How To Use A Video As Your Wallpaper On Windows 10

Use a Video As Your Wallpaper On Windows 10

Desktop wallpapers are aesthetically attractive, but they might be a little boring. It is time to stop that and replace it with a video background. When selecting a wallpaper for your Windows desktop, you have a few options.

You can choose between a single image and a slideshow of many pictures. However, guess what? You may now use a video as your wallpaper on Windows 10.

If you are unsure how a video wallpaper for a computer works, let us walk you through it.

Using live wallpaper on your Windows PC not only improves the overall appearance of your desktop but also makes it more fun. However, setting video wallpaper on Windows is not good if you have a low-end or mid-range PC.

This post will walk you through many techniques for making a video as your wallpaper on  Windows 10.

Things To Consider When Setting Up A Video Wallpaper On Windows 10

Take your time finding a nice clip to use as wallpaper on your Windows 10 PC before installing any random video wallpaper.

  • Different types of videos are intended to be kept for various purposes.
  • You may even watch a movie or a web series while working by setting the video to a customizable duration and saving it as a background.
  • You may also maintain an appealing, calming, or enjoyable film that will provide you with relief at work.
  • You may also keep the video wallpaper at your office to wish someone a happy birthday in a unique way.
  • If you have accomplished something in your life or traveled somewhere to your dream location, keep the video of it as wallpaper and allow it to be a part of your screen.
  • Both videos and GIFs may be used as video wallpaper in Windows 10.

The Various Methods for Using Video as Wallpaper on the Windows 10 Background Screen

Live wallpapers are already popular on smartphones, and we can not dispute that they look great. Video wallpaper for PCs requires more resources and battery power than mobile phones.

However, their never-ending power supply makes Windows laptops and desktop PCs an excellent platform for displaying video backgrounds.

The primary headings you will find here as comprehensive approaches for installing live wallpaper on Windows 10 are as follows:

  1. The quickest method of setting video wallpaper on windows using the VLC media player
  2. Setting video as the wallpaper on Windows 10 using Youtube
  3. Using third-party apps, set video as the wallpaper on Windows

1. Using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the oldest and most dependable media player for Windows PC. We begin the procedure by changing the wallpaper on your Windows PC using the VLC player. Setting video wallpaper for desktops with a VLC media player is a piece of cake.

Set a video desktop wallpaper in Windows 10 by following these steps:

  1. Open the VLC media player.
  2. Go to the Tools menu and select Preferences, then select the Videos tab.
  1. Look for the Show Settings option in the bottom-left corner of the screen. By default, the Simple option is chosen; you must pick All.
  2. Locate the Output Modules Settings section and, from the list of options, pick DirectX (DirectDraw) video output from the drop-down menu. Exit VLC by pressing the Save button.
Advanced settings
  1. Now, in the VLC Media Player, go to the video clip you want to use as the video desktop wallpaper on Windows 10.
Output modules
  1. While VLC is playing the video, right-click on the player window and select Video > Set as Wallpaper.

You will see the movie playing on the desktop immediately, and you may continue working on other programs. The method resembles a customized full-screen mode rather than a desktop wallpaper.

VLC Media Player’s ProsVLC Media Player’s Cons
The program is safe and free to use for setting a wallpaper because it comes pre-installed on most PCs, and the procedure is straightforward.To set the movie as the wallpaper, you must have the VLC Media Player running in the background.
You may use the software to play any movie file in full-screen mode without any problems.The app’s background operations may cause your PC to slow down and lag.
The program does not allow you to view videos on loop; you must set a video file as the backdrop each time.

2. Using YouTube

If unsatisfied with the technique described above, you may try using YouTube to set a video desktop wallpaper on Windows 10. The greatest thing is that you can use YouTube to make live wallpapers not just on Windows 10 but also on Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

  1. Navigate to YouTube.com on any device.
  2. Open YouTube in full-screen mode, then press the ALT + TAB keys simultaneously.
  3. You may now play the YouTube video in the background while surfing the web or other apps.

Although it is not the desktop wallpaper for Windows, the film plays as the full-screen home screen.

For a short time, it simulates the video wallpaper on the computer. To escape the full-screen mode, press the Escape key.

3. Using third-party apps

Desktop Live Wallpaper 

Let us discuss the Microsoft App Desktop Live Wallpaper to set video wallpaper on Windows. Several selections include movies about animals, nature, and landscapes. You may use the fascinating video clips as video wallpaper on your computer’s desktop.

Install from Microsoft Store; the free version allows you to upload video files already on your PC. The official Microsoft wallpaper app urges you to explore the available video files. If you wish to explore more alternatives, you may also download the videos from the URLs provided within the program.

  1. After the installation is complete, open the Desktop Live Wallpapers program.
  2. From the main menu, select Settings.
  3. Under General, toggle the switch to launch live wallpaper on Windows startup, so you do not have to set the wallpaper every time you boot your computer.
  4. Now, from the selections, choose the wallpaper fit.
  5. Using the Browse folder option on the app’s homepage, upload your video clip to set it as wallpaper.

Quick Tip: To save energy, enable the show alert, which will notify you whenever the video wallpaper consumes more resources.

Please remember that the free version only supports WMV files as video wallpaper.

Push Video Wallpapers

If you are not seeking a quick cure, Push Video Backgrounds is a fantastic (and free!) program for producing video wallpapers. The only small concern is that free users are regularly prompted to subscribe to the premium version, which costs $10.

  1. The first step in setting a video wallpaper using Push Video Wallpapers is to install the application.
  2. Next, click the Playlist icon (found in the upper right-hand corner) and pick new from the drop-down menu to create a new playlist.
  3. To save your playlist, give it a name and click OK.
  4. To add a new GIF or video to the playlist you have made, click the + symbol (or add icon) in the bottom right corner.
  5. You will locate your video file here, where you may select the movie or gif you wish to use as your backdrop. (The drop-down menu will give you options for video and picture files, so be sure you are in the correct one!) Click add to your playlist.
  6. Push Video Wallpapers to allow you to configure your list to repeat or even randomize, as well as the standard video playback choices (play, pause, skip).
  7. If the video you wish to utilize is on YouTube rather than on your computer, select the Add URL icon (in the bottom right) and enter the video URL into this box. Add to Playlist is selected.

You may also utilize a YouTube playlist by choosing it from the playlist icon drop-down menu. Enter the URL into the Add YouTube Playlist window and click Add YouTube Playlist.

Wallpaper Engine

If you do not mind spending a few dollars, you may try Wallpaper Engine on Steam. The software can add attractive and interactive wallpapers to your Windows PC. Follow the simple steps below to discover how to set video backgrounds on your PC.

  1. Install Steam Store on your PC by navigating to steam and downloading the installer.
  2. After installation, sign in to Steam and make an account.
  3. Go to the Wallpaper Engine Steam page and select Open in Steam.
  4. Wait for Steam to launch the application.

You will be presented with a slew of preset wallpapers. Install the ones you like most and personalize your background.


It is much more interesting to use movies as a desktop background. While working, you may enjoy watching slow-motion landscapes or a bud growing into a flower. You now grasp how to set video backgrounds on Windows 10’s desktop. Set movies as wallpaper on your PC or laptop using any of the methods listed above, and thank us later.