4 Best Options To View Clipboard History On Android

It is not unusual to cut or copy something and forget about it. The next time we paste this content onto some platform, we could be getting irrelevant content posted on them.

There is a specific section that can help you find out what you have last copied onto the clipboard. If you are curious or cautious about what you have stored on your android device’s clipboard, you might not know how to. 

4 Best Options To View Clipboard History Android

This is exactly why we created this article, to help you view the clipboard history android edition. You will find the easiest ways to check your clipboards out for four different keyboard apps on Android, on this blog page.

Default Procedure To View The Android Clipboard History

If you aren’t going to opt to use third-party apps to check the clipboard history, you can use this very simple procedure. Check the steps given below – 

  • Open any window on your application that can be used to type in the text. This could be the Messaging, Notes, or Email application.
  • In the text area, touch the screen and hold it. This will show you a pop-up.
  • If available, choose the Clipboard button. This may not be available on all UIs. 
  • On the page that appears, you should be able to see the clipboard history of your smartphone. This will be arranged in order of recently copied content. 

In most cases, the users will only be able to paste the most recently copied text onto the text editor.

Checking the Contents of your Clipboard

Most Android User Interfaces (UI) do not have the feature to view the clipboard. Android smartphones with an OS version newer than the v12 only have an accessible clipboard.

The only way to check your clipboard history is to use third-party applications. We have got a few clipboard-managing apps that you might find helpful and listed them down below – 

  • Gboard
  • SwiftKey
  • Clipper
  • Clipboard Manager

Options To View Clipboard History Android

Note: These third-party clipboard managers are recommended with the sole purpose of helping readers check clipboards on their android devices. This is in no way a promotion of these applications or their developers. Also, the following programs are arranged in no particular order.


The first option we have for you does not have to be installed on your Android smartphone as it comes with the device itself. This is the Google Keyboard or Gboard. However, some devices may not have this application but no worries; The Gboard can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. 


Once you have the Gboard installed on your smartphone, use the steps given below – 

  • Use the Gboard application to make it the default keyboard. If this setting is not already applied, you can do it with the help of the prompt. A prompt will show up when the application is not the default. This will redirect you to the device settings, where you must set the default settings.
  • When using this keyboard, you will see the icon for the Clipboard above. Tap on it. 
  • Now, choose the Turn on Clipboard option. 
  • Then, copy the content you want to be copied to your clipboard. 
Clipboard option
  • Once this is done, tap the clipboard option again. This will display all the recently copied text. 

Note: Only content, that has been copied after the Clipboard has been enabled, will be shown to the user. 


If you were wondering what keyboards/keyboard managers were installed on the older Android devices, you have your answer; The Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. Even today, some Android phones, mainly Samsung,  have the SwiftKey keyboard installed. 


This tool is one of the mediums we can use to check the clipboards. Once you have installed this application from your Play Store and set the SwiftKey as your default keyboard, the steps below will help you – 

  • Copy the text you want to see on your clipboard.
  • Above the keyboard’s word suggestion bar, you can see the clipboard icon.
  • Choose this option and you should be able to see the copied items. 

Note: In the SwiftKey clipboard, the contents expire after a specific period. This makes it inconvenient at times. Users with this Android keyboard app can use the Pin icon to save it. The Delete option will remove them.

Apart from the built-in keyboard management tools, you also have a couple of options in the Google PlayStore. Some several places and professions would require copy-pasting, frequently. 

Some applications offer more features than just clipboard functions. They can be used to categorize text, edit it, and use it in different places whenever necessary, all while in the clipboard. 

The following third-party clipboard apps are very helpful if you are someone who needs this.


Clipper is a well-known clipboard management tool with over a million downloads on the Play Store. This is one of the reasons, apart from the features this app offers, that we recommend it to you. 


When you are done downloading this tool, you must do this. For Clipper, you can use any keyboard you want, and when it is open, you’ll see a tiny pop-up on the right side of the screen, above the keyboard. You have to tap the Clipboard button to check the history. 

Clipper app

Note: Since Clipper is not a keyboard tool like Gboard and SwiftKey, this does not have to be set as the default. However, you still have to provide system permissions to function properly. 

Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager, as the name suggests, could become your best friend if you are accessing the device clipboard frequently. The best part of this app is that the content you copy automatically gets saved in this tool.

Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager is similar to our previous recommendation but with a little change in the interface. One has to access the application and tap the Clipboard option on the main page. This will show you a list of all the clipboard content you have copied

Clipboard Manager app

Apart from this, other features include note-taking templates, pinning, tagging, and categorizing clipboards. Smart options allow users to research the text they have copied or made note of. 

These are some of the recommended applications and options that you can use to check the clipboard history on your Android smartphone. You can contact the developers of the applications mentioned above if you have questions.

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