20 Best Workflow Management Software

Organizations trade with a lot of information and documents. If they have to do it manually, it will be a nightmare. We have software to manage corporate processes, document vacations, and many other things in today’s digital world.

20 Best Workflow Management Software

We can automate company procedures and save a lot of time with the help of these tools. This article gives a comprehensive analysis of the top 20 workflow software solutions.

What Is Workflow Management Software?

Workflow management software aims to make corporate operations more efficient. They assist in increasing overall efficiency by reducing human error. It ensures that individuals know what to do and that nothing is overlooked or uses automation. Automated tools can do many repetitive, menial activities repeatedly without error.

Workflows are in place to ensure that particular activities are completed. Previously, many of these jobs would have necessitated significant human involvement.

Many of these duties may now be significantly improved, if not completely automated. It makes it easier to streamline corporate procedures in a way that’s tailored to the specific demands of different firms and departments.

What Are The Benefits Of Workflow Management Software?

  • Team performance is now more visible. Workflow management software acts as a consolidated repository for data linked to processes. Workflow management systems use this data to generate reports on a company’s process performance. Managers can also set KPIs for their staff and evaluate them based on preset criteria.
  • Management of approvals in an efficient manner. Almost every procedure necessitates the handling of permissions. By allowing users to submit approval requests, appoint approvers, and establish deadlines, workflow management software automates various phases of the approval process.
  • Collaboration Process. Teamwork, cross-departmental collaboration, and cross-organizational collaboration are all common in the workplace. Workflow management systems use custom forms, process flows, portals for change requests, and approval management to help users design, customize, and monitor their collaborative processes.

Best Workflow Project Management Software

  1. ClickUp
  2. Quixy
  3. Monday.Com
  4. Nifty Enterprise
  5. Process Bliss
  6. Wrike
  7. Zapier Cloud
  8. Hive
  9. Workflow Max
  10. Kissflow
  11. Freshservice
  12. Samepage
  13. Process Maker 
  14. Integrify
  15. Comindware Tracker
  16. Qntrl
  17. Comidor
  18. TrackVia
  19. Pipefy
  20. Nintex Business Process

1. ClickUp

1. ClickUp Workflow management software

ClickUp is a forum that can help you manage resourcing across your team while streamlining workflows and project plans. Teams worldwide utilize the easy, aesthetically appealing application to support their work on track. ClickUp is the right workflow management software for diverse reasons.


  • You can automate mundane tasks and processes with 50+ actions, triggers, and conditions.
  • Use hundreds of templates for team use cases, views, tasks, checklists, Docs, and more to save time.
  • With Relationships, you can create the ideal visual database. To access everything you need in one location, link tasks, documents, integrations, and more.
  • To keep all tools in one place, sync your team calendars, chat apps, cloud storage, and more.
  • With ClickUp’s global timer, you can track time automatically (or manually) and attach it to tasks from your desktop, mobile, or browser.
  • To better allocate resources and set expectations for your team, add time estimates to assignments.
  • Access complete time tracking reporting and automatically generate billable time reports.


  • Prices of these plans range from $5 to $19 every month.
  • For more information on contact ClickUp.

2. Quixy

2. Quixy Workflow Management

Quixy Enterprises use Quixy’s cloud-based no-code platform. It gives business users the ability to automate procedures and workflows across departments. Quixy accelerates the development of simple to complicated enterprise-grade apps for their client’s unique requirements by ten times.

Quixy offers a big number of pre-built workflow applications for various scenarios. Quixy is one of the best workflow automation software.


  • With an easy-to-use graphic designer, you can model any operation and create basic sophisticated workflows that are sequential and conditional.
  • For each step in the process, set up notifications and escalations.
  • Use ready-to-use Webhooks, connectors, and API Integrations to interface with third-party apps seamlessly.
  • You can deploy apps and modify them on the go with no downtime. Use on any web browser, device, and even offline mode.
  • Reports and Dashboards that are live and actionable, with the opportunity to export data in multiple formats.
  • Reports can be delivered automatically in a variety of ways.
  • It has ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 certification. Also, with full enterprise features, it’s ready for business.
  • Custom Themes, On-Premise deployment,  SSO, IP Filtering, White-Labeling, and other features are included.


