11 Best Apps To Video Call From Android To iPhone

In today’s high pacing world, meeting in person is considered quite a sport, and even if you plan so, you need to schedule everything beforehand.

However, with video calling, things have become far easier for everyone. And yes, considering that it does not equally give the leisure of being in person with someone, it surely helps reduce the virtual distance at your convenience. 

Though there are two major processing systems of which mobile phones are available today, Androids and iPhones. Both work differently and offer different features. 

So when it comes to video calling, iPhones have facetime, and Androids have simple video calling options.

However, the question is how to have a high-quality video call from Android to iPhone. Or is it even possible?

The answer is yes. You can video call Android to iPhone using different available applications.

These applications make it easier to make calls from Android to iPhones without any hassle. These apps bridge the gap between Android and iPhone and thus help make video calls. 

To make it easier for you, we have mentioned apps that help make a video call from Android to iPhone. They are:

11 Best Apps To Video Call Android To iPhone

1. Zoom


Zoom is one of the apps that got highly used and recommended when Covid-19 was at its peak and people were forced to quarantine.

This app was purposely built for the business point of view, or you can say to hold meetings/conferences or classes formally. 

This app lets you connect to around 500 people as active participants and around 10,000 people as only viewer participants.

Moreover, the app provides many features, such as live screen sharing, allowing you to attach files from your backups like iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Zoom gives you the option of annotation if images and screenshots are shared on the platform. It lets you record the entire meeting, too, so that you can go through it in the future. 

This app works on Windows and iOS, so you can easily hold or attend high-quality video calls. Besides, the app offers a powerful API for developers which makes this worth downloading.  


  • Works on both mobile phones and desktop
  • Attendee mode available 
  • Cloud storage support


  • Some features are available when you buy a membership

2. Wire


The Wire is one of the most trusted and privacy-oriented apps for its users. With so many apps, data mining has become common, and there is always the risk of getting sensitive information leaked and used by companies for their profits. So, to avoid that, Wire is your option. 

The app adheres to the EU privacy rules that are strict and implemented to keep the user’s information safe from getting leaked. It is a user-friendly and free app to make a video call from Android to iPhone. 

There are no ads in this app, and the personal plan is free, which lets you share files, make calls and even connect to your cloud storage. 


  • Sharing of files and images
  • End-to-end encrypted 
  • Multiple accounts can be made
  • No ads and signing up 
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux  


  • Wire sometimes lags on Windows phone

3. Signal


The Signal is also a privacy-oriented app that focuses on the users’ privacy. Like Wire, it is also an open-source project having end-to-end encrypted features. The app lets you chat and video calls from Android to iPhone. 

Moreover, you can schedule messages or files to be sent to a recipient, which will be sent automatically. The signal is preferred over Wire because it doesn’t store user data on its server, unlike Wire. 

However, the app works like WhatsApp and lets you connect through mobile numbers. It is an ad-free app. 


  • End-to-end encrypted 
  • Sharing of files
  • No user data is stored on servers 
  • Works on desktop


  • Not so popular and commonly used

4. Line


The Line is a South Korean app equivalent to messenger and WhatsApp. The app lets you make a video call from Android to iPhone users, and up to 9 people can join at a time for voice calls; around 200 people can connect at a time. 

The app is versatile and offers features for sharing files, pictures, location, and even for making payments.

One of the significant features is the friend radar option that lets you connect to new people who are using Line. 

Chats are not encrypted by default, and users have to open another window named letters which can be a bit difficult for many non-tech people out there. 


  • Used on desktop
  • Follows brands and influencers 
  • In-app games are available 


  • Difficult to use encryption 

5. Skype


Skype can be considered a WhatsApp to the desktop though it worlds on mobile phones and desktops, which is why Microsoft bought Skype for worth $8.5 Billion. Skype lets you connect with 24 users at a time. 

It, not just video calls Android to iPhones, but it also avails the feature of sharing files, emoticons, GIFs, and photos.

Considering its usage in the field of business, now the app allows the recording of video and audio calls.


  • Sharing of files
  • Option of recording calls
  • Desktop friendly 


  • Not so intriguing UI 

6. Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the widely used social media apps and is quite famous worldwide.

Facebook always has many users, and it is pretty standard for the person who wants to make a video call to have an account on Facebook and have Facebook messenger installed.

Then you can easily make a video call from Android to iPhone users in no time. 

Messenger provides many options, from chatting to calling and even in-app games. 

