Top 10 Best Virtual Data Room Providers in 2021

What is a Virtual Data Room?

A Virtual Data Room (VDR), also referred to as “Data Room,” is an online information repository used to store and distribute documents. A virtual data room solution is often used to assist with due diligence during M&A, loan syndication, investment banking, real estate, and wealth management transactions. 

Digital data rooms have increasingly replaced the more traditional physical data room due to expense, performance, and security. Documents are stored, files are shared, confidential documents are secured, and financial transactions are conducted in data rooms.

VDRs improve due diligence processes and reduce the amount of paper required, lowering overhead, clutter, and waste. You might hear terms like “Virtual Deal Space,” “Data Room,” or “private virtual room” that mean the same thing. The disclosure of records has historically been achieved using a physical data room in this due diligence process.

Features of a Virtual Data Room

Some VDRs have more features to improve ease of use, while others have custom interfaces for specific project forms. The features offered by each virtual data room provider differ. However, a few essential elements that VDR should include are:

  • Customizable Folder Permissions: VDR allows administrators to select which user can see a file and how many details they can access, unlike consumer-grade document-sharing services that will enable folders to share or protected.
  • Project Archiving: A VDR will maintain a record of all documentation and activity for future reference after the project is completed.
  • API Integration: Allows businesses to incorporate a VDR into their business processes and customize it to suit their specific requirements. 
  • The bulk upload and download: Instead of adding documents and users one by one, you can do it all at once, and you can import documents in size (if you’ve been given access).
  • Watermarking: To prevent unintended duplication and dissemination, VDR must watermark documents.
  • Interfaces For Specific Project Types: Some VDRs specialize in such tasks as M&A, legal, real estate, fundraising, and so on, while others endorse both of these types of projects.
  • Monitor User Activity: Administrators will see which individuals have accessed which file, so security and project activity are never in doubt. 
  • Reporting And Analytics: Administrators can find more information on user interaction, data room use, document exchange, and other topics.

Applications of Virtual Room Service 

Here are some of the essential uses of VDRs.

  • M&A (mergers and acquisitions): Due diligence for M&A is a popular application for a VDR. Merging or acquiring other businesses necessitates extensive study, especially the provision and analysis of voluminous records.
  • Strategic Partnerships: VDR would help this case since it will give the leaders involved in the relationship peace of mind, knowing that the application will secure all sensitive data.
  • Secure Document Sharing: In the event that an organization has to securely exchange documents with service providers, potential investors, or other third parties, or even among its internal staff, having a reliable VDR with strict security measures in place would make the system much faster and simpler.
  • IP Management: Companies may not be adamant about exchanging confidential data with third parties, but they need a comprehensive data management policy. Setting up a VDR to store any IP-related documentation is a wise decision, particularly when the highest security standards are required.
  • Obtaining Funds: Using a VDR will help encourage the required sharing of confidential information during the fundraising processes. Leadership teams can feel at ease knowing that using a VDR would allow for more excellent monitoring and oversight.
  • Initial Public Offering: IPOs are complicated transactions because going public requires businesses to comply with additional rules and regulations, which are also imposed at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • Board Interactions: As top management is dispersed worldwide, having a system in place that allows for immediate but safe information sharing will be crucial. Keeping documents in a VDR and then giving access to the others, including remote board members, as required is one of the best ways to ensure that they are exchanged quickly and securely.

Who uses Virtual Data Rooms Service?

Online data rooms are widely used for businesses that need to perform due diligence and handle assets throughout their lifecycle. It’s also helpful when entering into several company stakeholder partnerships.

Here is the list of some use cases that frequently use famous virtual Data Rooms(VDR)/deal rooms to secure their data.

