14 Best Fixes: Vizio TV Sound Not Working

One of the most frequent issues with Vizio TV Sound not working. A step-by-step troubleshooting tutorial that works for the majority of Vizio TVs can be found here. 

Vizio was a perfect name in the market for sound systems and smart TVs. Vizio devices are some of the most well-liked ones available right now.

They produce high-quality goods at reasonable costs, which is how they succeed. Unfortunately, Vizio TVs are prone to malfunctioning or having problems like any other electrical device.

vizio tv sound not working

Your audio may change if you have a Vizio TV with conflicting audio settings. It can be brought on by a flaw in the TV’s output settings, a broken cable, or a system fault. Try unpairing and repairing your remote if it doesn’t seem functioning.

Several reasons why noises on your Vizio Television might not be audible. It can be because the Sound is muted, the input function is broken, or the cable wiring is faulty.

It is necessary to have the most recent Vizio software installed; after updating, your system can resume functioning flawlessly.

Why can’t I hear any sound on my Vizio TV?

There are several reasons why audio on a Vizio TV might not be audible, among which are 

  • The Sound is muted. 
  • The input function is having an issue. 
  • improper cable wiring 
  • The software is outdated. 
  • Hardware constraints

The solution is to hit the up-the-volume button on your remote control briefly. You can switch the TV on and off after touching it twice.

When you initially turn on the TV, there shouldn’t be any audio, but this should remedy that. 

One of the first aspects to look for when your Television is silent is whether the volume hasn’t been lowered or the TV hasn’t been muted.

Ensure the book and surround sound settings are turned up on the audio processor typically included in TVs. Make sure all connections are made properly using external speakers or earphones.

How to fix a tv with no audio but the picture?

You are having issues when your video player only displays images. You could employ the tools and techniques listed below to solve this issue.

How do I fix the volume problem on my Vizio TV?

  1. Perform Factory Reset
  2. Disable SRS TruVolume Function
  3. Check Your Cables
  4. The Ultimate Solution To Fix Vizio TV No Sound When Turned On
  5. Performing a hard reset
  6. Update the TV’s Firmware
  7. Vizio TV Volume Low
  8. The background noise is louder than the talking.
  9. Vizio TV Sound Keeps Going In and Out/Keeps Changing
  10. Check to see if the remote control is working.
  11. Verify that the volume on the Satellite Box is above zero.
  12. If the television volume is set to zero or muted, make sure it isn’t
  13. Ensure that the HDMI cable is functioning correctly.
  14. Ensure that the TV volume settings are not mute.

Fix 1: Perform Factory Reset

The simplest solution to issues that might have arisen while using the TV on the Vizio network is to do a factory reset.

It resets the Television’s factory defaults, including the firmware. You should only perform this reset if you have no other options because it deletes your downloaded content and preferences. 

How can we return a TV to its initial factory settings? Start by selecting the remote’s “menus” icon.

The third step is to choose Settings > Reset and Admin. Pick “Reset TV to factory default” in step three. Give the TV passcode of “0000” in step four. Select “Reset” to perform a factory reset. 

  • Go to System
choose Settings
  • Choose Reset and Admin
Select Reset and Admin
  • Then, select Reset to factory settings.
Pick "Reset TV to factory default"
  • Click Try now.
Select "Reset" to perform a factory reset.

Fix 2: Disable SRS TruVolume Function

For a better sound quality experience, the SRS TruVolume function automatically modifies the volume. Unfortunately, this frequently interferes with an external device’s settings. 

Because of this, you are turning off this feature can help with your problems. The steps listed below can help you accomplish this. 

  •  On the remote, press the “Menu button.” 
  •  Select Advanced Audio under Audio Settings. 
Select Advanced Audio under Audio Settings.
  • Change “RSS TruVolume” to “Off” in step three.
Change "RSS TruVolume" to "Off"

Unusual loudness swings may result from other options that automatically alter your audio. TruSurround, Surround Sound, and Volume Leveling are a few options. 

