What Is Bonjour Service On Windows? Should You Disable It?

“Bonjour,” Whenever we hear this term, our mind translates it as “hello.”  But “Bonjour” is software. It is active in the background during our daily activities done on PCs. 

Firstly, the users must be clear that bonjour is neither a virus nor malware. What is Bonjour Service on Windows?” Bonjour is an apple developed software introduced in 2002, with Mac OS X 10.2 as Apple Rendezvous, and it was later changed to Bonjour. 

It is built in the Apple operating systems like macOS and iOS by default, which helps smooth the working of various apps. You can install bonjour automatically onto your PCs via applications like the iTunes app or Safari web browser.  

In this article, we will give a detailed explanation of whether to remove this software or to keep it.  If you decide to disable it, we have provided a step-by-step guide below to sweep out this software from your Windows PCs.

Let’s see What Bonjour service is on Windows 10:

  1. What is Bonjour Service on Windows 10?
  2. Where is Bonjour service used?
  3. How to disable Bonjour service?
  4. How to uninstall Bonjour?
A window showing numerous software and their current status

1. What is Bonjour Service on Windows 10?

Bonjour was used by apple to execute the zero-configuration networking. This service allows networking among various apple devices. It assists in discovering and connecting to multiple devices, including printers and other computers. Bonjour defeats the purpose of a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP). 

It uses a “link-local addressing” method, which can automatically assign IP addresses to local clients without needing DHCP.  Apart from this, services are offered on a local area network through mDNS server (Multicast Domain Name System Service) service records, ensuring the internet speed is not affected while taking support information. 

Zero configuration network (zeroconf) refers to a set of technologies that helps create a computer network based on the internet protocol suite. It is built on technologies like:

  • Hostname resolution
  • Address Assignment
  • Service Discovery

2. Where is Bonjour service used?

This service helps connect and share resources, including file-sharing, and helps discover printers. Its other applications include:

  • Using Safari to locate web servers and configuration pages on local devices.
  • To align projects and tasks on the Mac desktop and iPhone/iPad/iPod touch through OmniFocus and Things.
  • Managing licenses through Photoview 360 and Solidworks
  • Finding document on SubEthaEdit.
  • Searching users across a local network through Gizmo5.
  • Communicating with multiple clients through iChat, Adobe Creative Suite 3, Skype, Pidgin, and many other applications.
  • Finding shared pictures on iPhoto.
  • Finding shared music on the iTunes app.

Bonjour services can easily be uninstalled from Windows computers as they don’t involve any function. As mentioned before, in case you use apple Software like iTunes or Safari, removing Bonjour may cause a hindrance in the working of some applications. 

Other than apple software, its deletion is known to create problems in the functioning of some third-party apps like Adobe Creative Suite and Dassault Systemes’ Solidworks. 

So, think carefully before you decide to uninstall Bonjour. Check thoroughly and make sure that it shouldn’t affect the functioning of any application on your PC.

3. How to disable Bonjour service?

You can either choose to disable the software temporarily. In case you need it back, you can enable it.  The other way is to delete it permanently, but if you do so, you will have to reinstall it back if you need to use this software again.

To disable the service from your computer, you need to go to Windows Service Application and change the option showing startup type to Disabled.

There are two ways one can access services, that is:

1. By opening the Run command box by pressing Windows key + R, type services.msc Finally, click on OK in the text box as shown below.

An interface that one can use to launch various settings

2. By opening the Run command box by pressing the Windows key + R, type services.msc Finally, click on OK in the text box as shown below. OR Open services directly through the start search bar, press Windows key + S and search services on it.

Run window with "services.msc" written in its search box

3. Open the services window and find the Bonjour device. Next, right-click on it to open the context menu and choose properties, or to access properties, you can also double click on a service.

4. To segregate all the services alphabetically, click on the Name present at the top of the window. Locating the Bonjour service will be more straightforward now.

An interface showing various background processes in windows

5. Under the Service status label, a Stop button will be present, which will stop the service. If you click, it will stop the service. If you check the service status, it should be visible as State stopped.

The Bonjour properties windows with its startup type set to disabled.

