7 Solutions To Uninstall Genshin Impact On PC And Other Devices

Uninstall Genshin Impact On PC

Uninstall genshin impact on pc is not a big deal, but it can be tricky if you have several programs on your PC. If you delete the wrong application and your essential data is lost, you might doubt what. 

Well, for such cases, there are several application launchers and uninstallers. They serve the purpose of deleting the applications without causing any additional trouble. 

Still, we have compiled a series of methods that can help you when you uninstall Genshin Impact. These methods involve windows, software uninstallers, and in-game methods. 

Methods To Uninstall Genshin Impact On PC

  1. Try Uninstalling From The App
  2. Uninstall Genshin Impact Using The Windows Removing Feature
  3. Use Programs & Features Settings
  4. Use The Apps & Features Settings To Uninstall Genshin Impact
  5. Uninstall Genshin Impact Via Epic Games Launcher
  6. Uninstall Genshin Impact With A Third-party Uninstaller Software
  7. Uninstall Genship Application From Mobile

How To Uninstall Genshin Impact On PC?

1. Try Uninstalling From The App

Genshin Impact Uninstall Prompt on the official app

The easiest way to uninstall Genshin Impact is to use its uninstall option. To do that, execute the steps below:

  • Launch Genshin Impact.
  • Select The Uninstall option.
  • A message will appear on your screen asking you for confirmation to uninstall the app. Follow through with the steps that lead to uninstalling it.
  • After performing the above steps, navigate to its folder to ensure that it is removed.
  • Now go to the search box of the Start menu and type in Regedit in the box, and hit the enter key.
  • Select the Registry Editor option from the results.
  • Delete all the registry entries of Genshin Impact in the Registry Editor.
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Deleting the registry entries will remove all the traces of Genshin Impact. This is the most secure and easiest method to uninstall it.

2. Uninstall Genshin Impact Using The Windows Remove App Feature

Windows Uninstall A Program option Windows 10

You can access the control panel and use the Windows removing feature to avoid all the fuss. To delete the app using this feature, follow these steps:

  • Open the Start Menu from the taskbar and search for the Control Panel in the search box.
  • In the results, the Control Panel will appear. Select it to open it.
  • Now scroll down till you find Genshin Impact.
  • Select Uninstall to start the process of deleting Genshin Impact.

Once you have deleted the app, ensure to remove the application’s installation folder. Also, delete the registry entries from the Registry editor.

3. Use Apps & Features Settings

Windows 10 apps & feature window and program list at the bottom

You can uninstall the Genshin impact through Programs & Features settings. The method is quite simple; you only have to locate the uninstall button, which will uninstall. Follow these steps to uninstall Genshin impact via Programs & Features settings:

  • Go to the search bar on your PC and type in Genshin Impact. A list of results will appear. Try to locate Genshin Impact.
  • Once you find Genshin Impact, right-tap on it, a context menu will appear on the screen.
  • Choose Uninstall from the context menu.

Executing the above steps will help you in uninstalling the Genshin Impact. After uninstalling it, go to Programs & Feature again to confirm if the program is still there.

4. Use The Apps & Features Settings To Uninstall Genshin Impact

Here are the steps to uninstall Genshin Impact with the help of Apps & Features settings:

  • Go to the search bar on your PC. You will find it in the Start Menu.
  • Type in Remove in the search bar.
  • Find “Add or Remove programs,” open it once you find it.
  • The apps & Features window will open in front of you. You will find all the applications and software installed in your system there. Try to find Genshin in the listed applications. A search bar is also available; if you have so many applications, search Genshin in the search box.
  • Please tap on the program’s name once it appears in the results. And select the Uninstall option.
  • A second uninstall button will appear to confirm the process. Click on it.
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The process of uninstallation will start; wait for it to get over. You can search for the application in the Start menu’s search box to ensure that the app no longer exists on your PC.

5. Uninstall Genshin Impact Via Epic Games Launcher

Epic Games official homepage

This method will come in handy for those who have used the Epic Games Launcher to install the app. So, follow the given steps to uninstall Genshin Impact through Epic Games Launcher:

  • Run Epic Games Launcher on your system.
  • In the left panel, locate Library. Click on it once you see it.
  • All the games you downloaded via Epic Games Launcher will display in the Library. Look for Genshin Impact.
  • Below the title image, you will see three dots. Click on them.
  • Choose the uninstall option.
  • Again tap on the uninstall button to confirm the process.

The above steps will delete the application from your system. 

6. Uninstall Genshin Impact With A Third-party Uninstaller Software

Genshin Impact character image

A professional uninstaller can also help you remove the app without any mess. So, if you have decided to give it a go, then here are the steps to uninstall Genshin Impact:

  • Launch the uninstaller.
  • Choose Genshin Impact from the list of applications displayed on the screen.
  • Select the Uninstall button.
  • A confirmation message will flash on the screen, asking you if you are sure about uninstalling it. To confirm, select the Continue option.
  • You will finally have to press the Uninstall button again to remove the application.

From here on, the professional third-party uninstall software will take over. It will delete the application from your system.

7. Uninstall Genship Application From Mobile

Genshin Impact uninstall from mobile

This method will work for those who have downloaded the Genshin Impact on their mobiles. Ahead is the method to help you uninstall Genshin Impact from your mobile.

  • Hold the icon of the Genshin Impact application on your phone’s home screen for a few seconds.
  • Two options: Uninstall or Remove App will appear.
  • Press the Uninstall Option.
  • You must also know about the steps to delete the Genshin Impact account. Follow these steps to delete the account:
  • Launch Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • Navigate to Manage Apps and Device from your profile.
  • Choose Genshin Impact from the Manage section.
  • Select the Delete option. You will find it on the top-right side.
  • The Removal process will start in the new window.
  • Tap on the Uninstall option.
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The above steps will delete your account as well as uninstall the application.

Conclusion – Genshin Impact Install Uninstall

So, now that you know almost all the available methods to uninstall Genshin Impact, you can remove it. There are the simplified and the most hassle-free ways to uninstall a program from your system. 

Choose the method you want to uninstall the app and remember the steps. But, if you still find it difficult, download a software uninstaller. It will simplify the process for you even more. 

FAQs – How To Uninstall A Game Genshin Impact?

How To Install Genshin Impact On PC?

To install Genshin Impact on your PC, visit its official website. On the website, click on the Windows icon, the installation will start. Once it is installed, launch Genshin Impact on your PC to complete the in-game downloads. Keep in mind that downloading the in-game resources will take time.

Is Genshin For Phone As Good As Genshin For PC?

The game is the same whether you play it on PC or Mobile. Many Genshin players have reported that the game is more appealing on the PC. Thus, the mobile version is good for when you step out of your home. There is no doubt that Genshin Impact on PC offers the best visuals and enhanced performance. 

What Is The Best Launcher To Uninstall Genshin?

There are various uninstaller applications available to uninstall the programs on your system. But, Epic Games Launcher remains the best. They are easy and quick to use. You do not have to go through the hectic process of uninstalling. Just a few clicks and you are good to go. 

Which Software Uninstaller Is Best To Remove Games?

It is hard to pick one name when it comes to professional uninstallers. Several software uninstallers follow a straightforward interface to uninstall the apps. Still, the best ones are Revo uninstaller, IObit Uninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller, & Geek Uninstaller.