TruSurround, Surround Sound, and Volume Leveling are a few options.

This may be impacted even by settings like “Analog Output,” which are set to “Variable.” Any items marked “auto” or “variable” should be changed to “fixed” instead. 

For example, a set-top box and gaming system may have audio options you should also examine.

Any settings that let the gadget change your volume automatically must be disabled. The usual troubleshooting methods listed below can be used if this does not resolve your problem.

Fix 3: Check your Cables

You might have a damaged or loose cable if your Sound keeps cutting in and out. Any cable, including an HDMI or coaxial cable, may be used for this.

Make careful you unhook the cords first, then push them back so far as they will go.

Check your Cables

Whether this doesn’t fix the problem, try your connection in a separate TV or perhaps a new connection in your Television to see if the problem is with the cable itself.

You should also confirm that your line is suitable for your TV’s audio/video signal.

You should also confirm that your line is suitable for your TV's audio/video signal.

Fix 4: The Ultimate Solution To Fix Vizio TV No Sound When Turned On

The best fix for No Voice produced from Vizio Tv is provided here: Utilize this easy procedure to pinpoint the source of the Sound. 

Using different streaming devices does not fix any sound issues with Vizio Television. Try this first if the gadget shows the same device, such as one of the Roku devices or perhaps an Amazon Firestick. Avoid becoming confused. Could you give us an illustration? 

When the Sound on a Roku device is flawless, an HDMI connection or cable-related issue has been fixed. In this instance, an HDMI-connected Vizio TV lacking audio is an option.

When plugging your connection to your Roku, you can observe anything similar. It functions as intended. The cable box may not be able to connect to the port.

The Ultimate Solution To Fix Vizio TV No Sound When Turned On

Fix 5: Performing a hard reset

If the TV is harmed or incapable, a reset is required. The program doesn’t delete every file that was uploaded to the computer and won’t be used to cause any issues. 

  • Switch on the TV, First.
  • Unlock the TV’s power outlet.
  • For 30 seconds, hold down the Television’s “Power button.” 
  • Don’t turn off your Television for ten minutes.
  • Reinstall your PC and shut it down.
Reinstall your PC and shut it down.

Fix 6: Update the TV’s Firmware

It’s also possible that you’re using firmware with flaws or issues. When Vizio learns of widespread firmware flaws, they will address them and bring a new update. 

Usually, your TV will download this update automatically. You can manually upgrade your Vizio TV by following the instructions below if you believe you are still on outdated firmware. 

  •  On your remote, press the “Menu” button.
On your remote, press the "Menu" button.
  • Open Settings and select “Check for Updates.” 
Open Settings and select "Check for Updates."
  •  Verify that you wish to apply the update if one is available.
Verify if tv is updated or not

Fix 7: Vizio TV Volume Low

Even though it might seem obvious, turn on the TV loudspeakers or an external speaker if you are having a problem hearing the audio on your TV. The procedures below can activate the internal speakers on your TV. 

  • On your remote, press the “Menu” button. 
  • Go to Audio Settings and turn on the TV speakers. 
Go to Audio Settings and turn on the TV speakers.

Ensure the wires are correctly connected if you’re using an additional speaker, and check that the TV’s audio settings are ideal for external audio.

The parameters listed below can be modified by going to almost the same Sound Settings screen as above.

  • Turn off the TV audio. 
  • Set “Digital Audio Out” to “Bitstream.” 
  • Set “Analog Audio Out” to “Fixed.” 
  • Set “Volume Levelling” to “Off.”
  • Set “Surround Sound” to “On” whether you are using stereo sound. 

Your audio may appear weaker than usual due to the ‘TruVolume’ function. If so, the instructions for turning off this function are listed above. 

You should also examine the audio settings on your gadget, including your cable Television box or game console. The internal settings may provide you the opportunity to raise the volume.

