WiFi Authentication Error Occurred On Android: 10 Easy Fixes

WiFi Authentication Error Occurred On Android

WiFi Authentication Error Occurred on Android is an issue users face while connecting to Wi-Fi. Whether you try to connect to an existing network or add a new one doesn’t matter. The error might be related to the wrong input of the Wifi password. 

But, there might be other reasons as well for the problem. So, if you are facing a similar error on your Android device, there are various ways to overcome it. You might have already tried using airplane mode if you’re here. 

What Causes Android Wi-Fi Authentication Problem?

There could be many reasons behind Wi-fi Authentication problems. While researching the cause, it was found that the main cause could be weak connectivity. Apart from it, there are more such as:

  • Incorrect Wifi Password- When the users are in a hurry, they might end up typing in the wrong password. As a result, they face authentication errors. You can be careful while typing the correct password to fix this issue.
  • Wrong Or Unrecognised IP Address- The DHCP IP settings fail to recognize the IP address on your device for Wifi. As a result, you may encounter this error. Try using the Static IP address in your Wi-fi network settings to resolve it.
  • Bugged Network Settings- A bugged or glitched network indicates a technical issue. It could happen because of the corrupted network. In such cases, you can reset network settings, which may work. You could also try to restart the router and reconnect to the internet. If that doesn’t work, you can always reset the settings.

There might be more reasons behind this error. Some might include the fault in the part of your network provided. Nonetheless, you can try the fixes below to move past your situation.

​Try The WPS Push Button 

Before we move to other solutions, the latest devices come with a WPS setup. It allows you to connect the phone immediately to the Wifi. It doesn’t even require a password. You might have to check WPS options on your router and how to allow them. 

Remember that you could expose yourself to a security attack. It is almost like an open radio frequency. Once you use the WPS button, connect quickly. There won’t be any connection requests, either. So, beware. 

If this doesn’t work, move to other solutions for the malfunction below: 

Fix Wifi Authentication Error Occurred On Android

  1. Check Your Router
  2. Check The Password Or Scan Wifi QR Code
  3. Change Wireless Network Configuration
  4. Use Android System Repair
  5. Change The IP Address From DHCP To Static
  6. Check For Duplicated Network Name
  7. Try Resetting Wifi Network
  8. Change The IP Settings
  9. Change Network Security
  10. Use The Latest Android Firmware

1. Check Your Router

Check Your Router

Before beginning the extensive journey of fixing this error, check your router first. Sometimes the router gets glitched, or the functioning is compromised. As a result, you can encounter the WiFi Authentication Error Occurred on Android. 

After checking that there is nothing wrong with your router, try restarting it. It will eliminate the chances of system failure. You could also reset the router before moving to other options:

  • First, turn off the power for your router. Disconnect all the cables, if there are any.
  • After that, take your router and go to the backside. You will see a reset button. Press on it.
  • Once you do so, it will factory reset your wifi connection. You might have to provide a new password and security protocol after that. 
  • Make sure to check your Wi-Fi connection and move to the other steps. 

If you still get the Wi-Fi authentication error, try the other steps given below: 

2. Check The Password Or Scan Wifi QR Code

Wifi QR code option on Android

Sometimes the actual problem is your keyboard. While typing the password, ensure that your keyboard is not adding extra characters.

Another way is to connect to wifi using the QR code. To scan it with your Android, follow these steps:

  • Please navigate to the wifi setting on your Android phone to switch it on.
  • Click on the QR code icon. You may find it beside the Add Network option. A scanner will open once you tap on it.
  • After your device scans the code, a prompt asks you to connect to the Wifi. Select Connect.

Performing the above steps should connect the wifi to your device. See if this fixes WiFi Authentication Error Occurred on Android. If it doesn’t work, then the problem is not the password. Hence, you will need to move to the next solution.

3. Change Wireless Network Configuration

Wireless router settings to change 2.5 Ghz to 5 Ghz

You will never connect if your Android device doesn’t support Signal transmission. Router blockage isn’t the only reason for the error. The unstable connection could be due to choosing the wrong bandwidth.  

  • This happens when you don’t have the correct configuration. For example, your phone might support 2.5GHZ bandwidth, not 5Ghz. There are many other similar reasons.
  • If this was on your PC, you could try updating drivers. But, no such feature exists for the Android device.
  • So the best you can do is go to your Router’s settings and change the bandwidth from 2.5 GHz to 5Ghz and vice-versa. 
  • Try a couple of these configurations until you develop a stable connection.
  • You configure these settings by visiting Router’s Admin Panel. 
  • First, go to the web browser and enter the default IP address.
  • After that, you might have to provide a username and password.
  • Move ahead and go to the Advanced settings.
  • There are many things you can do there. For example, changing static IP address fields.
  • But you’re not here to do that. You’re there to change the bandwidth option.
  • You will see a few steps below if you want to change the IP address field, among other things.

4. Use Android System Repair

Sometimes the system files may get corrupted, which causes such types of errors. You can use the Android system repair to resolve this issue as it is the most efficient way to solve such glitches. 

But, you might think you need programming knowledge to perform system repairs. Well, that’s not quite true. There are so many third-party apps available that you can install on your device. Once you download the app, you can run the system repair process through it to resolve this issue.

You could always try System Reset if you don’t want to use the third-party app. The Factory Reset is an option every phone comes with. Before that, you will have to make a backup of the files and user data. That is to avoid any future problems. 