  • Quixy Workflow management offers three plans Solution, Business, and Enterprise.
  • Prices of these plans range from $0-$18 per month.
  • For more information, contact Quixy.

3. Monday.com

3. Monday.Com Free Workflow Management Software

Monday.com can handle any project’s workflow management. It will permit you to assign and track assignments across teams and projects and follow processes. Messaging, time tracking, Graphs & Insights, Calendar sync, due date reminders, and Forms are all included.


  • Collaborate on ideas and workflows, connect them, and put them into action.
  • To get more work done, connect your team’s existing tools.
  • Over 1,000 third-party apps are integrated with Process Street. Formstack is included, thanks to Zapier.
  • Its free plan allows many users, albeit non-paying users are limited to some functions.
  • It also includes a straightforward drag-and-drop task organizer.
  • In only a few moments, you can set up personalized automation.
  • Real-time data insights can help you make better decisions.
  • Prioritize tasks and balance demands based on available resources.
  • Project milestones and dependencies may all be seen in one location.
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  • Monday.com provides four kinds of plans Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, Enterprise.
  • Prices range from $0 to $16 per month.
  • For more information about plans and features, contact Monday.com.

4. Nifty Enterprise

4. Nifty Enterprise Workflow Management Software

Nifty is a project management tool. It allows you to plan your projects, engage with your team and stakeholders, and automate progress reporting. NiftyPM combines a number of tools to cover the complete project life cycle. It achieves the ideal blend of long-term planning and day-to-day work, files, and cooperation.


  • Create a visual timeline for your big-picture goals, and automate progress as tasks are accomplished to help your team stay on track.
  • Using Kanban, List, Calendar, and Swimlane views, you can easily organize, prioritize, and manage everyday tasks with a high degree of detail.
  • With conversations and one-click Zoom sessions, all members can discuss ideas, confirm specs, and receive comments in real-time.
  • Create beautiful docs, notes, and wikis that you can share with everyone for your projects. Nifty even has built-in integration with Google Docs.
  • Use automatic progress reporting across your projects and team activities to guarantee operational clarity.


  • Nifty offers four different plans Free, Starter, Pro, Business, Enterprise.
  • All the plans have different features and range from $0 to $399 per month.
  • For more information on plans and offers, contact Nifty.

5. Process Bliss

5. Process Bliss Workflow Management Solution

Process Bliss is a collaborative workflow system with a robust template builder that can standardize processes throughout an organization. It’s pretty simple to use, and new users will pick it up quickly, but it’s pretty effective in terms of what you can accomplish.


  • Organize and share all of your processes, procedures, and policies so that everyone knows what they need to know.
  • Workflow checklists with dependent dates and explicit owners for each step should be executed as Task workflow checklists.
  • View all Task progress and what is late and on schedule in one dashboard.
  • As a team, communicate, @mention, and resolve concerns while maintaining a record of everything said.
  • Integrate and automate your CRM, email, and financial software with over 2,000 applications.
  • Manage audits, track process success, and keep track of “why not done” with audit trails and timestamps.


  • Process Bliss offers three plans viz starter, accelerator, and managed.
  • Process Bliss plans start from $18/month but are billed annually.
  • For more details, contact Process bliss.

6. Wrike

6. Wrike Workflow Management System Software

Wrike is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses to manage projects and teams. Users can complete assignments automatically based on their time availability. It allows users to make changes to the document while they are online. The team leader can oversee team efforts, track progress, and assess team members’ performance.


