Best Ways To Unlink Facebook And Instagram Accounts

Facebook and Instagram now give the features of posting automatically on both platforms simultaneously. With the collaboration of the two applications, Facebook and Instagram, the messengers have been linked recently.

Along with that, users can also post on either of the platforms and it can be automatically shared in the other application as well. 

A majority of the time, if users have an account on Facebook, they tend to link it with their Instagram account and vice versa. The option of linking Facebook and Instagram accounts gives the users a space to cross-post content and connect with friends too. 

How to unlink Facebook and instagram Accounts

However, if you want to keep both accounts separate, the process of how to unlink Facebook and Instagram is as easy as connecting them both. You will have to keep in mind, that disconnecting the two accounts will not delete or modify either of your accounts. 

What Happens When You Link and Unlink

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, its developers brought out this option of connecting accounts from both platforms. This allows the users to send messages across the platforms and also post pictures on both applications. 

Posting stories and other content also becomes much easier if you have linked both your accounts. Moreover, you can find out your friends from either of the platforms and keep in touch with them. 

As soon as you unlink Facebook and Instagram, the posts you share will only be shared on the platform that you’d like to. Additionally, this helps you keep these social networks separate. If you want to, you have the liberty to link and unlink the two accounts whenever you’d like. 

How to limit Facebook-Instagram Interaction

There are certain ways to limit Facebook-Instagram interaction if you do not want to directly unlink both accounts. By limiting the interaction, you will be able to customize the options and only share certain posts on both platforms. 

Even though your profile will be visible on Instagram to your Facebook friends, certain posts can be limited. Limited interaction allows you to stop sharing posts and other stories. You can follow these steps to customize the options and limit the Facebook-Instagram interaction. 

  • Launch the application and go to Accounts Center. 
  • You will have to navigate to the Menu icon and open Settings, wherein you will find the Accounts Center. 
  • Click on the Manage connected experiences section. There are several categories and options that you can choose from. 

Some of them are Story and Post Sharing. This option would mean whether you would want the posts and the stories to be automatically shared on Facebook as well. Another option is Manage Facebook Pay Info, this option allows you to control the payment methods on both Instagram and Facebook. 

Another option is Loggin in with accounts. You can either choose to share the login details with both platforms or disable it. 

To limit the Facebook-Instagram interaction, the main option from these would be Story and Post Sharing. You will have to disable this option to avoid automatically sharing posts and stories on both platforms. 

  • Click on Story and Post Sharing option. 
  • You will have the Automatically Share option on the next page. 
  • There are two options under this, Your Instagram Story and Your Instagram Posts. 
  • You will have to turn off the slider on both these options. This however depends on your choice. 

If you still want either your story or posts to be automatically posted on Facebook, you can leave the slider on for them. 

How To Unlink Facebook and Instagram

  1. From Your Facebook Phone Application
  2. Unlink Using PC

1. From Your Facebook Phone Application

You can unlink Facebook and Instagram accounts from your smartphone itself.  The following method is to be done through the Instagram application. It works on both Android and iOS. You will have to follow these steps to unlink your Facebook account from the Instagram application

  • Launch the Instagram application. 
  • Select the profile icon from the menu at the bottom. 
  • Locate the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the application. 
  • Click on Settings
unlink Facebook from instagram
  • Select Accounts Center from Settings. 
unlink Facebook from instagram
  • Click on Accounts & Profiles
  • You will have to select the account that you would want to remove. 
unlink Facebook from instagram
  • Select Remove from Accounts Center.
  • Click on Continue when the confirmation pop-up message appears. 
  • Click on Remove.
unlink Facebook from instagram

This process will then unlink the Facebook account from Instagram. This method can be used only on the Instagram application. There is no such option on Facebook for you to unlink the accounts. 

This is one of the main reasons why having an Instagram application is necessary if you are trying to unlink the accounts from your phone. Even though it doesn’t matter whether you have android or iOS, having the Instagram application is the only integral part. 

2. Unlink Using PC

To be able to unlink Facebook and Instagram from your browser either on your PC or Mac is very easy. You will have to launch the web browser on your system and visit the official Instagram page. 

Once you do this, you will have to log in to your Instagram account. Then click on the top right corner of the page, on your display picture.

You can then follow these steps to unlink Facebook from your Instagram account. 

  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click on the Accounts Center from the Settings page. 
  • Once you are on the Accounts Center page, you will see the accounts that are linked to your account. 
  • Select the Facebook account that you want to unlink. 
  • This will lead you to a different window. You will have to scroll down and select Remove From Accounts Center. 
  • Click on Continue on the prompt given. 

After you do this, your account will automatically be unlinked from the Instagram account. This method is very similar to the one mentioned above. You will have to follow almost the same steps to unlink the accounts both on the application and the web browser. 

How To Remove Instagram Posts From Facebook

You will notice that even after you disconnect Facebook from your Instagram account, some of the posts that you shared will still be available on both platforms.

This is mainly because once you link the two accounts, the posts will be automatically be shared on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Moreover, since these posts are already shared, it does not get automatically deleted when you disconnect the two accounts. Due to this reason, if you want, you can manually delete the posts from your Facebook account

Unlink the disconnecting process, to remove the posts, you will have to use your Facebook account. This process can be done either from the browser or the Facebook application available on your phone. 

