User-defined *.NTX file located on a shared folder/drive with Shunra for HP 7.1

How to run Performance Center load-test with Professional mode WAN Emulation (user-defined *.NTX file located on a shared folder/drive)

Performance Center default setting hides the option to use an *.NTX file from a shared folder/drive in Professional mode. The default available option to accomplish such use-case is to download it from a VE Desktop server.

The steps below will enable using a file from a shared folder/drive as the network characteristics for a Performance Center load-test when Professional mode WAN Emulation is enabled.

1. Access Performance Center user site and load the test settings to be updated (or create a new test)

2. Go to the Workload tab

3. Make sure Actual Load Generators are defined in the test

4. Click the WAN Emulation Settings… button (the button with the cloud image)

5. Select a load generator from the list

6. Mark the Enable WAN Emulation check-box

7. Click the WAN Emulation Settings button

8. Click the Additional Settings… button

9. Mark the Professional mode includes opening files located on a shared drive check-box

10. Click OK

11. Select the Professional radio-button

12. Click the Browse button and locate the NTX file to be used for that Load Generator

13. Click OK

Please note that the shared drive must be accessible to the Controller machines.

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