13 Fixes: Vizio TV Turns On By Itself

vizio tv turns on by itself

Imagine talking on your phone, cooking, or sleeping; out of the blue, your VIZIO TV turns on by itself with a burst of noise.

You’ll surely get startled to see that your smart TV has switched on by itself without you using a remote to prompt it. It could be creepy and downright annoying to experience this.

You might be wondering why your TV is turning on by itself. Is it haunted, or is it damaged? Don’t worry, we all have experienced the disappointment when you were very excited about your new TV, but it started causing problems.

Your TV is not possessed in any way and probably is not damaged. You can fix it on your own. You just need to inspect it and its components thoroughly.

This guide will help you do that. So keep reading!

Why Is Your Vizio TV Turning On By Itself?

Your VIZIO TV could be restarting for different reasons such as interfering devices, power issues, etc.

First, you must troubleshoot by narrowing down the problem’s actual cause. Given below are a couple of common reasons why a VIZIO TV might be turning on by itself:

  • More Than One TV Remote
why is your vizio tv turning on

If you use more than one remote for your Vizio TV, the other remote could interfere and turn the TV on or off by sending signals.

This could make it appear as if the TV turned on by itself. 

  • Sleep Mode

Almost every TV comes with a sleep timer these days. This feature allows you to turn the TV off after a specific period. This setting could turn the TV on its own without anybody prompting it to do so. 

  • CEC

Vizio TVs come with the CEC feature, which allows other devices in your house to turn the TV on and off via a power signal. This could be prompted by a cable box, media player, or game console. You must either disable the CEC mode on your device or disable it altogether.

  • Cables Are Loose

TVs often turn off on their own because the cable connections are not secure enough. This could be caused by a loose plug, faulty power strip, surge protector, etc. So, ensure that the power plug is securely connected to the adapter or outlet.

  • Signal Issues

Usually, VIZIO TVs support the Chromecast or Miracast, which can allow other devices currently using the same network to cast content to your TV.

This could possibly be interfering with your signal.

  • Connected Devices

If your VIZIO TV is connected or paired with other devices, too, they too can be the reason behind this issue.

Usually, wireless routers, any network device, LAN adaptors, or smart devices can lead to the problem.

  • Automatic Settings

Your TV Settings might have an option to power on the TV by using certain commands that could get prompted by turning on some apps. This might also get triggered due to some other device in your home. To halt this, you need to check the System settings.

VIZIO TV Turns On By Itself: How To Fix?

vizio tv turns on by itself

Vizio offers a great range of smart TVs. However, these TVs can also come across certain issues and bugs that are not very common with other brands.

It’s very natural to worry if something is wrong with your TV when it turns on and off.

You’re not alone in this, and several Vizio TV owners have been wondering the same.

Here are some solutions you can try out to stop your VIZIO TV from turning on by itself.

Solutions To Fix VIZIO TV Turns On By Itself

Given below is a list of steps that you should go through one by one until your TV stays off after you turn it off:

  1. Check If The Power Button Is Stuck
  2. Check The Remote Batteries
  3. Check The Cables
  4. Check Interference From Other Remotes
  5. Disconnect Wifi
  6. Check The Connected Devices
  7. Power Cycle The TV
  8. Disable The HDMI-CEC Mode
  9. Enable The ECO Mode
  10. Enable The Quickstart Mode
  11. Turn Off The Sleep Timer
  12. Update The VIZIO TV Firmware
  13. Reset The VIZIO TV

Solution 1: Check If The Power Button Is Stuck

If your Vizio TV turns on by itself, then look at the power button on the remote once.

Perhaps it is faulty or somewhat stuck, which could have led to the issue. If you find a button stuck on the remote, you need to replace the remote.

If you don’t find anything wrong with the remote, try cleaning it to eliminate any dust and debris that might have settled on it over time.

Gently wipe the remote’s buttons with a clean cloth and check if everything is alright with it. 

Solution 2: Check The Remote Batteries

check the remote batteries

If the remote batteries are low, they can end up firing random signals to your VIZIO TV. Sometimes, this can turn on the TV. Also, check that your TV remote is not sticky. 

Solution 3: Check The Cables

Many users found that their problem was due to a loose cable connection or power adapter. So, make sure that the cables and adapters are connected securely. 

First, detach your TV’s power cord from your wall outlet and the smart TV. Then, check if it is inserted properly into the socket.

If that doesn’t work, try plugging the power cord into a different wall outlet.  If the problem is not solved even after checking the cables, move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Check Interference From Other Remotes

These days, we can get many universal remotes from Vizio, which can work with multiple TVs.

So, if you have more than one TV in your house, you need to ensure that you are not using another remote that could send a signal to your VIZIO TV by mistake. 

Solution 5: Disconnect Wifi

To eliminate the signal interference, the next step would be disconnecting WiFi from your VIZIO TV.

You need to disconnect the WiFi altogether. Now, if the issue stops, one of the connected devices was causing the problem. 

Solution 6: Check The Connected Devices

check the connected devices

It is also possible that a certain streaming device has been causing the issue. For example, a Fire TV Stick or a Roku player might be causing the problem.

To ensure this, unplug such devices for one day or a couple of days and check if the problem is gone or not.

It is also possible that the connected device’s cord or input has undergone some damage. That could also lead to the error at hand.

So, check the cord because it might need replacing. 

Note: While checking if the connected devices are causing the problem or not, you can also disable the HDMI CEC on your Vizio TV to get rid of all other possibilities.

Solution 7: Power Cycle The TV

Power cycling a device can prove to be very effective, especially in the case of televisions.

All you need to do is turn off your TV, wait for at least 60 seconds, and replugging the TV to turn it on again. This can solve many technical problems.

power cycle the tv
power cycle the tv

Solution 8: Disable The HDMI-CEC Mode

HDMI-CEC is a feature that allows you to control your entertainment system better.

