Top 10 Best Voice Changer for Discord, PC, Mobile App

What is Voice Changer Software?

The word “voice changing software” (also known as “voice enhancer”) refers to a system that can modify the sound quality or pitch of a user’s voice, or a combination of the two, and can differ in feature and complexity. 

Voice changer software can record audio and send it to others via email or social media platforms such as Voice changer for Discord or Steam or gaming trolling. These apps provide a simple interface with a variety of natural effects.

How Do I Change My Voice On Discord?

On Discord, there is no authorized way to alter one’s voice. One can change input/output volumes, choose whether to use the Voice Activity or Push to Talk option, and make other adjustments in the audio/data settings. 

You’ll have to use a third-party discord voice changer software to adjust what the other players hear coming from your mic. Fortunately, there is a range of Discord voice changer applications available for Windows users.

Why Should One Use a Voice Changer?

Some users use voice changers since they think it gives them more privacy. Some trolls use them to taunt people in a more threatening manner. Many kids use voice changers to mask their age to engage in 18+ gaming chats without being blocked. Furthermore, some people use voice changers to hide their gender.

How To Select The Right Voice Changer For Discord?

When selecting the best discord voice changer, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Voice Effects Are Available: More voice effects increase the fun and offer better options in-voice variety.
  • Simple To Use:  a voice changer should be simple to use, have a simple interface, and learn quickly.
  • Features And Functions: More elements bring more fun and make it more competent tools.
  • Integration Of Other Applications:  all the voice changers are accompanied to be used in some other third-party applications. Higher compatibility means better support.
  • For media files, there is an import/export feature.
  • The feature allows you to change your voice in real-time.
  • It should allow you to save and share audio files that have been taken.

Top 10 Voice Changer For Discord 

Here we have provided some of the best voice changer/tools that users can utilize to enhance their experience.

  1. VoiceMeeter

Voicemeeter is a voice modifier software with a virtual audio interface that can be used as a virtual i/o to mix and control input sources from and to any audio-enabled devices. VoiceMeeter is mainly developed for advanced users. It refers to users who have some experience with audio mixing.

  • Features: 
    • Voicemeeter Virtual Audio Mixer: On Skype, discord, and other platforms, you can combine your voice and video game audio.
    • Simplification: It has easy and fast installation and a friendly interface.
    • Multiple Support: Support MME, DX, KS, WDM, ASIO interfaces
    • Other application/features include:
      • Use Skype or Google Voice to blend your voice with music and create a live podcast or your radio show.
      • Use your favorite audio/video recording program to build a tutorial.
      • To record a multichannel conference or interview for post-production.
      • To combine multiple audio applications and record the output in real-time using your favorite DAW.
  • Price:
    • Voicemeeter is a free voice changer software.
    • For more information on Voicemeeter voice changer for discord, contact them.
  1. Clownfish Voice Changer
Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is a platform that allows you to change your voice. Clownfish voice changer is mounted at the machine stage, so the voice changer(Clownfish) will impact any program that uses a microphone or other audio capture unit. In general, it will alter the speech in Steam, ooVoo, Jitsi, Ventrilo, Hangouts, TeamSpeak, Mumble,  Viber, Ekiga, Discord, and other similar applications.

  • Features: 
    • Easy Installation: Voice Changer(Clownfish) is simple to set up. Continue clicking the Next button.
    • Central Voice Changer Window: The Set Voice Changer option in the main menu opens this window.
    • Music Playlist Window: Monitor and handle the music played by your background microphone.
    • Setup Dialog: Clownfish installation and removal require administrative privileges. The Setup option in the main menu opens this window.
    • Voice Assistant Dialog: Dialogue with the voice assistant. Voice Assistant is a text-to-speech conversion tool.
    • Soundplay Player: You can choose from a variety of sounds. Predefined sounds will be played when the hotkey is pressed.
    • Sound Effects Include:
      • Baby pitch, Radio, Clone, Mutation, Fast Mutation, Slow Mutation, Male pitch
      • Silence, Alien, Atari,  girl pitch, Helium pitch, Robot, Custom pitch
  • Price: 
    • Clownfish voice changer for discord is free voice changer software.
    • To download Clownfish voice changer for discord, visit Clownfish.
  1. Voicemod

For gamers, content creators, and tubers, Voicemod is the best free voice changing app. To sound like a robot, ghost, chipmunk, woman, man, or something else you can think of, use a voice modifier. It is supported with all of your favorite games and seamlessly integrates with Elgato Stream Deck, Streamlabs OBS app, Twitch, Gamecaster, and Omegle.