  • Science and Technology: Technology is an industry that thrives on accelerated research and technology. For technical firms, providing a safe, managed way to exchange and store corporate documents is essential. Virtual data rooms for technology companies usually support the following financial transactions and business needs:
    • Raising venture capital
    • Mergers and Acquisitions 
    • Corporate Data Storage
    • Initial public offering
    • Human Resource files
    • Audits & compliance
  • Life Sciences Technology: The life sciences sector, which includes biomedical, clinical research, and pharmaceutical firms, has many intelligence resources to safeguard. Companies in the life sciences industry often collaborate with others, license copyrights, collect capital, and protect their intellectual property portfolios. The following are often facilitated by a virtual data room solution for life science companies:
    • Capital Fundraising
    • Clinical trials
    • HIPAA regulations compliance
    • Licensing IP
  • Investment Banking: Investment bankers aim for a dependable virtual data rooms platform to speed up the deal process. Due diligence must be simple, safe, and efficient in the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. Investment bankers widely use online data room for the following purposes:
    • Mergers and acquisitions (both buy and sell sides)
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Document Sharing and Management
    • Entitlement and rights Issues
    • Capital FundRaising
    • Initial public offering
  • Legal Firms: Virtual data rooms provide a streamlined solution that allows them to share confidential data simply and quickly. Legal firms will disclose personal information with clients, employees, and other involved parties in a secure manner. Law firms use online data room for the following purposes:
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Bankruptcy 
    • Real Estate 
    • Dispute settlement
    • Strategic alliances
  • Venture Capital: Private equity and venture capital companies participate in a wide variety of business transactions, many of which necessitate exchanging knowledge with various parties. Virtual Data rooms are used by private equity and intellectual property firms for multiple activities.

How to select the right Virtual Data Room Service 

There are hundreds of virtual data room service providers to choose from, and selecting which one to use for your company is a confusing task. Here we have provided helpful tips and hints to find the best virtual data room solution for your data space.

  • User Interface: Several virtual data rooms (VDR) features are standard across virtual data room providers. It’s essential to consider the virtual data room has the most user-friendly interface and ease of use. 

Making a mistake while using your virtual data room can result in a privacy breach, which, depending on your project, can affect your company and lead to lawsuits, and trigger a slew of other issues. Verify that a virtual data room has the capabilities you require and functions intuitively.

  • Provider Specialty: Some vendors tend to specialize in specific virtual data rooms(VDR) for purposes like mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, or corporate paper sharing. Many virtual data service providers are large businesses with a virtual data room software offering. They are much more concentrated on other areas of their business, underscores virtual data room software. Take the time to think about how other consumers have used a VDR and what the company does.
  • Cost: Virtual data rooms(VDR)/Deal Rooms are often customized to consumers’ preferences, and rates can differ significantly from one supplier to the next and from application to application. Check to see if Virtual data room providers can overcharge you for additional pages and projects, and inquire about data overage charges upfront.
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Be mindful of any hidden surcharges. Also, be cautious of any business that provides low rates upfront. It could be a way of concealing a defective product or lead to unintended fee rises or security concerns.

  • Security: 
    • Physical security: Virtual data room software must have industry-standard data centers with physical security features such as biometric access, backup solutions such as mirror sites. 
    • Data protection: Virtual data room software should have data encryption and adhere to all major security regulations.
    • Feature security: Your virtual data(VDR) room provider must-have features that make workflow more straightforward and intuitive to disallow any human error to create any security concern.
  • Virtual Data Room Reviews: Reading online reviews is a precaution one should take before buying any of the best virtual data rooms. Although reading reviews is essential, you should be aware that some thoughts and review platforms are fraudulent, and businesses can now purchase reviews.
    • Read virtual data room tech feedback: Pay careful attention to what other people have to say about the features and customer service that are important to your needs.
    • Read virtual data room providers: This provides prospective users with a greater understanding of the business community and input from current and former employees.

How does a virtual data room work?

Registered users can access secure documents via a dedicated web portal or secure agent applications in the virtual data room.

A virtual data room is an internet-based extranet to which bidders and their advisors have access. An extranet is a website with restricted access managed by the vendor through a protected log-on provided by the vendor, which the vendor can disable at any time if a bidder withdraws.

Most of the information published is confidential, and viewers are limited in their right to share it with others (employing forwarding, copying, or printing). Using digital rights management can be used to protect information adequately.