  • Instantly share files, tasks, and reports. Visual proofing and automated approval tools might help you speed up the feedback process.
  • Allow Agile teams to advance at every stage by providing them with shareable Kanban boards. Organize tasks according to their due dates.
  • With visual proofing, you can ensure that input doesn’t get missed. Keep a detailed log of all modifications and assign them as appropriate.
  • Wrike’s pre-built workflows can help you get things done faster on initiatives like event planning, product delivery, and onboarding.
  • Wrike gives your teams the tools they require to succeed in the future. Set teams up for success and instill best practices throughout your company.


  • Plans offered by Wrike are Free, Professional, Business, Enterprise, Pinnacle.
  • Most of the plans range from $0 to $25 per month.
  • For more insights on plans and features, contact Wrike.

7. Zapier

7. Zapier Cloud Workflow Management Software

To improve workflow, Zapier integrates and automates all of the applications. Zapier’s dashboard allows you to manage your apps, distinguishing them from the competition. You can use it to develop processes.


  • Zapier for Teams pools all of your team’s process consumption through shared billing.
  • Collaborate and give your entire team access to Zaps. Collaborate on the workflows that keep your company running.
  • Make ten or a thousand. It provides you the power to automate the chores that make your company function smoothly.
  • Connect your team’s favorite tools, such as Trello, Dropbox, and Typeform, so that they may all be used in their processes.
  • Zapier encrypts all data sent to or from your account and adds an extra degree of security with two-factor verification.
  • AutoReplay avoids data loss by automatically retrying Tasks with a connected app or utility that have been skipped due to downtime.


  •  Zapier provides five plans according to the need. These are Free, Starter, Professional, Team, Company.
  • Prices range from $0 for the free version to $599 for the company.
  • For more insights on plans and features, contact Zapier.

8. Hive

8. Hive Workflow management software

Google, Starbucks, Comcast, and Toyota use Hive as a robust process and project management tool. It is an excellent choice for teams managing workflows, particularly in the creative industry. Hive has a few essential qualities that make it a perfect choice.


  • Keep track of your tasks and subactions. To keep everyone accountable, assign next steps and set due dates.
  • Take the method that makes the most significance to you regarding projects and responsibilities.
  • Forms allow you to collect data fast and efficiently. Hive will be used to store all of the data.
  • Time spent on any action or project can be tracked and sorted by category.
  • Collect all teammates’ time-tracking data in a single format.
  • Hive allows you to view and access calendar events from Google or Outlook.
  • Do you know that you do the same task every week? Recurring jobs will save you time.
  • To better understand how your timeframe has advanced, look at project baselines.


  • Hive plans include Hive Solo, Hive Teams, Hive Enterprise.
  • These plans range from $0 to $12 per month.
  • For more details on features and offers, contact Hive.

9. Workflow Max

9. Workflow Max Workflow management software

Workflow Max is a cloud-based business solution for small and medium-sized companies. WorkflowMax online project management software allows you to manage your jobs from anywhere.

Quotes, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting can all be done in one spot, from anywhere. Gain a better knowledge of your employees and profits.


  • Never miss a deadline again by keeping track of all your jobs, tasks, and people in one location.
  • With over eight distinct ways to enter time, you can keep track of and report on every minute.
  • Maintain real-time reconciliation between your job management and accounting software.
  • At a glance, keep track of your leads, proposals, and sales estimates.
  • In seconds, you can see your profitability and make sure you’re charging enough.
  • In minutes, you can send beautifully branded, highly customized quotes.
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  • Workflow Max has only two plans Standard and Premium.
  • Prices range from $45 to $95 for a minimum of three users.
  • Workflow Max offers other features and plans. To know about them, contact Workflow Max.

10. Kissflow

10. Kissflow Workflow management software

Kissflow is a fantastic solution for project and process management. It increases productivity, assists teams in visualizing procedures, and assigns responsibilities to team members. It ensures that everyone in a company is on the same page.


