helps you learn more about this issue. You will learn what it is, what causes it, the reasons behind it. Furthermore, you will learn how to solve this issue and prevent it in the future.

In case it is unsolvable, you will find what to do then. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the Xbox One Black Screen Of Death guide:

What Is Xbox Black Screen Of Death?

The black screen of death is a common phenomenon across various devices. It can appear on a Monitor, PC, TV, and even your Xbox One console. There are various underlying issues and reasons for it to pop up. You will learn about them below. But, let’s shed some more light on what black screen of death is:

There are different black screens of deaths on Xbox One. There’s one where you load up the console and display but won’t receive any output. In this case, the display is entirely black.

Another one is where you will have a black box appearing on the dashboard. Some of the features are still accessible, but this one feels more like a glitch. There’s another one where the black screen of death will flash. It is not a continuous black screen but flashes for some reason.

The black screen of death wasn’t a common issue until the recent updates from Microsoft Xbox. This has led to an increase in the problem of BSOD. Thus, it requires apt solutions. Before we move to the solutions, it is time for you to consider the reasons.

What Causes Xbox Black Screen Of Death?

Learning the reason or cause behind the issue helps you narrow down the solution. It also helps you take care of the future possibilities. In simple words, you will have better solutions if you ever come across this error again. Here are some of the leading causes of the black screen of death in Xbox one:

  • There’s a big possibility that the console’s dashboard is glitching. It could be corrupted. There’s a possibility that the dashboard didn’t load correctly. It happens when you start up the Xbox and try to load things too fast without giving it a chance to process. If you use the ‘Rest Mode’ feature, this error is most common.
  • Xbox One is like a PC or CPU. It first makes sure that every hardware and software is working. So, when you power it on, various features and tools will load. If it fails to load any, you can run into a similar issue.
  • Did you update the Xbox recently? As we all know, the BSoD first started to surface after a specific error. Incomplete or corrupted updates can lead to the issue, as well. There could be a newfound bud that is causing this error.
  • There’s also a possibility that if you are using an active internet connection, it is not working. Lack of internet connectivity can hinder Xbox’s performance, primarily cloud gaming.
  • There could be a hardware issue. Maybe the cables are loose, and the input isn’t getting channeled. So, it is worth checking the wires and such.
  • Having incomplete game files and downloads can also lead to the error. It could also mean crashes.
  • If you have an old Xbox, the hardware might be way past its life. As a result, you could run into errors like BSoD

Solutions To Fix Xbox One Black Screen Of Death

  1. Quick Fixes To Solve The Problem
  2. Use The RT + Y Method
  3. Refresh Your Dashboard
  4. Change The Tabs
  5. Try The Offline Mode
  6. Blu-Ray Disc Black Screen
  7. Diagnosing The HDMI Problems
  8. Try Resetting The Display Settings
  9. Use The Xbox Troubleshooter
  10. Check The Controller’s Connectivity
  11. Perform A Factory Reset
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How To Fix The Black Screen Of Death Xbox One

1. Quick Fixes To Solve The Problem

xbox console white with X button

If you’re an avid Xbox user, you might know of these solutions. But, it is still worth listing them down. Some users don’t know what works for the Xbox console. So, here are a couple of things for you to try before you move to other solutions:

  • Check all the cables and the loose connections. There’s a possibility that the problem is in the connectivity. Make sure that the wires are not damaged. Check for any damaged port or HDMI cable issue before moving to other solutions.
  • Make sure that your Xbox controllers are working fine. It should be in sync with the console. If there’s any problem with the Bluetooth connection, switch to a wired connection. 
  • Try to restart your Xbox and see if this works. 
  • If you’re using any external storage device, or drive for any purpose, disconnect it. Try to remove and reconnect it. This often works by solving the communications for the console.
  • There’s another method where you can switch off the Xbox console. Press and hold the Eject and Bind buttons. While holding them, power your Xbox and turn it on. Wait for a soft reset and see if this solves the problem.
  • Use the Xbox button on your controller and long-press it. This will work with your Console’s Xbox button. You can then press both simultaneously to restart the Xbox. This helps in solving the issue, as well. 
  • Another quick fix is to visit the Xbox Store. When you visit it, you can press the ‘A’ button. This will prompt the advertisement to open up. But if you return after that, the black screen issue will resolve. 

2. Use The RT + Y Method 

Xbox controlled right trigger with Y

When you start up your console, press RT + Y keys on your controller. This method helps a lot of players gain control over their consoles. Other users state that it is one of the best quick fixes for such issues.

3. Refresh Your Dashboard

The xbox dashboard from the official website

Refreshing your dashboard could also work very well for the users. All you need to do is press PSA + RT + LT together, which will refresh the console. Your console might restart, as well. That will be worth the effort.

