12 Best Fixes For Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

vizio tv won't turn on

Vizio is a well-known television manufacturer with various models that provide excellent performance. Each television model has its price range and unique characteristics.

However, it appears that Vizio TVs have a widespread problem. Many Vizio owners have complained about their televisions failing to turn on. This is especially aggravating when you’re in the mood to watch your favorite TV episodes or online series! So, to assist you with this issue, we’ve developed a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

If you have a Vizio TV and are experiencing this issue, there is no need to go further. You’ve arrived at the correct place to learn everything there is to know about troubleshooting a Vizio TV that won’t switch on.

The most common causes of your Vizio TV not turning on include power supply difficulties, damaged or outdated software, and a faulty remote.

You tackle such problems independently until you discover the problem is due to hardware.

Why Your Vizio TV Won’t Turn On?

There’s no need to be concerned if your Vizio television won’t turn on. Instead, please start with the most basic solution: disconnecting the TV from the socket and turning it off. Now, please wait a minute before plugging it back in. This is how you do a hard reset on your television.

Investigating a few more possibilities often aids in quickly resolving this problem. After some basic troubleshooting, you’ll be back to watching your favorite shows in no time.

Here are a few reasons why your Vizio TV isn’t turning on:

Decoding Power Indicator On Vizio TV

To comprehend the problem with your Vizio TV, you must first decode the meaning of each power indicator color.

  • If the power indicator on the TV keeps flashing orange to white light for several minutes and the TV does not switch on entirely, your Vizio TV may have an internal problem. 
  • Your Vizio TV is having display troubles if it turns on and the screen goes black with no lights or a faint backlight.
  • The latest Vizio TV models include a white light indication that lights on and fades away as the TV powers on; if the light stays on and does not fade off, you should get your TV examined before it quits powering on.

Replace the power cable in the TV’s back panel and the power plug on the wall if the power indicator on your Vizio TV does not light up.

How to reinsert the power cable in Vizio TV:

  1. Remove the power cable from the TV and re-insert it.
  2. Ascertain that it is securely fastened to the television.
  3. Replace the plug socket and repeat the operation. If your power cord is connected to a surge protector, ensure it’s turned on.

Remote Control Issues

If your Vizio TV does not turn on when you use the remote, the remote control batteries are most likely dead. Change up the old batteries for new ones and give them a try. If the problem persists, try pressing the power button to turn on the television. If the TV turns on this way, your remote is broken, and it’s time to get a new one.

Power Supply 

If you don’t notice any issues with your remote, the issue may be due to a power source failure. To see if your TV is receiving power, press the Menu button on your remote and the TV simultaneously. If the menu displays, your TV is receiving power. If the menu button does not access the menu, the power supply may be defective, and you should reconnect it to a power source before turning it on.

Inspect the Power Cord

One of the possible causes of your TV not turning on is a tangled power connection. You must check that the TV is properly plugged in and that the connection to the power socket is secure. You should disconnect it and re-plug it to see whether it works. If it doesn’t, you should check to see if the present outlet is working, since it may be damaged.

Faulty internal components

The black screen sometimes won’t go away since the problem is internal. Grab a flashlight and stand 2 inches away from the screen, flashing the light to check if an image can be seen through the external light. If this is the case, your TV’s inverter board has failed.

If that isn’t the problem, you’ll need to look at the internal workings of your television. Internal components occasionally fail to operate properly. If you’ve never troubleshot a T-Con board before, we recommend getting it checked out by an expert. However, if you’ve tested the T-Con board before, here’s what you should do:

  1. Place your TV with the screen pointing downwards on a towel-covered flat surface.
  2. Remove the rear panel using a screwdriver.
  3. Check all fuses (most TVs have 5) to see if any have blown. If this is the case, you will need to get it replaced.

Because replacing the components or the power board is difficult, we recommend having a specialist inspect and replace the board on your television. If your TV is still under warranty, contact Vizio support right away.