Fix 8: The background noise is louder than the talking.

Even though the sounds are frequently accompanied by background noise, they can occasionally be extremely loud.

It makes it challenging to hear conversations. The TruSurround feature is available on the TV. Thanks to a balanced volume, you’ll be able to listen to all the activities during the show.

  • Go to the system.
Go to system
  • Choose Accessibility.
Select accessibilty
  • Turn talk back on.
Turn talk back

Fix 9: Vizio TV Sound Keeps Going In and Out/Keeps Changing

The most common cause of fluctuating or intermittent volume is a disagreement between one of your connections and the TV’s settings.

Unplug all portable drives and only check the importance of the apps on your Vizio TV to verify this. The “SRS TruVolume” function is the major problem.

Use TV buttons

Fix 10: Check to see if the remote control is working.

You could presume there is an issue with the TV if the remote isn’t functioning correctly.

Although the TV may be excellent, the remote isn’t. It’s recommended to switch on your Television and click the volume buttons on your remote to see if the remote is the source of the issue.

It’s time to purchase a fresh Vizio remote if it isn’t functioning. For the time, you can use this guide to operate your Vizio Television without even a remote.

Check to see if the remote control is working.

Fix 11: Verify that the volume on the Satellite Box is above zero.

Check the interface settings on your cable and satellite box to see whether the volume is set greater than zero. 

If you are new to television settings, it may seem strange that your cable box is supplying the Sound and video signals that are ultimately broadcast through the Television in this scenario.

Verify that the volume on the Satellite Box is above zero

Fix 12: If the television volume is set to zero or muted, make sure it isn’t

You must ensure the Vizio tv audio volume is set higher than zero after making sure that the mute button of the TV is not pressed.

The next step should be taken if there is no audio response after turning up the television volume.

If the television volume is set to zero or muted, make sure it isn't

Fix 13: Ensure that the HDMI cable is functioning correctly.

If your Television displays pictures but not audio when subjected to an input device via an HDMI connection, a damaged HDMI port may be caused.

An HDMI cable is necessary to accept the signals from all these accessories. 

These signals are transmitted via video and audio codings. Problems with audio encoding could prevent a TV from playing any audio.

Instead of the Television, it’s probable that the connection is to blame. Try using a different HDMI cable to see if the problem still exists.

Ensure that the HDMI cable is functioning correctly.

Fix 14: Ensure that the TV volume settings are not mute.

Check your audio options to see if your TV has the mute option switched on. Go to the step below when it is not already turned on.

Ensure that the TV volume settings are not mute.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you ought to be able to steer clear of numerous common blunders and resolve your Vizio TV problem. 

If you’re having trouble, give Vizio customer support a call. They’re only a phone call away.


How Do I Reset My Vizio Sound Settings?

You can return your VIZIO soundbar’s customized settings and preferences to their default values by performing a factory reset. 
Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down and Bluetooth buttons for five seconds. 
The 12 LEDs will cycle through three flashes. 
The factory reset has been finished.

Why Does Vizio Tv Not Have Sound?

You have to reset your Vizio TV if the Sound isn’t working. Wait a minimum of 60 seconds after unplugging your Television from the wall. Reconnect your Vizio TV after the seconds have passed. The Sound should start working again after a soft reset of your TV!

How Do I Get The Sound To Come Back On My TV?

We are utilizing the VIZIO remote, select Menu. 
To select “Audio” or “Audio Settings,” use the arrow buttons, then click the “OK” button on the remote. 
Make sure the Television Loudspeakers setting is set to “On.” If it says off, click okay to select “ON.”

Why Did My Vizio TV Sound not Working?

The Television sets Headphone/Audio-Out setting to Audio-Out if it has one in the Sound menu. Ensure that the TV is correctly connected to each A/V cable. Use a VCR, DVD player, and Blu-ray Disc Player to test the TV with a different source. Reset the TV’s power settings.