What is Wondershare Helper Compact – A Complete Guide

You’re right on track if you have questions like these:

What is Wondershare Helper Compact.exe? Is Wondershare Helper a virus? Can you remove Helper Compact Wondershare? Do you need a Wondershare Video Converter?

This complete guide will explain these questions. You will clear out any misunderstanding about it. It will provide you information on the app and whether you need it. More importantly, you will learn how to uninstall it.

So, without further ado, let’s begin:

What is the Wondershare Helper Compact app?

Wondershare Helper Compact.exe is a part of the Wondershare Video Converter. When you install the converter, Helper Compact also installs. Often, it is also available with other Wondershare apps, like Recoverit.  It is legal and a part of the package. There is nothing wrong with it.

The main task of Wondershare Helper Compact is to guide you. As you go through Video conversion or DVD creation, you receive guidance. These exist in the form of pop-ups or windows that Helper Compact launches.

But, it seems to be causing problems for several users on macOS and Windows, both. There have been countless reports of crashes or bluescreen of death. Many people have compared it to a malware program. After all, it does get installed in the background, unknowingly. Ergo, people are choosing to uninstall the app.

Even if you uninstall the Wondershare programs, Helper Compact lurks around. Hence, it requires you to learn more about how to remove it thoroughly.

Should I delete Wondershare Helper Compact.exe?

Wondershare Helper Compact

To be honest, there is no need for you to have this app. Even though it seems to provide guidance, it is irrelevant. There is no real purpose or use of the Wondershare Helper Compact.

All it does is take a toll on your system performance. It will consistently run in the background. Thus, it will consume resources like CPU and RAM, all for nothing. Let’s not forget that it does cause crashes and restarts for no reason.

These frequent crashes can appear abruptly and make you lose a lot of work. It can be borderline annoying that you might end up throwing your system. Hence, it is better for you to uninstall it.

But, it is not an easy task to remove Wondershare Helper Compact. This guide will provide you a complete roadmap to remove it thoroughly from your system.

Solutions To Remove Wondershare Helper Compact

  1. Remote The Program Via Control Panel
  2. Use Settings To Uninstall The App
  3. Make Sure To Delete The Leftover Files
  4. Use Antivirus Software To Be Double Sure
  5. Use System Restore Points For Best Results
  6. Don’t Fall For Third-Party App Removers
  7. Removing Registries From The System 

How Do I Remove The Wondershare Helper Compact?

So, let’s get down to how you can delete the Wondershare thoroughly. This is a complete guide with every known method. The attempt is to bring you a one-stop solution related to Wondershare Compact Helper. So, let’s go ahead with various processes: 

1. Remove The Program Via Control Panel

remove a program

The first surefire way to remove Wondershare Helper Compact.exe is by uninstalling it. There isn’t any built-in option that can provide this to you. You need to move to the Control Panel. The process is simple:

  • Go to the Start Menu (also known as Windows Icon), and search for the Control Panel.
  • There, you will see the Programs option. Right below it is ‘Uninstall A Program.’ Click on it.
  • This will lead you to the list of programs installed in your system.
  • Find Wondershare Helper Compact. Right-click on it, and click on Uninstall.

Alternatively, you can press “Windows + R” and type “appwiz.cpl’ and launch it. This will also start the option select uninstall options. 

Follow through with the instructions as you uninstall the entire program. But, this won’t remove the adware entirely from your system. You will still have to perform other tasks.

2. Use Settings To Uninstall The App

Uninstall the apps

If you can’t use the Control Panel, you can also use the shortcut. All you need to do is press Windows + I. This will open the settings of your system. From settings, find Apps and click on it.

Once you’re in the apps segment, you will find Wondershare on the list. Click on it and click uninstall. This is another quick method. Don’t forget to restart your computer after uninstalling it. 

3. Make Sure To Delete The Leftover Files

It’s annoying, but there are plenty of leftover files from Wondershare. These will keep lurking and hinder your entire system’s performance. Follow these steps to get rid of these files:

  • In the C Drive, click on Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Wondershare.
  • Delete all the files and the folder.
  • Go to C > Program Data. Find anything related to Wondershare and delete.
  • Then, visit AppDataRoaming, AppDataLocal, and Documents in C Drive (under your username). Delete everything related to wondershare in each folder.
  • Finally, Go to C > Downloads, and find ‘mobile-transfer.exe,’ and delete it.

In short. Browse C > program files x86 and C > Program files Wondershare to delete everything from the two. You will also find some in Program Files x86 common. 

Don’t forget to restart your computer after this step. 

4. Use Antivirus Software To Be Double Sure


Restart your computer after going through the above-given processes. Now, it is time for you to scan for any malware, adware, spyware, etc. Why? Because we are treating Wondershare Helper Compact as malware for this bit.

So, find a credible antivirus. Avast is one of the best choices available. You can also stick to a built-in Windows Defender for the scanning process.