Top 10 Best Virtual Data Room Providers

Finding the best Virtual Data Room is not an easy task when hundreds of products are available in the market. There are many features virtual data room providers provide. Taking all the inputs, we have short-listed the top virtual data room vendors.

1. DealRoom is a virtual data room providers

DealRoom is a popular virtual data application that provides users with a virtual deal room that includes everything from essential file management to integrated AI and in-depth analytics. DealRoom secure data simplifies the interface so that consumers can pick it up in minutes.

DealRoom has a secure data room that complies with all regulatory requirements and encrypts all data.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited search results: Provides unrestricted access to the world’s largest startup and scaleup database. There are over a million companies, ranging from startups to unicorns, on the platform.
  • Predictive algorithms: Recognize performers until they become well-known.
  • Save & export your data: The user can export data from the Dealroom for further research and enrichment. Create lists of companies and set up reminders based on saved queries.
  • Unlock network effects: Businesses can use the startup database to find partners and customers. Startups and investors may use the matching method to find the right match.
  • Fully supervised: The platform is a wholly operated solution, which ensures it does not require internal resources to maintain.
  • Other technical features include:
    • Drag-and-Drop File Upload
    • Full-Text Search
    • Live-Link Documents
    • Requests Import
    • Track Diligence Progress
    • Predict Buyer Concerns
    • Documents Activity
    • Investigate Buyers Engagement
    • Detailed Audit Trails
    • Customer service
    • Approve Request Answers

Pricing Policy:

  • Deal Room data room provider offers plans with varying features and prices.
    • Plans: From $1,000 per month
    • Enterprise: Contact Sales. 
    • A free trial of 14 days is also available. All features are available during the free trial period.
  • For more information on DealRoom data room providers, visit the official website DealRoom.

2. Blackberry Workspaces 

Blackberry workspaces are virtual data room providers

BlackBerry Workspaces is the most secure virtual data room available, allowing users to share, edit, and access their files from anywhere. Only BlackBerry Workspaces can provide the degree of protection that businesses need, regardless of where files are stored, where they must go, or who wants to access them. BlackBerry Workspaces is a VDR solution for small and medium-sized enterprises and larger companies. Managers who are looking for more features and control over their enterprise data.

Key Features:

  • Secure Content Collaboration:
    • Significant Device Platform Support: BlackBerry Workspaces has specialized applications for cloud-based Windows and macOS desktop, iOS, and Android.
    • Synchronization: On each of the computers, users can select which workspaces they want to sync automatically to and from.
    • Personal and group Collaboration: Admin can build community workspaces accessible by multiple users in the Collaborate and Secure Plus Editions.
    • Other aspects:
      • File Locking
      • Secure document sharing
      • E-Signature
      • File sharing
      • Ease of use 
      • Confidential documents
      • Advanced Version History Management
  • Best-in-class Security features:
    • Authentication: One-time password (OTP) or user/password authentication is supported. It also has a two-factor authentication feature (2FA).
    • Files Encryption: At rest on the server, in transit when being exchanged and downloaded, and in use on any computer, files are encrypted.
    • Recovery Tools for Ransomware: In the Collaborate and Secure Plus Versions, Workspaces provides complete ransomware recovery functionality.
    • Flexible Security: Individual users, classes, and domains may all have permissions assigned to them. At the file, folder, and workspace level, access, blackberry workspaces can set folder, workspace level, entry, security controls, and security controls can be arranged.

Pricing Policy:

  • Blackberry Workspaces data room pricing starts from $15 per month for single users.
  • A free trial is also available with a trial period of 14 days. 
  • For more details on its pricing policies and features, visit Blackberry.

3. iDeals 

iDeals is one of the virtual data room providers

iDeals Virtual Data Rooms is a comprehensive and dependable data room solution that allows users to access and share documents in over 25 file formats. The platform preserves communications’ privacy and protects any transaction from online attacks thanks to its robust security features.

iDeals virtual data room or deal room provider offers a variety of customization and collaboration options. Any online deals or data management services are guaranteed with easy-to-install applications and a user-friendly interface. The platform uses data to track who has accessed and document and how much time they spent doing so. Limit user access to records based on their IP address or by setting time limits.

