What is a BPTWrapperTest

The "BPTWrapperTest" was included as part of the new improvements to the integration of the QTP 11 and ALM 11 products, for faster performance purposes for BPT Tests runs. On Quality Center 10 executions were much slower.

NOTE: This feature is only used when running BPT Tests from the HP ALM’s Test Lab Module

Background functionality: The BPT Test (group of components and/or flows) are transformed into a normal test, using as logic the below:

  • Each component is turned into a temporary action
  • Each "temp action" is invoked/called via LoadAndRunAction. Note: If Quality Center migration is not done with latest version of HP Asset Upgrade tooltool (when moving from QC 8.x/9.x to QC 11.x), these statements may encounter problems.
  • Each "temporary action" includes 2 sheets: Global, and a local with same name as original component yet modified, for example from "MyComponent" to "MyComponent [COMPONENT_SCRIPT]"
  • Any/All resources associated to the Application Area of the component, are associated to the temporary action
  • Each "Object Repository" will be handled/contained under the RepositoriesCollection object and can be seeing (it test were to be paused) on the Resources Panel
  • Each "Function Library" resource is loaded to run-time memory, yet it will not show on Resources panel and there is not allocated variable/object to contain them
  • Same as when running BPT Tests, the set of add-ins on the first encountered Application Area will be loaded to QTP when running, but not for any subsequent set of add-in configuration will not be loaded (for example other components with different application areas set with different add-ins).
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Expected behavior

Some of the documented expected behavior is show on below document:

  • Statement Environment("TestName") returns "BPTWrapperTest" instead of the name of the BPT or component
  • Statement DataTable.Value("ColA") returns error "The retrive DataTable.Value operation failed. The <ColA> column does not exist".

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  1. Hello I recently started automation with SAP using UFT I am having an issue where I am trying to read some fields from a delivery document. The windows screen name contains the delivery number so if I want to read another delivery number I get an error object not found in the application. When I use statements like micclass as there are multiple objects with the same class it gives me an error asking me for a description to identify the object do you have a solution for this.


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