10 Best Fixes For Voicemail Not Working On Android

The voicemail is a great option to listen to all your important messages. After a vacation or as you get free time and switch on your cellphone, anybody who wants to send an important message can convey it through voicemail.

But it is possible only when you have your voicemail working correctly. Let’s discuss solving the issue of your voicemail not working on android properly.

voicemail not working on android

No voicemail notifications

If you are not receiving new voicemail notifications, try to delete text or text threats. They can be backed up before deleting). If your message box is full, it might not be able to receive new notifications for texts or those voicemails.

If it doesn’t work, go for the next solution by changing your settings to default:

Open the voicemail
  • Open the google voice app
  • At the top left, tap menu > Settings
  • Under message, call, or voicemail, select the notification settings
  1. Message notification
  2. Call notification
  3. Voicemail notification
  4. Select on or off
  5. If on, set the following options
  • Importance: Tap and select the level of importance for notification
  • Sound: Select Ringtone, tap “Ok.”
  • Vibrate: Turn in if importance is high or urgent
  • On the lock screen: Select notification content to show
  • Show notification dot: Turn On
  • Override do not disturb: Turn On, if importance is set to high or urgent

   6. Get an email when you receive a voicemail:

  • Set settings > turn on “get email alerts when you missed a call.”

Can’t call voicemail

  1. Try to dial voicemail through a different method, as listed on how to use voicemail.
  2. If you are:
  • Non T-Mobile user, dial 1-805-MESSAGE(1-805-637-7243). Don’t dial 1 key or a programmed voice mail button
  • Roaming internationally, see how to call your voicemail on our international roaming checklist
  • Hearing an error message, ringing, or busy signal, when voicemail plays, select the 7 key

What is Visual Voicemail Android?

Voicemail allows you to manage your voicemail by reviewing them in a list on your Android phone. You can listen to any message by tapping it.

You don’t need to listen to any instructions or prior messages. You can also rewind any message in case you missed any part.

In 2007, Apple iPhone was the first to introduce this feature. In 2007, YouMail was the first third-party, multi-platform in mobile phones.

These features are also being offered by other phones for internal voicemail users.

In 2010, google voice became available without an invitation. The voicemail application on the google android platform can control visual voicemail. It can control its functionality in place of the carrier’s application.

Basic visual voicemail is included in all standard monthly accounts. Android phones have a visual voicemail app. It is irremovable, even if you choose not to use the basic service.

To set the voicemail app on an android phone, open the voicemail app and follow the prompts. The app icon may appear green on new devices.

What is Visual Voicemail

How do I set up Google Voice on my phone?

A number is given by google voice to make calls, messages, and voicemail. This number can be used for domestic or international calls. You can use your web browser and devices for that. In the US, you can use your number.

With google voice for calls and texts, you can get the following additional features:

  • Read voicemail transcripts in your inbox and search them like an email.
  • Personalize voice mail greetings
  • Make an international call at low rates
  • Get protection from calls or messages
  • Block unwanted numbers
  • Screen call before you answer

Google voice saves and processes your text, call, and voicemail information.

Google Voice

Can I shut off my voicemail?

You can turn off your voicemail so that one can send you a voicemail or can leave a message for you.

Usually, mobile carriers can control voice mail. You can call your Carrier support team to disable voicemail.

You can try to use call forwarding by forwarding all the voice messages you receive. If worse can come, you can send 20 to 30 messages to your voicemail so that others cannot get through.

Know More About Why Visual Voicemail is Not Working on Android

There can be multiple reasons for your voicemail not working. However, no matter the problem, it should be fixed urgently. You never know when any important call might come.

Here are some causes of why your voicemail app is not working.

  • Application bug:

You need an application to access your voicemail. It is common for the issues created by the application itself.

  • Network problems:

These problems are caused mainly by your mobile network settings or your network. Try to reset network settings.

Network Problem
  • Update errors:

It can be due to an application update or your operating system update. Your voicemail may not function properly due to these updates.

  • Unsupported version:

Sometimes, errors occur in voicemail. When your operating system is not updated, it causes compatibility issues.

  • Activation:

You may need to get in touch with your service provider if you need regarding your application.

  • Corrupt application files:

It can happen because of some missing files from your visual voicemail application.