Moreover, Messenger lets a user connect to around 50 people at a time, but you can only see 6 of them on your screen at a particular time. The app allows sharing of files, pictures, emoticons, and GIFs. 

Another exciting feature of the messenger is the option of using live filters while video calling to change the background or highlight your face more.

Now the company has come with messenger for kids, which has parental control over the app while kids use it. 


  • In-app games available 
  • Sharing of files 
  • Works on desktop 
  • A separate kid-friendly version is available 


  • Very busy UI

7. Viber


Viber was one of the oldest video and audio calling apps when the concept of calling through the internet was still new.

This app is free to use all over the globe; users only have to install it on their devices (make sure you and the person you are calling both have installed the app). 

It lets you do one-on-one calling with end-to-end encryption enabled, allowing you to make a video call from Android to iPhone users.

However, one of the app’s drawbacks is that it doesn’t let the users make group video calls. Other features, such as using stickers and emoticons, are available through chat mode. 

Many brands have an account on Viber, which lets you connect to them to ask away your queries and get them solved.

Recently, a new feature was added to the app that lets you send 30 seconds of video to your loved ones. 

The chatting option lets you connect with 250 people simultaneously, and the community feature allows 1 billion people to connect. 


  • Works on both phone and desktop
  • HD Voice
  • Hide private chats
  • End-to-end encrypted 


  • No group video calling 

8. WhatsApp 


WhatsApp has been one of the most popular go-to messenger apps for everyone for the past many years.

The app has made things easier, from chatting to video calling. It offers a lot to the user. WhatsApp was there long before Viber and Duo itself. However, the video calling feature came relatively late to the app. 

No matter if it came late, it became one of the top choices for people to have a video call from Android to iPhone users. 

At a time, one can connect to 4 users through video calling. Moreover, the app provides the option of emoticons, GIFs, stickers, and sharing files, location, etc. rather than making different IDs or accounts, WhatsApp lets you connect through the phone only. 


  • Sharing of location 
  • End-to-end encrypted 
  • Sharing of files 


  • The desktop version only lets you chat
  • Limited group capacity 

9. Google Duo 

Google Duo

Google Duo is Google’s answer to making video calls from Android to iPhone. This app works on iOS and Android both but only lets you connect to one person at a time (as the name itself says, Duo, two people connecting at a time). 

The duo has a Knock-Knock feature that shows who is calling. 

The app performs well even with poor connectivity to the internet. Moreover, the UI design of the app is user-friendly, like other Google apps. Further, the app lets you send a short video to the recipient in case they are at the time. 


  • User-friendly UI design 
  • End-to-end encrypted 
  • Knock-knock feature 


  • Group video calling is not available 
  • No sharing of files or attachments 
  • No GIFs or emoticons 

10. Discord 


Discord is another app that lets people connect, but it was initially invested in the gaming community. It was made with the ideology of connecting and socializing with fellow gaming members.

The app lets people chat and make voice/video calls to an Android or iPhone user and even lets them play games with each other. 

Furthermore, the app offers a live-stream feature that lets the user go live and share the screen with 25 people simultaneously. It is one of the reliable and privacy-oriented apps with no ads. 


  • Live-streaming feature
  • Safe to use
  • Works on desktop


  • UI is not user-friendly 
  • It is not end-to-end encrypted 

11. Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts

Another video calling app from google is Google Hangouts which gets linked to your Google ID. The app lets you connect to 10 people at a time, and it also has a mobile version of the app for iOS.

Hangout is preferred over facetime as it can work on mobile data, unlike FaceTime which works only on Wi-Fi. 


  • Works on desktop
  • No need for Wi-Fi 


  • Only ten people can connect at a time
  • It is linked to your Google ID

Can I Video Call From iPad To Android Using The FaceTime App?

We know that FaceTime was initially limited to iOS users only, but now, with technology, this is no more the case. Apple’s iOS 15 update for iPhones lets users connect to Android users using FaceTime. 

Now you can make a FaceTime call to anyone on Android or Windows, which is applicable for both.

You have to send them a joining link, and they can open it in their web browser, making it easier for everyone rather than opting for various apps to do the same. 

The person who sends the link is in charge of the call and has the upper hand by approving people on to the call. 


Everyone has preferences when it comes to mobile phones, but that should not be a wall between you and your loved ones to connect, and that is why the apps mentioned above will help to make a video call from an Android phone to an Apple device.