What Happens When You Block A Number On Android? Ultimate Details

Several businesses now utilize technology to market their products by sending automated text messages and calls to their customers. This is a modern marketing strategy that most companies use. 

This article will explain what happens when you block a number on Android in detail. It would help if you restricted someone on your smartphone; you can regain your peace of mind by blocking advertisement calls, a stranger, or anyone on your contact list who bothers you.

What Happens When You Block A Number On Android, And How Does It Function?

With an Android phone, you can block a number so that you can’t be reached by phone or text message by the prohibited caller. When he calls, your phone won’t ring, but he’ll hear it ring once before it goes to voicemail. 

Despite not being transmitted, text messages will be able to be identified as being sent by him. Furthermore, the blocked person will not be informed of the restriction.

How Can I Block A Number On Android?

  1. Blocking a number through the phone app’s settings.
  2. Blocking a number using the phone’s call history.
  3. Blocking a number with the phone’s contacts app.
  4. Blocking a number with the help of your cellular provider.
  5. Blocking a number with caller ID and spam protection.

1. From The Phone App’s Settings

If you want to block a number from contacting you, you can do so in several ways. You should try another method if a particular strategy does not work on your phone, as these processes may vary from model to model.

After learning about what happens when you block a number on Android, here are the simple steps to block a number from the phone app’s settings:

  • Open the Phone app on your smartphone.
Selecting Phone app icon
  • To access the menu, click a three-dots menu icon in the upper right corner.
Clicking on the Menu icon
  • Tap Settings from the menu.
Tapping on Settings
  • Tap on the Blocked numbers in the General section.
Clicking on blocked numbers in the General section
  • After tapping on blocked numbers, click on Add a number
Selecting Add A Number
  • Add the number you wish to block.
Adding the number which is to be blocked
  • It is possible to see which number was blocked.
Checking the blocked number
  • Click the cross button (x) to remove a previously blocked person.
Removing a previously blocked number

2. From The Phone App’s Call History

You can block that number from your recent call history if you have received any unwanted phone calls recently. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Launch the Phone App on your Android phone.
Selecting Phone app icon
  • In the upper right corner, tap the three dots.
Clicking on the Menu icon
  •  Click Call History.
Tap on Call history
  • All the calls you received or missed are now listed in one place.
Selecting Block/Report Spam
  • You can block a number by long pressing it and selecting Block/report Spam from the options menu.
Tapping on Block/Report Spam
  • After selecting report spam, select the Report call as spam checkbox and then select Block to block the number.
Tapping on Block
  • Once you select block, it will not be able to call you again.

3. From The Phone App’s Contacts List?

You might be bothered by someone already on your contact list calling you without apparent reason. Therefore, if you were planning to block that particular number from your contact list, follow these steps:

  • Visit your Phone app.
Selecting Phone app icon
  •  After opening the contacts app, you can search for the name or number of the individual you wish to block by typing it in the Search bar.
Tapping on the Search menu
  • Go to the Contact info and tap the Three dots at the top right of the screen.
Tapping on the Menu button
  •  Tap Block numbers from the list.
Tapping on Block numbers
  • To block the number, uncheck the box Report as spam and tap Block.
Clicking on Block
  • After you tap block, the blocked person will then be unable to reach you.

4. Via Cellular Provider?

Blocking a contact through your cellular provider can be accomplished in several ways. There is a difference between the iPhone, Android smartphone, and some service providers when blocking incoming calls. 

Some cellular carriers, such as Verizon, may even charge you for their call block service. The major cellular providers in the United States are AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-mobile. 

You can block a number on your computer or use the carrier’s app regardless of your carrier. The same procedures used to block telephone conversations also block text messages.

5. Block A Number On Android With Caller ID And Spam Protection

With the Google Phone app, you can view Caller ID and Spam Protection in the app. This feature allows you to filter out all calls you may identify as spam, removing all notifications that may represent spam.

So, let’s begin with the last technique to block a number and discover what happens when you block a number on Android. You can block an unknown number with caller id and spam protection by following the below steps:

  • Activate this feature in the Phone app.
Selecting Phone app icon
  • Tap on Settings.
Tapping on Settings
  •  Select the Caller ID and spam option.
Selecting Caller ID and spam
  • Then enable the checkboxes for See caller and spam ID, Filter spam calls.
Toggling both buttons on

What Are The Steps To Block Text Messages On Android?

Blocking spam messages on Android

Are spam messages and robotexts driving you crazy? Consider blocking them. If these spam messages keep building up, your inbox may overflow, and you may lose track of what’s essential. So, the easiest way to avoid this issue is to ban these annoying communications permanently.

Let’s understand what happens when you block a number on Android by only blocking text messages. Texting can be blocked by following these steps:

  • Open the Message app on your phone.
Tapping on Messages app
  •  Hold down the text message you want to block. An icon of a tick can be seen. Then, tap on the menu button.
Long pressing message and then tapping on menu button
  • After that, tap on Block.
Clicking on Block
  • Click on the OK button.
Tapping on Ok
  • If you have so many messages to block, select Spam & Block from the Three dots menu within the messaging app.
Spam & Block
  • Tap on Three dots again in the upper right corner and tap Blocked contacts.
Tapping Blocked contacts
  • Click Add phone number now.
Tapping on Add A Number
  • Specify the number you wish to block from texting or calling you.
Adding the number which is to be blocked

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

You should know the blocking process and what happens when you block a number on Android. Let’s proceed to the next step, determining whether your phone number has been blocked.

You won’t know if someone has blocked you until they tell you specifically. It might be possible to get a rough estimate using one of these methods:

  1. Hide your caller ID.
  2. Call from a different number.
  3. Count the number of rings.

1. Hide your Caller ID

Keeping your caller ID hidden provides you with privacy and protection. It can inform you whether or not you’ve been blocked.

If you are having trouble reaching a specific contact, hide your ID and attempt to reach again. If you can make a call, it indicates that the person has blocked you. Following are the steps you can follow to hide your Caller ID on your Android phone:

  • Tap the Phone icon.
Tapping on phone app icon
  • Select the Three-dot menu.
Selecting menu button
  • Tap Settings.
Clicking on Settings
  • Select Calling accounts and then tap on SIM.
Clicking on SIM
  • Choose Additional settings.
Clicking on Additional settings
  • Then, tap on Caller ID.
Tapping on Caller ID
  • Then, click on the Hide number.
Tapping on Hide number

2. Call From A Different Number

If your number is blocked, there are alternative ways to check, and the good news is that it isn’t as complicated as hiding your Caller ID. Use someone else’s phone at home to make a call. Your phone number is blocked if the call goes through.

3. The Number Of Rings

The number of times your phone rings before being directed to voicemail gives you the following possibilities:

  • Single ring or no ring: The contact you are trying to reach has blocked you, so you have been directed to voicemail.
  • Three to five rings: You have not yet been blocked by that person. The person that you are trying to contact is not answering your call.

How To Block Calls & Messages with a Third-party Android app?

Third-party apps are provided by companies other than those that manufacture the device. In other words, they aren’t native to the Android device they’re running. The Android platform uses these features until the same elements are incorporated into its OS.

There are many third-party call blocker applications on the Google Play Store that you can use to block calls and messages on your Android device. You can google any call blocker app to Block A Number On Android.


So now you know what happens when you block a number on Android. Even though you may be friendly by nature and have many contacts, there are times when you need to block specific numbers urgently.

Almost all Android phones have a built-in app to block unwanted spam calls. Using the tactics mentioned above, you can block any number on your phone by simply following the instructions.

So, don’t waste time on spam or automated calls. Block them right away.