Ultimate Guide To Use Carl Bot For Roles On Discord

Managing a discord community can be a time-consuming task. Carl Bot helps you do mind-numbing tasks so that you spend your time doing high-yielding projects.

Learn how here Use Carl Bot for Roles on Discord.

Use Carl Bot for Roles on Discord

What is Carl Bot?

Carl Bot is a discord server program that can execute various commands. It manages the discord community by doing common tasks such as sending welcome messages, doing reaction roles, logging activities, or giving customized commands.

Carl Bot can also be used for permission management and role management.

First and foremost, we need to understand what is discord. It is a community-based chat application where people beat drums about their niche hobbies, gossip about TV shows, or become a helping hand. Mostly, gamers hang out on Discord. All this chit-chat is done on a discord server.       

Admins manage the discord community or server. As a discord server owner managing this community is like moving mountains around.

You have to deal with spam, war of words, or people misbehaving around.       

All in all, controlling a discord server is an awful waste of your time. How do you save time then? Well, Carl Bot is here to save your day.

We’ll look at how you as a Discord Server Manager it can make your life heaven.

How does Carl Bot compare with Mee6?

Carl Bot and Mee6 are discord bots used to perform various activities. Here is a table showing how Carl Bot compares with Mee6:

Carl BotMee6
Generally, used for maintenance and reaction rolesThe most popular use is for Level-Up and Autopurge
It is not beginner-friendlyCommands are easy to learn.
Can be used for a variety of tasksIt is used for specific functions only.
It has different reaction roles which come at no cost. You will have to buy a premium to use it for Reaction Roles

What are the features of Carl Bot?

The hallmark features of Carl Bot are:

  • It helps to assign reaction roles
  • Displays welcome messages
  • Provide strong auto-moderation of content
  • Implement bans and unbans of rowdy members
  • Can create a StarBoard to amplify user engagement
  • It can help with creating viral Memes 
  • Creates logs and stores chats

How do you use Discord Carl Bot?

This is how you can set up Carl Bot for your Discord server:

  • Open the official Carl Bot website carl. gg in your browser
  • From the upper right corner click on Login in the upper right corner 
  • Now, log in with the credentials of your Discord Account.
  • Click on the Discord server from the list available.
  • Finally, look at what rights you are giving Carl Bot to your server, and then click on Continue.  

What are the reaction roles of Carl Bot?

Reaction roles assign titles or take them away based on your emoji reactions. For instance, if a person reacts heart to a message then Carl Bot can assign him the role of your fan.

Moreover, it provides strong moderation features like the color of the messages will change according to your level. 

Reaction roles encourage engagement in the community. They provide you with a bottom-up organizational structure for your huge server.

You may give roles like moderator and staff role to members. This chain of command ensures that everything is coordinated while you sit back in your chair.

How do use Carl Bot For Roles on Discord?

In order to set Carl Bot Reaction Roles on Discord, follow these steps.

  • Open the Carl bot dashboard by logging in.
How do use Carl Bot For Roles on Discord?
  • From the left sidebar, select the Reaction roles option.
  • Now click onCreate New Reaction Role button at the top.
Now click onCreate New Reaction Role button at the top.
  • A new window will appear requiring you to select your mode. Here is a table showing the functions of different modes in Carl Bot:  
Post EmbedFixes the message on your discord channel
User IDIt turns the current message into a reaction role message.
Message IDTurn your last message into a reaction role message
  • Click on Post embed mode if you want to create the reaction role directly on the dashboard.
  • Below the mode bar, select the channel on which your message should appear. You can try selecting get-started. 

Precaution: Set the channel to users not able to chat, so new users can view your message immediately.

  • Click on Add Emoji button and then select an emoji from the group.
  • According to the emoji, select the role that you want to assign. You can also give users multiple roles at once when they click on a single emoji. 
  • Create a message that will be shown to users keeping in mind that it shows clicking on which specific emoji will give them which role.
Create a message that will be shown to users keeping in mind
  • Show the meaning of each emoji.
  • Finally, click on create button to create a role
Finally, click on create button to create a role

Voila, you have created reaction roles on your discord server just like that! All the new users that join will be prompted to take on a reaction role.

How do you change the reaction role in CarlBot?

Follow these steps to change the reaction role in Carl Bot:

  • Open the website https://carl.gg/ and click manage.
  • Under the settings bar, select Reaction Roles.
  • Click on the Edit button next to the message you want to edit.
  •  Now, the reaction roles pop-up window will appear. Press on X to remove the reaction.
  • Click on Add emoji to change the reaction role. 
  • Finally, press the Save button.  
press the Save button

What are custom tags in Carl Bot?

Custom Tags in Carl Bot create custom commands directing Carl Bot to specific tasks. TagScript is used to tell the Carl Bot what to do. Carl Bot understands this language to amend its behavior accordingly.     

