Why Do My Apps Keep Crashing On Android? 18 Best Fixes

Applications are the lifeblood of Android smartphones. But have you ever worried about what you’ll do if your Mobile app eventually crashes? If you’ve ever dealt with this problem, you’ll understand it’s aggravating.

Why Do My Apps Keep Crashing on Android

If you have a lot of apps on your phone, it’s typical to have problems with them not working, not loading, crashing, or freezing. This problem affects many users and can occur with any software. The good news is that these issues are rather simple to resolve.

If one of your favorite applications on your Android smartphone crashes, it can be annoying. Mobile is a contribute positively operating system that allows users to manage any app they want. Unfortunately, an application crash on Android can quickly ruin your enjoyment.

So, today, I’ve written this post to address the most frequently asked subject among Android users: Why Do My Apps Keep Crashing on Android. 

Why Does My App Keep Crashing On My Smartphone? Fix it With Our “How To” Guide

When something relates to App for android crashes, the first thought that comes to mind is a virtual machine interoperability concern.

App crashes on Mobile aren’t necessarily due to device incompatibilities. On Droid, programs may collapse for a variety of purposes. It might be anything except a slow network interconnection to insufficient memory.

As a result, despite getting a deeper insight, determining the causative factors of programs that constantly malfunction on your Smartphone can be tough.

Why Does My App Keep Crashing On My Smartphone

Nonetheless, some prominent candidates have been linked to this type of difficulty, highlighted below. Take a look.

  • When you’re using an old Android operating system
  • If the application hasn’t been upgraded in a while,
  • If the program is incompatible with your Latest Android version,
  • Because of a sluggish broadband interconnection
  • Since malfunctioning following the program, your device is growing out of storage capacity.
  • Sometimes your program doesn’t have the required permits

Nevertheless, now that you know why apps collapse, the possible answers are listed below, which are simple to implement and will assist you in getting out of the issue.

How to Stop Apps Keep Crashing on Android

  1. Reboot Your Droid Gadget
  2. Re-Check Your Internet connection
  3. Update or Re-Install the Application 
  4. Clear App Cache & Data
  5. Reset Your App
  6. Make Sure There is Enough Storage Space on the Device
  7. Uninstall the Problematic App
  8. Start Fixing Bugs Faster Now with tools 
  9. Update Operating System 
  10. Update Google Play Services 
  11. Factory Data Reset 
  12. Android Repair Tools 
  13. Wipe Cache Partition 
  14. Free Up Storage Space 
  15. Poor Memory Management: an App killer 
  16. Check the App Permissions
  17. Error Handling 
  18. Effective Way to Fix Apps that Keeps Crashing on Android

Here is a catalog of troubleshooting tips to eliminate application crashes that are easy to prevail. Follow these to get out of such issues.

Fix 1: Reboot Your Droid Gadget

Reboot Your Droid Gadget

If your Smartphone keeps freezing, restart it right away. In most cases, these problems are caused by transitory faults in the program or problems with the program startup.

A simple reboot can help resolve those difficulties. So, hold the shutter button on your Android smartphone and select the Reboot button on the next page.

Consider utilizing the program after a clean reboot. If it continues to collapse, you should look into other options.

Fix 2: Re-Check Your Internet connection

Switching the internet connectivity to the area network or data usage causes your Android phones to break frequently. Your applications might malfunction if your phone has a bad network connection. As a result, when launching programs, bandwidth testing is critical.

 Re-Check Your Internet connection

Verify to see if your information is adequately configured. You must first turn down your phone’s internet before turning it back on. Restart your cellular internet or Wi-Fi connection to determine whether the issue has been resolved. You can even try a different powerful Wi-Fi network to see whether the programs are still running.

Certain programs are not designed to work without the need for a robust broadband connection. Consider, for instance, networking sites or chat applications.

These programs will not operate effectively and might freeze if your web server is poor. Inspect and double-check your broadband router stability.

If you believe activating the program on cellular data is the issue, link your Smartphone or tablet towards more steady and robust internet connectivity and strive afresh.

The remaining alternatives will become more useful if you have solid broadband connectivity and the program continues to collapse.

Fix 3: Update or Re-Install the Application 


It’s necessary to keep your programs fully updated as it would help you resolve issues such as Mobile applications stalling or plunging. Engineers strive to provide their consumers with the best possible application support.

