VuGen is unable to save imported Libraries in TruClient

When importing a Library from Develop Script -> Function Libraries and saving it, everything is fine. But when closing the Develop Script mode and opening it again, the library is not shown.
The script is not able to parse the XML files correctly. It could be due to crash of VuGen before the script became corrupted or if the script replay is interrupted unexpectedly. If something unexpected happened, VuGen can get corrupted and the reading process may be incorrect.
The following can help to fix the issue:
1. Take the .xml files from the “libraries” folder (within the script folder) and put them out of the script folder.

2. Delete the original files from the “libraries” folder.

3. Open the script with VuGen.

4. Go to Function Libraries.

5. Select the button “Import Library”.

6. Navigate and select the .xml files saved out of the script folder.

After doing this, the script will read/parse the XML files again and this time, it will be done correctly.

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