Solutions When your Vizio TV won’t turn on

There are several reasons why your Vizio TV won’t turn on. Simple troubleshooting will usually cure the problem. The greatest solutions for a Vizio TV that won’t turn on are listed below:

  1. Check the Remote Control
  2. Power Source
  3. Perform a Factory Reset
  4. Recognize the capacitor problem
  5. Remove any interference
  6. Disable CEC
  7. Try a different power outlet
  8. Power supply replacement
  9. Check for the Power Cords
  10. Power Cycle
  11. Contact Vizio Customer Support
  12.  Replace Internal Components

Let us go through each solution one by one:

Solution 1: Check the Remote Control

The screen on your Vizio TV is blank, and when you turn it on, you get nothing, not even an image. That’s not good at all! If you know what to do, this may be a simple repair.

If there is a power outage, the television may not turn on for various reasons.

A decline in electric power voltage, power variations such as brownouts or blackouts, adverse weather conditions, and other factors might all have a role.

Let’s talk about how to solve it:

  • Check sure the TV’s power cord is securely inserted into the rear of the TV if it is detachable. Also, ensure sure the opposite end of the wire is hooked into an available electrical outlet.
  • If it’s hooked into a power strip, make sure the power strip is switched on, or try simply inserting the TV power cord into a wall socket.
  • The light on the TV should transition from red to green when you push the power button on the remote control, indicating that the TV is switched on.
  • If the TV hasn’t turned on, use its built-in power button to turn it on.

Solution 2: Power Source

A power supply problem is one of the most common reasons your Vizio TV won’t turn on. Check the power supply by pushing the menu button on the remote control or the TV after you’re confident your remote control is operating properly.

If the menu selections appear, there is no problem with the TV’s power supply. If the menu choice does not appear, ensure the TV is properly connected to an electrical source. Then go back to the menu selection and try it again.

Solution 3: Perform a Factory Reset

If no other solution works, try a factory reset on your television. You might be hesitant since it will erase all of your TV’s settings and data. You can, however, give it a go.

The technique for factory resetting your Vizio TV is as follows:

  • Take your remote control and press the menu button.
  • Select “System” from the “menu” that appears, then click “OK.”
  • After that, click “OK” and select “Reset and Admin.”
  • Then, select “Reset TV to Factory Defaults” and press “OK.”
  • On the screen, the password prompt is anticipated to display. You should enter “0000” if you haven’t specified a special parental code.
  • The Vizio TV will now shut off.
  • Please wait for it and watch it; the TV should turn on within 60 seconds.

Any device-related issue can be resolved by doing a factory reset. By now, your television must have returned to normal and switched on.

Solution 4: Recognize the capacitor problem

A Vizio TV that won’t power on may occasionally be fixed by replacing the capacitors.

You can examine the following conditions to see if it’s a capacitor problem or not.

  • The top of the capacitor might be fractured or bulging.
  • The television may restart on its own or occasionally fail to start entirely.
  • A faulty capacitor may produce black smoke or toxic fumes.
  • Cracking and poor sound quality are other indicators of low capacitor quality.

If any of the above faults can be found, you must now replace the capacitors.

Solution 5: Remove any interference

Electronic interferences might be the source of your TV’s inability to switch on. Remove any electrical gadgets, such as a microwave or computer, from the vicinity of your television.

Because their electrical radiation can interfere with the television and create problems, they should be avoided.

Solution 6: Disable CEC

HDMI compatibility Consumer Electronics Control is a feature that allows you to control linked gadgets, which can occasionally make turning on the TV difficult. Set your television to green mode.

Follow these procedures to turn it off:

  • Select “SETTINGS” from the “MENU.”
  • Turn off “CEC” by selecting it.

Solution 7: Try a different power outlet

If the problem persists after you’ve followed the procedures, consider changing the power outlet. Because the power cable can be broken at times, and the problem may not manifest itself in other outlets.

Try a different power outlet

Try unplugging the power wire and plug it onto another available socket. If the TV turns on and the sound is audible, the issue is with the power cord.

If the television does not turn on, the issue is with the television.

Solution 8: Power supply replacement

If nothing else works, you might be able to rescue your television by disconnecting the power source and sending it in for repair. Make sure your TV’s standby light is turned off before you begin. If that’s the case, skip this step.

If your power board is no longer functional, you must contact a repair shop to obtain a replacement. This is a common issue; if you don’t have electricity, it’ll be simple to repair. The power supply for Vizio TVs isn’t recognized for their reliability, but the good news is that they can be fixed for roughly $60.

Solution 9: Check for the Power Cords

A loose or broken cord is one of the most common causes of your TV not turning on. Even the most technically knowledgeable among us might have trouble with a loose power cable.

