Windows-based SAP Add-in for SAP Solutions

When recording and running tests or business components on SAP GUI for Windows applications, consider the following:

· When working in tests, the Record and Run Settings dialog box in UFT enables to specify a server and client to open at the beginning of every test record and run session. The servers available in the dialog box are the same as those available in the SAP Logon Pad and SAP Logon dialog box.

· When recording a business component on an SAP GUI for Windows session, the Record and Run Settings dialog box is not available. Instead, it is needful to open the SAP session manually or include statements in the business component that connect to the SAP server (using the SAPGuiUtil test object).

· It can also be recorded specific operations in SAP GUI for Windows Application in Standard Windows Recording mode, if required.

· As recording a test or business component on the SAP GUI for Windows application, UFT records the operations performed. UFT works directly with the SAP GUI Scripting API to record operations. Therefore, although UFT records a step for each operation performed, it adds the steps to the test only when API events are sent to UFT (when information is sent to the SAP server).

· When selecting a test step in UFT, the corresponding object is highlighted in the Active Screen (unless not choosing to capture Active Screen information when reordering the test). However, the values of the object properties stored with the Active Screen are the values of the properties at the time that the steps were added to the test (when the step are performed that sent information to the SAP server). These values may potentially be different from the values of the properties at the time that the selected step was actually performed.

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