4. Change The Tabs 

Xbox customize guide tab

Changing tabs on your console has also been shown to solve the issue. You can go ahead and open the guide of your Xbox Console. Then switch to the Home and open another tab. See if this can help you fix the issue. This often works for partial Black screen errors.

5. Try The Offline Mode 

Go offline mode in Xbox Network Settings

If you’re having internet issues, it is a good idea to try an offline mode. For this, you can disconnect the Xbox Live. Disconnecting from Xbox live helps the console stay limited. Thus, you can play the games without any hindrance.

6. Blu-Ray Disc Black Screen

Blu-Ray Disc or empty disc for Xbox

The latest Xbox consoles support Blu-Ray discs. Thus, you can play the games via the disk or watch movies. This has proven to be quite a remarkable feature that gives you complete entertainment. But, you can run into a black screen error while running the disk. So, you can fix it by following these steps:

  • First, you will have to launch the ‘Guide’ of your Xbox Console. Press the Xbox button on your Controller for this. Don’t hold it, just press it once.
  • Next, go to the Profile and System option. In there, you will find the Settings. Navigate to the Display & Sound option, then open it.
  • There, you will have a Video Output option.
  • Find ‘Enable 24Hz.’ You can toggle it.

Often, toggling it on or off can help you solve the black screen error. This enables you to save a lot on performance, among other things.

7. Diagnosing The HDMI Problems

VGA HDMI Cable support

As mentioned in the quick fixes section, it is worth checking the cable connection. The leading cause of the Black Screen error is the HDMI settings and setup. There’s a wide range of solutions for you to try. For your ease, we have decided to compile them under a single solution:

  • First, check if the TV is set to the correct channel and input option. It should have the HDMI selected for you to display the Xbox console’s content. Otherwise, you could have a black or blue screen of death.
  • Check for the integrity of the wire’s connection. See if the HDMI cable is working correctly without any hardware damage. It should firmly fit the port on both ends to provide impeccable display service.
  • If you want, you can use the HDMI cable on some other displays. Make sure that the one you have supports the Xbox Console. Otherwise, you can run into incompatibility issues. It is always a good idea to have some HDMI cables in reserve.
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8. Try Resetting The Display Settings

Display settings and video output in Xbox Series resolution change

If you’ve tried everything else so far, and nothing seems to work, display settings could be the issue. You can try resetting them to prevent any misconfiguration.

Often, having the wrong resolution for a game setting or console could lead to the BSoD. So, it is worth resetting the entire setting and getting the display. All you need to do is:

  • Ensure to disconnect the internet and remove any disc and hard drive from Xbox One.
  • Press and hold the Xbox Button (The big X button) on the Console. It will take around five seconds to shut down the console.
  • Now, release and repress the Xbox button, but with the Eject button simultaneously. It will take around ten seconds, but you will hear a beeping sound.
  • The entire process helps in rebooting your console in the lowest support resolution. Usually, it is 640 x 480 resolution. This is supported by the majority of screens.
  • Now, go to the Settings of your console find Display & Sounds settings. In there, you will find TV Resolution under Video Options. Go ahead and change the resolution to the one you prefer. Make sure to keep it to the options that your TV supports.

If you see that you have to reset this every time you boot up the console, try using a different HDMI port. This could be happening due to an incompatible or wrong HDMI cable/port. So, it is worth checking it out.

9. Use The Xbox Troubleshooter

Xbox Troubleshooter

Xbox is a Microsoft product. We all know that Microsoft products come with great troubleshooting options. The same applies to the Xbox. The troubleshooter will help you fix many things, not just the black screen issue. So, follow these steps:

  • First, power down the Xbox startup. Turn it off and unplug it. Wait for around ten minutes.
  • After that, replug it and press the Eject, Xbox, and Pair buttons together. All at once. This should launch a startup, booting up the system. Next, press the Eject and Pait button. This will bring you the Startup Troubleshooter.
  • You can find offline system update, reset, and other options on the list.

See if any of the options help you solve the issue. If not, you can always move to another step.

10. Check The Controller’s Connectivity

Xbox old school controller

Sometimes, the black screen error is unrelated to the console. It could be a controller problem. There’s another black screen issue where you will see a ‘No Signal’ screen on display. This happens when the Xbox Controller isn’t connected to the console.

As a result, you won’t be able to browse or play the games. There could be various reasons, from low battery to poor wired connectivity. The Bluetooth might not be working correctly. Thus, you will have to check the controller and make sure it works.

The Last Resort – Perform A Factory Reset

Reset the console prompt

There’s a possibility that none of the solutions will work for you. Regardless of how many times you reboot or soft-reset the Xbox. This prompts for a factory reset.

It is a rare scenario but often related to the update issue. Thus, factory resetting the Xbox will help you revert the Xbox to its original state. The original version is something your Xbox comes with from the factory.

Please Note

Factory Resetting is the best method and the last resort. But, it has its drawbacks:

  • You can lose the installed and stored games in your Console.
  • You could lose the saved games and the entire progress.
  • The entire settings, preferences, and configurations will reset.

