WPS PIN HP Printer Guide

WPS Pin HP Printer

You must have noticed that whenever you try to connect your HP laserjet printer to Windows 10,  it asks you about a WPS pin. This could appear for almost all wireless printers. WPS means a WiFi Protected Setup for wireless networks. The WPS pin option is an 8-digit PIN required to set up a wireless connection. 

WPS technology is quite common in the latest printers.  You could call it a wireless access point. Also, it is the safest mode to connect to other devices as compared to a USB connection. But, people find establishing this connection quite difficult. 

It is because they do not know where to find the WPS pin HP Printer. So if you are also looking for the same answers, keep reading. This guide will walk you through each step of connecting your printer wirelessly. 

What Is A WPS Pin?


With advancing technology, wireless gadgets have become more prominent these days. A device is useless if it fails to establish a wireless connection. After all, days of cables are long behind us. Likewise, you can connect an HP printer wirelessly. 

But, to do that, you need to have its WPS pin. It is a Wifi Protected Setup pin that has around 8 digits in it. A WPS pin provides you with a secure network to form a wireless connection. You can establish this connection between the printer and another personal device.

To establish a connection, your wireless devices should use a password. The password is usually encrypted with WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols. You can start the wireless set-up by pressing the WPS button. 

Where To Find WPS Pin HP Printer?

Using HP Smart application

Some HP printers come with a screen, like the HP envy 4520 or HP Officejet 4650, while others do not. So, those who have HP printers with screens can locate the PIN on the screen. 

For non-screen printers, like HP Deskjet, there is a different process to set up the printer. You might have to rely on the computer screen.

Types Of WPS Connections (HP Printer)

finding WPS printer PIN button

HP printers have two kinds of printers. Some have LED screens, while others do not. Thus, the process of establishing a wireless connection also varies. Keeping in mind that there are two types of WPS connections:

WPS Push Button

It is for HP printers that do not have a LED screen. This automatically prompts a new pin for you, and then you can use the PC. Visit HP Printer control panel on PC for more. 

WPS Pin Code 

The connection is usually established with a WPS Pin. It is for the printers that are screen enabled. It will show you the WPS number on the built-in screen. 

Solution: How To Connect An HP Printer Using WPS Pin?

  1. Connect Your HP Printer Using WPS PIN
  2. Connect Your HP Printer Using WPS Push Button

1. Connect Your HP Printer Using WPS PIN

on-screen WPS Pin for HP printers

The latest models of HP printers come with screens. So, if you have an HP printer with an LED screen, then you will need to use this method to connect it with other devices:

  • Switch on the printer. If it’s on, then restart it.
  • Navigate to the control panel of your HP Printer. 
  • Click on the Wireless button. A blue light will start flashing after you press the Wireless button.
  • Now open Settings, and from there, select Network Setup.
  • Tap on Wireless Settings.
  • Now, select the option WPS Pin from the Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • The WPS Pin, usually an 8-digit number, will flash on the printer’s screen.
  • To start printing, type in the WPS Pin Code on your computer. Keep in mind that to enter the PIN, you should have access to the wireless software.
  • Once the setup is complete open All Programs, then click on the HP folder of the Printer.
  • Now select Printer Setup and Software.
  • Click on Connect a New Printer to start installing the Network Printer Driver.

Know that the WPS PIN expires within 10 seconds. So, if you fail to type it in 10 seconds, you will have to generate a new one.

2. Connect Your HP Printer Using WPS Push Button

Connect Your HP Printer Using WPS Push Button

Establishing a wireless connection using the WPS Push button is easy and very common. This method works in older as well as the latest printers. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a screen-enabled printer or a non-screen printer. HP printers without a LED screen can be connected wirelessly with these instructions:

  • Switch on the printer and press the Wireless button. You may find it on the display panel.
  • A green or blue light will start blinking when you press the Wireless button. Once you see this light, you can release the button.
  • Take your wireless router and press the WPS button. You will find it on the backside. Hold the button for around 4 to 5 seconds.
  • As you keep pressing the button, the WPS light will blink. Wait until your printer’s and router’s light no longer blinks.

Once the lights stop blinking, it will indicate that both devices are connected. Install the HP Printer Smart App on your device to start the printing process.

Sometimes, despite having a LED screen on your printer, you may want to connect it to your PC via a push button. This method still works on printers that do not have a LED screen. 

It is most recommended in cases when your printer’s screen is broken. So, you can perform these steps to connect your printer to the computer via the push button method:

  • Switch on your HP printer and open Control Panel.
  • Select the Wireless option.
  • After the blue light starts blinking, locate Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Tap in Push Button on the printer screen.
  • Press the WPS button on your router for around 4 to 5 seconds. You may find the button on the backside of the router.
  • Now the WPS light on your wireless router will blink. Wait it out till the lights of both devices stop blinking. Once the light stop, it means that the devices are connected.

To confirm, check the printer’s screen. It will flash a message stating Connection Established. If you see this message, it means that the devices are now connected.

Your printer is now connected wirelessly. To start printing, install the printer smart app software on your device.


These are the only possible ways to connect a printer to other devices. To form a wireless connection, both devices should have wireless software. Without wireless software, your device won’t support the wireless connection. 

To start the printing process, you will need to install an app. You can install the smart printer app on your laptop, computer, or mobile phone. 

Keep in mind without establishing a connection, you won’t be able to print. Contact customer support if you have followed all the steps and still can’t find the WPS pin. 

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