So, install it to resolve the problem anytime your apps receive a notification. Download the latest to upgrade to your applications:

Update or Re-Install the Application
  • On your cellphone, go to the Google Play Store.
  • The Identity Emblem should be selected.
  • Proceed to Apps & Device Management.
  • Choose Patches And updates.
  • Confirm whether your program is included in this list. If that’s the case, select the Autoupdate next to this one.
  • You could also use the Update All opportunity to correct all of your smartphone’s functionalities.


Occasionally, several apps fail to download successfully on your smartphone, leading to program crashes. You might reinstall the program if that is the problem.

To do just that, navigate to Settings > Application Manager/Apps > choose the program > press Delete. Pause for several mins after removing the program before returning to Google Play Store and reinstalling it.

Fix 4: Clear App Cache & Data

Due to excessively stored information, frequent utilization of programs might lead them to process slowly. Applications collect information based on stash, and as this data becomes congested or distorted, it compromises the application’s functionality.

Clear App Cache & Data

Consumers gradually have difficulties regarding applications freezing, halting, or not launching. And get out of this condition. It is recommended that you remove all of the application servers and storage. Perform these steps to remove the device’s information and data store: 

  • Head to Settings and select Battery and Device Care from the drop-down menu.
  • Then touch on Memory to see a full breakdown of your product’s internal memory.

You can see how much data storage is being used, which documents are taking up a lot of room, etc. Remove the extra directories to make space for the apps to run.

Fix 5: Reset Your App

Restarting the application might help fix applications that eventually freeze on Smartphone difficulties. Numerous smartphone owners have effectively fixed the problem using this method. You need to clear app data; to accomplish this, take these steps:

  • On the welcome screen, click on The settings icon.
  • Select Applications from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the application that is having problems and hit it.
  • Click the Clear Data and Clear Cache options in Memory.
  • Return to the Application details screen and select the Force Stop option.
  • Disable all of the pages on your cellphone simultaneously.
  • Check if the program is functioning by launching it.

Fix 6: Make Sure There is Enough Storage Space on the Device

If you have a powerful interconnection and the program isn’t malfunctioning, another significant factor for the application’s keep pausing problem on Mobile: insufficient storage space on the smartphone.

Make Sure There is Enough Storage Space on the Device

This approach can be used to verify the storage capacity on your Android smartphone:

  • Select Settings > About Phone from the drop-down menu.
Make Sure There is Enough Storage Space on the Device
Check the Storage Space on the Device
  • You can check the Overall Storage Capacity and Internal Memory Capacity on your Android mobile.

You’ll need to tidy it up if that’s lower than 100 MB. Open up some storage capacity to combat this problem or any other limited memory difficulty on your Android smartphone.

Fix 7: Uninstall the Problematic App

Suppose you’ve done the troubleshooting techniques here or the application collapses regularly. In that case, a problematic or unsuitable program on your device may be interfering with the software application and generating the issue.

So, uninstall that program if you managed to purchase an application and have had this trouble. Try restarting your smartphone in recovery mode if you’re not positive which program is the actual cause.

Uninstall the Problematic App

This will reset the cellphone to factory settings and uninstall all penultimate programs. This will allow you to determine if this is the cause of the issue quickly. To accomplish this, follow these instructions:

  • Tap and lock the power button.
  • When the Power choices box shows up, release the key.
  • Next, lock up the Power Off option till the Safe Mode pop-up window appears.
  • You will be requested to verify if you want to restart in recovery mode. Click the OK button.
  • Safe Mode appears at the bottom of your screen after rebooting your device.

Verify to see whether the difficulty still exists. If not, another of the penultimate applications was to blame. To resolve the Mobile application’s constant collapsing trouble, identify a specific program and uninstall it.

Fix 8: Start Fixing Bugs Faster Now with tools

Applications that are released lacking eventually created suffer from various consistency difficulties. Nevertheless, there seems to be a variety of strategies that may be adapted to tackle vulnerabilities once they occur efficiently. Various tools assist programmers in testing their applications method-based with legitimate users, allowing them to identify flaws and repair them quickly.

Start Fixing Bugs Faster Now with tools

Tools collect regional usage records and transmit them to our online site whenever an internet service is restored. The reaction mixture has added a remote logger, native application, and accident analysis tools, making it a terrific, fully-featured alternative for troubleshooting smartphone applications.

Fix 9: Update Operating System

An outdated operating system could’ve caused your issue. A fault may have appeared.

Update Operating System

The following is really how Smartphones users can get the newest system software:

  • Make sure your Android smartphone is connected to the network.
  • Opening an online Settings > Concerning the Phone
  • Select the Watch For Update button.
  • You will be prompted to upgrade if a software updates file is accessible.
  • On the install popup, hit.