  • Features: 
    • New Voice Filters: The voice changer soundboard from Voicemod comes preloaded with many existing sounds, songs, and effects, with more added every month.
    • Customize: You can add all of your sound files to Voicemod’s meme soundboard.
    • Compatible: Compatible with various online chat applications, including skype, twitch, discord, Hangouts, Viber, Paltalk, and others.
    • Multiple Support: works efficiently on Windows PC, Android, and an iOS platform.
  • Price: 
    • Voicemod is a free voice changer for limited features.
    • To download and know more about Voicemod voice changer, contact them.  
  1. MorphVOX 

MorphVOX discord voice changer tool helps you get something out of your online experience. It alters the consistency of your voice’s tone and pitch. This method will assist you in imitating the sounds of a man and a woman. For producing the best voice effects, the tool also mimics your voice.

  • Features: 
    • Free Voice Effects: To create more voice variations, tweak each of these voices to your heart’s content.
    • Free Sound Effects: MorphVOX can be turned into a soundboard by pressing short keys to send out farts and drum rolls.
    • Background Program: When you’re speaking, you can use any sound as a soundtrack.
    • Voice Changing Algorithms: It’s one of the cleanest-sounding voice changers, thanks to its recent ultra-quiet noise cancellation.
    • Online Games: Sound like the role you’re playing in the game, whether you’re a grumpy dwarf or a strong giant.
  • Price: 
    • MorphVOX voice changer for discord is priced at $39.99. Morpvox is one time buy voice changer software.
    • To know more about MorphVOX, contact the official website MorphVOX.
  1. AV Voice Changer Software
AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software isn’t just a voice changer that changes your voice in real-time. AV Voice Changer Software produces a complete home workstation with all of the equipment you’ll need to make great recordings on your own. AV voice changer software is considered the best voice changer in the market.

  • Features: 
    • Voice Editor: Modify your voice by edits and add an effects file to make it exactly what you want.
    • Effects: Thirty voice effects, seventy background effects, seventeen non-human voices, and forty plug-in audio effects
    • Voice Recorder: Use the microphone to record your speech or capture sound from any VoIP application.
    • Voice Analyzer: Examine four main aspects of your voice: harmony, brightness, pitch, and score.
    • Parody Mixer: To make a new parody voice, merge various parody voices.
    • Player: Play imported files or preview your morphing work with the built-in audio player, supporting various file formats.
    • Available: It is available on windows, android, and a mobile device.
  • Prices: 
    • AV Voice Changer provides many plans. The free version is available for a trial period.
      • Basic: $29.95
      • Gold: $39.95
      • Diamond: $99.95
    • For more information, contact AV Voice Changer.
  1. Voxal Voice Changer
Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal voice changer promotes itself as the go-to app for changing or masking your voice on almost every online gaming or chat site. The tool provides users with an unlimited number of options for changing their voice. Voxal allows you to sound like a person, a boy, or a devil in a matter of seconds.

  • Features: 
    • By using a mic or other audio input device, add effects in real-time voice.
    • Create as many custom voice effects as you like.
    • To hear the effects in real-time, output the modified audio to speakers.
    • In online games, use a girl or male voice.
    • To change your voice, you can load and save effect chains.
    • Develop characters’ voices for audiobooks.
    • Robot, girl, boy, alien, ambient, echo, and several other vocal effects are available in the library.
    • The user interface is intuitive and straightforward.
    • These Programs are Voxal compatible:
      • CSGO, discord, skype, Rainbow Six Siege, Steam games, Skype, TeamSpeak
  • Price: 
    • Voxal voice changer provides two plans.
      • Voice Changer Home: $12.99 
      • Voice Changer Commercial: $14.99
    • For more insights on Voxal Voice Changer, contact Voxal.
  1. Voice Changer Plus 
Voice Changer Plus 

The Voice Changer App is a voice changer for discord that allows you to change your voice. There are hundreds of sound effects and voices in this game. This program will enable you to reverse the direction of your speech. The user can choose from a variety of sound effects and voices.