Custom tags are used to create basic color roles menu, create and track milestones of users or give complex rules listing.

A custom captcha verification system can also be created using Carl Bot. However, learning TagScript can be frustrating. Keep with us to see the easiest way to customize Carl Bot using Custom Tags.

How to create Custom Tags using Carl Bot?

Custom Tags in Carl Bot understand only TagScript which is a block language. The blocks come together to deliver the message to Carl Bot.

Here are some common instructions to follow regarding how to create Custom Tags in Carl Bot:

  • Start the Tagscript blocks with the left curly bracket { and end it with the right curly bracket }
  • Learn some default variables of Carl Bot like {args} and {message}. 
  • Have a general look at Discord Objects and Discord Object Properties.
  • You now have a general outlook on using TagScript. Here is a table showing the most helpful carl bot commands:
A quote tag was made to work with Discord’s quote system.https://carl.gg/t/107229 Raffael
Creates/deletes auto-responses that fire when you are mentioned.https://carl.gg/t/41176 Raffael
PUBG Mobile information taghttps://carl.gg/t/250958 Raffael &Gucci Potato
Displays information about the color of your input or random color. Accepts multiple input formats.https://carl.gg/t/183918 Elise

How to create a log using Carl Bot?

A log on Carl Bot keeps track of every activity that occurs on your server. It tells you who has joined the server, and people who have left the server, and looks at rude behavior. In other words, Carl Bot becomes the eyes and ears of the server manager.

To create a log using Carl Bot:

  • You should have a channel on the server. If you don’t have a channel, then first create a channel. A separate channel to send logs should also be made.
  • Open the Carl Bot Dashboard
  • Under the Moderation Tab,  then navigate to the Logging options
  • Select your channel from the Default Log Channel, Member log channel, Server Log channel, Voice log, and message log. This channel will be monitored by Carl Bot.
  • Now click on moderation.
  • Select the channel to which you want to send the log reports.
  • All the logs will be sent to this channel.
All the logs will be sent to this channel.

What are preset messages on Carl Bot?

Preset Messages on Carl Bot are used to send custom messages to users that join the server or to those who leave the channel.

Carl Bot is used extensively to send welcome messages. You don’t have to type a hefty post for every new user. Similarly, preset messages can be used to send farewell messages.

How to create a welcome message with Carl Bot?

 Follow these steps to create a welcome message with Carl Bot:

  • Open the website https://carl.gg/ and click manage.
  • Now select the server you want to manage and click on Welcome from the left bar.
  • Press Show Embed builder and select a color for your message.
  • Open a New Tab, and search for the google image you want to paste along with your message. Copy the link to this message.
  • Using Ctrl+V paste the link into the icon URL.
  • Type the server you want the message to go to.
  • Give a title and description.
  • Open Discord, right-click on the channel ID to open the details, and then copy the Channel ID.
  • Enter the channel link as <#channel ID>
  • If you want the DP of the member to be displayed type {user(avatar)}
  • In the last step, select the channel and press the Save button.
In the last step, select the channel and press the Save button.

What does Carl Bot Automod do on discord?

Card Bot Automod is essentially an enforcer of discipline on your server. It helps to manage rowdy members, language moderation, issue warnings, and then kick out rude members. Additionally, it has the ability to filter spam also.

For instance, if someone texts f**k, Carl Bot will moderate the message and then it will the text using a warning message.

You can set Automod to kick out all those members who text repeating useless messages like spam or ill-disciplined users after multiple warnings.

How to create a Carl Bot Auto mod on Discord?

In order to create Carl Bot Auto mod on Discord, follow these instructions:

  • Create a mute role and a log channel in the discord application
  • Open the Carl Bot dashboard
  • Slide from the left to see Settings and under the moderation, tab click on Automod.
  • Now, select the log channel and mute the role 

Let’s look after Bad Links. To do that:

  • Click on Punishments to see a list available and then select punishments accordingly
  • Under the punishes after tab set the number of times you want to give chances to the user. 
  • Click on the save button
  • Similarly, fix the MentionSpam messages and Bad Invites.
  • Most importantly, under the Bad Words tab, add the words and set the punishments accordingly.
  • Continue clicking the Save button for each option.
  • In the end, click authorize to save all the settings     
In the end, click authorize to save all the settings     

Final Thoughts

Carl Bot is the jack of all trades. Learning to use Carl Bot is a bumpy ride. However, once you have mastered the skill of using it effectively, you can do wonders.

The most widespread use of Carl Bot is reaction roles. Other meager tasks like banning rowdy members, and looking out for language can also be done by Carl Bot.

However, the golden hair that Carl Bot carries is that you can customize everything to suit your needs taking everything to the next level. Start using Carl Bot today!