Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow? Turn Off In 5 Easy Steps

Your iPhone is in good working order, but the battery symbol has gone yellow for no apparent reason. Don’t worry; your iPhone battery is in perfect working order. I’ll explain why is my iPhone battery yellow and how to restore it to normal.

Why Is My IPhone Battery Yellow? | Turn Off In 5 Easy Steps

When your iPhone battery is depleted to 20%, a window shows on the screen warning you that your power is running low and asking if you’d want to switch to Low Power Mode. When you tap Turn On, your iPhone Battery Yellow.

What Does Yellow Battery Mean On iPhone?

When the iPhone battery is not charging, and the charge is over 20%, the battery icon on the status bar should generally remain white. The iPhone charging sign turns red’ when the battery charge falls below 10%. 

  • It means that your iPhone’s battery has to be charged right away, or it will ‘power off’ at any moment.
  • When your iPhone is plugged in for charging, the charge icon on the battery status bar changes to ‘green.’
  • Let me now respond to your question on why your iPhone battery is yellow and what it means if your iPhone battery indicator is yellow.

Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow On Status Bar?

Why is my iPhone battery yellow? This is a question you may hear from time to time from iPhone owners. If the iPhone battery is yellow on the status bar, do not be alarmed; this does not imply that something is faulty with your smartphone.

  • Apple has included a helpful function called ‘Low Power Mode’ in your iPhone to help you save battery life.
  • The iPhone battery icon glows yellow when this iPhone power-saving mode is engaged.
  • The battery % appears on the status bar along with the iPhone battery yellow.
  • Now that you know why “iPhone battery yellow,” let’s look at the significance of ‘iPhone Low Power Mode.’

Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow And How To Fix It?

  1. Why Use iPhone Low Power Mode?
  2. Power Saving Mode On iPhone How To Turn It On/Off
  3. How Does Low Power Mode Improves Battery Life
  4. Keep an iPhone On Low Power Mode
  5. Does iPhone Battery Charge Fast In Low Power Mode

1. Why Use iPhone Low Power Mode?

Why Use iPhone Low Power Mode?

When your iPhone’s battery is low, the Low Power Mode feature comes in handy. This iPhone power-saving option prolongs the battery’s life and stops it from totally dying before you recharge your phone whenever the battery goes low.

This mode allows your iPhone to operate for more extended periods with a low battery by consuming less power by altering some of the device’s high-demand features. When Low Power Mode is enabled, the battery icon in the status bar turns yellow, and the ‘iPhone battery yellow bar’ and battery % appear.

  • When your iPhone’s battery drops below 20%, the ‘Low Power Mode’ feature automatically activates, resulting in iPhone battery yellow. 
  • ‘Low Power Mode’ shuts off automatically after your iPhone battery is charged to 80% or above.
  • To save battery life, you can manually engage this ‘power saving mode’ in the battery options in settings.
  • When your device’s battery power approaches 20%, a ‘low battery power’ notification appears, asking you to engage the ‘Low Power Mode.’
  • The presence of an iPhone battery yellow icon on the iPhone and a battery percentage in the status bar could indicate that the ‘Low Power Mode’ has been turned on, either automatically or manually.
  • When a prompt requests if you want to put your device in ‘Low Power Mode,’ click ‘yes.’
  • However, when this function is enabled, some iOS capabilities, such as mail fetch, Hey Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and other visual effects, are deceased or disabled.

2. Power Saving Mode On iPhone How To Turn It On/Off

  • Go to Settings then Battery and then Toggle the slider to the ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ position to toggle the ‘iPhone Low Power Mode’ ‘ON’ or ‘OFF.’
Go to Settings > Battery
  • When you turn this feature on, a yellow battery bar displays in the status bar of your iPhone.
  • When you switch off the feature, the battery icon will change from yellow to white or red, depending on the percentage of battery life remaining on your phone.
Toggle the slider to the 'ON' or 'OFF'
  • You may also add Low Power Mode to your control centre for faster access.
  • To add Low Power to the Control Centre, go to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls, then pick Low Power Mode.
  • To enable or disable Low Power Mode, scroll up from the bottom of the screen and hit the battery-like button.

3. How Does Low Power Mode Improves Battery Life

You might wonder how Low Power Mode minimizes your iPhone’s power use. Low Power Mode alters several iPhone functionalities renowned for draining the battery.

These changes aim to lower the display’s battery usage and the natural data drain caused by network activities. Turning them off will keep your iPhone’s battery indication high until you reach a charging station.

  • The automatic downloads have been halted.
  • The brightness of the display has been decreased.
  • When Low Power Mode is enabled, the following significant features are affected.
  • Specific visual effects have been turned off.
  • After 30 seconds, the screen will lock.
  • On compatible iOS devices, the screen refresh rate is decreased.
  • Background app refresh has been reduced.
  • In the majority of cases, 5G is turned off.
  • iCloud photo syncing is disabled.
  • Calling “Hey Siri” to activate Siri is disabled.

This means that the smartphone’s performance will suffer as a result. The good news is that the Low Power Mode feature allows your Apple iPhone to continue working even when it is nearing the end of its life.

4. Keep an iPhone On Low Power Mode

Keep an iPhone On Low Power Mode

There are no risks or long-term consequences when you enable Low Power Mode and leave it on. Even if you wear it all the time, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

When you choose Low Power Mode, the main issue you’ll notice is a decrease in performance and convenience when using your iPhone.

If you were previously on 5G, your brightness might decrease, your phone screen will turn off sooner, and you may experience decreased network speed. This may be a worthwhile tradeoff if your goal is to obtain the most battery life out of your iPhone at any cost.

5. Does iPhone Battery Charge Fast In Low Power Mode

When iPhone users charge their devices while in Low Power Mode, the percentage of their battery charge increases faster because when this option is enabled, the iPhone’s battery is less drained.

This means there is less charge while the gadget is in use simultaneously. This allows for faster charging, but don’t anticipate the battery level to rise considerably faster. It may also cause your iPhone battery yellow.


If you’re wondering why is my iPhone battery yellow, it’s because it’s in Low Power Mode. Fortunately, you can disable Low Power Mode on your iPhone and restore the typical green hue to your battery.

After going through this article, you will know enough about why my iPhone battery is yellow and how to turn it off.