These are some problems you face while using the visual voicemail application. Sometimes it may be a software issue, but it might be something else. So, it is best to troubleshoot visual voicemail to search for the potential cause of the error.

Why Verizon Visual Voicemail Stopped Working on Android?

You might have issues accessing your messages or are not getting voicemail notifications. For that, start detecting the problem by checking your internet connection.

The visual voicemail needs a cellular data connection. Ensure that your mobile data is turned on, and you can access data with wifi turned off.

You cannot check messages or get notifications. That could happen if you are outside the coverage area or your mobile data is disabled.

So if you cannot access mobile data, you can still have missed call indicator. Or you can dial *86 to check a new voicemail.

If you have mobile data on but still facing trouble, you should try power cycling. Sometimes powering off and off the device fixes many issues.

If still the problem is not solved, try resetting your voicemail. It will only reset the app but will not have any data but will just reset the app itself.

You can find it in settings. Open the applications and click on visual voicemail. Then tap the app and select force stop and confirm.

Now select storage, then clear data, and hit confirm. Now open voicemail, and follow the screen prompt. Then retest to check the problem is fixed.

Suppose you need specific steps for your device. Search clear app cache, and find your model on Verizon.com.

Still, the problem is not fixed? You may have your call forwarding settings on. Due to call forwarding activation, the calls will be forwarded before reaching you.

Dial *73, send and wait for a beep to cancel all call forwarding you may have set up on your phone. If *73 does not work, you can try *920 to turn off call forwarding.

Solutions to Fix Voicemail Not Working on Android

  1. Toggle On/off Airplane Mode:
  2. Try Restarting Your Phone
  3. Reset the Network Settings
  4. Allow App to Use Background Data Usage
  5. Clear Cache & Data of Visual Voicemail
  6. Disable/Enable Visual Voicemail
  7. Reinstall the Visual Voicemail App
  8. Update Visual Voicemail App
  9. Deactivate Call Forwarding
  10. Use Android Repair Tool to Fix Visual Voicemail Not Working Issue
How to fix voicemail

1. Toggle On/off Airplane Mode:

If your visual voicemail is not working, toggle your airplane mode off and on your phone.

Toggling airplane mode off and on is mainly done to solve network issues. Because sometimes, it can be the reason for visual voicemail not working properly.

So, when the visual voicemail is working, go for this solution and check if the problem is resolved.

Go to the screen and drag the screen down toggle airplane mode off and on. Airplane mode can be seen here. Turn it on and then turn it off after a few seconds.

2. Try Restarting Your Phone

Due to minor technology errors, users may start to experience some issues like using visual voicemail not working on their android phones.

In these cases, it would help if you tried simple fixation to solve the error by restarting your phone. It will resolve minor issues if your phone has.

For this, hold your power button and tap restart. After a few seconds, your phone will be restarted. Now reboot your device from the menu and wait for reboot.

Now, check if you can send or receive voice messages from your phone or not, as it has restarted. If the problem persists, try some other solutions.

3. Reset the Network Settings

Changing your network settings will create a problem. And the network will not let the app work from a smartphone. Resetting network settings will help you resolve the visual voicemail issue not working.

Many users have tried this and have their issues fixed. For this:

  • Visit your phone’s reset settings
open phone’s reset settings
  • Then you have to select the system option.
  • To reset options, go to advanced settings > reset options
  • At this stage, select reset network from the drop-down menu
select reset network

4. Allow App to Use Background Data Usage

Background data is the consumption of internet connections. The apps are not being used actively (in the background) even when your phone is in standby mode.

Settings background processes are different in every device and carrier also. The following procedure will help you to use background data usage:

  • Unlock the phone and go to settings.
  • Go to applications and app manager.
Go to applications and app manager
  • You can see a bundle of applications and those you have downloaded on your phone. Now search for visual voicemail and select it.
  • Then tap on mobile data.
  • Here, allow background data usage.

5. Clear Cache & Data of Visual Voicemail

Clear cache and data of visual voicemail will resolve the existing issues. Follow the guidelines mentioned below:

6. Disable/Enable Visual Voicemail

Disable and enable visual voicemail. It will remove the errors that create a problem in visual voicemail.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Launch your phone app
  • Locate the hamburger menu on the top right corner of your screen
  • Select settings and the voicemail
  • Now, toggle the visual voicemail button to turn off and on

This process should fix the problem quickly. If not, try other solutions.

