9 Best Methods To Use Firestick Without Remote

The Firestick is one of the most popular streaming sticks, which is considered one of the easiest ways to stream several movies and series on tv. There are several applications that provide an easy way to browse through any platform with a remote. 

The firestick is one of the most portable mediums to access entertainment platforms, but loosing it might lead to a lot of confusion among its users.

How to use firestick without remote

Amazon allows its users to have direct access to the streaming video library. It is made easier for the users to browse through the same without the remote. The firestick is definitely very useful, however, Amazon provides an option to use the Firestick even without the remote. 

Hence, there are several ways to use Firestick without remote. If you have misplaced your remote or are nowhere close by, you can use your phone either Android or iOS, to use the functions available in the firestick.

How Does Firestick Work?

The Amazon Firestick is supposed to be connected to the WiFi since it comes with a BlueTooth remote. The Bluetooth remote is supposed to be connected to the Fire TV Stick. Pairing it with the remote is necessary for the first time. 

However, if you lose the remote after you have initially connected it with the Fire TV Stick, you can still navigate through the streaming platforms from the phone applications and other mediums. 

There are several features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick that make it stand out from the rest of its competitors. Its user-friendly interface and other additional functions change the Tv to a smart screen. 

In order to access these features, it is necessary for the Fire Tv Stick to be connected to the WiFi. Moreover, if you are not using the remote and using the phone application as the controller, both of them should be connected to the same WiFi. 

Some of the exclusive features of the Amazon Firestick include watching tv series, movies, and many more from several streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and many more. 

If you do not have the remote or the phone application, you can control the firestick through Alexa Voice Control or Echo Dot as well. You can easily browse the internet, play online games, share photos, and many more. 

Firestick Setup Without The Remote

In case you have lost the remote and have moved to a new place or replaced the TV, it is necessary for you to set up the Firestick without the remote. If this is the case for you, you can follow these steps to get through the initial set-up process without the remote. 

  • The USB micro cable should be meeting the stick while you insert it into the power adapter. 
  • You will have to plug the TV Stick into the HDMI port. Ensure that the port and the input are the same. If it has been plugged into the HDMI 1 port, the input should be changed to HDMI 1 and not the second one. 

After you have connected it to the TV, you will also have to install the remote application. Since you do not have the remote with you, navigating through the setting up process is much easier through the application. 

The application itself will function as the hardware. Once you download and install the application on your phone, connect it to the TV. After that, you will have to sign in to your Amazon account. 

If you do not have an existing Amazon account, you can sign up by clicking on the Create a New Account button. 

  • After you are redirected to a new page to sign up, fill in the required details. 
  • You will have to type your name, email address, and password. 
  • You can then redirect to the main menu and sign in using the details that you typed earlier. 
  • Enter the code on your phone application that is displayed on the TV.

Once you are connected you can start using all the features of the application itself. Since it is an initial setup, you can also select the language. After you do this, you can choose to save the WiFi password. 

It becomes easier to log in or use the Firestick if you save your Wifi password. You will not be required to type your password time and again. After this entire process is done, you can change several settings with the help of the phone application. 

If you have kids using the TV, you can control it by enabling the limitations of the content. In this way, you can control what you would want your children to watch. Apart from that, you can select a few more streaming applications that you would want to watch. 

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Firestick TV provides numerous options when it comes to streaming apps, some of them include CBS, Hulu, STARZ, HBO Now, Sling, and many more. After you have selected the given streaming applications, click on the “Download Apps”. All of them will be automatically installed. 

How To Connect To WiFi Without Remote?

Even if you do not have the controller, you can connect the Firestick to the Wifi or any network that is available. However, to be able to do this, it is necessary for you to have two devices. 

You can follow these steps in order to connect your Firestick without the remote

  • Use your phone to open the hotspot. The password along with its SSID should be configured to the same network details that you are trying to connect. 
  • Use a different phone to download the Fire TV application. 
  • The device should be connected to the wireless hotspot. The Firestick should be plugged into the TV’s HDMI port. 
  • Launch the installed application. 
  • Both the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV program should be connected to the same network. 

Once this is done, the WiFi settings of both the application and the Firestick should be configured. This will allow you to use the controller from the other device itself. 

Methods To Use Firestick Without Remote

  1. Use the Amazon Fire TV App
  2. Use Alexa as Firestick Remote
  3. Use a Compatible Universal Remote Control
  4. Enable HDMI CEC and Use the TV’s Remote
  5. Buy a Replacement Remote
  6. Use Another FireStick’s Remote
  7. Use the Keyboard or mouse
  8. Bluetooth Accessories
  9. Use an Air Mouse

1. Use The Amazon Fire TV App

One of the best ways to replace the remote is by using the Amazon Fire TV application. The users can easily use this application regardless of the remote being somewhere far from them or because they have lost it. 

Using the application is much more simple and it comprises almost all the functions to stream through the platforms. It even adjusts the settings on the Fire TV. In order to ask questions to Alexa, the user can use the phone’s microphone. 

