Top 10 Best Windows Server Backup Software

What is Server Backup Software

Windows Server Backup (WSB) is a characteristic that allows you to backup and restore your Windows data on a server. A server backup software is a third-party storage provider that backups your essential data in their remote servers and can also help in recovery in any unforeseen disaster.

It provides storage and retrieval services by combining hardware and software capabilities. Organizations will remain operational and maintain business continuity during or during an interruption if they have a backup and restore solution in place.

Types of Server Backup Software

Full Backup: Full Backup refers to the process of copying anything that is considered valuable and must not be lost, as the name implies. A full backup is the first backup and, in most cases, the most accurate copy since it can usually be rendered without external resources.

Incremental Backup: Since it includes making backups of files while taking into account changes made to them after the previous backup, this step necessitates even more care during the various phases of the backup. The incremental backup would detect all of the data in the complete backup and only backup the newly generated files. Since there are still fewer files to back up than a full backup, incremental backup saves time and room.

Differential Backup: A differential backup follows the same general concept as an incremental backup, except that it only makes copies of new files or files that have changed in any way. With this backup model, It will copy all files generated after the last complete backup again. 

 Features of Server Backup Software

  • Third-Party: Integrations with third-party applications: The backup software solutions are compatible with a wide range of software styles and packages.
  • Scalability: A backup software package should scale with your company to ensure that it is still secure.
  • Automation Backup Scheduling: The backup program serves as a “set-it-and-forget-it” option for automatic backup scheduling.
  • Reports: Reports display the consistency of each backup and help you recover quickly when a problem occurs.
  • File size: When dealing with large blocks of data, the cost of cloud storage can be prohibitive. It can keep Real-time backup costs down by using good compression.
  • Multiple backup types: A complete backup takes several hours and takes up a lot of space on your hard drive. Since a full real-time backup isn’t feasible, your backup program can have various options, such as incremental, differential, continuous, and VMware backups.
  • Cost: Backup software for servers can vary from free to high-end, white-glove services. Many free backup options only provide local backups, leaving you in control of the hard drive’s physical security.

Benefits of Server Backup Software

Backing up your data is a precautionary measure that protects your company from future damages caused by a technological failure. 

Regulatory Compliance: To protect customer data, many sectors (banking, health care, insurance, etc.) have stringent legislation that must be followed. Working with a third-party firm that is already compliant will relieve some of their responsibilities in-house workers.

Operation Regulation and Productivity: Systems can be down for hours or days while waiting for IT to find a solution in the event of a technical failure. Data may be permanently lost if there isn’t a healthy, recent backup. Daily backups and checking to ensure business continuity and each backup are usable are required to minimize downtime and ensure that the business can continue to operate even in extreme weather or system failure.

Costs Minimization with Cloud: Although technology has many productivity advantages, it also has a price tag. Keeping up with new hardware and security protocols will quickly eat into even the tightest IT budgets. Working with a windows backup company will help you defray some of those costs by sharing them with third parties. A remote backup company manages all of the hardware necessary to provide service and is responsible for security.

Disaster Recovery: Recovery time is a significant metric in the event of a disaster. Every minute that your machines down cost you money. Many third-party backup companies have recovery time assurances, giving you additional peace of mind.

Top 10 Best Windows Server Backup Software

1. Acronis Cyber Cloud

Acronis Windows Server Backup Software

For your company, the Acronis Cyber Backup solution is the best Windows Server backup program. It’s similar to Acronis True Image, but it’s built for Windows Server.

Acronis Cyber Backup creates complete backups of your Windows Server environment and restores the whole system or individual files and programs.