Key Features:

  • Document Management Features:
    • Drag and Drop file upload: Upload files and directories from your computer by dragging and dropping them into the upload window.
    • Labeled Files: Labels assist in document categorization and can also be used as a search object. To arrange files in a way that suits your project’s needs, use several labels which provide ease of use.
    • Automatic Index: When you upload or transfer thousands of documents and files, they are automatically numbered.
  • Document Security Features:
    • Remote Shred: The accessibility to the file is regulated by secure document encryption when it is opened and downloaded.
    •  Intuitive  Watermarks: When a secure document is viewed, printed, or downloaded, allow automatic watermarks to appear on top of it.
    • Secure Spreadsheets: The iDeals Spreadsheet Viewer is a unique tool that allows you to access and analyze Excel documents online securely.
  • Ease of Use:
    • No java, No plugins: Plugins are not required to view protected documents in their original form. There is no need to download or upgrade any apps. 
    • Multilingual Languages: You may use a virtual data room solution in 14 different languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, etc.
    • IOS And Android Apps: Virtually all devices and platforms, including Windows, Apple iOS, and Android, can access the data space.
  • Other ideals virtual data room features include:
    • Two-factor Authentication
    • Full Audit Trails
    • Track User Activity
    • Intuitive Interface
    • Ease of use
    • Iso27001 Certified
    • Soc2 Compliant
    • Data Center Security
    • Best R&D Practices
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Pricing Policy:

  • iDeals offers three plans, as shown below, select as per ease of use.
    • Pro: For small to mid-sized ventures
    • Business: For extensive experiences or serial dealmakers
    • Enterprise: A high-performance or a variety of company needs.
  • A free trial is also available for a trial period of 30-days.
  • For prices and other features, contact iDeals virtual data room services.

4. Onehub 

Onehub is one of the virtual data room providers

Small, medium and large companies are using Onehub’s virtual data room service. Internal and external users benefit from easy file management that is insightful. Onehub proposes a variety of cloud applications for individuals as well as stable document flow platforms for businesses. Onehub data room is high-priced cloud software that comes with the best technical support team and high-quality software. 

Key Features:

  • Storage Features: 
    • File Upload With Drag And Drop: Drag and drop files directly into your browser to upload them quickly and easily.
    • Organization With A Historical Base: Using directories to arrange your content in the way that works best for you, just like on your phone. There are no tags or labels required.
    • Gateway For FTP: Onehub provides safe FTP access to any Workspace by requiring clear TLS/SSL connections.
  • Security Features:
    • Role-based Permissions: Assign roles with specific responsibilities as required, such as Downloader, Printer, and Viewer, to restrict access to the documents.
    • Audit Trails: Keep track of who has viewed, downloaded, or change your files by keeping track of who has accessed them.
    • Two-factor Authentication: By requiring a unique code from a validated computer to be entered at sign-in, you can add extra security strata to your accounts.
  • Collaboration Features: 
    • Microsoft Office Online Integration: Onehub and Microsoft Office Online are fully integrated, allowing you to build, edit, and interact on files right from your ease of use workstations.
    • Google Drive Integration: Onehub integrates with Google Drive directly, allowing you to build and edit files right from your Workspaces.
    • Messages: Create and send messages to your collaborators via ease of use methods like the internet or email.
  • Data Rooms Features: 
    • Automatic Indexing: To create quick links to complex file repositories for due diligence, add numerical indexing to every directory and file in your Workspace.
    • Automatic File Deletion: Set automated file deletion time spans to give additional data security and reduce routine folder maintenance.
    • Document Watermarks: Create watermarks around your documents automatically to help you identify your products, avoid leakage, and protect your property.

Pricing Policy:

  • OneHub online data rooms provide four kinds of pricing policies.
    • STANDARD: $15 per month 14 days free trial 
    • ADVANCED: $25 per month 14 days free trial
    • DATA ROOM EDITION: $375 per month 14 days free trial
    • UNLIMITED EDITION: $575 per month 14 days free trial available. 
  • All the above prices are as per monthly billing. For annual billing, extra discounts of up to 20% are applicable.
  • For more information on plan features and pricing policies, visit OneHub.

