How to Update Minecraft Windows 10 Edition to Latest Version

Minecraft – The sandbox game series that was launched in 2009 by Mojang Studios and then, went on to rise to its glory and become the most sold video game (over 200 million copies). A lot of streamers and gamers have made this game very popular in recent times.

Plains biome in a Minecraft world

There are regular updates for this game and the most recent one, as of July 2021, is the 1.17.1 version (Java). If you are not updated to the latest version and do not know how to, this article will tell you how to update Minecraft to the newest version, so that you can enjoy the most recent inclusions in the game.

How to update different versions of Minecraft

Armored Minecraft player standing before a forest biome

There are four different versions of the endless open-world classic Minecraft available for platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and many consoles. They are as follows –

  • Pocket Edition
  • Bedrock Edition
  • Java Edition
  • Windows 10 Edition

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These are the steps to update the above-mentioned versions on various platforms.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Pocket Edition is the Minecraft client, designed exclusively for Android and iOS mobile devices. To update this application, check your sources to see if there are updates to Minecraft. 

If you play Minecraft on an Android mobile or tablet, check the Minecraft page on the Google Play app to see if there are available updates.

iOS users can check the AppStore to see if they have impending updates that can be downloaded. Download the updates and run the game.

You can also visit the Minecraft website, log in with your Microsoft or Mojang account and download the pocket edition again, which will download the setup for the latest version.

Minecraft website home page

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock edition version 1.9.0 for mobile

The Bedrock edition is one of the multi-platform Minecraft versions that are available for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Xbox (One, Series S, and Series X), PlayStation (4 and 5), and Nintendo Switch. 

Compatible devices, that Minecraft can be downloaded in

The following are the answers to the question “How to update Minecraft: Bedrock edition”.


Users who play Minecraft on their computers can update the Bedrock edition from the Microsoft Store app if Minecraft does not download the latest version automatically. 

Microsoft Store window

These are the steps to update the Bedrock edition on your PC.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store app on your system, through the Start Menu, or by searching for it in the search bar.
Search results for Microsoft store
  1. Click on the horizontally arranged three dots menu, which is located in the upper-right corner of the Store window.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on the Downloads and updates option to open the Downloads and Updates window.
Download and updates option in the Microsoft Store menu
  1. Click on the Get updates button, with a good internet connection to download the updates. 
Get updates option in the Downloads and Updates window

Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and DS)

Gamers who play Minecraft on consoles will receive updates and download them, automatically, if the device is connected to a network. You can also check if the game has received any updates lately, by going into the game settings in the console’s game library. This is more or less the same idea but the exact procedure will differ in each console interface.

Xbox One

These are the steps to check for Bedrock edition updates, manually, on your Xbox One.

  1. Open the My Apps & Games library and select Minecraft.
  2. Press the More Options button and select the Manage Game & Add-ons settings.
  3. Select the Updates option. The console will check the internet for available updates and will start downloading it.

PlayStation 4

Minecraft for PlayStation 4

This is the manual procedure to update Minecraft: Bedrock edition on the PS4 console.

  1. Go into the Games library.
  2. Locate Minecraft from the list of your Games and select it.
  3. Go into the game options and choose the Check for Updates option.

This will make your PS4 scan for updates and download it eventually.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch with Minecraft made of LEGO blocks

If you play Minecraft on your Switch handheld console, here’s how to update Minecraft.

  1. Launch the Minecraft Game and if there are any updates available, you’ll receive a notification telling you that a newer version of the game is available for you.
  2. Open this notification and you will be taken to a site that contains the Minecraft update.
  3. Alternatively, you can also download updates from the eShop.

Minecraft: Java Edition

The Java Edition updates itself just like the other editions. You don’t have to update Minecraft: Java edition manually instead you just have to open the Minecraft Launcher and just press the Play button on the main page. If there are updates, they will be downloaded and if there aren’t any, the game window will just open. 

Minecraft Launcher for the Java 1.17.1 edition

However, if you wish to know what version of the Java version, you have installed on your PC, open the Minecraft Launcher and click on the Latest Release drop-down menu to see all the versions that are available on your system. The highlighted one is the version that you are on.

The Latest release pop-up menu in the game launcher window

If you were using mods or shaders for the previous version of Java, you will have to add them again to the newest installation. This is the same for in-game hacks but we do not hack or condone hacking.

Minecraft Windows 10 edition

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta version launch in Minecon 2015, London

Updating Minecraft: Windows 10 edition is the same procedure as updating the Bedrock edition. Like the other versions, this also updates automatically when a decent network is detected.

  1. Open the Microsoft Store application and click on the menu button on the top-right corner of the window (three-dots icon).
  2. Go into the Downloads and Updates option to see all the installed applications that were downloaded through the Microsoft Store.
  3. Press the Get updates option to check for available updates for your apps. 

Once the updating is complete, you’ll see a “You’re good to go” message. You can also download the installer from the Minecraft website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will update 1.17 be in Minecraft?

The Minecraft 1.17: Caves & Cliffs update, obviously, features the Caves and Cliffs biomes along with new items, blocks, recipes, mobs, and drops. Items like deep slate, drip leaf, and copper have been introduced. New mobs like axolotls and mountain goats have been added.

How do I update Minecraft 1.16 5?

You just need a good internet connection to download the latest version of Minecraft, irrespective of the device the game is being played on or the version of the game. If the game launcher is opened, the updates will be automatically downloaded.