It allows the VIZIO TV to send commands to the connected devices like controlling volume, switching the inputs, etc. You won’t need separate remotes for controlling these other devices connected to the TV.

You can control them using your TV remote. Sometimes, the HDMI-CEC feature can switch on your TV on its own when you connect it with your DVD player or Chromecast. 

To turn off the HDMI-CEC, you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Press the Menu button on your TV remote.
  • Go to Settings, followed by System > CEC
  • Select the Turn Off button and check if the problem is gone or not. 

Note: Keep in mind that turning off HDMI will also turn off the other features that need HDMI-CEC to function.

Solution 9: HDMI Port Is Faulty

If your VIZIO TV’s HDMI port turns out to be broken or defective in some way, that too can cause your TV to restart on its own.

In this case, you need to use a different HDMI port to resolve the problem. To do so, plug in the device to a separate HDMI port.

Then, restart your TV and choose the new HDMI input being used.

This should resolve your smart TV problem if a faulty HDMI port is causing it.

Solution 9: Enable The ECO Mode

When you have several devices connected to one Wi-Fi network, they can cast signals that interfere with the working of your TV.

This can become worse while streaming a movie or playing a game. 

Any interruption in the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or interference in the signal can lead to your Vizio TV turning on or off on its own.

To manage all these devices (like smartphones or laptops) on the network and give priority to your media, you need to enable the ECO Mode. Follow the instructions given below to do so:

  • Go to Settings and select System
enable the ECO mode
  • Select Power Mode and turn on the ECO Mode
power mode
  • Next, make sure the casting gets disabled by enabling the ECO mode.
  • This should allow your smart TV to block the casting feature. 

Solution 10: Enable The Quickstart Mode

If the ECO mode does not help you solve the issue, then you can try enabling the Quickstart mode. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Select Settings, then go to System and click on Power Mode
  • Next, click on Quickstart Mode
  • Check if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 11: Turn Off The Sleep Timer

These days, almost every smart TV comes with a sleep timer. It automatically allows your TV to shut down after a certain amount of time.

This feature becomes useful if you fall asleep or leave your house and forget to turn off the TV. 

Vizio TVs turn off automatically when they are left inactive.

The default sleep time limit is 30 minutes, which can be adjusted to a longer period. Or, you can also disable the auto-off function of the sleep timer.

Solution 12: Update The VIZIO TV Firmware

If you are running old versions of the VIZIO software on your TV, that can lead to several problems.

Usually, the TV downloads the latest version of the software on your behalf, but sometimes, that may not happen. 

In this case, you can resolve the issue by running the Update Your TV feature via the Vizio SmartCast app. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Make sure your Vizio TV is on and connected to the internet.
  • Press the Menu button on your TV remote
menu button on your tv
  • Highlight and select Admin & Privacy option. On some older models, it may be listed as System.
admin and privacy
  • Select Check for Updates
check for updates
  • Your VIZIO TV will now start checking for updates. If there is an update available, it will start getting downloaded.
  • Wait until the download is finished before proceeding. This could take a couple of minutes. Don’t turn off your TV while the download is still in progress. 
  • Your TV will download the update and restart. Once it restarts, it will apply the update and may restart again. 

Solution 13: Reset The VIZIO TV

reset the vizio tv

We are usually hesitant when performing a factory reset on our smart TV. But, sometimes, it’s our only workaround to solving an issue.

Think of this as your last resort; hopefully, it will fix whatever issue is with your device. Follow the steps given below to reset your Vizio smart TV:

Note: Remember that your TV settings and data will be gone after the reset. 

  • Select Menu on your Vizio TVremote
  • Visit the Settings > System > OK > Reset & Admin
menu on your vizio tv remote
  • Select the Reset TV to Factory Defaults option
reset tv
  • If you are asked for a parental code, type in 0 0 0 0 when asked for a password.
  • Select the Reset option and then click on OK
  • Wait until your TV turns off. When the reset process is done, you need to repeat the setup procedure

Note: If something is wrong with your VIZIO TV’s power supply or the TV set, you cannot fix it alone. You need to call in a professional to get it serviced.

Final Words

If your VIZIO TV turns on itself, it could be annoying and troublesome.

However, this is an abnormal event and is likely to cause a lot of worries.

We hope you have tried out the above solutions one by one and if the problem persists even after doing a factory reset, it’s time to talk directly to the manufacturer. You can do this via the VIZIO support page or call the toll-free number.


Why Is My Vizio TV Turning On On Its Own?

If your Vizio TV has been turning on by itself, it’s probably due to HDMI-CEC being enabled, the Auto-Off feature being enabled, power cable issues, and so on.

What Does CEC On VIZIO TV Mean?

CEC is short for Consumer Electronics Control. This allows other devices to control your smart TV through HDMI without requiring human interference. If you try casting a CEC-supported TV using a different input source, it will automatically switch to the TV’s HDMI port, where the Chromecast will be connected.

What Is Meant By ECO Mode On VIZIO TV?

ECO mode represents a feature that can adjust the brightness of your TV screen. This feature can help you block the casting feature of your TV.

Why Is The Vizio TV Screen Black When It Is Turned On?

A completely black Vizio TV screen suggests that you have a display screen issue. Try pressing the Menu button to check if that resolves the problem. If the LED power indicator is also not visible, that means you are not receiving any power. For this, try unplugging your TV and pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds before replugging the TV.

How Long Do Vizio TVs Last? 

Vizio TVs have built quite a brand reputation for themselves. You can expect them to last for around 5 to 8 years, provided you turn them off for a couple of hours daily. Otherwise, if your Vizio TV runs all day long, expect it to last 2 years or so.