5. ForData 

ForData is one of the virtual data room providers

ForData VDR provider is a full-featured Virtual Data Room (VDR) software for startups and businesses. ForData VDR is a Windows-based end-to-end solution provider. Collaboration, data protection, due diligence management, project management, and data management are available through this online Virtual Data Room solution.

FORDATA’s primary goal is to provide outstanding services, such as customized and proactive customer service, excellent usability, and protection. They collaborate with market leaders such as the largest consulting firms, law firms, banks, and private equity and venture capital funds.

Key Features:

  • File Encryption Features:
    • Permission: Access privileges to save or print the files is denied.
    • Watermarks: Documents with dynamic watermarks that enable the consumer to be identified.
    • Print lock: Safety from printing screens
    • PDF Documents: PDF documents that are “read-only.”
  • File Handling Features:
    • File upload: File upload by drag and drop.
    • Secure Data: At the upload point, access rights are controlled.
    • Files Numbers: The numbering of files is done automatically.
    • Multiple File Support: Uploading files in any format is possible (office, pdf, jpg, mp4, others).
  • Flexible User Rights:
    • Controlled Accessibility: Permissions are given to users in groups. Individual rights may be granted to specific users.
    • Provide an opportunity to alter access rights in the middle of the process.
    • For a set period, users or groups may be denied access.
  • Other ForData virtual data room provider features include:
    • Project Management
    • Ease of use 
    • Data Protection
    • Role-Based Permissions
    • Anonymity Management
    • Due Diligence Management
    • Google Drive Integration
    • Data storage management

Pricing Policy:

  • ForData virtual data rooms provide three kinds of plans.
    • VDR Lite: Starts at $185 Single Project, start your 14 days free trial
    • VDR Basic: Contact ForData
    • VDR PRO: Contact ForData
  • For more information on the technical features of each plan and other aspects, visit ForData.

6. Merrill Datasite 

Merrill Datasite is one of the virtual data room providers

Merrill Corporation developed Merrill Datasite to ensure the secure sharing of sensitive information throughout financial and other transactions where confidentiality and protection are paramount.

Merrill Datasite virtual data room services have ISO 27001 approval, dedicated support specialists, and a long list of essential features, including watermarking, acceptance, access control, and an audit log. Since the company places a high priority on protection, Merrill Datasite may expand the list of technologically advanced features.

All of this combines to make Merrill Datasite the best data room with a wealth of functionality and security protection at a premium price.

Key Features:

  • Assistance: A global team of experts is available to assist you 24*7. In 18 languages, you can contact them by phone, email, or chat.
  • Data upload: Files can be uploaded through drag and drop into Datasite. When uploading directories and files, keep the file structure in mind. With bulk transfer and renaming options, you can keep things in order. 
  • Email Files: Allow users with access to the project to email files directly into the project. Such users can now send files to the project using a secret forwarding email address. 
  • Control Permissions: Permissions for users and documents are cascaded in real-time. Alternatively, you may schedule them all at once at the project, folder, or document stage. 
  • Fourteen different languages: Get correct search results with the OCR, no matter what language a text is written.
  • Integrated Q&A:  Quickly and conveniently set up workflow, tasks, and categories. Import questions, then assign categories and priorities. 
  • Innovative Tools: Automatically categorize content, preview documents (including a translated preview in 21 languages), and boost the organizational process dramatically.

Pricing Policy:

  • Merrill Datasite virtual data rooms pricing policy is custom designed.
  • To know about the price and other technical aspects of various products offered by Merrill Datasite, visit Merrill Datasite.

7. Intralinks

Intralinks is one of the virtual data room providers

Intralinks Virtual Data Room is a ground-breaking breakthrough that combines artificial intelligence with high-value processes to make them more accessible. Intralinks has a simple, intuitive interface that allows for a better user experience.

