What is ASP.NET Machine Account? Should I Delete It?

The Windows Computers are full of good features along with bugs, glitches, and lots of “what is this” things. One of those is the “ASP.NET machine account,” which many users report is automatically populated on their machines.

Although this issue could also occur on other operating systems, it is reported more on the windows OS.

This is a complete guide about the ASP.NET machine account, what it actually is, is it necessary to be installed on your system, should we delete it, and if yes, how to delete it. Let’s dive into it.

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What Is Asp.Net Machine Account?

If you are a programmer or have a little bit of programming knowledge, you might be familiar with the programming framework, or you can call it an application, “ASPNET framework”. Mircosoft has developed a “.NET Framework,” or “ASPNet compiler” which various applications and games use to execute and work properly. If your computer cannot download and install this application correctly, the dependent apps won’t work as expected.

The great thing about it is that you don’t need to download it manually; it gets automatically downloaded on your system. Once it is downloaded and installed correctly, it creates a user account without your/user’s permission.

aspnet machine account

The ASPNet user account is created with all the necessary permissions; in short, it will be created as an administrator account. It doesn’t override the current user account but is added as a new account. Although, in some cases, you can’t log in to this account.

Why Does My Computer Have An Asp.Net Account?

The answer is simple, and as stated above, some of the applications on your system require dependencies to be installed and should be present on the system to run and work successfully. One of these dependencies could be an ASPNet framework; that’s why all the necessary programs get installed automatically on your system with a new user account called “ASP.NET machine account”.

Should It Be Deleted?

As the ASP.Net machine account is generated automatically, deleting it will cause some applications’ improper working. However, many reports state that this account sometimes takes over the system completely. So, for non-programmers, it is recommended to delete it.

Can I Delete Asp.Net Machine Account?

If you are the administrator of your machine, then it is possible to delete the ASP.Net machine account as you hold all rights and permissions of your machine.

How To Delete Asp.Net Machine Account Windows 10

Deleting an ASP.Net machine account is not a difficult task. However, you should take care of not tempering with other system settings of your machine/system. There are multiple ways to delete the ASP.Net machine account. This full guide will go through every possible way to perform its deleting. Here we go!

Method 1- Reinstall The Application .Net Framework

The ASP.Net machine account gets created if the app is not installed correctly, and misconfiguration happens during the installation process. If you reinstall the application, the asp.net machine account automatically gets removed, which is the most effective way to get rid of the asp.net machine account.

Follow the steps to reinstall the .Net framework on your machine.

  • Download the .net framework from the official Microsoft website and run the executable (.exe) file to install it.
  • Your system will show a popup if you want to reinstall the application. Proceed.
  • Follow the steps on your screen for proper installation of the application. If the installation is successful, the Asp.net machine account will be removed.
  • Now, restart your machine and while choosing the account, check if the asp.net machine account is still present or not. In most cases, it should be gone already. Don’t worry if it is still there; there are more ways down below.

Method 2- Delete Complete Account

This is another easy way to remove the asp.net machine account. You just need to delete the entire user account(asp.net machine account) from your admin account. Follow the below steps delete them from your system.

  • Click the Windows icon on the screen or a Window button on your keyboard and search “control panel”, open it.
open control panel
  • Find the option “user accounts” and click on it.
open user accounts from control panel
manage another account from control panel
  • Here you will see all user accounts along with the asp.net machine account.
  • Click on that name and click “delete this account”.
  • Delete the files as well while deleting the account by choosing the option.

Other Fixes For Asp.Net Machine Account Issue

You can let the asp.net machine account be there along with other user accounts. However, it will annoy with the prompt messages when you try to modify any file or folder. To disable this, you can try the following fix-

Disable Control Userpasswords2

If you disable the control userpasswords2, you won’t see any annoying messages. Follow the steps below to disable it-

  • Open run prompt by clicking Win+R keys. In the input box, type “control userpasswords2” and hit enter.
open run prompt
  • Then untick the “user must enter a username and password to use this computer” in the popup window.
uncheck user must enter a username and password to use this computer option
  • Then click on the apply and ok button to save the settings.
  • Restart your PC to take effects of updated settings.


So here is a complete guide on the asp.net machine account along with all the methods to remove it from your system. The ASP.Net is an important application for security software like VPNs; that’s why it gets automatically downloaded when you install such applications.

We recommend you to go through some information regarding asp.net from the official Microsoft blog and get familiar with it even if you are not a programmer.

At last, tell us if you found our guide useful in the comment section below. If you have any doubt, let us know as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use Microsoft Asp.Net Identity?

ASP.NET core identity is a membership system that allows you to add login features to your apps. Users can create an account with either a login id and password or third-party vendors such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft account, Twitter, or Apple id.

How Can We Implement Asp.Net Identity In Mvc?

The ASP.NET identity is a new authentication feature that intends to replace the previous membership system of ASP.NET. To implement ASP.NET identity in the MVC, you can use the ASP.NET entity package from the visual studio 2017 software.

How Do Core Identity Roles Work In Asp Net?

The ASP.NET provides us with different roles with a set of permissions that are helpful for performing specific activities in the applications. For example, your application can have roles like super admin, admin, monitor, and user.

How Can Manage User Role In Asp Net MVC?

We can manage the user role using the ID and password that are stored in the database. If the entered ID and password on the login page are correct, we will set the session to maintain the user role in the browser.