Thus, you will have to use cloud storage. But, if you get a black screen of death without any access to the options, you can’t do much. All you can hope is that it will somehow save your progress and back it up.

That’s why many players prefer to keep Cloud storage active and in sync. So that if you run into such errors, you always have a backup.

The Basic Factory Reset

This option is accessible if you don’t have a continuous black screen of death. If you get an abrupt black screen of death, but can still access settings and such, try this:

  • First, open the Profile & System from your Xbox Guide (Press the Xbox Button)
  • Next, go to the settings and then System. There you will find a Console Info option.
  • Inside that option, there will be a Reset Console option. Go ahead and prompt it.

If you have any pin or password protection, the console will ask you for it. This step will work as long as you don’t get the black screen appearing on the screen.

The Extensive Method

Now, if you have a continuous black screen, you won’t be able to access settings. There won’t be anything on your screen to navigate. So, you will have to give these steps a try. It is a more extended method but worth it.

  • First, you will need an external hard drive, or USB flash drive, and a Microsoft PC or Laptop. Connect the hard drive to the system and go to File Explorer.
  • Find the External Hard Drive, right-click on it and select Properties.
  • Go to the File System, and you will find format information. If it is already NTFS, that’s fine. If not, right-click the External Hard Drive’s name and select the ‘Format’ option.
  • You will get an option to select the File System. Make sure to choose NTFS this time. Then start the Format. Once done, click OK.
  • Next, download this file to your PC. Extract its component. Then copy and paste the ‘$System Update’ file to the external drive.
  • Now, make sure to safely remove the device once you’ve prepared it. Next, plug it into your Xbox console.
  • Make sure that the console is off before you plug it. Next, press the Pair and Eject button and keep holding them.
  • Press the Xbox button once on the console while keeping the hold on the Pair and Eject button.
  • There will be an audible beep, and you will see a ‘Something Went Wrong’ message. It is possible that this won’t happen, and the Xbox will reset by itself. Both of the methods are equally viable for you.
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The second method is quite extensive but worth the effort. If you’re serious about solving the issue, this will work.

If Nothing Works – Request A Repair For Xbox One

Xbox console how can help repair appointment

Did the factory reset option not work? Then it is a console problem. We have covered everything for your ease. If you’re still having problems, it means that there’s hardware damage. So, you might have to prompt for a repair.

  • You will have to visit the official page for Xbox Customer Support.
  • Once you’re there, sign in to your account and find the ‘Problem with a device’ option. Next, select your Control Model in the ‘For Which Device’ option.
  • Make sure that the device is under warranty. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the repairs.
  • Next, select the Display Issue from the list. You will have to write down the entire issue in ‘Describe your problem.’
  • Now, all you need to do is place a service request.

You might have to provide credentials, addresses, and other information for confirmation. Just follow through as this page is trusted. You can also visit the nearest Microsoft or Xbox Service Center if you have any.

Conclusion – Xbox One Black Box On Screen Issue

This marks the end of the ultimate guide to help you solve the Xbox black screen issue. We hope that you found all the solutions worthwhile.

The attempt was to provide you with reasons, insights, and proper solutions. Furthermore, you got the ways to ask for repairs and factory reset.

Black Screen of death is an annoying error. It hinders the entertainment, and you’re left with annoyance. But with this guide, you will always have something to look forward to. So, go ahead and fix your Xbox One Black Screen Of Death issue. Play without anything stopping you.

FAQs – Microsoft Xbox Black Display Issues

Does Black Screen Of Death Damage Xbox One?

If the solutions don’t work for you, the black screen of death could be due to damage. There are many reasons for hardware damage. Overuse of the console and overheating are the leading causes. So, if you receive it on Xbox Series X and Xbox One, it is worth checking out. There could be potential damage to the console. 

Do I Lose Game Data And Progress Due To Xbox One Black Screen Of Death?

If you can’t see anything, you won’t be able to save the progress. So, yes. You will lose game data. Saves might remain intact, though. That is only if the game doesn’t crash or the console doesn’t crash. Frequent crashes can lead to a series of issues, including the loss of saved progress in the game. So, make sure to solve the BSoD in Xbox One. 

How To Fix Black Screen Of Death When A Game Loads On Xbox?

Receiving BSoD during game load is a sign of incomplete or corrupted game downloads. It means that the Xbox Console cannot access the files to provide you with the input. As a result, you will have a black screen or even crashes from the game. You can reinstall the entire game or update it to ensure that you have complete files.

Is It Safe To Turn Off Xbox After Black Screen Of Death?

Well, if there’s nothing you can do with the Console powered on, restarting it might work. Microsoft and many users have suggested that force restarting the Xbox One works. You can solve the black screen of death error by continuing or turning off Xbox. Make sure to give it enough rest to cool down before booting it up.