How to Fix uTorrent Not Installing on Windows 10 problem

It’s tough to find accurate data online without the hassle. The problems are multi-folded, sometimes finding data is the problem, and sometimes server storage speed is as slow as a snail. To rectify these problems, Bit Torrent, Inc came with a particular software known as μTorrent or uTorrent. A BitTorrent is a communication software for peer to peer communication. This minuscule software with a few Megabytes helps download several gigabytes of data and save them on your personal computer, making it a potent tool.

How does uTorrent work?

uTorrent helps in connecting the peers (an individual client on the BitTorrent torrent network). If a seeder uploads files on the uTorrent network and shares it, anyone with the source torrent files can access the content.

The seed shares files in pieces and the receiver of the files becomes another seed and a peer (peer both download and upload) who will help in sharing the files to other peers making a series of data flow among several computers. This continuous share of data keeps data floating on servers. Torrent tools like uTorrent can access these data.

What if uTorrent is not working?

Sometimes windows users face problems like “uTorrent is not responding” uTorrent not installing” or “uTorrent Crashed unexpectedly.” while downloading a large file. It is very anxious when uTorrent is not working or not installing the system’s operating system. There are diverse possible reasons for this problem; some of them are discussed below with solutions.

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 First, rectify any temporary glitches in your software

Open task manager using Ctrl + Shift + Esc the go-to -under process tab -scroll down and locate uTorrent- Right-click on it select end task.

  1. Press Windows key + R,  then type %appdata% and enter.
  1. Scroll down and locate the uTorrent folder, open it.
  1. Now open the updates folder – delete all files and folders inside there. 
  1. Once all files are all deleted, restart the uTorrent program.

if you have tried the above step and the problem is not solved, the following are the steps you can follow

uTorrent is unable to run on Windows 10

Before installing the application, make sure to give uTorrent administrative privileges to uTorrent to fix this issue even if you have tried without running like this.

Go to the uTorrentsetup.exe icon on the desktop- right-click on it – then click on the run as an administrator. After this, try to install uTorrent again.

utorrent not installing

Allow uTorrent to run through windows firewall

Windows firewall is a Microsoft application installed in the windows 10 operating system to filter data incoming to your network and blocking potentially detrimental data. Sometimes firewall blocks data coming from uTorrent. to bypass this, below are the steps to be followed 

Go to Start Menu, search for windows defender firewall and click on windows defender firewall, alternatively go to start- control panel- system and security- windows defender firewall.

utorrent not installing

       Click on Allow an app or feature through the Windows firewall (top left) link and then  

Click on change settings, now go down and locate uTorrent

Here both public and private options should check-marked, then click on apply.

utorrent not installing

Also, make sure to disable any proxy steps are shown below.

Open window by pressing Windows key + R, then  type inetcpl.cpl and click ok,

Search for the Connection tab and then select LAN settings.

Remove the check from the box next to “Use a proxy server for your LAN.”

utorrent not installing

Click Apply and Ok.

Re-Install uTorrent application on your computer

Make sure your software is installed correctly. Sometimes improper installation of uTorrent or error in the installation file cause software to work improperly. Best way to solve this to uninstall the uTorrent application and install the uTorrent fresh.

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 Firstly go to the start menu – open control panel (or search on the search bar of windows 10)- programs- programs and features- and scroll down to find uTorrent -click on Uninstall.

utorrent not installing

 After this, go to the official website of uTorrent and download the new program by clicking on the Download uTorrent and save as shown below.

utorrent not installing

Go to the downloads of the browser (ctrl+j for chrome) and find the save file. ( or go to a downloaded folder)

utorrent not installing

Install the new uTorrent file afresh. 

Make sure that the uTorrent is installed in the system drive (usually C drive).

Check for virus/malware infection in windows

Windows 10 system security or Windows 10 defender miss-interpret uTorrent as an infected file and remove or quarantine as soon as it detects uTorrent. This is the most common problem confronted with uTorrent. The first step is to run a full system scan using windows 10 system security to rummage any infected file prevailing in the system’s database to resolve the above problem.

To do this, go to start menu-search- type windows security and enter.

In the newly opened aperture, go to the virus and threat protection – and a Full system scan.

After the scan is complete, remove all infected files or quarantine them as required

utorrent not installing

In the opened window, go to the virus and threat protection – and a Full system scan.

After the scan is complete, remove all infected files or quarantine them as required. Also, make sure any third-party antiviruses (avast, Kaspersky, Norton, Quickheal) are not running in the background as they also notify uTorrent as a low severity software.

utorrent not installing

Check if uTorrent is compatible with Windows 10

Windows 10 gets updated regularly or as per your operating system’s setting. There are chances of incompatibility of your uTorrent with the update. Never use incompatible programs. If problems start after window 10 upgrade ten running a compatibility troubleshooter most probably rectify this problem. Check the version of uTorrent; it should be the latest one. To fix this  

First, close the uTorrent; if unable to do, then kill the application from the task manager window.

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 Press ctrl+shift+esc.That will open task manager, then select uTorrent – right-click on it and then end task.

 Then go to the uTorrent icon on the desktop or any location, right-click on it, then go to “Troubleshoot compatibility.” Then the troubleshooting window will be shown, and select the option Troubleshoot program.

utorrent not installing

Next, it will ask, “What problems do you notice?”. Checkmark the issue coming in uTorrent, click Next and follow on-screen instructions.

That will automatically detect and fix any compatibility issue that prevents the application from working correctly.

 If any third-party antivirus or defenders are running on your system, try to disable them before running the setup.

Restart through the Task Manager

The first step in this process is to kill the application from all the sources use task manager and then start the application through task manager only. Following are the steps to follow:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously to open Task Manager.
  2. Click uTorrent and select End Task.
  3. Now, Click File and then  Run New Task.
  4. In the window that appears, click Browse.
  5. Navigate to the path to launch uTorrent.
  6. Most probably, the error should be gone now. If it persists, then follow the below-given methods to solve the uTorrent problem.

Try alternatives to uTorrent

Suppose you are still unable to run uTorrent or not working correctly for downloading huge files. In that case, there are several alternatives to uTorrent such as Deluge, Tixati. Cloud Torrent Service Providers such as Bitport, Offcloud, qBittorrentZbigz, and more.

uTorrent is a handy tool for downloading huge files without cumbersome hard work and free of cost. Yes, its basic version is free. It is good to make fair use of this fantastic software.

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