You can do so by connecting it to the soundbar and even searching for shows that you would want to watch. The most integral part of this process is that your phone should be connected to the same WiFi network that the Fire TV Stick is connected to. 

Apart from the several functions that the application offers, in order to play games, it is necessary to have a separate remote controller for it. Moreover, while searching for series or movies, if you type on the phone, it is much easier and faster. 

For text input, the application is much more easy, even though you have not lost your remote. If you haven’t downloaded the application, you can follow these steps and start using the Firestick without the remote

  • Download the Amazon Fire TV App from the App Store, if you are using iOS. However, you can find it on Google Play Store if you are on Android. 
Install Amazon firestick application
  • Launch the application, once it has been installed. 
  • You will have to connect both the phone and the Firestick TV to the same WiFi. 
  • After you connect it to the same WiFi, make sure you select your Amazon Fire TV. 
  • The code displayed on your phone should be entered on the TV. 
Firestick application code
  • You can then navigate through the application by using the touchpad and either swiping right/left/down or up. 
Firestick application

As mentioned above, you can use numerous features from the application without getting a hold of the remote itself. Even though all games are not supported by the application and some features are not available, it is a very good replacement for the remote. This application is worth installing as a controller.

2. Use Alexa as Firestick Remote

Apart from the application, you can also use the Echo device in order to control your FireStick. This is also one of the easiest ways to use the FireStick without the remote. Additionally, the functions of the Echo or Echo Dot is almost the same as the remote. 

To use the Echo device, you will have to connect Alexa Echo and the Firestick. This can be done through the phone application. However, one drawback of this particular method is that using Alexa or Echo Dot instead of the remote is possible only on the Firestick 4K. It should be of the latest generation. 

Echo Dot firestick controller

You can follow these steps to pair Alexa with the Fire TV Stick. 

  • Instruct your Echo to open the Main Menu. 
  • Open the Settings section and then the TV and Video section. 
  • Select the Fire TV Stick. 
  • You can then set it up and select the Link Devices option. 

You can manage the Fire TV devices and the Fire TV Stick, to view and manage all the devices. You can do so by following these steps

  • First, launch Alexa on the device. 
  • Then you can launch the main menu and select Settings
  • Visit the TV and Video section. 
  • You will then have to select the Fire TV Stick that you linked earlier. 
  • Select Manage devices.
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Once you connect Alexa to the Fire TV Stick, you can directly say “Alexa watch (the title of the series or the video)”. If the video you want to play is not on the said platform, you can specify the platform as well, which is easier. 

This method does not even require you to use the remote in any way and using the phone application is also not necessary. 

3. Use A Compatible Universal Remote Control

Another way of using the FireStick without the remote is by using a universal control. This is an alternative method to the HDMI or CEC. Universal remotes are one of the easiest ways to synchronize all the devices on the same remote. 

The universal remote is compatible with the Fire TV Stick. There are several options in the market, which are compatible with not only the Fire TV Stick but also other soundbars, receivers, TVs, and other home audio or video devices. 

Some universal remote control also has applications that can be paired with the phone. This gives the users an option to control the functionality of the Fire TV Stick. Some of the most popular universal remotes are the Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote and the Harmony. 

However, Harmony also requires a hub, to function. The Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote on the other hand usually uses an IR Blaster which makes it easy to control the Fire TV Stick. You can also get an adapter so that the remote can function properly. 

4. Enable HDMI CEC and Use TV Remote

Another easy way to use or control the Fire TV Stick is with the remote that came along with the TV. In case you have lost the Fire TV Stick but still, have the TV remote you can use that to control all the features. 

Additionally, with the help of the HDMI system, this method will be much more convenient for you to use. The Consumer Electronics Control helps in transmitting controls, this is a pin wherein the HDMI cable can be put in. 

In order to get through with this method, you will have to enable CEC on your TV. Moreover, a compatible HDMI cable is also a must. The HDMI has to go to the device which allows CEC, that device is mainly either a Soundbar or a Reciever. 

Once you are able to connect all of them, you will be able to control several settings and functions from the TV to the Fire TV Stick. You will have to follow these steps to set up the system. 

  • Make sure that the Soundbar or the receiver has CEC enabled. 
  • Then connect the Fire TV Stick to the back of the soundbar or receiver. 
  • You will then have to exchange it with the HDMI input. 

As soon as you do this, your remote will automatically be able to control everything in the Fire Stick. Even though it will not be the same as the original FireStick, other simpler commands will be more functional through the TV remote. 

Navigation settings like selecting going back to the menu, and other functions will work perfectly with the remote. There are several names for CEC, so before you try and use this method, you will have to check the compatibility of the same. 

5. Buy A Replacement Remote

The above-mentioned methods are easy ways to connect to the Fire TV Stick without any hassles. However, if you have lost your remote and would want to get the same experience, it would be best if you purchase a new Fire TV Stick remote. 

The Amazon remote does have several models, so you will have to check which one goes along with the description provided. If you have purchased the new remote, you can set it up and connect it to the Firestick to start using it. 

