Top 15 Best Video Sharing Sites

Do you have a beautiful memory caught on tape and want your friends and even, the world to see it? This is a perplexing situation because there are not many ways for sharing your video content. Or are there? All of us know about them but do not realize that this option is available to us through a wide range of video-sharing platforms. 

YouTube Video End Screen - Top 15 Best Video Sharing Sites

These are the places we go, by default, when we have doubts about something or when we are bored. The first platform that comes to your mind should be YouTube.

But would you believe us if we told you that there are other options for you to visit too? If you checked the article below and saw the list of the most popular video sharing sites for all your devices, you’ll definitely find it useful.  

What does video hosting or video sharing mean?

A Video Hosting or a Video Sharing website is a, generically, online platform where a user uploads their content in the form of a video clip for a limited or extended set of people to watch. This could be a dedicated website that people use to stream videos on or a reference video on a blog or any type of website.

Some of the most popular examples are YouTube and the IGTV feature on Instagram. 

Reasons one might need a Video Sharing Platform

There are four reasons that you might be able to find a video-sharing service advantageous to most of your purposes.

Financially Easy

The best part of most video-sharing websites or their standalone applications is that they are free of cost. Some of these tools even label popular creators and monetize their work, enabling a source of income for them.

These are great options for those who do not wish to spend money to upload or watch videos. There are also applications that may charge you for using some of their features or even all of them.

Offers reach to your content

Uploading your content onto a platform that is accessible to several users is a great advantage. If they are watching related videos, there is a high chance that your video will be recommended to them. This way your videos will stack up views and popularity, without you having to promote it much through other mediums.


These video-sharing platforms are very convenient to use in several ways. Some of them offer advanced features that will help you edit and upload your videos without even having to depend on other tools on your computer or mobile phone. These platforms also act as a cloud storage unit, from which you can download and upload your videos from. If you choose to, you can use it just for yourself by adding those videos to a private collection, that is accessible only by yourself. 

Reaches a wide range of audience

Since these platforms have large varieties of content, they’ll always have a lot of users using them. If your video starts picking up some traction, the platforms’ algorithms will pick them up and display them with other relevant videos when a user searches for it. The number of people who will watch your video is not something you can decide if you choose to post it to the public.

Common Features to look out for in Video Websites

Before we get into the list of video-sharing websites that we have prepared for you, we’d also like to help you choose one perfectly. These are the attributes that can make using a video hosting website easier on your computer. 

  • The site should be simple to navigate and free of advertisements and other distracting stuff. It is important to have a website with an excellent interface because if you are not able to find out or see what you wanted to, you are wasting time there. 
  • The users should be able to look for videos with their genre or a certain keyword, and the site should provide recommendations based on your watch history. This will make it easier for the users to reach the video or sub-platform that they wish to watch their video. 
  • It’s critical that the website offers the right material. Otherwise, you will be wasting time on the wrong platform which does not have the content you are looking for. One can only hope to find the necessary content on the platform they visit.

Software Test Tips Video Sharing Website Recommendations

Note: I made a list of all the sharing websites that you might find useful after a considerable amount of research. None of these platforms are being promoted by us and the list consists, purely, of our recommendations for video hosting platforms. I, genuinely, hope that you get the information that you seek from these platforms. Also, the list of the websites/applications is arranged in no particular order. 

  1. YouTube
  2. Twitch
  3. TikTok
  4. IGTV by Instagram
  5. Facebook Watch
  6. Dailymotion
  7. Metacafe
  8. 9GAG TV
  9. Vimeo
  11. Myspace
  12. PeerTube
  13. TED
  14. VEVO
  15. Flickr

Most Popular Video Sharing Websites


YouTube, owned by Google corporation, is one of the biggest video-sharing platforms used by people all over the world. Relevantly, this website also happens to be the second most visited website with over 300 million daily users and over 50 million video creators. One can find all sorts of content on this platform by simply searching for it. 


In other words, YouTube is, in a way, Google that shows you videos instead of the usual search results. There are also other features exclusive to creators and viewers. 

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  • There is an in-built editor with limited features for the video uploader to use. 
  • YouTube has features that allow viewers to support their favorite YouTubers by funding, apart from monetizing ad revenue. 
  • For people to watch videos of short duration, there is a feature known as YouTube shorts. 
  • There is a search filter available for the viewers’ convenience.
  • The interface is quite simple to understand.

This is most people’s first choice when they are looking for recipes, music videos, educational videos, life hacks, and other different entertainment and infotainment video genres.

There is a Premium version of this tool that will prevent ads while streaming videos. For those who have been using YouTube for a long time, you will know the updates this tool got, with regard to the interface.


Twitch is an American live-streaming platform, owned by Amazon, that is popular among gamers and streamers. Several individual streamers live stream content belonging to various genres.