The load time may vary based on the number of versions.

Fix 10: Update Google Play Services

One more thing to mention: the problem might also occur if your Google Play Services are older. Play Services is a crucial Android component that ensures that applications run smoothly.

Update Google Play Services

It’s simple to fix:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • Lookup Google Play Services.
  • Upon that side, you’ll find an upgraded toggle 
  • Press the button.
  • Allow time for the software to install.

Fix 11: Factory Data Reset

Have you been having some difficulty? Bringing in the big weapons and rebuilding the plant. Anything that is crashing your applications should indeed be gone by now. However, as you’re presumably conscious, all your personally identifiable information will be deleted. Before you begin, create a backup of your information.

Factory data reset
  • Go to General Management in the Smartphone Settings option.
  • Afterward, swipe down and choose Reset.
  • Factory Data Reset should be selected.
  • A bigger window will emerge, displaying a variety of data. Scroll down and press the blue Resetting button.

You must arrange the Android operating system well after the factory reset. Starting at the initial stages can be difficult. At the very minimum, the program won’t collapse longer.

Fix 12: Android Repair Tools

What could be more thorough than a clean install? A utility for repairing Android devices. There are numerous options available. DroidKit is one of my personal favorites.

Android Repair Tools

Such rehab programs work the same way as factory restores, wiping your operating system to fix whatsoever technical problem is generating your problems. Even better, they don’t cause any loss of information.

DroidKit is used in the following way:

  • DroidKit’s webpage may be found here.
  • Install the software 
  • Connect your Android smartphone to a Power cord on your PC.
  • On the main website, hit the Fix System Concerns tab.
  • Select the Start button.
  • Download the latest file that displays on your computer.

Fix 13: Wipe Cache Partition

It’s a more involved technique but has also worked for several users experiencing application crashes.

App data and other operating systems are kept on your cellphone’s cached sector. When the same happens, erasing the cached section may be beneficial. Because you must enter Android Recovery Mode, the approach for this method is a little tough.

Wipe Cache Partition

So, if you’ve exhausted every one of the options on this list, we advise using this suggestion.

  • Launch Android Recovery Mode first. The recharging cord must be connected to the cellphone. However, the USB-A endpoint must be properly connected to a desktop or MacBook for Samsung Smartphones.
  • Switch the phone off for a while.
  • Lock the Power and Volume Up buttons afterward when the gadget has been switched off. You’ll activate Android Recovery Mode if you lock the thumbs down for only a few moments.
  • Should use audio jacks to explore in Recovery Mode. Wipe Cache Partition is selected.
  • To affirm your selection, press the Start key. Choose Reboot System by now after that.

Attempt to start the app again after reloading. It might have ceased to tumble.

Fix 14: Free Up Storage Space

Your amount of memory might well be packed despite your lack of awareness. This could create problems with your device.

Free Up Storage Space

Old programs and data and heavy apps will have to be removed. How and when to uninstall an item has been mentioned below. The device’s internal memory should be freed to get rid of this issue: 

  • Go to the Files app and choose it.
  • Locate and remove the desired file.
  • Select Delete from the menu that appears (You might need to tap more and then Delete, relying on the model of your device.) 

Fix 15: Poor Memory Management: an App killer

Certain programmers create apps that act resemble Mariah Carey or Cristiano Ronaldo. These applications act like little virtual divas, taking up all the device’s money and efforts.

Programmers that create applications that gobble up a large portion of a device’s space are laying the seedlings of later troubles.

The most prevalent causes of program breakdowns on handheld phones are bad memory handling, which is relevant for low-end mobile phones and tablets.

Poor Memory Management: an App killer


It’s crucial to remember that your application is just one part of a bigger ecology. You’ll need to consider other resource-intensive aspects in conjunction with your own. Remember that not everyone has the elevated cell phones that programmers use, and virtual storage issues are prevalent.

Remarkably, the Droid definition covers some effective memory capabilities and enables programmers to manipulate storage in any way they see fit (the only issue is the complication of the procedure).

Swift and Overarching goal procedural programming for iOS have powerful dynamic memory features that are still mostly automated. However, software engineers must guarantee that they are familiar with memory usage.

Applications that manage huge datasets, such as photos, can constantly develop cognitive problems.

Rather than storing the entire data, the challenge is to download only the required sections at any given time. If you’re working with photos, you might wish to create a scaled version that’s the precise size it’ll be on screen.

