Learn Where Are Minecraft Worlds Saved

Minecraft is an extremely popular game. It can be played on a laptop, PC, Xbox, and android mobile. You will build many worlds in Minecraft and save them in different locations. 

minecraft saves folder

You can’t remember the exact location of Minecraft saves folder. If you want to open the world you built, you must go to that location. But that is not something everyone remembers. 

We have got a solution for you. This article will give you an idea about the Minecraft world’s location. The methods are simple to use. This works for Windows 10, 11, MAC, and Linux users. 

Minecraft Worlds Folder Location – Where Are Minecraft Worlds Saved

1. Java Edition Storage Location

You can view the Minecraft java edition from the .minecraft\saves folder. Once you open it, this folder will show you how the Minecraft world folder is saved inside its unique folder.

This single folder contains other items such as .jar files, personal settings, good music, resource packs, etc. Follow the instructions below to locate the Minecraft windows folder in Windows 10 or 11.

  • Press Windows + R key on your keyboard.
  • Type %appdata%\.minecraft and click on Ok.
  • .minecraft folder will open in a new window.
  • You can see its poi, region, and data files in the java edition. 

2. Bedrock Edition Storage Location

In the Bedrock edition folder, each world will have its region folders. You can find this at games/com.Mojang/minecraftWorlds location. It works for both Windows 10 and 11. When you open the db1 folder, it will display the chunk files related to all dimensions.

3. MAC

Go to the following path in macOS – ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft.

If you are unsure how to get there, follow the steps below for mac os x.

  • On the right of your menu bar, click on the magnifying glass. 
  • Type this path ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft and press Enter. 
  • It will open the Minecraft folder. You can see all the Minecraft files. 

4. Linux

You can locate it in the .minecraft directory of your user folder. But the downside of Linux is all the directories that begin with a period that will be hidden. Type the below path. 

/home/<username>/.minecraft – This shortcut reflects the user folder path to get there.

~/.minecraft – This option is for single-player mode. It will display the list of sorted games. Once you leave this screen and return, a new game will be saved that is unzipped or transferred to this folder. All the game files will be saved in their separate folder. 

Steps to Restore Deleted Minecraft World

Minecraft’s worlds are stored in a specific place called the %appdata% folder on Windows 10 or 11. If you have accidentally removed any planet from the Minecraft game, you can recover them by going to the folder where all the worlds are stored. Follow the steps below to restore the deleted Minecraft world.

  • Open the .minecraft saves folder. 
  • Go to the location of minecraft. 
  • You can see the folders containing Minecraft that you have created.
  • Right-click on the folder that you want to recover. 
  • Click on recover world. 
  • Go to properties.
  • Go to the previous tab.
  • It will display all the previous versions of Minecraft.
  • Choose a planet from the list. 
  • Click on the restore option. 

Steps to Transfer Minecraft Java Edition to Another Computer

Before you transfer the java edition, you should have taken a backup. You can back up your data by moving them to another place, like a backup folder or on a USB cable. Start by locating your saved folder. Go inside the game launcher, where you can identify all Minecraft directories, including the saves folder. 

  • Using the game launcher, log in to Minecraft.
  • Go to launch options.
  • Click on launcher configuration and select the launch options that you use.
  • Locate the game directory.
  • To the right of it, you can find a little green arrow. Click on it. 
  • A new window with the Minecraft folder will open.
  • Go to the access folder. You can find all the saved worlds organized into various folders.
  • Now, transfer the folder containing the files. 
  • You must transfer the global folders to a portable storage device, cloud computing service, or file sharing program.
  • Once the files are ready to transfer, store them in the Minecraft world saves folder of a new computer. 
  • This will appear in the list of single-player worlds. 

Can I Restore a Corrupted Minecraft World?

Sometimes Minecraft might encounter an issue, and the world save data will get corrupted. If this happens, the formed world will be returned to its earlier condition, or it could completely disappear. 

There are many reasons behind this corruption. In some cases, it will not allow the world to open at all. But don’t lose hope if a world saves gets corrupted. It can be restored. The process is a tough one. You can’t succeed all the time. 

Make frequent backups of all your world. This is an effective and secure way to recover the world from a corrupted file. If the world has been harmed before taking the backup, take a backup before you start the process. 

Many local tools are available online to help you solve the issue. Remember, Minecraft support has not given a guarantee that this will work. You have to proceed with the process at your own risk. 


I hope the above article has given you an idea about where the Minecraft worlds are saved. The location for Windows, MAC, and Linux are given. You can check them and see all your saved worlds. You can also restore a deleted Minecraft world and transfer the Minecraft edition to another computer. 


How Do You Upload Worlds To Minecraft?

– You have to download the world in a zip or rar format. 
– Extract the folder and find the .minecraft or com.mojang folder.
– Locate the saves or Minecraft worlds folder.
– Copy and paste that word to that folder. 
– The game folder will be created. 

Which Minecraft World Is Best?

– The Medard Estate 
– The Maze 
– City-17 
– Shiganshina District
– Liyue Harbor

What Is The Best Free Minecraft Worlds?

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has the best free Minecraft worlds. It has FNAF flashbacks, Gray sky, TNT run, Asleep, and Game of portals. 

Can You Import Worlds On Minecraft Mobile?

Yes, you can import worlds on Minecraft mobile. You can transfer them using a Minecraft Realm. If you use an iOS device, you can transfer it using the iCloud method.