  • Key Features:
    • Protection for 20+ workloads: With a single solution, you can secure common platforms and workloads fully.
    • Flexible backup storage options: It provides backup and recovery to Acronis, Google, or Microsoft clouds, as well as your cloud storage or local networked storage.
    • Central management portal: Using the central multi-tenant platform, execute both data security and client management functions.
    • AI-based anti-ransomware: Acronis Active Data Protection protects consumer data, systems, and backups from ransomware.
    • Backup and recovery: Service providers may use a hybrid cloud backup-as-a-service approach.
    • Disaster recovery: Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud provides turnkey DRaaS for virtual and physical workloads.
    • Key Data protection features:
      • Complete data protection for 20+ platforms, Vulnerability assessments
      • Flexible backup storage options, Web-based backup-recovery options.
      • Physical data shipping service, Certification & Compliance
      • Simple Disaster Recovery, Complete Microsoft 365 protection
      • Customizable backup scheduling, Crypto-mining data protection
    • Critical features for service providers:
      • Three deployment options, Integration with custom systems
      • Web console for easy, scalable management, Integration with PSA and RMM systems
      • Straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing, Comprehensive white-labeling
  • Pricing Policy: 
    • Acronis Cyber Backup windows server backup software for windows provides variable plans as mentioned below.
      • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing: Protect clients with the $250 per month commitment.
      • Also, available as a per-GB model.
    • A 30 days free trial also available.
    • For more details on pricing policies and other technical features, contact Acronis windows server backup solution.
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2. Nova BackUp

Nova Backup Windows Server Backup Software

For managed service providers and technical offices, the Nova server backup solution is a stable cloud storage and disaster recovery. Nova Cloud Backup and recovery solution for Windows uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to secure your files.

Nova also satisfies all HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, and other industry data security standards and provides a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan. Stop fines and improve the company’s trustworthiness.

  • Key Features:
    • Backup Direct to VHDX: Nova server backup Image Backup feature will generate VHDX files used by Hyper-V Generation 2 Virtual Machines. It permits you to quickly create a virtual machine from a physical device in a Hyper-V environment.
    • VM, SQL, and Exchange Backup: Directly from the Nova backup GUI, backup your Hyper-V & VMware (with vStorage API enabled), SQL, and Exchange databases.
    • Server File and Image Backup: 
      • Individual File Backup allows you to pick and choose which server data is valuable to you.
      • Block-level backups of your entire drive partition are generated with Server Image Backups.
    • Supported Storage Devices: 
      • The computer is attached to NTFS formatted drives.
      • It can save backups on an NTFS-formatted drive with NovaBACKUP.
    • System State Backup: If you need them, include your System State components in your File Backup jobs.
      • All files covered by Windows File System Protection, including boot files and device files (WFP)
      • Certificate Services (restricted to certification authorities)
      • Active Directory (on a domain controller only)
      • Certificate Services (restricted to certification authorities)
  • Pricing Policy:
    • Nova’s best server backup software offers variable plans. For the enterprise, solution pricing is as follows.
      • UP TO 5 TB: $2,500 per annum 
      • UP TO 10 TB: $4,500 per annum
      • UP TO 25 TB: $9,500 per annum
      • Custom: Contact Nova
    • Free trial for 15-days is available.
    • For more information on plans and technical features, send a quote to NovaBackup.

3. Druva Phoenix

Druva Windows Server Backup Software

Druva Phoenix is a flexible data protection and windows server backup solution offered as a service, with the manufacturer bearing all maintenance and update costs. Many processes are automated because all operations are stored remotely, and the interface is implemented remotely, allowing the IT section to focus on other tasks.

  • Key Features:
    • Simplicity: You will have a user-friendly interface and a positive customer experience. There’s no need to set up, tune, or manage a backup target.
    • Intelligence: Getting more thoughtful about how we store your data, and we’re getting smarter about your data.
    • Control: With policy-based management, federated search, and advanced encryption, you can keep ownership of your data and ensure that only you have access to it.
    • Backup, disaster recovery, and archiving at high speeds for endpoints, cloud storage, and server files is possible.
    • For legal and enforcement purposes, complete data visibility and accessibility are provided.
    • Safe, accredited, and data-durable to the highest degree.
    • The TCO of a cloud-native solution is substantially lower than that of legacy systems.
    • Cloud backup environment that you can trust.
  • Pricing Policy:
    • Dhruva Phoenix windows server backup software provides three plans.
      • Phoenix Business: $210 per TB/month
      • Phoenix Enterprise: $240 per TB/month
      • Phoenix Elite: $300 per TB/month
    • Enjoy a free trial before buying.
    • For more details about the company and to know other aspects contact Dhruva Phoenix.

