When should LSHOST and LSFORCEHOST be defined

Defining the LSHOST and LSFORCEHOST variables
These variables only need to be defined if WinRunner has trouble locating your License manager server or if you want the specified effect. Define LSHOST:
1. When the client and server are in different domains.
2. If you want the client to use more than one available server, in a specific order.
Define LSHOST to be the server names in the order you would like to search them. Separate the server names with a semicolon (“;”). Note:
When LSHOST is used, WinRunner will first look for a license on the specified servers, in the specified order. If a license is not found there, WinRunner will search your network for one.
Define LSFORCEHOST when you want the client to search the license on only ONE specific server. Define LSFORCEHOST to be the name of that server.

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