Disable and enable visual voicemail

7. Reinstall the Visual Voicemail App

It is another trick to solve the problem of visual voicemail not working on Android.

For this, uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Here are the steps to go for this process:

  • First, uninstall the app
  • Then, go to the google play store
  • Search visual voicemail
  • Select the install button and complete the installation process
  • Now open the application, and check if it is working or not

8. Update Visual Voicemail App

There may be hurdles in not letting the visual voicemail application work properly. If an Android application is outdated, it creates a problem in its usage.

Then the easy solution we will recommend you to go to the play store and search for the app. Now check for application updates if available.

Updating an application can get new features and fix the bugs that do not let you use the application. Also, it will solve the issue of applications not being supported.

Call the voicemail service provider for a permanent solution in case of any issue.

You can try this solution as well:

  • Use your phone only where you have a carrier to activate visual voicemail
  • Enable 4G/LTE service to the application
  • Get a dedicated voicemail data plan that offers voicemail
  • Your phone might not have any dedicated voicemail app. Download AT&T visual voicemail application

9. Deactivate Call Forwarding

You might not receive any calls on your number by activating call forwarding. They can not even get a chance to send you a message.

To eliminate this problem, you have to disable the call forwarding feature from your android phone.

  • Launch the phone app on your smartphone
  • Go to the three-dot button at the top right corner
  • Select the option settings from the menu
  • Go to call settings
  • Under this, select call forwarding
  • Turn off the call forwarding feature available for many situations.

10. Use Android Repair Tool to Fix Visual Voicemail Not Working Issue

Android users face several issues regarding their work, which must be fixed as soon as possible. You can use any of the best Android repair tools to fix this issue.

It will help you solve many issues regarding your cellphone. It will also help to resolve issues related to visual voicemail. It is a powerful Android repair tool.

These tools can tackle the issue of MMS not working, and android apps keep crashing without losing any data.

Here is how you can solve the issue like visual voicemail not working in android, just in some clicks.

  • Download the Android repair tool on your computer. Launch the program, and connect your phone to the computer through a cable. When connected, select repair android system.
  • Select repair now to proceed.
  • Enter information about your device, and press enter. The program will start downloading the firmware for your device.
  • As the firmware package is downloaded, start to repair your system.
  • Wait for the repair process to complete. The hit did when finished.

Now the issue of visual voicemail should be solved. Then try to use such tools for instant software bug fixes.

Additional Solutions to Fix Android Visual Voicemail Not Working

With all the abovementioned tricks, you can go for some additional Solutions. Such as:

  • Your operating system also needs to be updated timely.
  • By updating your phone, you can use your phone without any problem.
  • Mostly, visual voicemail is issued by your phone or your service provider.
  • Sometimes, the app is not activated by the provider. So you should get in touch with them and ask them for the activation of your visual voicemail.
  • Network like Verizon has provisions for visual voicemail. You may want to contact them if you are not sure about the status of your visual voicemail.


Visual voicemail is an excellent feature in android. It helps you reach all messages and calls you cannot attend for any reason.

There are many possible reasons which cause visual voicemail not to work. This guide will help you solve all the issues related to visual voicemail.

You can give them a try to resolve the visual voicemail not working. The problem might persist even after trying all these guidelines. In that case, you need to consult with a professional to fix the bug.


How Do I Fix T-Mobile Visual Voicemail Not Syncing On Android?

– Restart your phone
– Restart the visual voicemail app
– Clear the cache and data of the app
– Update the visual voicemail app

Why Is Visual Voicemail Not Working On My Samsung Phone?

Visual voicemail requires cellular data to work. Make sure your data is turned on, and you can access it with the wifi turned off.
You will not receive any messages or notifications. It might be because you are outside the data coverage area or if mobile data is disabled.

What Do You Do When Your Voicemail Isn’t Working?

– Check voicemail settings
– Request new voicemail settings from the carrier
– Update the voicemail app
– Contact the carrier for support

How Do I Reset My Voicemail On Android?

– Go to apps, open visual voicemail
– Tap set up now
– Enter the password, hit done
– Record a custom greeting, or use a default greeting
– Now tap save

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