  • Every process has real-time data that is displayed in a user-friendly summary manner.
  • Create custom reports, use dashboards, and gain valuable insights.
  • Based on SOPs, items are automatically transmitted to the appropriate team members.
  • Even when a process is in progress, reassign items to the appropriate team members.
  • Data can be accessed from different devices, increasing efficiency and speed.
  • Cross-system orchestration is achievable thanks to APIs that are both robust and broad.
  • Ensure that all SLAs are consistently monitored and performed.
  • A solution that scales to support multiple teams, locations, and other factors.
  • Activity feeds based on processes promote collaboration in the workplace.
  • Users can assign task responsibilities to teams on an as-needed basis.


  • Kissflow provides plans in four categories Basic, Advanced, Fully Loaded, Enterprise.
  • Prices of these plans range from $10 to $19 per month.
  • Contact Kissflow for more exciting offers and features.

11. Freshservice

11. Freshservice Workflow management software

Freshservice includes all of the tools and capabilities needed for proactive IT service management. It has a robust automation feature that reduces manual labor and costs. You’ll be able to automate internal operations with the Workflow Automator. The program will automate the complete approval workflow across all service desk modules.


  • Integrate support channels and AI-driven service management to modernize employee engagement.
  • Automated processes and artificial intelligence (AI) can help you improve service efficiency.
  • Set up separate SLA policies for different business hours or types of incidents.
  • Increase your knowledge base to help end-users and prevent issues.
  • Consolidate your service delivery on a single, cutting-edge platform.
  • Freshworks AI is simple to set up and use, providing immediate results.
  • To manage essential events, create on-call schedules for agents.
  • Deploy a well-managed change control mechanism that enables automation and standardization.
  • In a single pane of glass, combine alerts from all monitoring systems that manage your infrastructure.
  • Integrate with third-party products to extend workflows beyond Freshservice.


  • FreshService plans and packages are Starter, Growth, Pro, Enterprise.
  • Prices range from $19 to $109 per month. 
  • For more details on packages and features, contact Freshservice.

12. Samepage

12. Samepage Best Free Workflow Management Software

Samepage is an award-winning program that lets you merge files, calendars, and tasks in one place. It assists you in keeping your consumers and workers on the same page.


  • Co-author material, track progress and produce outcomes faster by coordinating plans.
  • Organize projects, adhere to deadlines, collaborate on documents, and communicate in real-time.
  • It allows you to hire anyone from anywhere in the world, allowing you to save money and attract the most incredible people.
  • There are no history limits with free chat. Come to us for conversing and integrating, and remain for project management and collaboration.
  • To discuss particular files and share your material in the context of other information.
  • For distributed teams, built by a distributed team.
  • In real-time, connect with your team via video chat to see what changes they’re making to meeting agendas and project material.


  • Samepage offers three kinds of plans Free, standard, and pro.
  • Prices of these packages range from $0 to $19 every month.
  • For more insights on packages, and prices contact Samepage.

13. ProcessMaker

13. Process Maker Workflow management software

ProcessMaker is an approval-driven software that automates workflow. It is software process workflow in software project management. Form-heavy, approval-based processes can be automated across departments and platforms. No coding skills are necessary to empower business users from finance to IT to HR to develop and execute their workflows.


  • Enterprises can simply orchestrate human and system operations into automated processes using the ProcessMaker platform.
  • Maintain effective data governance and maintain your Master Data clean as it enters and exits your essential systems.
  • With a BPMN 2.0 compatible process modeler, you can improve business and IT cooperation.
  • It’s simple to develop, understand, and automate for business users.
  • Bring people and technologies together in automated processes to execute tasks faster, eliminate errors, and save operational expenses.


  • Process maker offers four plans App, Standard, Enterprise, Custom.
  • Prices range from $1495 to $2479 for more extensive packages.
  • To know about per-user packages and features, contact Process Maker.