You may need to get away from concealed or off-screen images while handling vast view topologies. Collections and rows are the most obvious examples; if you want to rotate perspectives effectively, you must be cautious with these.

Please remember that applications that perform sophisticated computations may require your cellphone to open up storage during the operation. This is handled immediately by Android users. However, it may be vital to building an auto-release pool on iOS.

Try to explore Vanilla Music, a simple music player, and Instadict, a dictionary program, for wonderful instances of little apps that punch beyond their category. Surprisingly, both are under 750KB.

Numerous hefty programs, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, now have their very own ‘light’ counterparts, and it’s worthwhile to look at many of these slimline for ideas on how to simplify your work and eliminate all the clutter.

Fix 16: Check the App Permissions

The functionality of an application is dependent on the authorization. The program will not be able to work at its best without the necessary permissions.

Check the App Permissions

It’s possible that the application version upgrade you downloaded previously caused the application to freeze. Following the latest additions, app permissions are sometimes modified. It’s an uncommon occurrence. Take a peek.

  • On an Android smartphone, open the Settings app and select Apps.
  • Find and click the malfunctioning app.
  • Choose Capabilities on the App Info screen.

You can modify the permissions for that specific program from here. Simply grant the required permissions, and the program should function normally.

Fix 17: Error Handling

Regardless of how badly you make your software collapse, various constants and settings are beyond your influence. The program may go wild if a person’s Wi-Fi declines throughout a data exchange or if they insert an inaccurate number into the section.

Unforeseen errors frequently result in a collapse, which would be inconvenient for customers. Then there are the cases where an application does not collapse but simply leaves a customer waiting – that also can be rather aggravating than a true interruption.

As a result, it’s crucial to guarantee you’ve compensated for these problems and established management procedures.

Error Handling


You should stop all activities whenever your application has a bug and notify your customers. That may seem paradoxical, but it requires improved interactions with customers, and making clients with prior notification of any disruptions can help you keep them for a far prolonged duration.

Consider your warning signals comprehensive and helpful while creating them. Resist using legal terminology; every user must understand what you’re saying regardless of tech expertise.

Furthermore, provide a resolution that will enable users to solve the issue. “Oh no! Right at present, there is no internet connectivity. Perhaps attempt again in a better location?”

Fix 18: Effective Way to Fix Apps that Keeps Crashing on Android

Readers are familiar with the problem of Android application freezing; it frequently occurs on portable applications. However, the answers in the technical guide do not always apply. You’ll need to have an algorithmic remedy in these circumstances. As a result, the Android Repair Tool is indeed suggested.

Effective Way to Fix Apps that Keeps Crashing on Android

However, these utilities can cure various other Android troubles, including the Black screen of doom, Droid Locked on Boot Cycle, device malfunctioning, cellphone not recharging, and much more.

The greatest advantage is an extremely user-friendly platform that makes your job considerably simpler.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything. Whenever applications end up freezing on Mobile, use our debugging techniques to repair it. Ideally, following tried-and-true remedies proved beneficial, and your Android phone is running smoothly now.

If anyone sees any ideas or suggestions for us, please share them in the commenting area underneath. We’d be happy to include it in our database.

Are the Fixes for ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ also applicable to other app crashes on Android?

Yes, the google keeps stopping android fixes can be applicable to other app crashes on Android. Many of the troubleshooting steps and solutions for fixing the “Google Keeps Stopping” issue can also help resolve crashes with other apps on your Android device.


Why are all the apps on my phone crashing?

Many things could trigger that. However, most application problems can be resolved by upgrading the program or cleaning the configuration files. Solutions to fix bugs with the program are frequently included with application upgrades. Certain program upgrades are distributed via the Google Play Store, while others have been distributed via hardware new versions.

How do I stop apps from auto-closing?

Select Settings.
Get one of the various choices: Hit Notifications & Apps > See everything… Select Apps.
Locate and select the application that is having problems in the app switcher.
Erase the cache by tapping Memory.
To verify, press OK.

Why do my apps keep crashing on android?

Applications on Smartphones can malfunction due to a lack of closet memory, too many programs operating simultaneously, a slow bandwidth interconnection, or an absence of appropriate software upgrades.

Why are my apps closing automatically on Android?

When such storage capacity is insufficient, applications may freeze. You’ll need to free up more room by uninstalling unnecessary applications and services. Eliminate unwanted applications and services by going to Settings -> Apps.