  • Switch on the TV after plugging your Firestick. 
  • Select and Home buttons should be held down on the remote until they are connected to the TV. 

Once you do that, you can easily start using the new remote and access all the streaming platforms with the help of the functions that the remote offers. 

6. Use Another Fire Stick’s Remote

If you have lost your firestick remote, but have access to another one, you can easily pair it with the Tv and use it. Since the remote has Bluetooth, you can connect it through the same and navigate it by connecting it to a different Firestick remote. 

The model of the firestick does not affect the connectivity or the compatibility of the Fire TV Stick. If the Fire TV Stick that you currently have is the 4K model, you can still pair it with the previous generation firestick remote

You can follow these steps to pair it with a different fire stick remote

  • Press and hold the Back, menu, and left buttons for about 10 seconds. 
  • This allows the remote to be reset, and once you do this, remove the batteries of the controller. 
  • Restart the Fire TV Stick and put the batteries back. 
  • Click on the Home button after it has restarted. 
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You will then have to connect it to the Fire TV Stick and after pairing it, you will be able to use all the features and functions that the controller has to offer. 

7. Use The Keyboard or Mouse

This process might be a bit tricky, but it can be considered a good alternative to the remote. You can use either the keyboard or the mouse to control the firestick. In order to follow through with this method, it is necessary for you to have a USB connector. 

A USB OTG connector would be the best option to connect it to your Fire tv stick. Once you get hold of this, you will have to pair it with the mouse or the keyboard. 

  • Connect one side of the USB end to the fire tv stick. 
  • The other side should be connected to the adapter. It can either be the mouse or the keyboard. 
  • Make sure that the USB cable is connected to the female end of the USB. 

Through this method, you can use both the mouse and keyboard if there is a unifying receiver. 

8. Use Bluetooth Accessories

Using Bluetooth accessories is also considered a great option because the Firestick controller also functions through the support of the Bluetooth feature. Bluetooth accessories like the mouse or the keyboard can help you operate the fire tv stick. 

This is similar to the method mentioned above, however, if the mouse or keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth, there is no need for the USB cable. 

  • You will have to pair the firestick tv application to the firestick tv. 
  • Navigate through the Bluetooth settings on the tv. 
  • Go to settings and select Remotes & Bluetooth Devices
  • Select Other Bluetooth Devices
  • Click on Add Bluetooth Devices

Select the accessory that you would want to connect from the list. Once you have successfully connected it to the Bluetooth accessory, you will be able to navigate through the fire tv stick features and overall interface. 

A majority of the time, using a Bluetooth mouse is much easier if you want to use it as a controller. It becomes easier to navigate and control the fire tv stick. 

9. Use An Air Mouse

If you have lost your firestick remote, using an air mouse can be one of the easiest ways to navigate through the interface. An air mouse has the functions of both a controller and a mouse, which makes it much easier and more convenient to use. 

Airmouse firestick controller

An air mouse also has a qwerty keyboard, which is liked by all users. To pair the air mouse with the fire tv stick, you will have to follow these steps

  • Connect the OTG adapter cable to the air mouse dongle. 
  • As soon as you do that, you will get access to the features and functionalities of the air mouse. 

The air mouse has navigation features and buttons which gives an experience of both the remote and the mouse. Moreover, you can navigate through the fire tv stick by using the mouse as a remote, this is why it is named the air mouse. 

The air mouse need not necessarily be used on the table for navigation and other functionalities. It has all the navigation buttons and is a very useful Bluetooth accessory that pairs with the fire tv stick. 

It is considered a very close alternative to the fire tv stick controller since all the functions as almost the same as the remote and its versatility also matches the same. 


Even though it seems difficult to use or set up the Fire Tv Stick without the remote, there are several alternatives to doing so. If you have the HDMI cable or the phone application, using the firestick without the remote is not at all a hassle. 

Moreover, initially, it was a bit difficult to set up Firestick completely without the controller, the application definitely makes the process easier. Additionally, using the TV controller or a different Universal remote is also regarded as a good alternative to the original firestick remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be connected to the WiFi to use the Firestick?

The WiFi is necessary to connect the firestick to all the other streaming platforms. Since the Fire TV stick mostly has several shows and other features which is entirely online, you cannot access any of them without connecting it to the WiFi. 

Is an Amazon account needed to use Firestick?

To be able to use the Firestick, it is necessary for you to have an Amazon account. This is why creating an account at the beginning of the setup process is integral. Creating an account is completely free, and if you already have an account, you can just sign in while setting up the Firestick. 

What is the maximum number of Firesticks that I can link to my Amazon account?

There are no limits to the number of firesticks that you can link to your amazon account. There can be multiple firesticks linked to one Amazon account. As of now, Amazon has not added a limit to that. 

Can I use a different remote for my Firestick?

Yes, you can use a different remote for your firestick. Universal remotes and TV remotes also work perfectly with the firestick. Moreover, if you have a different firestick remote, you can still pair it with your firestick.