14. Integrify

14. Integrify Workflow management software

Integrify takes a service-based approach to best practices and process improvements, including support and consultation. The software was forged with ease of use in mind, and most processes are created using a drag-and-drop editor. All of the tools are web-based and may be used on any mobile device. It is the best tool for the workflow of the process in software project management.


  • The drag-and-drop visual process designer interface allows you to create bespoke task workflows.
  • Using your organization’s workflow, assign tasks and route information automatically.
  • Create information-gathering forms that are responsive and Web-based with ease.
  • Provide users with a consistent front-end experience that allows them to submit forms, complete tasks, and track the status of their processes.
  • Collaborate in real-time about the job you’re doing.
  • Keep track of all your workflow operations, including form data, users, and tasks completed, and keep an audit trail.
  • Create workflow applications that integrate with your company’s existing systems.


  • Contact Integrify and ask for a quote to know about plans and prices. 

15. Comindware Tracker

15. Comindware Tracker Workflow management software

Comindware Tracker is a web-based application that does not necessitate the use of IT personnel to set up. It’s a non-coding software that allows users to change the workflow without IT assistance.


  • Create workflow diagrams with drag-and-drop ease and deploy them rapidly.
  • Design and set up web forms with ease and greatly simplify data entering.
  • In days, not months, you can have a robust and automated workflow up and running.
  • Individual performance is significantly improved due to a complete match of workflows to the company’s business needs.
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment, Outlook integration, API for 3rd-party system integration.
  • Get complete visibility and control over the status of each item in real-time.
  • Enjoy a single source of truth on which a team can rely during the execution of automated workflows.
  • Thanks to sophisticated integration features, you may create a complete enterprise environment.


  • Comindware has a subscription-based pricing plan that is customizable. It makes the most potent workflow management business in the industry accessible to all businesses.
  • Get a quote from the Comindware tracker to know about plans and prices.
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16. Qntrl

16. Qntrl Workflow management software

Qntrl is a workflow management application that allows you to drag and drop tasks. It aids in the automation, orchestration, and optimization of common business workflows and procedures.

It implements workflows that include tracking, compliance, and auditing. Workflow analytics makes it possible to improve ROI, productivity, and operational KPIs. Formally it was known as Orchestly.


  • Ensure that nothing slips between the cracks by managing work across organizational silos.
  • All of your work is centralized in one place, allowing you to collaborate effortlessly and automatically.
  • Reduce human intervention to save time and concentrate on more critical tasks.
  • Simply automating your processes isn’t enough; you also need to track them and, if required, modify them.
  • Robust developer options connect Qntrl to enterprise systems, including ERPs, payroll systems, and accounting applications.
  • With enterprise-class security capabilities, you can keep your data safe.


  • Qntrl offers two kinds of plans viz free and Business.
  • Prices of these plans range from $0 to $8 per month per user.
  • For more information on prices and other features, contact Qntrl.

17. Comidor

17. Comidor Workflow management software

Users can connect to business functions in the Comidor independent platform. Its popularity is due to its user-friendly interface. Cloud, SaaS, and Web API are all supported.


  • The BPMN 2.0 Comidor Workflow Designer is a tool for quickly visualizing various business processes.
  • With the Form Designer, you can create fully customizable forms.
  • With the Workflow Simulator, you can test and optimize your processes.
  • A central Workflow Repository can help you automate your workflows.
  • Workflow Change Management allows you to manage changes precisely.
  • Workflow Analytics can help you optimize your business processes.
  • Comidor Workflow Reports provide helpful information.


  • Comidor offers four plans Starter, Business, Enterprise, Platform.
  • Prices range from $8 to $16 per month per user.
  • For more information on plans and features, contact Comidor.

18. TrackVia

18. TrackVia Workflow management software

TrackVia is a workflow of the process in a software project management tool. It gives you the option to personalize your app. It can be employed in various fields, including healthcare, banking, and manufacturing. Large organizations are the ones who use it the most.