4. Altaro VM Backup

Altaro Windows Server Backup Software

Altaro VM Backup is a Hyper-V and VMware virtual machine backup and replication solution. It offers stable, seamless, enterprise-level features, such as WAN-Optimized Replication, CDP, Augmented Inline Deduplication, and more, and is designed for IT departments, resellers consultants, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Its ease of use, speed, affordability, and 30-second Lightning Fast Support Call Response Guarantee are distinguished.

  • Key Features:
    • For both Hyper-V and VMware, all of Altaro VM Backup’s features are available.
    • Augmented Inline Deduplication: Reduce the amount of backup storage required at both on-site and off-site locations.
    • Continuous Data Protection: Using a continuous data protection model, switch from daily backups to backups frequently, improving the Recovery Point Objective.
    • WAN-Optimized Replication: Users can continuously replicate their virtual machines to a remote cloud storage site, significantly improving the backup recovery time.
    • Concurrency: Run a more effective backup and recovery operations, enabling users to drastically reduce the time you set aside for backup and recovery.
    • 256-bit AES encryption: Through the safe pass you configure during initial setup, all offsite backup copies automatically benefit from 256-bit AES encryption.
    • Ease of use: It’s simple to set up and run backup/restore/replication jobs thanks to an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Pricing Policy:
    • Altaro server backup software offers plans as per service duration.
      • Subscription: for a one-year subscription
        • Standard: $299 per annum
        • Unlimited: $369 per annum
        • Unlimited plus: $446 per annum
      • Perpetual licensing:
        •  Standard: $2975
        • Unlimited: $3475
        • Unlimited plus: $4375
      • A free trial is also available.
      • For more details on pricing aspects and plans, visit their official website Altaro.
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5. CrashPlan

CrashPlan Windows Server Backup Software

Crashplan is one of the best server backup software used for creating a comprehensive backup for small businesses and companies. Business data owners can use an endpoint data loss management and security platform to recover data lost due to human error, malware, or other online catastrophes. The recovered files can be monitored using status reports.

  • Key Features:
    • Dedicated Support: Chat and email support are available. There is always documentation available.
    • External Physical and Virtual Drive Backup: There is no additional charge for this feature. When you plug in your hard drive again after moving it, CrashPlan will resume where it left off.
    • State-of-the-Art: HIPAA enforcement is supported by 256-bit AES data encryption at rest, configurable settings, and BAA.
    • Smart Continuous Backup: CrashPlan version preservation prioritizes the files you’re working on right now. It is easy to revert to previous versions of your data.
    • No file size restrictions: No extra charge is asked for extra space.
    • Customer file retention: You have complete control over how long we hold your files.
    • Ransom Recovery: You can restore your files to their most recent versions without paying a ransom.
    • Continuous Backup: with scheduled backups, it runs in the background on its own. It has no impact on your speed.
    • Restore files from any computer: Restore your data using a desktop app or a web browser. There is no fee for restoring your files.
  • Pricing Policy:
    • CrashPlan windows server backup solutions provide a pricing policy as per the geographical location.
      • For New Zealand and Australia: $16.49 per device each month.
      • For the USA and other locations: $10 per device per device
    • A 30- day free trial is available with all feature support.
    • For more details on CrashPlan and its other technical aspects, visit CrashPlan.

6. MSP360

MSP360 Windows Server Backup Software

MSP360 Backup is a full-featured server backup & recovery solution for Windows and Linux. Backups for MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, Hyper-V, and VMware are also supported. It encrypts files, protects against ransomware, and supports cloud-to-cloud server backups, and uses numerous cloud storage locations, ensuring the security of your server backups and local backups.

