Why is the License usage not longer logged

The License Manager writes records to the log file until it reaches its maximum size. The default value for maximum size is 1 MegaByte, but this can be changed using the -z option in the LSERVOPTS environment variable or at the command-line. The size can be specified in Bytes, KiloBytes, or MegaBytes. For instance, -z 2000 means 2000 Bytes, -z 2k means 2 KiloBytes, -z 2m means 2 MegaBytes.

Once the maximum size is reached, the contents of the current log file will be saved into a backup file unless the no-backup -x option has been used in the LSERVOPTS environment variable or at the command line, or the maximum amount of log files has been used (99 files with the extension *.txt.00 to *.txt.99).

In order to fix such an issue, please check whether either of these points are valid:

-x option is added to the Environmental Variable LSERVOPTS – Solution: remove it

99 backup files are already used – Solution: copy these files to a different location (backup will start over again), increase the size of the log files

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