  • Check the cord’s connection to the power outlet and the TV for proper fit, and make sure both connections are plugged in. Even a little slack power cable connection can cause your TV to lose power, and it’s not always obvious when your TV is removed from its power source. 
Check for the Power Cords
  • Examine whether the wire is properly inserted into the socket. It’s a good idea to disconnect and then re-plug it to ensure it’s secure. Another option is to connect the cable to a different socket.
  • Ensure the cord is firmly connected to the back of the TV after you’ve verified the power socket in the wall. A loose power cable connection occurs more frequently than you may think, especially if you have children or dogs who run about the TV or if the line to the power strip is long. 
  • Longer runs require tighter cables, which might loosen when the TV is rotated or moved around. To ensure the power cord is properly inserted and secure, disconnect it from the TV and plug it back in.

If verifying the remote for operation, testing the TV’s power source (outlet), and reviewing the TV’s power cable don’t cure the problem, there are a few further options.

Solution 10: Power Cycle

If you believe that your Vizio TV is having power troubles, the first thing you should do is power cycle it. The procedure necessitates the use of your television’s power button. Are there any buttons on Vizio TVs? All buttons are located on the back of the device and vary depending on the model or version.

The procedure for power cycling your Vizio TV is simple and follows these steps:

  • Remove your TV’s wire from the outlet and leave it unplugged.
Unplug the cord of your TV
  • On the back of your Vizio TV, look for the power button. You’ll have to look attentively to see the buttons because they blend in beautifully.
 look for the power button
  • To drain any reserve energy, press and hold the button on your TV for roughly 10 seconds.
press power button
  • Try turning on your television once more.

In most circumstances, the actions listed above will work. If none of the processes work the first time, repeat the procedure, holding the power button down for at least 10 seconds. Often, this will suffice to fix your TV and allow you to return to relaxing.

Solution 11: Contact Vizio Customer Support

Contact Vizio Customer Support

If all other ways of troubleshooting have failed, it’s time to contact Vizio customer care. Their technician might be able to provide specific instructions for your Vizio TV model.

While contacting tech support may remedy the problem, there may be other difficulties with your TV that you cannot handle on your own.

Customer service will help you resolve the problem by providing step-by-step instructions over the phone or explaining how to get your TV fixed by authorized staff.

Solution 12: Replace Internal Components

You can troubleshoot the boards to find potential power problems if you understand electronics and how they function.

A malfunctioning power supply board is frequently the reason for a Vizio TV that won’t turn on. Capacitors, transistors, and diodes are typical elements to fail on a power supply board.

Replace Internal Components

If the Vizio TV has sufficient power outputs yet refuses to switch on, the most likely cause is a faulty T-Con board. The Timed Controller Board, in a nutshell, is in charge of relaying signals to the LCD or LED panel. There’s a lot more, but that’s the heart of it.

Replace Internal Components

If you’ve never dismantled a Vizio TV or any other television, it’s better to leave the repairs to a qualified repair specialist. Disassembly is very exact, detailed, and dangerous! Any wrong move might destroy the TV or yourself with all those tight and fragile wires and high-power circuitry.

Vizio tV won’t turn on back, and the power light fades off?

Does your Vizio TV not turn on when you use both the remote and the physical button? If that’s the case, the IR receiver isn’t to blame.

There are two options: a faulty power board or a poor system board.

Keep an eye out for the TV power light whenever you unplug and re-plug your Vizio TV. If it turns on and off quickly, you’re getting power, which means the issue is most likely with your system board.

If, on the other hand, it does not turn on and off quickly, your power board may be defective. To test your results, unplug/replug a few times and monitor that light.

You’ll need to disassemble your TV to address both concerns. Before purchasing an exact match, you must obtain the etched board model and sticker model number from your power or system board.

You must be careful since owing to product updates, Vizio TVs of the same model often have different parts, so it’s critical to acquire an exact match.


You can do the actions outlined above without having to call a repairer. To troubleshoot the issue, follow the instructions below.

It must be fixed if you have one of the more popular Vizio TVs that won’t come on but makes a buzzing noise or shows snow on the screen.

If your Vizio TV won’t switch on, we’ve listed the most effective solutions to the problem. Patience is required for each step. If nothing else works, utilize your warranty or send it in for repair if it’s over its expiration date.