What you see on Twitch could be a gameplay live stream, ASMR content, instruments playing the stream, or even a chatting session between a streamer and his chat.


Viewers can buy Twitch Prime subscriptions to their favorite streamers’ channels, in return for exclusive content and interactive elements in the stream. This platform has encouraged several game development companies to live stream tournaments to the viewers.

It is becoming increasingly popular for a lot of brands to live-stream launch events and announcements for their products or services, through Twitch. 


  • Different content genres, while limited to a number of subjects
  • Allows viewers to clip highlights of the live stream and add it to the streamer’s channel
  • Offers a number of ways to interact with the streamer while they are live streaming
  • Different tiers of subscriptions are available to all users, at varying price ranges.
  • Several available emotes to post on live chat sections, with exclusive ones for subscribed users and/or followers.

Tip: Twitch viewers with an Amazon Prime account can connect their Twitch profile and Amazon account and use their one Prime subscription to subscribe to a streamer of their choice. This does not cost you extra since it comes with your Amazon Prime subscription.


TikTok; The social media cum video sharing service that became so popular in 0the second half of the last decade. It is impossible for anyone to not know this platform and most of us have accounts in it. The users can not only upload videos up to 10 minutes long but also interact and communicate with others on the platform. 


Several videos feature music videos, with producers using the app’s extensive library of sound effects, song samples, and filters to create short films of themselves dancing, lip-syncing, or recreating scenes from popular content. You may find DIY and craft videos, as well as comedy skits. 

If TikTok might seem familiar to you because this application is very similar to Vine and Dubsmash, which were both released before it. Previously, this application was known and marketed as


  • Allows users to create videos
  • Makes all filters available for users
  • Customized audio playlists and soundtracks from almost every popular artists
  • Allows sharing and downloading of content
  • Different ways to post content – publicly and privately
  • User-friendly interface; slide to move to next video
  • User-attractive algorithm that shows relevant videos like the ones the users prefer

IGTV by Instagram

Instagram’s IGTV or Instagram TV is an Instagram-based video streaming application for Android and iOS.Compared to Instagram feeds, it enables lengthier videos. While IGTV is a standalone app, the Instagram application and the website on browsers also have rudimentary functionality.

Because it’s designed for maximum utility of your phone display, videos are played always on a full-screen mode and could be vertical, if the uploader chooses to. Videos are also not restricted to one minute, unlike on Instagram. Rather, each movie may last up to one hour or even longer. 


  • Users with a business account can uploadmovies/videos that are up to one hour long. Other profiles will have to use a 
  • A follower’s Story may be used as a medium to repost IGTV videos.
  • IGTV is designed for use with the Instagram app on your phone
  • Users can Make livestreams and share them on IGTV
  • This allows users to share the videos on feed so that followers may interact (like and/or comment) with these IGTV posts.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a Video-on-Demand service that is controlled by Facebook’s Meta Platforms. Facebook Watch is compatible for all mobile devices across the world, as well as on desktop computers in some regions. This section’s feed is tailored based on the viewer recommendations of all Facebook users.

Facebook Watch


  • Integrated with Facebook and the rest of the Meta world. 
  • Contains movies and TV shows from Facebook Originals.
  • Has exclusive game shows, comedies, news programs, and many other types of content that you would find on television or other video hosting platforms. 
  • Popular sports streaming channels in it include MLB, WWE, PGA, and college division sports.
  • Chosen videos are promoted by Facebook Watch 


Dailymotion is much more close to being identified as a news channel, more than a video hosting service. Dailymotion is a France-based video-sharing platform, that allows brands and other media companies to create posts on their platform. This means that you will receive updates, news, and announcements on this platform from various companies and press corporations. 

An individual can only post to their Daily Motion profile if they represent an organization. Registered users can post all kinds of appropriate information that is not controversial or targeted toward a community, country, or organization.

We have listed this website under the category of a video sharing tool because every news that is posted has a relevant video, generally a visual narrative, along with a detailed or partly detailed report. 


  • Popular among media companies for making announcements and sharing news
  • Available in over 180 languages in about 40 countries
  • Includes both international and domestic content
  • Allows compatible users to stream content in 4k resolutions and 60 frames per second
  • Compatible with mobiles, computers, and smart televisions


Metacafe used to be one of the most popular video-sharing sites during the start of the 21st century. This is a video host platform based in Israel. There is not much to talk about this website as it became completely inactive, including all of its other digital presences on social media. 

Google Video with MetaCafe

When it used to be functional, it hosted short videos about sports, comedy clips, movie clips, gaming highlights, music, and even TV shows. This is not related to the Metaverse, which is currently trending for several reasons. 