5. Change The IP Address From DHCP To Static

Choosing DHCP or static IP address

A double step back, you were told about the Wifi Router configuration. This is one of those options where you change the IP. When the server fails to identify DHCP, it causes an authentication error. So, to overcome it, you can switch the DHCP with the Static IP address. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Open your Android device and navigate to its Settings.
  • Select Wireless and Networks and click on WLAN/Wifi.
  • Tap on the network that’s having the authentication error occurred issue.
  • Now, go to the IP settings and open it.
  • Change the DHCP to Static.
  • Jot down the static IP address on paper. Empty or erase all the fields and then resave the static IP.

Be careful while typing the IP address from the paper you have written.

6. Check For Duplicated Wifi Names

Forget network settings in Android

Sometimes people mistakenly connect to a different wifi network with the same name. So, ensure that you are not connecting your device to the wrong wifi network because of the duplicate names. 

This happens more often when the neighbors also have the same service provided. It may be possible that you and your neighbor have similar wifi names. Thus, checking the network might solve this problem.

You could also use the forget network option to make the device find the home network again and reconnect with it.  If your device already has the maximum number of networks it could save, forget network is handy. 

7. Try Resetting Wifi Network

Resetting network settings and other options

The simplest way to overcome the authentication error is to reset the network. You need to remove the existing one and then try connecting again to perform this method. You can follow these instructions to reset your Wifi network:

  • The foremost thing you need to do is remove the wifi network. Navigate to your phone’s Settings.
  • Go to Wifi and network. Here you will find the list of networks your phone connects to or has been connected to. Choose the Wifi network that you want to remove.
  • Click on the Forget option to confirm your action.
  • A pop-up message will appear on the screen. Click on Agree. Doing this will remove all the data and information of the selected network you want to forget.
  • Once the network is reset, once again turn on the Wifi.
  • Choose the network you want to connect to and provide the required credentials.
  • After entering the password, select Connect.

Performing these steps will again connect your device to the wifi.

8. Change The IP Settings

changing the IP address on the Android device

If the issue is deep-rooted, then resetting the network might not work. As a result, you would have to do some extra work by resetting or changing the IP settings on your device. You can follow these steps to modify the network connection on your phone:

  • Go to the Settings of your mobile and select Wifi settings.
  • In the Wifi settings, you will access all the networks you have saved on your device.
  • To change the IP address, tap and hold the network on which you want to do it.
  • Select Manage Network Settings/ Modify Network Settings from a new pop-up window.
  • Now select “Show advanced options.”
  • You will get access to the network settings. From there, go to the IP settings menu.
  • Switch DHCP to Static.
  • Selecting static will provide you with additional options.
  • Fill out all the options and select Save to save the changed settings.

Now go back and try connecting the Wifi again with your device. This time the error should vanish.

9. Change Network Security Type

Wifi Weak Security WPA security type

Since the previous solutions didn’t work, it’s time to move to some comprehensive solutions. Sometimes your device selects the wrong security type while connecting to the Wifi. As a result, a clash can happen with the default security of your router. 

This, in turn, causes the Wifi authentication error. So, if that’s the case, you can solve it by changing your security type. You will have to follow these steps to do that:

  • Forget the wifi network that’s causing the trouble.
  • Now, switch on the wifi and select Add network.
  • Provide the name of the network and choose the security type.
  • Click on the Security option to select your preferred security type.
  • You will get plenty of options to choose from. Choose the WPA/WPA2-PSK one and click on save to save the changes.

Once again, connect your device to the wifi to see if the error persists.

10. Use The Latest Android Firmware

The all new Android 12 update on official website

An outdated system software version can lead to several glitches in your device. As a result, it might cause errors related to networks as well. So to overcome it, you should check whether or not your firmware is up-to-date. If it’s not, then follow these steps to update it:

  • Open Settings on your Android and go to the About phone settings.
  • Select System update.

You will get the latest version if your device is old. Click on update to update the firmware.

Conclusion – Fix Wifi Authentication Problem

WiFi Authentication Error Occurred on Android because of some identification fault in the network. This fault can happen from your side, such as your router, device, IP address, etc.

Or this can very well happen at the end of your service provider. So, contact them if you have checked your device or router and carried out all the solutions given above. 

If they also fail to resolve your problem, change your network providers. After all, it’s useless if you can’t use it.


Why Am I Getting An Authentication Failure Error On Android Smartphones?

There could be various reasons behind authentication failure errors. Your wifi network might be weak, or it might have gotten glitched. Another reason could be the incorrect input of the Wifi password. It’s also possible that your router might be causing the problem. If these are not the cause, then there must be something wrong on the side of your service providers. 

How Do I Fix Failure Authentication On Android OS?

You can fix the failure of authentication error by examining your router. If your router is alright, try correctly typing the password. You can also scan the QR code of your wifi to connect with your device. Also, try resetting the wifi network setting or changing the IP settings for DHCP to static. 

Why Can’t I Connect To My Wifi Even Though The Password Is Correct?

You may be trying to connect to a network that has an identical name to your network. It is most common where neighbors use the same service providers. It’s also possible that the server of your service provider is down. 

How Do I Fix An Authentication Problem On My Android Phone?

There are plenty of solutions to fix authentication problems on your android phone. Try switching off and then switching on your mobile. Reset your device network settings and establish the connection again. Or use an Android system repair tool that can fix the issue.

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