How to Unblock YouTube and Watch Videos Blocked in Your Country?

YouTube is a huge entertainment source for all of us. There is a wide range of videos available for everyone to watch in this online content streaming service.

The YouTube site main page

It may be pretty fun for us until we find that a video that you want to watch is blocked or hidden on a channel. This can be maddening when you want to watch that video but aren’t able to. We know how to unblock YouTube videos and are excited to share this with you. Check this article out.

Why is YouTube blocked on my device?

A YouTube video can be blocked for many reasons, most of them being legal or censorship-related.

A video with country restrictions that is not available for view, with the Sorry about that sign at the center of the video player unblock youtube

Here’s why you are not able to watch certain videos on your YouTube website or app.

  1. The video criticizes a Monarch, governments, authorities, religion, leaders, or Google.
  2. The video has a lot of copyrighted content.
  3. The video is blocked in some countries but is available for the rest of the world.
  4. The content of the video promotes verbal abuse, hate speech, moral etiquette, or morality laws.
  5. YouTube is blocked in some organizations like a school, firms, and other similar agencies.
  6. The owner of the video has not given viewing permission
  7. Video and YouTube channels are considered inappropriate for younger viewers and age restrictions are enabled. A Google account with 18 or more years of registered age can get you through this. 

How do I unblock YouTube or watch a blocked video?

  1. Turn the VPN on
  2. Use a Proxy Server
  3. The Google Translate trick
  4. Make a little change in the URL
  5. Add a browser add-on
  6. Use Blendspace to watch videos
  7. Download the video with a third-party tool
  8. Talk to your admin

Simple Steps to Unblock YouTube

Turn the VPN on

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses servers to bounce signals and hide your network’s IP address. This will result in the computer or your mobile device being virtually located in a random location, when it is with you, physically. VPN applications can be downloaded from the internet, most of them being free. 

This process can help you sneak into YouTube and lets you watch geographically restricted videos. Users can even choose where they want to watch the video from. 

For instance, if the video is banned in India but is available for watchers in the United States, you can choose your virtual location to be somewhere in the United States.

You will also get videos that are trending and recommended for watching in your local digital location. This is not just for YouTube as a VPN can give you unblocked websites

Use a Proxy Server

A proxy server is like a VPN but with no or minimal encryption. This will get you past some restrictions and even network connection firewalls that aren’t secure. This can enable hackers to infiltrate your computer and bring in threats. Though it is a working solution without any technical errors, we do not recommend using a proxy server for your system’s security. 

The Google Translate trick

If you didn’t know, Google Translate can be used to get through blocked websites. You simply have to search for the video in another language. Curious to know how? Follow these steps:

  1. Find the exact name of the video and translate it into your language.
  2. Copy and paste the translated results into YouTube’s search bar.
  3. Open the search results. You’ll see many search results in the language you translated to.
  4. You’ll see a small pop-up on the top-right of the browser window, saying that the page is in a different language and asking if you want to translate the page. 
  5. Click on Translate this page and this will slip through the blocking admin.

You will now have access to all the blocked YouTube videos. 

Make a little change in the URL

Most firms block the main URL of the YouTube website. This means that only the main URL is denied access. Simply, enter “s” after the HTTP in the YouTube URL. Your address bar should have this link in it:

The YouTube URL in the Google Chrome address bar

There is no guarantee that this will work in today’s rendition of the internet connection but it has worked in the past. 

Add a browser add-on to see blocked YouTube videos

There are browser extensions that can help you unblock YouTube videos. This is not very different from a VPN or a proxy as this will help you connect to a different server with no block on the YouTube video. Extensions that will unblock the channel and its content but it increases the chances for the entry of online threats.

Use Blendspace to watch videos

Blendspace is an online teaching assistant/tool, which enables media to be used as teaching aids. One of the sources for this media is YouTube. There is no block for this tool from getting access to the YouTube site and the contents of a channel, in any country. 

Adding a YouTube video to a Blendspace lesson

If you are a teacher with a free account in this, you can bypass the block and view videos. This is because the school’s internet connection allows you to use Blendspace, a part of which is YouTube media.

Download the video with a third-party tool

You will only need the video URL to download the video. Once the video is downloaded, you can view it without any block on streaming it. This can be done with the help of a third-party application that downloads videos from media streaming platforms. You need to do this from a different network. If you have a personal connection at home, you can access and download the video. You can use the downloaded video in your school or office, offline. 

Talk to your admin

All schools and firms have an administrator who takes care of the technical aspects of the school. This includes what can and cannot be accessed on the computers over a network. Talk to the admin about whitelisting YouTube and tell them why you need to use it without a block. The admin will consent to open the YouTube site or app on your computer or network if your reason is valid.

This is what you need to do to watch YouTube videos, even when they are blocked on your computer. Hope you found this article helpful! Check out our blog for more related articles. 


How do you unblock YouTube?

Unblocking YouTube is simple with a proxy server, VPN applications, YouTube unblocking browser add-ons, using Blendspace, some changes in the URL, and downloading the video and watching it offline. Ask your admin if he can help.

What happens if YouTube is blocked?

If YouTube is blocked, you will not be able to see the videos this service offers. A message that states that the site has been blocked will appear on your computer screen. 

Why is my YouTube video blocked?

YouTube can be blocked on computers in a school, office, or other agencies to avoid distracting those who use it. This is also done due to the availability of limited network bandwidth. 

How do I unblock YouTube on my computer?

To unblock YouTube or any other streaming services, you can use a VPN or a proxy server. You can also change the YouTube URL, use a browser extension, download the video and watch it offline, or watch it through your Blendspace teacher account. It might also help if your school or office’s IT admin whitelists this site. 

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