  • Key Features:
    • Our web-based console allows for centralized control and monitoring.
    • For technical support and troubleshooting, remote desktop access is available.
    • Centralized Management of licenses has been simplified.
    • Storage, billing, and capacity reporting are all available.
    • ConnectWise Manage, Autotask, and Ninja RMM are only a few of the RMM/PSA solutions that have been integrated.
    • 256-bit AES encryption secures data backup files at rest, and SSL encryption protects data in transit.
    • It can utilize APIs to build custom integrations.
    • It should back up data from Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint.
    • With this easy-to-use, Installation and job deployment is possible through the internet.
    • CloudBerry Backup Admin is an iOS app that allows you to manage your backups.
  • Pricing Policy:
    • MSP365 windows server backup tools provide price as per request order. It also depends on the services used.
    • To know more about the pricing and features of the MSP365 windows server backup solution, request a quote from MSP365.

7. Nakivo Backup

Nakivo Windows Server Backup Software

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a windows server backup software that combines data backup and restores and disaster recovery orchestration into a single interface. Nakivo can help you with high performance, minimize backup size, and instantly restore files and folders across platforms while saving you time and money. You can achieve robust and reliable security of your virtual, physical, cloud, and SaaS environments.

  • Key Features:
    • Incremental Windows Server Backup: NAKIVO Backup & Replication performs incremental backups on Windows servers, saving time and energy.
    • Application-Aware Windows Server Backup: To ensure that the files and folders of applications and databases SQL server, Active Directory, SharePoint, Oracle, and others) running on Windows Servers is backed up, NAKIVO Backup & Replication uses Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service.
    • Secure Windows Server Backup: To secure Windows Server backups, NAKIVO Backup & Replication can use AES 256-bit encryption.
    • Higher Backup Performance: With out-of-the-box features like network acceleration, which speeds up data transmission over busy LAN and WAN networks, NAKIVO Backup & Replication can boost backup efficiency.
    • Physical to Virtual: With the Physical, Virtual (P2V) functionality in place, you can easily migrate the physical workloads to a virtual world or simply ensure that business-critical physical devices can be recovered in the event of a disaster.
  • Pricing Policy:
    •  Nakivo server backup software has four different plans.
      • Basic: $99 per socket
      • Pro Essentials: $199 per socket
      • Enterprise Essentials: $299 per socket
      • Pro: $399 per socket
      • Enterprise/Enterprise Plus: Contact Nakivo
    • To know more about Nakivo server backup software, visit Nakivo.

8. Rubrik 

Rubrik Windows Server Backup Software

Rubrik third-party backup solution provides hybrid cloud businesses with instant application availability for recovery, search, cloud, and growth. Customers can mobilize applications, automate security procedures, recover from Ransomware, and scan and analyze application data at scale using the Rubrik Cloud-based Data Management framework.

  • Key Features:
    • Policy-based Automation: With a strong SLA policy engine, you can simplify and automate backup across hundreds of cloud accounts.
    • Rapid Recovery: Comply with the most stringent backup & recovery deadlines. With only a few taps, you can quickly restore a single file or an entire virtual machine.
    • Unified Management: In one spot, you can manage data security for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, and hybrid cloud workloads.
    • Analyze Impact: Determine what data was encrypted and where it is stored in your environment easily.
    • Recover Fast: With a single click, restore impacted files to their most recent clean versions.
    • Identify Anomalies: Analyze backup metadata for peculiar actions without affecting the product.
  • Pricing Policy:
    • Rubrik windows server backup software provides pricing based on types of service used and amount of data.
    • To know more about Rubrik windows server backup software, contact Rubrik and request a quote.
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9. IDrive