The entire scanning process will help weed out any malware content available. This isn’t just great to get rid of Wondershare, but other harmful data, as well. So, make sure to run a scan, especially where Wondershare was.

Many experts also suggest Malwarebytes as a credible software for the task. 

5. Use System Restore Points For Best Results

create a restore point

This is more of a pointer, or a tip, than a step. If you keep this point in mind, you will never run into unnecessary trouble. Before installing any app in your system, create a restore point. A restore point can be handy if things don’t go on the right track.

You can always return to the option and restore the PC to the older time. It is one of the surefire ways to get rid of the entire software without worrying about data loss.

Unfortunately, if you had any data while Wondershare was in your system, you need to backup. After that, you can restore your system.

  • Go to Windows and search for ‘Restore Point.’
  • You might see a ‘Create A restore point’ option. Click on it.
  • Create a restore point, or you can choose system restore and try to find an older point.
  • Usually, a system creates a restore point from time to time. So, keep an eye out for that. If you find it, use it.

6. Don’t Fall For Third-Party App Removers

If you search for ‘How to remove Wondershare Helper Compact.exe’ on the internet, this will be a suggestion. A lot of professionals out there suggest using a third-party app remover. But, that is not the best option.

Think about it. Your windows already have a Control Panel to uninstall a program. Every operating system comes with something similar. You don’t need a third-party removal tool. So, don’t waste your time on these.

Besides, you never know which one will turn out to be harmful, just like Wondershare. Stick to the built-in options.

7. Removing Registries From The System

find registry windows

It’s true that you shouldn’t mess with the registries. Regardless of what people tell you, it isn’t a good idea. Many registry cleaners exist for the sole reason of boosting performance. That’s not how an operating system works.

If you want the best performance, stay away from registry cleaners. Because if it were effective, Microsoft would’ve introduced their registry cleaner tool. But, this is one of the cases where you would have to use the registry cleaner.

Yes. Wondershare Helper Compact is that threatening. Don’t mess too much. Just follow through with this guide, and you won’t have any problems.

  • Find a credible Registry scanner and install it in your system.
  • Launch the tool, and there will be an option to search the registry.
  • Type ‘Wondershare’ and start the search.
  • Make sure only to delete the registry related to the scans.
  • Don’t delete any other registry by mistake.

Registries play an essential role in the system. Deleting the wrong registry can lead to problems. So, be very careful when using tools like these. 

Wondershare Helper Compact.exe Uninstall

That’s everything you need to know about how to uninstall the Wondershare helper compact. You can go ahead and give these steps a try. Now, here are some things that need clarifications.

Wondershare Video Converter offers Wondershare Helper Compact.exe. Remember that not all exe files are viruses. Some are essential for the system. But, this one has virtually no use for you.

There are some other versions you need to beware of:

Wondershare Helper Compact 2.6.0

This is a 32-bit version and doesn’t have any advantage, either. There will be many other versions, but having versions doesn’t mean utility.

Wondershare Helper Compact 2.5.2

This version had the most malware and virus content. It is the most problematic one. This also proves that Wondershare Helper Compact.exe can’t be trusted.

Is Wondershare Helper Compact useful?

Global reports of various users have shown that anything Wondershare is harmful. You can check out Reddit, FAQs, and many other technical places. The answer is the same.

It will cause several issues and errors to your operating system. That’s just the baseline. The popup guidance isn’t useful either, and you should compare it to adware. Let’s not forget that popups are an adware quality.

These popups will also disturb you and interfere with your tasks. Sure, there can be other reasons for the problems. But uninstalling wondershare apps and wondershare helper compact.exe has shown significant improvements. The systems work better.

So, if you want to stop the use of excessive resources, you should remove them. If your system still doesn’t return to normal, there might be another underlying problem. You should use anti-virus and other scanning tools to maintain the system.

Wondershare Helper Compact Should I Remove It?

First of all, you shouldn’t use anything related to Wondershare. Everything comes with Wondershare Helper Compact. It is not limited to Wondershare Video Converter.

Next, if you are facing problems, you should consider removing them. If your system hasn’t slowed down, and there aren’t reboots, no need. But, if you’re facing any of the problems mentioned above, consider uninstalling.


What is Wondershare helper compact do?

It is a pop-up guidance tool. The aim is to guide you while you perform video conversion and other necessary tasks. There is virtually no use to the app.

Is Wondershare helper compact a virus?

An older version has proven itself to be a virus. But, nothing can be said about the new versions. Still, you should compare it to malware or adware content.

Should I remove Wondershare?

Yes. Follow the above-given guides to remove it from your system. Don’t leave a single trace of the tool in your system.

Is Wondershare a virus or malware?

Wondershare is a software provider company. Their objective is to provide various tools for you. But, they have failed miserably. There are too many problems with the company and its tools.