Furthermore, the approach is adaptable to the displays of mobile devices. Intralinks VDR provider offers several M&A solutions, including the Virtual Data Room solution. It has advanced features, such as AI-assisted file analysis and management, an intuitive user interface that is simple to use. Embedded watermark and auto-indexing are among the standard organize functions.

Key Features:

  • Stage Deal Information: Before going online, organize deal rooms for documentation, so you’re ready to start due diligence.
  • VDR Setup: Rename and upload files and directories in bulk using the new enhanced drag-and-drop function.
  • Integrated Redaction: Inside the data room, redact PII and other confidential material from deal-related documents in real-time, saving time and lowering risk.
  • Artificial Intelligence VDR: By analyzing and handling files with advanced artificial intelligence, you can improve the M&A due diligence process.
  • Observations Dashboard: It is a term used to describe a visual representation of your virtual data room. You can easily monitor and share behavior at the community, user, and document level to gauge engagement.
  • UNshare: With information rights management, you can allow and disable a document with a single click.
  • Security: GDPR-compliant files, encrypted archives, and data storage and processing throughout. No third parties file sharing.
  • Mobile: Access key data room resources and insights from anywhere, at any time, and never lose track of your most interested customers.

Pricing Policy:

  • To know more about Intralinks data room pricing and other technical aspects, contact Intralinks.

8. Securedocs 

Securedocs is one of the virtual data room providers

SecureDocs is an easy-to-use, industry-leading virtual data room solution that can be set up in minutes and offers a free 14-day trial with instant access to your full-featured virtual data room.

SecureDocs is the virtual data room of choice for companies worldwide for fundraising, mergers, acquisitions, licensing agreements, real estate, strategic alliances, audits, company valuations, legal events, and ongoing stable corporate document storage.

Key Features:

  • Drag and Drop or Scan Uploads: Uploads are quick and easy. Drag and drop files into your virtual data space, or use the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner to import them.
  • Permission-Based Roles: Permission-based user roles establish complete access, no access, view only, and download access to confidential information. 
  • Audit Log Reporting: Administrators are kept up to date on all data room operations according to detailed audit logs. Date and time stamps are included, as well as the option of regular reporting.
  • OCR and Advanced Search: Advanced search features, including OCR text search, enable you to locate any document in your virtual data space quickly.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Monitor individual’s or groups’ behavior to gauge buyer or investor interest using interactive desktops and real-time user metrics.

Pricing Policy:

  • SecureDocs virtual data rooms offer three types of plans.
    • 3 Month Plan: $400 Month (Billed Quarterly). Ideal for short-term projects.
    • 12 Month Plan: $250 Month (Billed Annually). Ideal for medium to extended projects. 
    • Volume Packages: Contact Secure Docs for a custom package
  • For more information on SecureDocs virtual data rooms, visit the official website SecureDocs.

9. Caplinked 

Caplinked is one of the virtual data room providers

CapLinked offers the most comprehensive Virtual Data Room and Records Management solution on the market. It provides a complete API with private keys for developers. Internally and externally, securely exchange track, and inspect all of your files and other Communications.

With trust, access or share your confidential information from any computer, browser, or platform. CapLinked works with leading members from investment banking, venture capital, insurance, life science, the legal sector, and natural resources to please the most demanding clients. With a free trial of a self-serve product, you can get started in minutes.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Dashboard: The dashboard serves as a central hub for all CapLinked activity, allowing you to access Workspaces, display recent activity, track your notifications feed, and control your messages and contacts from a simple user interface.
  • Workspaces: Workspaces are a stable locker where you can share documents with buyers and traders, manage mergers, acquisitions as trades, capital raises, due diligence ventures, and much more.
  • Document Control and Management: 
    • Safelink is a powerful desktop uploader, allowing you to upload thousands of documents straight from your browser quickly.
    • Without extra plugins or downloads, view PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photos, and video right in your browser.
    • Monitor any changes made to a document using version control.
    • CapLinked saves a new version of your document on a safe server after finishing editing.
  • Activity Tracker: Views, downloads, uploads, permissions changes, and viewed pages are all tracked within a Workspace.
  • Digital Rights Management: FileProtect wraps your confidential data in a protected digital rights management (DRM) mask, securing them with up-to-date technology.
  • Watermarking: CapLinked Watermarking improves the reliability of documents when shared. On viewed or downloaded documents, add custom watermarks with the time, date, user email, and IP address.
  • Security: Protect your confidential documents with one of the most advanced technologies and qualifications available in the industry.
    • Encryption 256 bits, as used by the military.
    • Servers that are SSAE18 and ISO 27001 accredited.
    • Compliant with HIPAA and SOC 2.
    • Only managers can determine access to each document, and those who have access can view, edit, download, and upload files.