Idrive Windows Server Backup Software

IDrive Cloud windows server backup is a third-party backup software that helps you to backup all of your machines, servers, and smart devices into a single account. Data is transferred between several instruments, and losing data on any one of them can spell disaster for your business. IDrive simplifies enterprise-level backup from start to finish, from backing up your servers to making your data available through a network of laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Key Features:
    • Multiple Device Backup: A single account will backup an infinite number of PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.
    • Online File Sync: Files and directories will be synced in real-time across all IDrive-connected computers. Sync storage does not affect backup and is limited to the same amount as backup storage.
    • Data Centers: Raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling areas and seismically braced racks are all included in the facilities.
    • Security and Privacy: Files are stored and transferred using 256-bit AES encryption and a user-defined key that is never stored on the servers.
    • Continuous Data Protection: IDrive recognizes and backs up updated portions of files automatically.
    • Go Mobile: Protect mobile devices data with applications for iOS and Android. Access files backed up from PCs and Macs or synced from connected devices.
    • Retrieve Data: Application Data can be found and restored using the desktop application or any browser; deleted files can be retrieved from the bin for up to 30 days.
  • Pricing Policy:
    • IDrive server backup software has four different pricing policies.
      • Basic Plan: Free 5GB only
      • IDrive Personal Plan: $52.12 per annum, $104.25 for the biennial plan.
      • IDriveTeam Plan: $74.62 per annum $149.25 for biennial plan.
      • IDrive Business Plan: $74.62 per annum $149.25 for the biennial plan.
    • Extra discounts of up to 50% are provided on some plans.
    • For more information about the IDrive server backup software, free trial, and its features, visit IDrive.

10. Solarwinds Backup

Solarwinds Windows backup

SolarWinds Backup solution is a multi-tenant web-based dashboard that manages a cloud-first data protection service for servers, workstations, business documents, and Microsoft 365. Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint are covered by Microsoft 365 protection for a single low per-user fee. Solarwinds backup windows server price includes cloud storage in one of 30 data centers of your choice, as well as automated recovery testing.

  • Key Features:
    • Unified dashboard: Protect your servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 data on physical and virtual machines. See the status of your backups at a glance.
    • Cloud storage included: End-to-end AES-256 encryption provides peace of mind. With thirty private data centers globally, you can keep your system data locally.
    • Fast backup: Incremental backups are small, fast, and light on your network thanks to SolarWinds’ unique architecture.
    • Rapid restore: SolarWinds Backup is up to the task, whether you need quick file-level recovery or a fast, reliable entire system restore.
    • Backup archiving: Keep your backups safe in our cloud, where they’ll be available to assist you with regulatory or legal discovery requests.
    • One-step implementation: Since SolarWinds Backup is a hosted SaaS program, the management console does not need to be downloaded and installed.
  • Pricing Policy:
    • Solarwinds windows server solution is cost-effective software for windows that provides variable plans and pricing.
    • A 30- day free trial is available with full functionality.
    • For more information on pricing and features, contact Solarwinds Backup.


Though there are many data protection methods employed to save data from unforeseen circumstances, incorporating the best server backup software helps deal with these situations by keeping a true copy of your data.

One can use the best windows server backup software solution. Client files and other essential records on servers are much too valuable to be left unprotected. Try the above backup tools to ensure your company’s protection with a simple and fast backup and recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Server free backup?

The term “server-free backup” refers to two distinct types of backup. The main difference is that the backup would be performed outside of the server backed up, hence the name.

What is a NAS server backup?

Instead of directly connected to the computer, Network Attached Storage (NAS) refers to computer storage devices that can be accessed over a connection. NAS devices allow several computers to link to the same backup server simultaneously. 

What is the Windows server backup service?

Windows Server Backup is a function that lets you perform simple backup and recovery tasks for the files and folders server. It’s built on using a series of wizards and other resources. 

What is full file backup?

A complete backup is a method of having at least one additional copy of all data files that an entity wishes to preserve in a single operation. A backup administrator or other data protection professional designates the duplicated files during the complete backup phase.

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