  • Thanks to our powerful APIs, you can easily drag and drop your apps into any of your existing systems.
  • Our flexible online and mobile cloud platform works on any device, in any place, and even when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • As you convert your ideas into reality, you’ll be guided by your very own application development specialist.
  • It provides comprehensive training and certifications to help you succeed.
  • The robust workflow engine takes work from step to step automatically, giving you real-time visibility at all times.


  • TrackVia plans include Mobile, Quick Start, Business, Enterprise.
  • The prices range from a minimum of $499 to $2499 per month. 
  • For variable users and other plans, contact TrackVia.

19. Pipefy

19. Pipefy Workflow management software

Pipefy is a tool for workflow process software project management. Throughout their projects and campaigns, it assists teams in requesting data, completing tasks, and reporting results. Pipefy has become the go-to solution for workflow management for teams worldwide because of its low-code workflow development approach.


  • Pipefy enables you to create reusable, collaborative workflows that save you hours every week.
  • You can create straightforward workflow automation in minutes and share it with your team and external stakeholders.
  • Expand your library of business processes to meet new levels of complexity while keeping vendors secure.
  • Automated workflows, simple reporting, and a clear picture of each stakeholder’s role are advantages.
  • Pipefy provides enterprise-level flexibility and extensibility in a simple-to-deploy platform that quickly reveals its worth.
  • Partners can send requests to your team and add information to the process securely.


  • Pipefy offers four plans viz Starter, Business, Enterprise, Unlimited.
  • Prices of abuse plans range from $0 to $30 every month.
  • Contact Pipefy for plans and features.

20. Nintex

20. Nintex Business Process Management Workflow Software

Nintex is a platform for process workflow in software project management. It comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. It permits you to visualize workflows as you create them.

The platform enables you to design and sign papers directly within the app. You may easily access them by storing them in your workflows. Nintex also promotes collaboration by sending automatic messages in response to triggering events.


  • In the modern era of business, transformation is the driving force behind automation initiatives.
  • Transform the workplace culture into one where everyone can increase their performance.
  • Visual design tools with drag-and-drop functionality. Simplify conceptualizing and automating even the most complex processes.
  • Quickly launch automated workflows across the business’s critical systems of record and content repositories.
  • Get the most use out of digital transformation investment. Use the best enterprise-class workflow automation tools.


  • Your company will benefit from a Nintex Process Automation Platform subscription.
  • Contact Nintex to know more about price and features.


When looking for the best Workflow Software, bear in mind that it should automate the management and tracking of business processes. I’ve given you 20 Best Workflow Management Software. The most excellent software is the one that offers more functionality at a reasonable price, so choose wisely.


What Are Workflow Manager Tools?

To assist you in creating a workflow, the Workflow Manager includes the following tools: Developer of tasks. Create tasks in the process that you want to complete. Design the Worklets in the Worklet Designer.

What Is The Use Of Lab Workflow Management Software In Informatica?

A Workflow is created using the Informatica Workflow Manager. A workflow is nothing more than a collection of instructions for putting the Mappings we created in the PowerCenter Designer into action. A Session Task, Command Task, and other tasks are common in Informatica Workflow Manager workflows.

What is an example of workflow automation?

By constructing to-do lists from emails, workflow automation can help with task management. For example, if someone sends you a mail-in Gmail, the email can be instantly repurposed into a task in Basecamp.

Which Kinds Of Objects Are Visible In The Repository Manager Navigator Workflow?

Sources, targets, transformations, mappings, mapplets, sessions, tasks, workflows, worklets, workflow logs, and session logs are examples of repository items displayed in the Navigator.

What does workflow software do?

The automation of a process’s workflow is made possible via the use of workflow software. Here’s an overview of procedures and processes before we get into the specifics… A workflow is a set of activities that must be completed by various personnel in a specific order in order for a business process to be completed.