  1. Using Facebook Application
  2. Through Mac/PC

1. Using Facebook Application

You will have to launch the Facebook application on your phone to go through this process. The settings location may vary depending on your phone, however, the method is the same for both iOS and Android. 

You will have to follow these steps to remove Instagram posts from your Facebook application. 

  • After launching the Facebook application, you will have to navigate to your profile. 
  • The option profile will be available either on the lower or upper part of the screen. 
  • After you open your profile page, navigate through Instagram Photos. 
  • Select Photos and you will see the option Photos of You. 
  • From all the options mentioned, click on the Albums folder. 
  • Once you open the Albums folder, scroll through the page and find Instagram Photos. 
  • This page will lead you to all the Instagram posts that are shared on your Facebook account as well. 
  • Tap on the pictures you want to delete and click on the three dots on the top upper right corner of the picture. 
  • From the drop-down menu, you will have to click on Delete Photo. 
delete instagram photo from Facebook

Since there is no other way of deleting all the pictures in one go, you will have to manually select the pictures one by one. Tapping on the pictures individually and clicking on the Delete menu, will remove the post from your Facebook profile. 

Although this method might seem tedious, this is the only way to remove the posts. However, this method gives you the liberty to delete some posts and keep the rest of them.

Hence, if there are any pictures that you’d still want on your Facebook profile, this method makes it easier to do so. 

2. Through Mac/PC

Through the Facebook browser, the method is slightly different. You get the option of either deleting selective posts or deleting the entire album in one go.

Hence, if you want to do the latter, it would be best to follow this method instead of doing it from the Facebook phone application. 

  • Visit the official Facebook page either on your Mac or PC.
  • Log in to your account and navigate to your profile. 
  • You can either click on your Profile photo or visit the profile from the list on the left side. 
Remove Instagram photos from Facebook
  • Once you open your profile, you will be able to see multiple options. If you can see to the Photos option. Click on it. 
Remove Instagram photos from Facebook
  • If you are not able to see the Photos option, you will have to click on the More tab and select Photos from the same. 
Remove Instagram photos from Facebook
  • This will lead you to the Photos page. From the two options available, click on Albums. 
  • Navigate through the Albums and select Instagram photos. 
Remove Instagram photos from Facebook
  • Once you are on the Instagram photos page, click on the three-dot button on the right side. 
Remove Instagram photos from Facebook
  • From the drop-down menu, you will have to click on Delete Album. 
Remove Instagram photos from Facebook

This method allows you to delete the entire album in one go. You need not select each picture manually.

However, if you want to keep a few pictures, you will have to delete the rest of the pictures individually. 

If you want to remove all the pictures that you have posted through your Instagram account, this method is one of the easiest methods. 

It is very important to note that after unlinking your Facebook account from the Instagram account, your posts do not automatically get deleted. Hence, this method is very crucial, if you want to remove everything from both accounts. 

Benefits of Connecting Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Since Facebook now owns Instagram, the developers have given users the option of connecting their accounts and posting on either of the platforms automatically. This is especially helpful to users who have recently joined the platform. 

Creating a new account and linking Facebook to Instagram helps them meet their friends and connect with them. Since Facebook often gives friend suggestions as well, it becomes easier to find and follow new people as well. 

Moreover, for businesses and other large organizations, linking their Facebook and Instagram accounts is very beneficial. This is helpful while posting promotions and instead of manually posting on separate platforms, this feature makes it easier to reach more audiences. 

With the help of this feature, businesses or organizations can post on one platform and it automatically gets posted on the other platform as well. This is also another great reason why connecting Facebook and Instagram accounts is beneficial. 

Messages and chats can be accessed from either of the accounts and missing out on important updates and messages become less frequent. However, if you do not want to link these accounts, you can disconnect them through an easy method. 

Unlinking will allow you to post and curate different content on different platforms. It will allow you to separate both the accounts and you will be able to focus on different platforms. The unlinking option is especially useful, if you have a different set of followers on both platforms, so you can post different content on different accounts. 

Having the option of either connecting or unlinking your Facebook and Instagram accounts, gives users the liberty to use them based on their personal choice. 


You might want to link Facebook and Instagram accounts to get in touch with your friends on both platforms.

It also helps users share posts on both platforms simultaneously. However, if you want to keep both accounts separate either for privacy or personal reasons, it is easy to do so. 

Since users can’t unlink the accounts from Facebook, the process of disconnecting both accounts can only be done through Instagram.

It can either be done from the website or the application itself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Facebook messages going to Instagram?

If you have linked your Facebook account to your Instagram, then that would mean the chats and messages are merged across the applications. You will be able to access Facebook messages from Instagram itself. 
If you do not want this anymore, you can remove your Facebook account from your linked accounts. This can be done from the Instagram application or the official website. 

How to check if my Facebook and Instagram are linked?

You will have to navigate through the Account Settings page. On the Accounts Center page, you will automatically find any accounts that are connected to your Instagram account. 

How do I unlink Messenger from Instagram?

You will have to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram to stop receiving your messages on Instagram. The main reason why you can access your Messenger chats on Instagram is that both the accounts have been linked. 
You will have to disconnect your Facebook account from the Instagram application so that your Messenger also gets disconnected from the same. 

How do I connect to Facebook and Instagram?

Launch the Instagram application and click on Account Settings. You will have to find Accounts Center and select Set up Accounts. This will lead you to a different page wherein you have to enter your Facebook credentials. This process will allow you to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts.