What Is Yourphone.Exe in Windows And How To Disable It

Windows contains various system processes and apps. You’re probably not familiar with the majority of them. Yourphone.exe is a procedure you may not be familiar with. Unlike other system processes such as svchost.exe. Yourphone.exe is a brand-new Windows 10 system process.

Yourphone.exe windows 10” are original Windows files. Yourphone.exe is linked to Microsoft’s Your Phone software. It was released lately for Windows 10 devices. It comes installed with the Windows operating system. You may be unaware that it is present on your computer.

The Phone Companion application has been upgraded to Your Phone. Previously, it was used to transfer files between a Windows PC and an Android handset.

What Is The Meaning Of “Yourphone.Exe” Windows 10?

yourphone.exe windows 10

YourPhone.exe is a genuine Microsoft app. It indicates that the Your Phone program is running in the background. When you look at the Task Manager, you can see this process. Users unfamiliar with it are anxious about its presence. The fact that it is running in the background and using system resources.

In the Windows operating system, the primary process of the Your Phone application is Yourphone.exe. This application’s default location is C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ Microsoft\YourPhone.

Users may sync photographs and messages between Windows 10, an Android phone, and Apple devices. For example, they use the same Microsoft account on both the phone and the Windows PC.

The file YourPhone.exe is only 19KB in size. Instead, it runs on several DLL files. The intriguing thing is that yourphone.exe will not appear in your Task Manager if you don’t start the Your Phone app. It will constantly run in the background while your Windows sessions after you’ve created it. Also, when you start and close the app, as well.

Windows 10 Essential System Processes

Other system programs, such as msmpeng.exe, are essential for your Windows 10 installation. If you disable or remove these, Windows will stop working. The Your Phone app isn’t quite as important. You can get relieved of it if you want to. It is, however, preferable to simply disable it and keep it in place.

Suppose you’re concerned about processes you don’t recognize in Windows Task Manager. You should reasonably run a malware scan to ensure that your computer is still safe. You don’t have any antivirus software installed on your computer.

Instead, you can apply one of the many free antivirus removal applications. The built-in Windows Security program is also included.

How To Stop the Yourphone.exe Process Manually?

If you believe the yourphone.exe process is running on your computer and wish to stop it. Use Windows Task Manager to do it.

  • Right-click the taskbar at the end of your screen to bring up Windows Task Manager. Select Task Manager from the options menu. Alternatively, you can manually open it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard.
Windows Task Manager
  • Look for the Your Phone process in the Windows Task Manager window. It will appear on Your Phone if the app is open. It may seem like “YourPhone” if it’s operating in the background.
  • Right-click the Your Phone or YourPhone process and select End Task from the context menu.
select End Task from the menu
  • It will bring the ongoing process to a halt until you reboot or manually access the Your Phone app. It will prohibit the app from working in the background if you use Your Phone features. 
  • You won’t receive alerts or messages from your Android device until you relaunch the app.

Is YourPhone.exe Process a Virus Program?

YourPhone.exe is an actual Windows file associated with an actual Microsoft application. However, the process could also be malware masquerading as a Windows process.

Some customers have reported seeing two YourPhone.exe processes running in the background. It is a common occurrence in malware. As a result, distinguishing the whole YourPhone.exe process from the phone one can be difficult.

Other valid Windows processes, such as Runtime Broker or HxOutlook.exe, are also affected. It’s tough to tell whether a problem-causing process is legitimate or malicious.

There are a few tests you may do to see if YourPhone.exe is a virus or not.

Examine The Location Of The Windows 10 File Yourphone.Exe.

  • Right-click on the YourPhone.exe process in the Task Manager. 
  • Select Open file location and double-check that the folder directory matches the one specified above.
Open file location
  • The YourPhone.exe process is dangerous if it opens a separate folder.
YourPhone.exe process

Examine The Signature. 

  • Right-click on the process again in Task Manager and select Properties this time. 
  • Look at the Name of Signer under the Digital Signatures tab. Microsoft Corporation is the correct spelling.
Digital Signatures
  • It’s a false YourPhone.exe process if you see something different.

Look For Signs Of A Malware Infection.

  • Is there a notable decrease in system performance? Do your apps frequently crash? Is Windows laggy in any way?
  • Have you spotted any new programs on your computer that arrived out of nowhere?
  •  If you see these strange actions while yourphone.exe is operating, you should look into it more.

How Can I Get Your Phone App On My Phone?

Windows 10 comes with the Your Phone app preinstalled. It is always running in the background. If it isn’t previously installed on your machine, you can get it through the Microsoft Store. Follow these instructions to reinstall the app:

  • Start by going to the Microsoft Store.
  • Find your phone by searching for it.
  • In the Microsoft Store, look for Your Phone.
Microsoft Store Your Phone
  • To install, click Get.
  • The Your Phone app can be located in your Start menu once installed. You can also run it immediately by clicking Open in the Microsoft Store app.

How To Uninstall “YourPhone” App Using Windows Powershell?

The Your Phone app will be effectively deactivated if you stop it from operating in the background. You’ll yet be capable of opening it manually. If you want to delete it entirely, you’ll have to use Windows PowerShell.

You’ll need to delete yourphone.exe and launch a PowerShell window with administrator privileges.

  • Select Windows PowerShell from the Start menu by right-clicking it.
  • You can use the Windows PowerShell window to run a command that will disable the components utilized by Your Phone.
  • Copy and paste this command “Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage”
  • There will be no indication that the Your Phone app has been deleted. If the command is successful, there will be no response in the PowerShell window.

After that, you may need to delete the installation files for the Your Phone app. Open the C: Program Files\WindowsApps\folder in Windows File Explorer to access these files.

  • Look for an additional folder that starts with Microsoft. It will be in the C: ProgramFiles\WindowsApps\folder.
  • It depends on the version of the software currently installed on your PC. The folder name will change.
  • Look for the folder holding the system architecture tag. It may be mentioned under the YourPhone tag.
  • Right-click the folder and select Delete from the menu. It will remove any files associated with the Your Phone software. It includes the yourphone.exe file.
  • Allow permission to delete the folder. You may require to press Continue in the Folder Access Denied window.

How To Remove Your Phone App From Windows 10 Background?

Putting an end to the yourphone.exe process will make the program unusable until you reboot. You want it to stop loading in the background apps when you restart your computer. You’ll have to turn it off in the Windows Settings window.

  • Right-click the Start menu and select Settings app from the menu that appears.
  • Select Privacy then Background apps from the Window Settings window. 
  • There will be a record of background apps capable of running in the background.
  • Scroll within the menu on the right to find the Your Phone app. To turn it off, move the slider to the Off position adjacent to it.
  • The Your Phone app will no more run in the background apps after it has been disabled. Until you manually open the software, it will no longer appear in the Windows Task Manager process list the next time you reboot your PC.
  • If you don’t use the app, it won’t appear unless you open it. It will disable it, but it will be ready to use if you change your mind later.

In Windows 10, How Do You Reset Yourphone.Exe?

Let’s look at reinstalling the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Select Settings from the Start menu on the bottom left.
  • Go to the Apps section of the Settings app.
  • It then directs you to the Apps & Features settings page.
  • Go to the Apps & Features screen’s right side, scroll down a little, and look for the Your Phone app.
  • Choose the app for your phone.
  • Below it, choose the Advanced options link.
  • Scroll down to the Reset area in the next window.
  • To complete the action, click the Reset option again in the display pop-up.
  • Restart your computer, and the YourPhone.exe process should no longer be visible in Task Manager.


After reading this, you know about YourPhone.exe. You can rest assured that it is safe software that will not affect your computer. If you see that it uses a lot of RAM, you can disable it or discard it.


Can I Delete Yourphone.exe?

If you want to get relieved of it entirely, you’ll have to utilize Windows PowerShell. You won’t be capable of syncing your Android smartphone with Windows if you remove it. You can also install it later from the Microsoft App Store. To uninstall yourphone.exe, launch a PowerShell window with administrator privileges.

How Do I Turn Off Myphone Exe In Windows 10?

Go to the Background Apps section. In the list of Background apps, scroll down to find Your Phone app. Then, in the Background apps section, turn off the app. The YourPhone.exe process will then be stopped from running in the background.

Is YourPhone.exe A Virus?

Is the YourPhone.exe Process infected with a virus? YourPhone.exe depicts the execution of a legitimate Microsoft application. Your Phone, as indicated in the preceding section. We can conclude that it is not a virus or other malware because Microsoft created it.

Is Microsoft Your Phone Useful?

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is a great tool. It allows you to connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 device. It saves you from having to pick up your Android device constantly. To check messages, alerts, or even make or receive calls.