6. Open the drop-down menu in the general properties tab next to the startup type. From the list that opens, find and click on disabled.

7. You will notice the Apply button at the bottom right of the screen. Click on it to save changes and disable the Bonjour service. Finally, left-click on OK to close the window.

Clicking on Apply and OK buttons

4. How to uninstall Bonjour?

The procedure for deleting bonjour is similar to the steps followed for removing other applications on your PC. You need to open the Program and feature a window of Control Panel, locate bonjour services and delete it.

For your ease, we have provided in a detailed manner the procedure to uninstall Bonjour.  

1. Go to the Run command box, type the control panel, and clickOK to open the Control Panel application.

Run Command Box with control panel typed in it.

2. Choose the Programs & Features under the Control Panel Window.

Control panel window with Programs & Features selected

3. Find bonjour and select it.

4. To uninstall the service, click on the uninstall button present towards the top of the window.

Programs & Features with uninstall button selected.


5. You can right-click on the service and choose to uninstall to delete the service.

Programs & Features window with uninstall option

6. There will be a confirmation box visible on your screen. Click on Yes and follow the procedure on your screen to finish the process.

A confirmation asking for the deletion of software

As we discussed, Bonjour is incorporated into many Apple applications, so it cannot be completely swept away from your Pc even after deletion. To leave no trace of this service on your PC, you must remove the .exe and .dll files connected with this service.

For your ease, we have provided a step-by-step procedure below:

Navigate to the “mDNSResponder.exe” file under Bonjour application, right-click and delete.
  1. Launch the Windows file explorer using Windows key + E.
  2.  C:\Program Files\BonjourTo locate the above given, preferably check under the Program Files(x86) folder, especially for users of the system that runs on WindowsVista or Windows 7.
  3. Navigate to the “mDNSResponder.exe” file under Bonjour application, right-click and delete.
  4. The same goes for “mdnsNSP.dll.”
  5. If there is a pop-up message saying, ‘This action can’t be completed because the file is open in Bonjour service,’ you need to restart your PC and try deleting it simply.
  6. If the problem continues, try uninstalling the service files through An elevated command prompt window. But to delete the service, you will need to launch the command prompt as an administrator. A regular command prompt will not be able to remove the Bonjour wholly from your PC.
  7. Despite the type of above mention process you use, there will be a message visible on your screen requesting permission to allow the Command Prompt to make changes, click Yes.
  8.  Next, locate the Bonjour file destination in the command prompt. Find the Bonjour application under File Explorer. You can use the shortcut (Windows key + E) to open this. After you locate the folder, copy down the address.
  9.  Go to the command prompt, paste the address (\Program Files\Bonjour), and press enter.
  10. Type mDNSResponder.exe –remove and press enter to run the command.
  11.  After successful deletion, a confirmation message-Removed service should be visible, or you can ignore steps related to a command prompt and directly type the command below.“%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe” -remove 
  12. Finally, unregister the mdnsNSP.dll file using the following command: regsvr32 /u “%PROGRAMFILES%\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll”
  13. Now, restart your computer and then delete the Bonjour folder.


We hope this article helped you to understand about Bonjour service. 

In case you found the need to delete or disable it, the procedures provided should have assisted you and made it easier to uninstall or delete it from your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Happen If I Remove Bonjour From My Device?

Yes, you can remove Bonjour from your system safely. It won’t harm your device. However, certain services depend on Bonojur for their functioning. 

Should I Have Bonjour On My System?

Bonjour is quite helpful when several Apple devices are present in a workspace or home or when both Windows and Apple systems are in the same place. It makes it simple to integrate the home or office better. However, currently, most Apple devices come with Bonjour preloaded.

Does Windows 10 Require Bonjour?

You may have Bonjour deployed and activated on Windows 10 if you want to make it simple to connect to services and related devices that belong to Apple. However, the Bonjour program is not necessary. You won’t use it if your infrastructure doesn’t include any Apple items.

Is Bonjour Harmful To Your Device?

No, Bonjour is safe to use. It assists gadgets and apps in discovering and connecting to the same internal network.