  • Features: 
    • With Voice Changer Plus, you can change your voice in a variety of fun and extraordinary ways.
    • Pick from a selection of funny voices and sound effects. Try talking with Bad Melody or altered Harmony. It’s not just for talking.
    • Play your speech backward as well.
    • Simply press record, say something, and then press record again. Choose a new voice and tap play to hear the same audio in a different voice.
    • With 55 voice effects and background sounds, you can change your voice.
    • You can save and share your recordings for free!
    • Open previously saved recordings to add different effects.
    • VoiceOver is fully supported.
  • Price: 
    • Voice Changer App is free of cost. It is only available for the iOS platform. 
    • For more information, visit Voice Changer App.
  1. Robovox Voice Changer
Robovox Voice Changer

With RoboVox discord voice changing software, you can make your voice sound scary or funny, musical or evil, or like a bot. RoboVox voice changer for discord is a vocoder-enabled voice recorder and voice changer app.

  • Features: 
    • Chipmunk, Helium voice, Discobot, Badman, Exorcist, Bionic, Croak, Singing Robot, Dark, HAL, Stephen, Prophet are among the 32 voice models available.
    • Make a ringtone out of your transformed voice.
    • Pitch and modulation can be adjusted using the X-Y control area.
    • It has a mode of operation in real-time (with headphones).
    • SoundCloud is a great place to share your results.
    • Real-time, parrot, and recording are the three modes available.
    • Save your work as a WAV file.
    • WAV files should be emailed as attachments.
  • Price: 
    • RoboVox costs around $1.49 for a single download.  
    • RoboVox is available on android and an iOS platform. For more insights, contact  RoboVox Voice Changer.
  1. Skype Voice Changer
Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer Pro helps you change your real-time voice or say something with a computer-generated voice. It also allows you to record your interactions and playback pre-recorded sounds to the person you’re communicating with. It’s easy to use, and you can get started right away.

  • Features: 
    • Transform Voice: Skype Voice Changer Pro comes with various easy-to-use, entertaining effects for changing your voice in multiple ways.
    • Replay Sounds: It helps you to listen to pre-recorded voice effects with the other person.
    • Record Conversations: Users can record their entire conversations in several audio compression formats, including WMA, MP3, and AAC, in addition to WAV.
    • Speak Synthesis: With Windows’ speech synthesis capabilities, you simply type what you want to say, pick the voice you want to use, and click play.
  • Price: 
    • Skype Voice Changer provides both a licensed and a free version.
    • To download and install Skype Voice Changer, visit Skype.
  1. Voice Changer with Effects
Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effect allows you to alter or adjust your voice. It helps you to make your voice a ringtone or a warning sound. It included more than 40 effects in this submission. 

It has multiple software support like discord, skype, WhatsApp, friends, and many more.

  • Features: 
    • Adjust your voice and have an excellent time listening to it.
    • Make a recording of yourself, add effects, and share it with your peers.
    • More than 40 effects are included.
    • Helium, robot, giant, backward, mutant, extraterrestrial, zombie, alien, squirrel, intoxicated, and many more 
    • Save the piano recording.
    • It can use sound to create an image.
    • It may import pre-recorded audio.
    • Create a voice out of text
    • Make a ringtone
    • Set the sound as a warning.
  • Price: 
    • Voice Changer with Effect is free software.
    • For more insights on Voice Changer with Effect, contact parent company Baviux.


Voice changing software is an amusing instrument that, interestingly enough, often serves a valuable practical purpose. It allows gamers to remain anonymous on streaming sites and in chatting with friends on Discord. 

Try to use any of the best voice changer tools mentioned above to enhance your gaming experience. Also, do check out how to Fix Discord Keeps Freezing Issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are voice changers illegal?

There are no restrictions on where or how you can use an audio processor to alter the sound or format of your voice. It is against the law to use a tool to commit a crime or engage in any risky activity. One example is the use of a voice changer to threaten or harass someone over the phone or to intimidate them on social media.

Can you change your voice in discord?

The Voicemod voice changer for Discord is one of several tools that make it easy to modify your voice on Discord. To alter your voice, simply run Voicemod. Launch the Discord app and go to your user settings by clicking on the gear icon. Select Microphone from Voice & Video in the App Settings section.

Is Voicemod dangerous to use?

That isn’t correct. It is safe, dependable, and adware-free to download the original Voicemod program from the official website at voicemodnet.com. Cracked versions, on the other hand, can’t be trusted.