Pricing Policy:

  • CapLinked virtual data rooms offer only two kinds of plans.
    • Professional: $99 per month 
    • Enterprise: Contact for your fully customized virtual data room solution
  • To know more about CapLinked Virtual Data Rooms and other plans and features, visit CapLinked.

10. Box 

Box is one of the virtual data room providers offers one of the best virtual data rooms. It’s a forum for individual users based on a basic file-sharing scheme. On the other hand, the VDR provider on the Box platform offers a more advanced collection of permissions and security features. As a result, Box VDR is best suited for exchanging confidential business information and working on projects with team members worldwide.

Full customization with icons and organization colors, easy installation, permission finalization, and restrictions on previewing, downloading, and printing information, as well as comprehensive monitoring possibilities, are some of the main features of this virtual data room provider.

Key Features:

  • Security & Compliance features:
    • Box Shield: With classification-based security controls and intelligent threat detection, you can avoid data breaches.
    • Box Governance: Maintain record preservation and disposal procedures, as well as perform legal discovery.
    • Box KeySafe: Monitor your encryption keys fully and independently.
    • Data privacy: Protect the most critical data when adhering to legislation like the GDPR and the CCPA.
    • Industry compliance: Meet the most stringent industry standards, such as FINRA, HIPAA, and GxP.
  • Collaboration & workflow features:
    • Collaboration: Allow teams to securely cooperate on content in one location, whether they’re within or outside your business.
    • Box Drive: Right from your laptop, work with all of the files you’ve saved in Box.
    • Box Relay: Automate content-intensive processes, including onboarding and contract review and approval.
    • Box Sign: Use native e-signature capabilities from Box Sign to complete important documents, including sales contracts and offer letters.
    • Box Platform: Box Platform Use cases APIs to link content across your business apps and extend the power of Box.

Pricing Policy:

  • Box online data room offers two kinds of plans which are further divided into multiple programs.
    • Individual plans:
      • Individual: Free
      • Personal Pro: $14 per month (extra discount in annual billing $10)
    • Business plans: 
      • Starter: $7 per user/month 
      • Business: $20 per user/month 
      • Business Plus: $33 per user/month
      • Enterprise: $47 per user/month 
  • Box also provides a 14 days free trial. Enjoy all features during the free trial. 
  • To know more about Box virtual data rooms and plan features visit their official website, Box.


After reading this article, you will know much about VDR and easily choose the top virtual data room or Virtual Deal Room platform. The tools, as mentioned earlier, are considered the best data tools in the market in the given price range. Make your diligence secure, share files securely, store important data all in one repository by using any of the best data rooms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DealRoom?

DealRoom is a virtual data room platform for investment banking, private equity, and corporate development firms hosted on the cloud. Through storing and exchanging information, tracking due diligence activities, and communicating with reviewers in the current times, the platform assists companies in managing deals.

For what purpose Virtual Data Room used?

Virtual Data Rooms, or VDRs, is a protected platform for storing records that would need to be retrieved by several people at the same time. Businesses also use VDRs when combining, collaborating on a partnership, or engaging in another joint venture that needs shared data access.

What is meant by Clean Room in M&A?

Clean rooms, also known as data rooms, are used in M&A to establish a virtual or physical repository for all related organizational data, such as spent data and other sensitive information.

How much does a Data Room cost?

Each administrative consumer will be charged between $100 and $250. Before deciding on a data room provider, make sure to find out how many users the room can accommodate without incurring additional fees.

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