How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player In Google Chrome

Adobe Flash player once dominated the online platforms. It was used on almost every Website and Browser. But, it has become an older multimedia platform.

Nowadays, browsers will automatically block Adobe Flash Player and any related content. It has become a default setting, but some people can still enable it.

If there is an online platform that uses Flash content, you won’t access it. This goes for any graphic, animation, game, or other elements created with it. But, don’t you worry.

There are some workarounds. This guide will help you unravel all the known methods to enable still and use Adobe Player.

So if you have the question of how to unblock the Adobe flash player? This place has the perfect answer for you. This guide covers the big three – Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. But, you will also learn any other method.

Navigation To Unblock Adobe Flash Player 

  1. Unblock Adobe Flash On Windows 10
  2. Unblock Flash On Windows 7
  3. Unblock Flash In Chrome
  4. Enable Adobe Flash Content In Microsoft Edge
  5. Enable Flash Player In Mozilla Firefox
  6. Unblock Flash Player In Safari
  7. Access Adobe Flash Content Via Extension

How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player 

1. How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Windows 10?

windows 10 adobe flash

Adobe Flash Player is a web browser technology. It is related to the websites and the browsers. Your windows platform has nothing to do with this tool. So, you need to check the browsers you’re using.

There’s no doubt that the big three browsers block Adobe Flash Player. But, there are still some lesser-known browsers that still support it. Opera is one of the browsers that still support it.

Similarly, you can find other browsers that are equally good for you.  Many other new Chromium-based browsers seemingly offer the same option.

2. How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Windows 7?

windows seven adobe flash player

The same solution applies to Windows 7. You don’t have to download anything like Adobe Flash Player for Windows 7. However, nothing else will work. You will have to rely on the browsers. Thus, you need to find a compatible browser.

If you can’t find a compatible browser, that’s fine. Below is the guide to help you with Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. You can consider these if you don’t have any other options.

3. How To Unblock Flash In Google Chrome?

Whenever you visit a website with Flash player, Google Chrome will show a pop-up. The pop-up will ask you to allow or deny the Adobe Flash player. That’s how most versions of Google Chrome work.

Are you getting the message of ‘Adobe Flash Player Is Blocked’ or something similar?

  • In the address bar, check for a Puzzle Piece Icon (Jigsaw piece). Click on it.
  • Then you will see the permission options. Click on the allow button.

If that works, then great. Otherwise, you can customize the Flash Settings:

  • Click on the Google Customization Option. It is the three dots on the top-right corner.
flash in chrome allow chrome edge
  • Then go to Settings. Find Advanced options and click on it to expand it.
expand advanced settings chrome edge firefox
  • Find the Content Settings option and Flash from the list.
  • Click on ‘Block Sites From Running Flash’ and change the permission to Ask First.
google chrome site settings permission
  • You might also find these settings in the Permission section for each website. So, that’s worth giving a try.

If you fail to find any of these options or run on a dead end, you might have to download an extension. Some extensions help your browsers support Adobe Flash Player. You will learn more about them below.

4. How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is the new generation of Internet Explorer. It works on the same Chromium-based platform and has proven itself to be highly efficient. If you use Microsoft Edge, you might run into the Flash Player problem.

Even if you have a Plug-in configured to be utilized. Ergo, you will have to use the Enable Flash option on the website. 

When you log into a website that uses Flash, it will prompt for permission. You can choose to either Always Allow or Allow Once. This will be in the Adobe Flash content was blocked dialog box.

If this step doesn’t work, you can use the Adobe Flash Player settings. Microsoft Edge has it separately:

  • On the top-right corner, click the Settings And More button.
unblock flash block sites from running edge
  • Select settings and go to the View Advanced Settings option.
Select settings and go to the View Advanced Settings option.
  • Then find the Use Flash Player settings. Turn it on.

It’s that easy. You don’t have to do anything else.

5. How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Mozilla Firefox?

unblock adobe flash player flash content firefox

Mozilla Firefox was one of the oldest web browsers to introduce the Ask To Activate feature. This is a default Flash player configuration on the browser. Thus, it will always display this icon. You will have to click on it and click Allow.

This will unblock Adobe Flash Player on Firefox. You can also follow these steps:

  • Open the Menu button on the top-right corner. Click on Add-ons.
  • Go to the Plug-ins option. And find the Adobe Flash Player on the list. If there is a plug-in, drop down it. Click Always Activate.

That’s all and you’re good to go.

6. How To Unblock Adobe Flash Player On Safari (macOS)

safari settings page drop down menu scroll to the bottom

You will need Safari 14 or older versions to run Flash Player Content on it. If you have the latest version, there is no option. Flash Player is blocked on Safari by default. For older versions:

  • Go to the Safari Menu and select Preferences.
  • Find the Websites tab.
  • Go to the Plug-ins option and find the Adobe Flash Player on the list.
  • Make sure to turn it On. Don’t allow ‘When Visiting Other Websites’ from the drop-down.

If you’re using Google Chrome on macOS, you will have to put the following in the address bar:


This will take you to the Flash Settings Page. Turn the toggle On or Off according to your needs.

7. Unblock Adobe Flash Player Via Extension

ruffle site mac play tab press articles tech plugin extension

There’s a way for you to access flash content on almost any web browser. If none of the above worked to unlock flash player in Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, this method would work for sure.

The browsers block sites from running flash players. But this extension can help you change site settings.

There’s an extension known as Ruffle. It is a flash player emulator that you can use to access flash content. You can also find many other similar tools that will offer you access to the plate player in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or other browsers. 

You can download it and immediately gain access. 

Quick Way To Test Your Adobe Flash Player

flash content press enter blocked web menu page site websites icon mac install tab

Maybe you’re getting an ‘Adobe Flash Player Was Blocked Because It Is Out Of Date’ error.  This will prompt two options – Update Plugin and Run This Time.

Don’t click on Update Plugin. As Adobe Flash Player is not supported anymore, you will reach the ‘End Of Life’ statement.

But, what if you Click on Run this time? You will get a Flash Information picture. It is the same EOL picture. In other words, you can’t do anything.

How To Update Adobe Flash Player

tech articles scroll article press end of 2020 play mac website icon install site

By the end of 2020, Adobe won’t support flash players anymore. If you want to update it on Mac, or Windows Operating System, you will run on a wall. There’s no way for you to update them.

But, you can use the above-given guides to use flash on almost any browser for now. 


How Do I Unblock Adobe Flash Player In Chrome?

To allow the flash player in Chrome, you will have to change the website settings. You will find the options for the flash player in Chrome settings. From there, you can enable flash content. It might be located in the Advanced Drop Down Menu. So, check there, as well. 

What Do I Do If Adobe Flash Player Is Blocked?

Adobe Flash is still being used on some websites. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done. Try downloading and installing the most recent extension. These add-ons make it easier for your browser to run Flash.

Can You Unblock Adobe Flash Player?

Yes, you can still unblock Adobe flash player sites by accessing permissions on your browser. Each browser has separate steps, but all of these are located in settings. Even if you use a mac, you will find the option to allow Adobe in the settings. 

How Do I Enable Adobe Flash Player?

The best way to allow flash is to go into the built-in configuration of the browser. On the settings page, you can find the blocked websites. Then you can change them to allow Flash.
If that doesn’t work, you can unblock Adobe Flash Player by getting a plug-in or extension. Some emulators support this.