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9GAG TV is a Chinese video-sharing platform that has several hilarious clips for people all over the world to watch. This platform was first launched in Hong Kong, for people to see and share memes. Now, it allows sharing and posting from and to people across multiple online platforms and forums like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more. 

image 21 5

This platform is available as an application and website for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and the Blackberry 10 Operating Systems. The only issue that this platform faced is when it allowed users to repost content from other platforms like Reddit. There are also statistics to prove that the jokes or memes uploaded on this platform were not in good taste, tending to offend sects of the world society.


  • Has a Premium subscription for users who are willing to pay a price for exclusive features
  • A viral platform for gamers, meme creators, and other fun-loving individuals
  • Let users upload their own content and share it with other users through the platform itself or other social media. 
  • Also has profiles on social medium posting the same content with millions of followers


Vimeo is a New York-based video-sharing platform that aims to provide high-quality content for its users. Although the founders of this medium, originally intended for sharing humorous content with their colleagues over the internet and were named CollegeHumor, initially. Right after IAC acquired CollegeHumor and named it Vimeo, this was one of YouTube’s biggest competitors. 


As of today, Vimeo has over 200 million users. They even have their own awards show to present the best video creators on their platform. There is also a “Best of the Month” title given to the users for their performance, which is chosen by the employees of Vimeo. 

The biggest feature that this platform offered to its users is that it allowed its customers to sell the licenses for using their videos. This could be a permanent license or a subscription-based one.

Vimeo Stock was developed by this firm to let users provide access to their content as stock footage. Quite recently, this firm also released an AI-powered video creation platform known as Create. 


  • Infinite bandwidth
  • Different tiers of cloud storage for users ranging from 5 GB to unlimited. The same applies to live streaming services also
  • Allows global streaming
  • Allows users to make videos with customized branding and media players
  • All paid plans include unlimited screen recording
  • Linked with GoogleAnalytics and other SEO based features

Funny or Die is a humorous content hosting website and also a television production company that has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. They are popular for making TV shows and uploading clips from those shows to their website, YouTube channel, and other social media. Popular actor, Will Ferrell, is one of the founders of this hilarious video-sharing site. 

Funny or die

This firm has also partnered with other media publishing platforms like Netflix, to release new content. This platform allows all people to post their own content and the best and highest rated content is published by the developers. 

Shows like Between Two Ferns and Impractical Jokers have been some of the hit shows they have delivered. Most of us would have seen this site’s most popular comedy skit “The Landlord”, where his two-year-old landlord comes to Will Ferrell’s house to demand his pending rent.


  • Users can not just see the videos on the website but also rate them
  • Has an embedded media player on this website
  • High definition content streaming availability for compatible devices
  • Different options to rate a video, ranging from the usual rankings to the Immortal feature that will keep the video permanently on the site.


Myspace used to be one of the most popular social networking websites before the more recent ones took over. This does not mean that, as the rumors state, Myspace is dead.

It is just lesser known because of its high competition from other social networking sites. Instead, this site, now, focuses on hosting music and other entertainment in the form of video memes or just videos.


If you visit this website today after a long time, you will notice that the interface has been changed into a modern layout. You’ll also be able to see more news of all kinds on the website’s homepage. All content that is posted is categorized into a relevant section. 


  • Customizable profile for registered users
  • Can conduct polls and publish information on various platforms like banners, bulletins, and other forums
  • Availability of ads for hire on the page in different compatible ways
  • Used to require users to code HTML for customizing the user profile in a unique way
  • Suggests people of similar interests
  • Allows GIFs to be used in several places on the applications


A lot of may know PeerTube as the open-sourced, peer-based video streaming utility. This is true. Because it is the user who hosts the files they wish to stream, this drops the pressure on the website servers to load videos for them. There are over 150,000 users who have uploaded around 700,000 videos on this platform. 

PeerTube allows users to connect to a network of linked sites while avoiding the risks of fingerprinting, computational pressure that favors extreme material, censorship, and other bad elements of centralized systems like YouTube and Vimeo.


  • Uses peer to peer technology to reduce server loads and share bandwidth with the users as well
  • Repository available on GitHub
  • Decentralized and federated platform
  • Updated searching features, live streaming, and customizability of the user profile and channel.


TED Conferences LLC is an American media group that distributes presentations and speeches, powered by their organization, online for free circulation. This is not your average social media or video-sharing platform that allows you to upload videos to their forums. This motivational video platform has the slogan: Ideas worth sharing.


One has to be an invited speaker to talk on a topic and their speech has to be recorded, in accordance with the TED guidelines. Several motivation speakers, career counselors, achievers, and business entrepreneurs have been invited to talk about things they are well-versed in. 

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If you are in need of motivation or advice on a topic, you can always find a video or a conference to watch. TED also has its own social media platform profiles for uploading certain clips or even, full sessions. Interested users can also find this content on their official YouTube channel.


