Versions of the Citrix Client supported by LoadRunner/VuGen/PC 9.5X

Versions of the Citrix Client that are supported by LoadRunner/VuGen/PC 9.5X

1) LR 9.5.0 supports Citrix clients through to10.x and Citrix servers through 4.5 inclusive. The LoadRunner Citrix Registry Patch is required for Citrix 10.X clients onward (Click Here)

2) LR 9.5x (9.51 onward) additionally support Citrix client 11.0 (Citrix XenApp Plugin for Hosted Applications 11).

3) Published Citrix XenApp 5.0 applications may be recorded directly with single Citrix_ICA protocol *

* Note that "Nfuse" mode (Citrix_ICA + Web multi protocol against the Citrix Web portal) does not always work with Citrix Web Interface 5.X and LR 9.5X.

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1 thought on “Versions of the Citrix Client supported by LoadRunner/VuGen/PC 9.5X”

  1. Hi,

    I am looking at using HP VUGEN 9.51 to test a Citrix application with the Citrix server running in a Windows server environment.

    I am planning to first download a trial version of the Citrix server and client to get started but am however confused on which Citrix product and version I should download from the website list as it seems that the naming has changed over the years and does not match the specs mentioned in your article. I am even wondering whether I can have access to these previous versions as a free download trial..

    Could you help me by answering the followig questions:

    – Is the Citrix Server v4.5 you mentioned in your article the same as “Presentation Server 4.5 with Feature Pack1”?.
    – Is the Citrix client mentioned in your article the same as “Xen Client”

    Please accept my ignorance regarding Citrix product naming, I am new to it.

    Many thanks


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