The content on TED is classified into five different categories, namely – 

  • TED Talks – Has all TED conferences and speeches from recognized speakers
  • TED Recommends – Videos will be recommended to the user based on topics of their interest; 
  • TEDx Talks – Collection of best speeches in domestic TED conferences
  • TED Series – Original TED content series produced by the TED team 
  • TED-Ed – Set of videos made by students and teachers for other students and teachers, sharing their teaching and learning styles

Each of these sections has a unique feature. You can visit the website for more information you need about these categories and also to choose the one which is apt for you or your organization. 

Note: If you are interested in it, you can even arrange your own TEDx Talks through the website. You have to contact them and they’ll give you the requirements and a way to register with their database. Conferences like these are great for universities, schools, and offices. 


All of us would have seen the VEVO watermark on music videos and the same name as suffixes on YouTube channels of musicians, music artists, singers, and music bands.

This is because VEVO is one of the biggest music distribution networks. Artists like Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, The Weeknd, and Fifth Harmony are some who have signed with VEVO to publish their music worldwide.



Aspiring artists with certain reach can contact VEVO and seek promotional and/or publishing support from this platform. The price charged by this platform is not known. But considering that they handle accounts for over 500,000 music videos for several artists, with well over a billion views, collectively, it has to be high.  


  • Offers impeccable reach to artists who hire this promotional team
  • Available on several compatible devices like YouTube, Apple TV, Echo Show, Fire TV, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, Sky Q, Vizio, Xumo, Roku, and More
  • It falls on the expensive side
  • Streams live performances by popular artists at their concerts
  • VEVO LIFT is a feature that promotes the artist’s content across the globe to offer their music a bigger reach.
  • Offers an exclusive virtual backstage pass and behind-the-scenes content of the music videos, concerts, and live performances of popular artists
  • Also focuses on several languages other than English and offers promotion and monetization to artists who perform in Latin, Spanish, Hindi, French, Tamil, and more. 


Flickr is a photo and video hosting website as well as a virtual community founded in British Columbia, Canada, and based in San Francisco, United States. This is a popular option for both professional and amateur photography artists, who want to share high-resolution photographs.


SmugMug, the organization that owns Flickr, does not own any of the pictures uploaded by the users. This platform only acts as an intermediate between the image’s owner and those who are looking for it. 

The Creative Commons Licenses section of this website makes it one of the bloggers’ first choices to pick images from. There are over 110 million users and around 3 million users upload their content on a daily basis.

Flickr has been providing people with the images that they need and even helps them with organizing the content they have uploaded or saved to their profiles. 


  • Flickr has a free account and a paid account for users to choose from
  • Users get cloud storage facilities, ranging from 200 MB to unlimited storage
  • This website has partnered with several other platforms, that allow users to use content from those platforms and some of their features as well.
  • Users can download their account data anytime they wish to
  • Uploaded media files can be viewed by the owner and other users in the form of a layout or a slideshow.
  • Enabled GeoTagging feature for images to add precise location
  • Users have the feature to make their media private and public
  • Images are categorized as safe, moderate, and restricted based on the type of images
  • Filtering images is made easy while searching because of the interface’s search filter.
  • Huge collections of images with a valid Creative Commons License (CCL).
  • Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

These are fifteen of the best Video sharing platforms that we have used and are familiar with. You will never know when you need to or wish to watch videos of any kind. With these websites and applications, you can always know where to turn to, whenever you have queries about anything under the sun.

For more information, you can always visit their official websites. Happy Streaming!


What Are Video Sharing Sites?

Video sharing websites are platforms where users upload videos of their choice, to keep them privately, or for the rest of the world to watch. Some of the most popular video-sharing websites include YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram TV, and Facebook Watch.

What Is A Video Sharing Site?

A Video Hosting or Video Sharing website is a generic online platform where a user uploads their material in the form of a video clip for a limited or broad audience to view. This might be a specialized video-streaming website or a reference video on a blog or any other website. YouTube, Twitch, and the IGTV feature on Instagram are three of the most popular video hosting websites.

What Is The Most Popular Video Sharing Site?

YouTube is, undoubtedly, the most popular video-sharing website and there are statistics to prove it. Users watch over 1 billion hours length of content every day, all over the world. Owned by Google, this platform, on its own, is worth well over a whooping $100 billion. There are almost 2 billion users for this website cum application video hosting platform. 

What Is The Best Video Sharing Site?

It is hard to rate any website as the best, even when it comes to video-sharing websites. The users, who visit these websites, do so for several purposes for multiple reasons. There are no assurances that every video-sharing website will have the information they seek. However, they can be ranked on the basis of popularity, which makes YouTube the most used video-sharing platform.